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Bella Pro Series – Capsule Coffee Maker and Milk Frother – Black


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Specification: Bella Pro Series – Capsule Coffee Maker and Milk Frother – Black



Coffee Preparation Method


Removable Water Reservoir


Auto Shut-Off


Product Name

Capsule Coffee Maker and Milk Frother


Bella Pro Series

Model Number




Color Category


Removable Drip Tray


Coffee Type Used

Grounds, Capsules

Single or Multi Serve

Single serve

Filter Type




Brew Strength Control


Bars Of Pressure



1050 watts

Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

2 Years

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor

2 Years



Photos: Bella Pro Series – Capsule Coffee Maker and Milk Frother – Black

8 reviews for Bella Pro Series – Capsule Coffee Maker and Milk Frother – Black

4.3 out of 5
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  1. hitsuyoo

    I was really excited about getting a new K-Cup capsule coffee maker until I realized I was I had to change up my brand of capsule. Not all K-cups are created equal people. So after traversing the city and searching for the right capsules, I’ve decided that it’s just not worth the struggle. When you do have the right K-Cups, you’re in for a treat as the frother does help to make a mean barista style latte. But I really don’t want to far into detail with this as I’m not able to recommend this to any of my friends because I know what kind capsules they use. For the price, I think Bella has basically catered to a specific audience and left any new comers out in the cold.

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  2. Naztynestor

    great coffee machine, this is also great alternative coffee machine for nespresso capsule coffee lover!
    – from looking the device it might look big but in reality this a very compact coffee machine
    – design is very simple and clean, the plastic and the stainless look even tho it’s not still holds
    – the water tank reminds of my nespresso machine so I did like that
    – such a simple coffee machine, you have two option for coffee sizes to choose from
    – i’d recommend using nespresso coffee capsule when using this coffee maker. nespresso just taste premium, I wasn’t about to look at other brand after having nespresso coffee
    – easy to use , there’s section at the coffee machine to empty capsules after use, so nice! again it’s just like nespresso machines
    – so this set comes with the milk frotter it was nice and all but you’ll have to watch the device if you’re trying to warm some milk, the one that came on mine was spilling everywhere, the rubber piece around the lid that’s suppose to help and secure the liquid was not working properly. I believe the rubber piece was too thin, overall it was a pain trying to use it just to make my latte.
    – the base station for the milk frotter was lite as well, the cord gets in the way when you trying to place it flat on the counter.
    – the main coffee machine body is also prone to fingerprint, so make sure your hand is clean and not oily. or you’ll see tons of fingerprints
    I like this coffee maker great for nespresso capsule or other brand you’ll want to try, I wish the water tank was a little bit bigger, but I guess I can’t complain considering how small this device, I like the milk frotter I do think that mine just happened to have the worse seal.

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    BELLA Pro Capsule Coffee Maker and Milk Frother. Model# 90113
    I like the simplicity of coffee-in-a-minute capsules when I’m exhausted from a night’s sleep (Yeah, even sleeping is tiring when you’re older.) I also wanted to dress up my counter with a high-end coffee maker, and the Bella Pro series coffee maker is definitely attractive. Importantly, you need to NOT think cup-a-Joe but instead to think, specialty European/Italian coffee shop. (In other words, a cup = 1.5oz or you can select upon to 3oz.) This is your espresso, or latte or cappuccino maker which you can enhance with perfectly textured milk from the included, incredibly easy-to-use frother. It only requires capsules and under a minute to prepare.
    What capsules: I asked Bella and the answer…. Nespresso Original Capsules. These measure 2.54cm diameter and 1.5cm length was their answer. Sure enough, I ordered a box of Nespresso’s Decaf collection and spent the day making some coffee. [This machine will NOT take K-cups. They are too big. It will NOT take the newer Nespresso capsules.]
    SETUP and OPERATION: There is no setup. It really is no more complicated than filling the water reservoir which is easily removed and hidden around back. We didn’t find it hard to access but it did require sliding the (light) Bella machine forward. The Nespresso Original Capsules drop into the chamber; the opening is an exact silhouette of the Nespresso capsule, so you can’t mess up. After you’ve made your coffee the empty coffee capsule falls into a chamber that holds 10 empties for later disposal. As easy as this all is, more complete instructions are needed.
    The included milk frother is also very attractive, functional and simple. Pour in your milk (we used 1/3 cup), set the carafe on its hot plate (which is also plugged in) and in quick time you have a delicate froth to top your expresso. It’s all a nice treat and takes more time to explain than to accomplish.
    The COFFEE: The Bella Pro Capsule Maker is definitely a quick way to make your morning or later-in-the-day special coffee treat. I’m going to repeat the advisory I gave above: This is NOT a cup-a-Joe. This is a European-style coffee, where a small cup of concentrated flavor replaces that big coffee cup. You are limited to the selection of coffees made for the Nespresso family of coffee makers, but you’re sure to be able to find a flavor and strength that works for you. You can even finish off your coffee with a nice froth with the included frother. It’s hard to beat the convenience and the whole package looks nice on the counter.

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  4. nickcal

    I’m not much into fancy coffee, but my fiancé is. She loves getting lattes and iced coffee from coffee shops. Lately, though, she hasn’t wanted to spend the extra money on those luxury drinks or put herself at risk by visiting one in person given the community health situation. So when we were presented with the option to get a new coffee maker with milk frother, we jumped at it.
    Getting started with the coffee maker is pretty easy. Out of the box, it doesn’t have any assembly that’s required other than pulling packaging tape off the parts that open up. The coffee maker is one large, narrow machine that has a removable water tank at the back, used capsule storage, and a removable drip tray to accommodate different cup sizes. Now, at this point, I want to point out that even though the name of this product is ‘coffee maker’ it really makes espresso sized drinks. There is a large and small drink size indicator on the maker that you select to start the coffee processing. The manual indicates that the small size is 1-1.5 ounces while the large size is closer to 2-3 ounces. The product description also says, “enhance your espresso,” in reference to adding the frothed milk to it. With this in mind, I feel that this product shouldn’t be called a ‘coffee maker.’ It should be referred to as an espresso maker.
    This brings me to the one real issue I have with this coffee maker. There are no capsules included with it. I’ve used other systems that are similar to this one and they usually ship with a sampler pack of the pods or capsules that work with that coffee maker. This machine did not come with any. In addition to that, the only information I could find about the compatible capsules was a line in the manual that states, “This appliance is designed for Williams Sonoma Coffee Capsules, available exclusively at Williams Sonoma store or online. That is all the information given about the capsules. I did some research and discovered that a different brand will work as it’s the same style/size capsules. This style capsule can be found more readily at local grocery stores than the Williams Sonoma brand. I would suggest that the manufacturer consider either specifying what coffee capsules will fit this machine or include a sampling of them in the kit so that consumers know what will work with it.
    The milk frother is a separate device and it sort of looks like an electric kettle. You can froth and warm milk or just use it as a warmer or frother. There are two different attachments that come with it that either help with frothing or warming. The frother doesn’t hold much milk and the ‘max’ line that’s marked is designated that way so that it doesn’t overflow when it’s frothing the milk. I have used the frother several times now and each time I have never added more milk than is recommended and each time I’ve used the frothing tool, the milk has spilled out of the frother. I’m not sure what to do to prevent this since I’m using the recommended amounts and following the instructions.
    Even though I found a couple of imperfections in the design of the coffee machine, I do want to say that it makes a very smooth coffee drink. I haven’t found any water leaking out of the reservoir, which has been an issue for me in the past with other coffee machines and it’s very easy to refill. I love that the machine comes with a capsule container so that you don’t have to empty the capsule with every drink you make. I also like the convenience of the milk frother even though it overflows.
    While I think some improvements could be made to the system overall, I like the slim design of it and it’s very simple operation. I’ve used other coffee drink makers that require a lot more steps from beginning to end and this is much easier to use.

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  5. buckbabes

    For the last couple days I’ve been testing the Bella Pro Capsule Coffee maker with Milk Frother. My experience with this coffee maker has been good but there are a few things I didn’t like.
    Some things I liked are;
    – The build quality and styling are top notch. It looks better than any other capsule coffee maker on the market and all the chrome and plastic parts fit together very well
    – This is the smallest Capsule coffee maker I have seen. I can actually see myself keeping it on my desk at work. 
    – Every cup of coffee tasted amazing! For my testing I used the Nespresso classic capsules. I highly recommend them. 
    – The Milk frother makes the frothiest milk I have ever seen. It’s almost like whipped creme.
    Some things I disliked are:
    – It only makes about 3 ounces of coffee. I can squeeze out an extra ounce by holding the brew button but then the coffee gets too watered down.
    – The coffee was not as hot as I normally like.
    With all that being said I recommend this to anyone that likes a good frothy cup of espresso or coffee in small volumes.

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  6. SteveC

    Wanted to give a capsule espresso maker a try and decided to try out Bella’s new capsule maker.
    The unit comes nicely boxed with the machine, milk frother, bottom power unit for the frother, frother lid, manual, and that’s it, no sample capsules The unit itself is pretty small overall and very narrow so it won’t take up that much counter space. Remember to pull the orange plug out of the bottom of the reservoir or you won’t be doing any brewing.
    Pretty simple to use, just drop in the capsule, pick the size of cup you want to use and press the button.
    The coffee itself came out rich and strong like it should be. The empty is ejected into the bottom tray which is nice, and it holds a few empties so you don’t have to empty it constantly. You have to use the correct sized capsule; nothing else will work in it like “K” cups. From start to finish it only takes around a couple of minutes to brew a cup so that’s a big plus and the reservoir on the back holds enough for a few cups.
    The milk frother works as intended, heats up fast and is almost silent. Since my wife is the only one using milk “I like mine straight black”, we use powdered milk, and surprisingly that worked pretty well for blending it up and frothing it. It’s really a nice addition to the whole package and works very well. Cleanup is simple for both units and just as easy as other makers I’ve had.
    If you want a capsule maker that makes a really good cup of espresso, and comes with the frother you can’t really go wrong with this new Bella Pro unit. My only complaint is with this design the water reservoir, it sits on the back and if you have lower cabinets or not a lot of room, that makes taking the water tank off a little more inconvenient than ones that have the reservoir on the side or are moveable, also the lid on the water reservoir can easily fall into the reservoir so care has to be taken when putting it on.

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  7. Aaronxx7

    This coffee machine is actually pretty classy looking, with it’s low profile, slender attributes, and nice mix of glossy black and chrome finishes.The button design is pretty simple. with an on/off switch on the right side of the machine, and the single or double shot buttons above the pour spout. The tray for the cup is raised to meet the height of traditional espresso cups, but can be removed, to accommodate larger cups as well.Directly above the tray, is the slide out reservoir for the used pods, which can hold up to 10 pods. Above the spout is the lever to open the top of the machine to insert a pod. The pods can only be placed in one direction, in one spot. It is pretty much foolproof.
    I didn’t see any dimensions for the assembled machine on the site, so I am including them for anyone who is curious: height 9.84″, width 4.33″, and depth with water reservoir 14.5″. 
    One feature that I thought was pretty neat, was the ability to change the water level for the desired shot. By holding down the brew button, until you release, you can determine the water level. Once this is done, the machine keeps this level as the new default. 
    To get the perfect espresso, one needs to focus on these fundamentals:
     Water Pressure, Extraction Time, Water Temperature, and quality of the water and coffee used.
    The Bella Pro series does a great job with the first three elements, the fourth and fifth is up to you.
    See pictures for crema, body and heart. All of which came out looking great with the Bella pro.
    The Bella pro series coffee maker puts out 19 bars of pressure, which is more than double the industry recommended standard of 9 bars. With this much pressure, Bella is sure to be able to produce a quality cup of espresso,  no matter which brand of espresso pod is used.
    Bella uses a 1050 watt heating system to produce the optimal brewing temperature of about 195 degrees Fahrenheit.
    The recommended brewing temperatures should be 190 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be obtained typically from any machine over 1000 watts.The coffee temperature in the cup was160 degrees Fahrenheit. 
    The final step for the machine to take care of is the brew time. I timed a cold start single shot brew. It took the machine approximately 30 seconds to warm up, and 20 seconds to actually brew the shot. I timed the next consecutive shot at just 20 seconds. So we are right where we need to be when it comes to timing, as the recommended espresso brew times are between 20 to 30 seconds.
    A double shot finished in about 45 seconds. 
    I also timed the milk frother, it is advertised to finish in 90 seconds. I checked it during several uses, and it typically took about 2 full minutes to finish frothing. It took a little longer than expected, but the results were quite fine. The milk was a nice warm temperature, and almost had a soft serve ice cream consistency. ( see picture ) The froth could hold it’s form well when poured or scooped into the coffee.
    Because it takes twice as long to froth the milk as it does to brew the coffee, you might want to start the frother first. Just as a side note, adding anything to the milk and frother could dramatically change the results. I added a small amount of hazelnut creamer to the milk, before frothing, and it ended up with almost no froth at all, it was extremely runny.
    The milk frother comes with 2 small mixer paddles that slide into the bottom of the frother. One is actually for creating the thick rich froth, and the other is just to keep the milk circulating so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the machine too much, if you just want warmed milk to add to your coffee, instead of the frothed milk.The frother is stated as being cordless, which it is, to a degree. On the underside of the frother is a small circular plug, in which it is used to interface with a small base. The base has the cord and needs to be plugged in to actually use the frother. Because the frother and base fit together by a center plug, the frother can rotate or be placed on the base at any angle, creating the 360 degree use. After the frother is done frothing the milk it can be quickly lifted and placed anywhere needed, as the actual frother does not have any cords to get in the way. Which also makes it much easier to clean out afterwards too.
    In case you were not aware, this machine will NOT accept K-cup pods. This machine was designed to work with Nespresso espresso pods.There are two types of Nespresso pods, the domed ones, and then there is a somewhat smaller version of a k-cup pod.This machine does NOT take the domed pods either (made for their Vertuo machines). It only takes the original pods, as pictured. While there are some third party Nespresso compatible pods out there, that will still work with this machine,The manufacturer recommends the Nespresso Original Coffee Capsules, due to the quality of the overall coffee. They source their beans from all over the world, but only from farmers that uphold their standards.
    Overall this machine really does create a quality cup of espresso. The only negative remark I can say, is that it is a little difficult to find the correct pods for this machine. However they are out there, if you look in the right places. The Nespresso website can direct you to available retailers, but also offers a coffee club that you can sign up for, in which you will have access to custom and limited edition holiday blends, all delivered to your home, so that you never run out.

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  8. kaizen61

    I used to own one of those classic espresso machines. It was a small complicated affair that mostly sat idle because it was troublesome to operate and a bear to clean. There was the grinding, the packing, waiting until things were exactly right and the inevitable failure of the steamer to create decent foam without splashing scalding milk all over if you were not careful.
    When I went on a trip 5-6 years ago, I stayed at a really nice hotel and was introduced to a Nespresso coffee maker. It was awesome and I had espresso every morning. I vowed to get one when I got back, but once I saw the prices, I decided that gourmet coffee was out of my budget range.
    When the Bella Pro coffee maker came along, I was anxious to give it a shot – the price was right, and the unit included a separate milk frother… no more steam burns! Due to the low price, I was skeptical, but hopeful.
    From the first use though, I was convinced. It has a great build quality and takes up little space on my counter (and looks great doing it). I am surprised at just how quickly it comes to pressure and how well it produces a beautiful crema. This is the mark of true espresso and something I never got with my old traditional unit. And it could not be easier – simply drop in a capsule and press the button. I usually turn on the espresso machine, then put my milk in the frother and turn it on. By that time, my Bella is up to pressure and is ready to go. By the time the espresso is done, the frother is ready to go. Lattes as good as the coffee shop and in a fraction of the time!
    Clean up is just as easy; there’s really nothing to clean on the espresso machine side except emptying the used capsule basket every 3 uses and the frother cleans easily in the sink with a sponge and some soap (but don’t submerge it of course). I even use the milk frother separately with regular coffee to add a bit of variety and I am really impressed with how well it works and how quickly it comes up to temperature. There are settings for heating/froth (default) or heating or frothing separately.
    I love this unit and now I have espresso or lattes 3-4 times a week; something I never did with my old traditional espresso machine! I would heartily recommend it to anyone and have had neighbors over who are looking at purchasing one after seeing how easy it is to use. And while the ease of use is a plus if it were not producing quality results it would just be a novelty. This unit delivers rich espresso shots with all the deep flavors and oils locked in the bean.
    – Super easy to use
    – Uses standard Nespresso type capsules, available everywhere
    – Quick heating/pressure
    – Perfect extraction delivers a REAL crema and a super-rich espresso shot
    – Frother heats and foams quickly producing a rich foam that stays to the last sip!
    – Easy to clean and maintain
    – Ability to customize the amount dispensed per cup
    The only con that I could find is that you must be careful how you insert the capsule. I’ve had two ‘misfires’ where the capsule didn’t sit quite right, nothing was extracted, and I ended up with hot water in the cup and some water in disposal tray. The capsule cannot be used again, so you end up wasting a cup. If you are careful when inserting the capsule, this should not be an issue for most. I realized in the second misfire that if you find that pushing down the locking handle provides resistance, it is a sign that the capsule is misaligned, and you should eject it and start again. I think that the more you use it though, the less chance there is of this happening. This is more of a caution though and should not be construed as a failure of the design, but I felt it was worth mentioning.

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    Bella Pro Series – Capsule Coffee Maker and Milk Frother – Black
    Bella Pro Series – Capsule Coffee Maker and Milk Frother – Black

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