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Wagan Tech Elite Pro 200W Pure Sine Inverter, EL2600


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The EL2600 Wagan Tech Elite Pro 200W Pure Sine Inverter supplies home AC power from your vehicle’s 12-volt DC socket. Pure sine technology allows for the operation of sensitive electronics. This Wagan Tech Inverter can run appliances and electronics with a maximum 200 watts and 400 watts peak surge. It is perfect for smaller, sensitive applications such as a medium sized LCD TV, laptop computer, 100-watt light bulb, or as a charger for multiple electronics. This 200W inverter features two AC outlets plus a 2.1A USB power port to charge several of your favorite mobile electronics. Compatible electronics include: tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, and much more! The EL2600 Wagan Tech Elite Pro 200W Pure Sine Inverter is easy to use. Simply plug in to your vehicle’s DC socket!

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4 reviews for Wagan Tech Elite Pro 200W Pure Sine Inverter, EL2600

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  1. PCguy99

    I thought I would review this since there didn’t appear to be any others. I was looking for a PURE sine inverter to run my laptop since the MODIFIED types could possibly do damage due to a much harsher voltage output. This unit was the cheapest I could find at this wattage and since other wattages were getting decent reviews, I decided to take the plunge. I ordered it from and opted for free shipping so I could pick up in store. It arrived in about a week. First thought was quality, seems well built and a lot more robust looking than other, cheaper units. I was initially concerned that this might overwhelm the cigarette lighter power port (20 amp rating) upon using the laptop, but I was pleasantly surprised that upon power up that it didn’t. Been using it for a couple of weeks now off and on. My requirements were pretty strict since I test songs I make in the house on the car stereo amp/ speakers through the laptop. Modified sine units had too much buzz in audio and my laptop ran more erratically. This unit took care of those issues and more. One significant drawback— I notice that it tends to give off an odor if I am running the car engine and have the unit and laptop on at the time. Not sure what this is yet or whether or not it will dissipate in time, I’m not sure. Almost reminds me of burning plastic! Anyway, nothing has cut out yet despite this and I just crack the window a bit if I’m running the car. So, so far so good with this unit. Fairly happy so far if I ignore the smell. I suppose if I’m really concerned, I could change the easily changeable on board fuse for one of less amperage to make sure it’s not overdrawing current. I have felt it several times when the odor occurs and note no significant warmth beyond the norm.

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  2. Vsheetz

    I use this in a motorhome that has a generator and whole house MSW inverter. It is used to power a couple devices that don’t play well with MSW. Works great, but… The low voltage alarm triggers very easily. When I start the generator the momentary battery sag sets off the alarm. The alarm continues – even after the momentary sag is past and voltage is steady at well over 12 volts. Have to unplug the input power or cycle it off/on to stop the alarm… No way that I see to disable or change the behavior of the alarm. If this doesn’t impact your usage, then a great unit.

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  3. AaroninGR

    I bought this unit to replace another that had a noisy fan and was not pure sine wave. I use it power my CPAP when primitive camping. It consumes about 105W with the humidifier on. While running my CPAP overnight for about 8 hours, the unit never felt warm. I was able to use a watt hour meter to determine load which would not have functioned without a pure sine wave output. This is a great little inverter that appears to be very efficient. My deep cycle battery dropped from 13.4V to 11.9V after three nights of use.

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  4. Gwain

    There is an intermittent chirping from the inverter in the morning (when run all night) voltage is 12.39 volts. Obviously not a low battery warning. No mention in manual about anything other than the continuous buzzing sound of low battery voltage warning, no chirping sound. Very annoying.

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    Wagan Tech Elite Pro 200W Pure Sine Inverter, EL2600
    Wagan Tech Elite Pro 200W Pure Sine Inverter, EL2600
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