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Danco 89451A Handle Decorative Toilet Tank Lever, Polished Brass

Danco 89451A Handle Decorative Toilet Tank Lever, Polished Brass


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Last updated on September 25, 2022 3:11 am Details
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  • SAY GOODBYE to sticky handles, corroded trip levers, outdated bathroom designs and broken levers
  • UPDATE BATHROOM FIXTURES with this decorative toilet handle designed to fit front or angle mounted applications (not suited for left side mounting applications)
  • EASY TO INSTALL – simply trim arm to size needed
  • DURABLE brass construction provides strength and reliability against the rigors of everyday use. Polished brass finish resists scratching, fading and tarnishing
  • IDEAL for bathroom remodel or upgrades to a polished brass finished look that matches well with modern bathroom styles.

Specification: Danco 89451A Handle Decorative Toilet Tank Lever, Polished Brass



Part Number


Item Weight

‎6.4 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎1.5 x 4 x 12.75 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



‎Polished Brass


‎Polished Brass





Item Package Quantity


Number of Handles


Handle Material


Included Components

‎Toilet tank handle

Batteries Required


Warranty Description

‎Limited 1 Year

Photos: Danco 89451A Handle Decorative Toilet Tank Lever, Polished Brass

11 reviews for Danco 89451A Handle Decorative Toilet Tank Lever, Polished Brass

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  1. Unlucky Seven

    Good value, easy to install with a wrench and screwdriver. The handle seems a bit loose and just due to the length of the shaft into the tank, but overall am happy.

    Looks nice too! Heavy, doubt it’ll break like my last plastic handle.

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  2. 1xgijane

    Even with proper setup, flushing requires holding down the handle for 10-15 seconds. That’s okay for residents but guests end up not flushing the toilet the first try, so typically end up flushing twice. It is a replacement for a side mount brass toilet handle that worked well for the past 10 years. The old one had the handle pointed forward (I tried installing this one both ways), and the screw for keeping the interior level in place stayed in place for the entire 10 years without re-tightening. The screw for the new lever has to be tightened frequently even when it has been tightened as far as it can be. Very disappointing. Would buy another one from a different company but the options are limited.

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  3. G.J.

    The male square on the handle is 1/8th inch smaller than the square hole in the toilet tank. It would require a shim for a tight fit.
    Because of the poor fit, after each flush, the handle rotates in the hole causing either the flapper not to fully close or the rod to hit the top of the tank. No matter how tight you try to get it, it moves after a flush or two subsequently requiring readjustment.
    Not happy.

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  4. Amazonia

    Excellent product – far superior to other products on the market that don’t fit well, wobble/wiggle, and are made of plastic or metal coated parts. All solid metal parts with this product – no plastic. The wing-nut easily and tightly secures the lever arm with no bumping into the flush valve, while the the metal lock nut secures the handle so there is absolutely no wobbling of the lever. Handle mounts perfectly on the left-side. Super easy to install in 5 minutes. After initially purchasing two handles, I purchased an additional two handles.

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  5. Kindle Customer

    While this item sort of matches the original toilet trip lever, and didn’t take that long to install, it is useless for flushing the toilet. Once installed, one has to push down very hard to trip the lever, and then it stays down, and water keeps running into the tank until you fiddle with it, wait for the tank to fill, and fiddle some more. My 87 year old mother will never be able to operate this properly, so our tank will run all night, wasting hundreds of dollars worth of water.
    The original trip lever had a plain smooth rod which allowed the handle to pop up after flushing, releasing the plug that seals the tank drain and stops the refill pump.
    This handle is only an extension of the bolt needed to fasten the assembly to the tank. I tried loosening the nut, but then the whole thing nearly falls apart.

    BTW: a HACKSAW? REALLY? What is the hacksaw (mentioned in the nearly illegible instructions) needed for? Who has a hacksaw? Luckily I didn’t need it. After giving up on the complicated and illegible, 4pt. sans serif instructions on the back of the package, I just looked at the assembly I needed to replace and used it as a guide.

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  6. N. Bullock

    The design is beautiful. I really appreciate how the lever part is made of metal with good quality hardware. But only disappointment is that the handle is lose and wiggly on the outside. I could not figure out a way to fix this. I noticed someone else recently mentioned the same issue, so maybe there was a manufacturing error in the last batch…?

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Anyone wondering if this will work in a Mansfield flush valve? Yes – it does! I’ve had trouble with this toilet since I bought the house 2 years ago – chain kept popping off. Did some research and discovered you’re not supposed to use a chain – you need an arm long enough to slip through the hole of the loop on the flush valve. And you can’t just get any replacement – it needs to be long enough. This did the job. My first time attempting any kind of a fix like this and it was easy (hardest part was putting the nut on – ended up holding it still and using a Phillips head on the screw). I did have to reverse the arm from the picture as it was keeping the float from moving, but it does not hit the ceramic front. It works perfectly. This is a HIGH QUALITY product that will last. The handle is solid and beautiful. The arm is not plastic, it is sturdy metal. I just love to flush it now – the handle goes down gently and the returns slowly. No more tripping up, no more chains to break and no more cheap handles. I was able to do this job in under 15 minutes and I’ve never worked on plumbing before – new home owner. So proud of myself!!!

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  8. Old and Stiff

    First, May 2020 … mine is different from the one pictured.
    Mine is a round brass rod for the first 6 inches,
    then becomes the flat section for the chain-hook.
    Much better design, as I can bend the rod in any direction,
    letting me bend it to a perfect position
    for a high flapper and better flush.

    I do like the style of handle, I’m impressed !
    All internal components are metal.
    The arm is bendable to suit different styles of flappers.
    And the handle also has a perfect, built-in internal
    range of stroke mechanism, that you will really like !
    My apologies for being long-winded, but this handle is worth it.
    BUT … the way the arm bolts to the handle’s pivot inside the tank is
    with a brass Philip’s screw and wing-nut.
    I was unable to ever get it tight enough to hold for more than a couple days.
    And (in our toilet) when loose, the flapper then get held open. (Murphy’s law) lol
    Sooo .. I used a stainless nut and bolt .. to fasten the handle to the arm.
    I also needed to file/grind the handle’s internal bottom bolting surface to a flat, (very easy)
    as the round bolt’s-seat was not ideal (impossible) for tightening a nut or bolt,
    as all nuts/bolts/screws/wing-nuts require two flat surfaces to seat onto properly.
    So .. if you are a competent handyman, and have a few good tools,
    this handle would be an excellent choice, as the mechanism has excellent bones.
    First and easiest .. file or grind a flat onto the back of handle’s internal seat/pivot.
    You will know exactly what I mean when you test-fit it together.
    And second, you would be wise to use a better stainless nut and bolt.
    After this two easy mods … I believe you will have a toilet handle
    that will easily last the life of two toilets.
    So this handle is definitely worth the effort.
    But if you do not have any tools … this may not be the handle for you.
    For referance only, I installed this toilet tank lever on our American Standard Cadet.
    Happy flushing !

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  9. Dog mom

    The handle is attractive enough and feels sturdy. However, the degree of travel the built in handle stop allows is insufficient to raise the flapper enough for it to stay open once the handle is released. As a result, when the handle is pushed, the flapper opens and the flush begins. But as soon as the handle is released, the flapper closes completely and the flush stops. You just can’t move the handle far enough to correctly initiate the flush. I had to modify the built in stop with a grinding tool. That fixed this issue.

    There is a second issue, as well. The handle droops when at rest. That is, once the flush completes, the tank refills and everything is at rest, the handle hangs down under its own weight. I needed to attach a couple of rust proof nuts to the far end of the rod (inside the tank) to weigh down the the mechanism. That caused the rod in the tank to droop, which brought the handle back to its proper resting position (level instead of drooping).

    As modified, the mechanism works just fine and the handle looks and feels very good. But such a simple part should work right out of the box and I think not many people will have the proper tool to fix the handle travel problem or the inclination to fix the droop problem.

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  10. R. Marlowe

    This was easy to install and, contrary to some reviews, does not require counterweights or other fancy adjustments. The “brass” rod appears to be cheap pot metal and the finish already was coming off when I opened the package (see photo). No problem as this is internal.

    The instructions as pretty vague. I first tried attaching the chain to a whole near the handle and there was insufficient leverage to lift the flapper fully (a problem some have noticed). No big deal — moveed the chain clip down the chain so I had a short chain and attached to the last hole on the rod and it worked like a champ. See photo. I left the extra chain on for the photo so you could see, but I will loop it up and put it on the clip so it does not get caught in the flapper.

    Loos great. 15 minutes start to finish, including wasted time because I tried to do it before deciphering the instructions the first time,

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  11. anna dawson


    After having this installed for almost a year, I have to say it is complete trash!
    Worked great for a couple months, but now it’s loose and will not stay tightened no matter how tight I screw it in.
    It keeps the toilet running constantly.

    The white part has also began to chip, so it doesn’t even look good anymore.


    *previous review*

    I would give this handle about 3.5 stars. It is a BEAUTIFUL handle. It is a nice quality, metal piece that looks great.
    Installation is basic and very easy. However I did have two issues with the product, which is why it got 4 (really 3.5) stars instead of 5.
    Issue 1:
    The handle itself is really heavy, and this makes it droop a little bit after installation. Nothing too bad, and it doesn’t cause any problems, just from a visual standpoint it isn’t perfect.
    Issue 2:
    After initial installation, it worked at first, but once I put the lid back over the toilet tank it wouldn’t flush.
    The problem is that the metal bar that attaches the handle to the flapper chain is too long, so the bar was hitting the roof of the tank and not flushing.
    This was an easy fix, I had to take the handle back off, then snap the metal bar close to the second to last hole. Reinstalled and voila! Fixed. Now it works perfectly. (Also the metal bar is thin enough that you can easily break the excess off with your hands, no need for any tools

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    Danco 89451A Handle Decorative Toilet Tank Lever, Polished Brass
    Danco 89451A Handle Decorative Toilet Tank Lever, Polished Brass
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