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- 65% Nioh 2 – PlayStation 4

Nioh 2 – PlayStation 4


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  • Fight to survive in this brutally savage masocore action roleplaying game
  • Unleash your inner demon to wield the devastating powers of the supernatural yokai
  • Discover a revamped combat system with new weapons and skills
  • Journey through the mysterious Dark Realm: the demonic home of the yokai
  • Play with friends in co op online multiplayer modes for up to three players
  • Preorder to get these bonus items: redeemable on PlayStation Store: Demon Horde armour set, Sudama Netsuke charm, PS4 theme, and PSN avatar set for PS4

Specification: Nioh 2 – PlayStation 4

Release date

March 13, 2020


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Product Dimensions

5.56 x 0.56 x 6.75 inches, 3.36 Ounces


Video Game



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Item Weight

3.36 ounces



Country of Origin


Date First Available

June 11, 2018

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8 reviews for Nioh 2 – PlayStation 4

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Rodrigo M

    Servicio espléndido, el producto llegó días antes de lo previsto al momento de comprarlo, la caja y disco en perfectas condiciones además que trae 2 códigos para dlcs.

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  2. Cherie Pettit

    There is a famous movie quote that sticks out to me as I play. From Batman Begins: “A Ninja understands that invisibility is largely a matter of patience and agility.. Always mind your surroundings.”

    Nioh 2 isn’t about stealth(it isn’t really much of a thing in Nioh, actually, perhaps outside of sniping) but it is about patience and agility(your controlling), and minding your surroundings. It is about being patient until an opening presents itself and then having the confidence to strike and retreat before you are devoured by whatever horrible yokai you are currently fighting. The genre, whether you call it “Souls-like” or “Soulsborne” or “Masocore” is defined by its difficulty. You go from shrine to shrine which refill your life and respawn most enemies in a level. If you’ve played Nioh 1, you know what to expect. There is no broad interconnected overworld in Nioh 1 or 2, but the individual stages are packed with personality and challenge. They feel bigger than the first game in every way, and so does their challenge.

    I’ve seen professional reviewers and users comment that Nioh 2 is both more and less difficult than its predecessor. I think that will vary based on your experience with Nioh 1. It certainly builds out from Nioh 1’s base by adding more weapons and some interested enemy skill abilities(think E Skill material in FFVII, and just as useful) but at the end of the day you will still be spearfalling to pancake human enemies and it is very similar to the first game. It is the enemies, the yokai realm, and the ki-break systems that have evolved the game into something fresh.

    There are tons of enemies, and Nioh 1 already had many. Most of those are back, along with many new ones. I hoped to “learn” all the enemies, but I felt like I never ran out of new ones to have to learn afresh. The enemy variety is crazy. Bosses are seemingly endless and nearly unbeatable(at first). Only by failure and retry will you succeed in most cases.

    Ki-pulse makes a comeback. Everything from Nioh 1 has been improved upon. The strength of Nioh 2 is its gameplay. It is like one of the most intricate fighting games ever made baked into a souls like 3rd person action game. You can tell balance with the bosses and each enemy was carefully done. The game is very well made, despite being similar to the first game.

    The final thing I want to mention are loading times. I’m on PS4 Pro using an internal SSD, and loads from death are very fast. The overhead for informing me that I actually died, takes up more time than the almost instant loading. Several other games of this type commit the sin of making me spend a long time between death and retry. Nioh 2 is not one of them. Shrine placement and load speed seem to be the best ever for this type of game. The difficulty rather is found in the boss and enemy mechanics.

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  3. Lordxsatans

    Llegó e tiempo y forma que puedo decir aparte de lo sabido que es un buen juego tipo souls, el mío llegó con 2 DLC que no esperaba solo me resta disfrutarlo.

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  4. BWhit

    This game is quite difficult. If you are a casual gamer, you will not like this game. It’s more difficult than Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro, but not because the developer made an amazing game…it’s very, very “cheap”. This game was designed to make you die over and over again by very cheap and often unfair tactics. ALL enemies in this game hit very hard, and it really doesn’t matter how much you upgrade or how far you get in the game, you will always be vulnerable to one-hit kills. The developers make life difficult for the player in so many ways, that it feels intentionally obnoxious. Too many things to list here, but this game design is simply lazy and amateur.

    Graphics are really quite bad for a modern game. Parts of it look like PS3 graphics, which the occasional attractive scene or area. With the exception of a few maps, most areas are unimaginative, and just made up of narrow passageways. There are a ton of jump scares/attacks that do massive damage on your character. Enemies will mostly tank through your attacks as if you’re just tickling them. Here’s the thing..the programmers designed this game so that the enemy always knows when you are pushing your attack button, therefore, they swing instantly and hit your character even before your weapon makes contact. We tested this hundreds of time. The problem is that so many enemies will severely stun you or kill you with this tactic. Most enemies can block every hit you throw at them, but your character can’t do the same. You will have to choose between wearing light armor and being under-protected, or choosing heavy armor and having no stamina. Stamina is a HUGE problem in this game. In fact, it will drain from one or two swipes, from running, from stepping in the constant Ki pools that are dropped by enemies. There is very little room for aggressive gameplay.

    Bosses are mostly horrible. Many casual gamers will not get past the first boss. I’m currently almost at the end of the game and after many boss fights, I can say that they are virtually all cheap and unfair. Your stamina will magically drain for no reasons in these boss fights. We tested this too. This means that you will often stand there and not even be able to move or swing your weapon during times when you’re doing nothing, or standing in Ki pools. I really believe the developers programmed in some nonsense to make this game seem difficult. Hit boxes are ridiculous, damage numbers are all over the place, and bosses will constantly spam you with seven or eight hits at a time that leave you completely frozen.

    The reason I’m giving this game three stars, is that there ARE some enjoyable moments and maps in this game. I believe that they occasionally felt proud of what they were creating, but often resorted to cheap tactics in order to get a reputation for creating difficult games, but failed at making a quality experience. This sequel does not improve on anything from Nioh 1 (which was more enjoyable) but rather looks like a DLC of that game and makes it way more difficult. Many people will love this game, but know that you’ll constantly feel cheated.

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  5. Mr. Edd

    Muy satisfecho porque me tocó una edición con back cover y dlc, aunque debo decir que el back cover sinceramente se ve como una impresión de muy mala calidad, aún así se agradece que incluya un arte y no sólo la típica cara blanca. Llegó antes de la fecha y en perfecto estado aunque el disco venía suelto por dentro no tiene ningún rayón o golpe. Ahora sólo falta jugarlo y saber si es tan bueno como dicen.

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  6. Israel G. M.

    La primera parte de este juego aún en su nivel de dificultad normal es difícil, algunos jefes son complicados de vencer y se requiere habilidad con el control. Si lo tuyo es la tolerancia a la frustración, juega este juego.
    Definitivamente es un muy buen juego, los juegos de Samurais son muy recomendables he jugado Sekiro Shadows die twice, Ghost of Tsushima y la primera parte de nioh y fueron unos juegazos. El envío llego bien y sin problema.

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  7. Manny

    Please be aware that this game is not for casual gamers as it is extremely difficult. If you are a casual gamer stay away.

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  8. Oswalt32

    En cuanto a la entrega y el estado del producto todo Perfecto; llegó al día siguiente de hacer la compra y lo agarre en oferta a un precio muy bueno. En cuanto a la calidad del juego; pues habrá que pasarlo pero el antecesor es muy bueno así que espero lo mismo de esta segunda entrega

    Actualizo; es un juegazo. Muchas mecánicas y enemigos son del 1 pero mejora en las opciones de batalla agregando la parte del uso de los Yokais en tu personaje. Si eres nuevo muy seguramente te desesperes y te parezca difícil, pero si eres fan de la primera entrega este lo vas a amar.

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    Nioh 2 – PlayStation 4

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