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Gateway 14.1″ 1080p PC Laptop, AMD Ryzen 3, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 10, Black, GWTN141-2BK


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The 14.1-inch Gateway Ultra Slim Notebook features a 1080p screen that brings a crystal-clear picture for any and all of your tasks. The Tuned by THX Audio lets you experience the theater level quality in the convenience of your home. With a high-powered AMD processor and Radeon R3 graphics card will allow you can tackle all of your daily tasks and projects with ease and haste—and with a slim and light weight frame you can take it everywhere you go.

Specification: Gateway 14.1″ 1080p PC Laptop, AMD Ryzen 3, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 10, Black, GWTN141-2BK

Processor Brand


Processor Type

AMD Ryzen 3

Hard Drive Capacity

128 GB


GPU Company

Processor Speed

2.6 GHz

Manufacturer Part Number


Wireless Technology


RAM Memory

4 GB

Operating System

Windows 10



Screen Size





Fingerprint Reader

Assembled Product Dimensions L x W x H

13.10 x 8.90 x 0.80 Inches



Photos: Gateway 14.1″ 1080p PC Laptop, AMD Ryzen 3, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 10, Black, GWTN141-2BK

10 reviews for Gateway 14.1″ 1080p PC Laptop, AMD Ryzen 3, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 10, Black, GWTN141-2BK

4.5 out of 5
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    A 14.1 full HD ultra slim notebook with AMD processor quickly became our favorite upon our first use with so many things offered in it beating others in this range.


    Excellent battery life almost one work or school day. Charges quick and stays long.

    Trackpad is nice and sensitivity to high setting really made my moves and usage more comfortable.

    It’s best in class laptop for normal day to day work and for attending classes, meetings, video editing, surfing , gaming and blog works.

    Built-in Fingerprint Scanner performed very well and snapped the print and saved it quick without any hassle.

    Fan is quiet in silent surroundings is commendable per our observation.

    I’m mostly idling at laptop with CPU at full capacity at 42 Celsius, 95% cpu utilization, and the fan is well engaged.

    14.1 inch size screen has got a really appreciable screen resolution and detailed rendering of the pixel play. Webcam is apt and captures motion with good quality.

    Weight being around 3.5 lb is a good factor for laptop that coms in this size and fixture and its light weight feel when handling.

    Improvements that would be a bonus:

    Any of the negatives I would attribute to Windows 10 rather than the laptop itself.

    There is a small amount of flex in the keyboard touchpad but it isn’t detrimental, it just makes the system feel like can be improved.

    I would be happy to see if there is a way to silence the click sound out of touchpad.

    Finger print was positioned to left top side of the touchpad that is little odd.

    Built-in speaker quality is nice and a clear output makes this laptop a quick attractive choice in this price range.

    Additional points:

    Performance-wise, zero complaints !!. This is cute looking and a truly amazing performer with AMD Ryzen™ 3 3200U processor with Radeon™ Vega 3 Graphics chip embedded.

    This works very well for students as it is Google glass compatible and performs very well on all the school programs and for tools being used on daily exercises, read outs , drawing arts etc.

    Performance in Youtube, streamed movies, Netflix, and definitely proves to be par with expectations.

    4gb memory and 128gb SSD feels ample enough for my work and if kids use it for their class. Happy on this note too.

    If you’re looking for something portable with good battery life and quality craftsmanship , this is a nice pick.

    It will play plenty of light games, older titles, and the battery life for work-tasks is excellent.

    Tried some default games that came with Windows 10 and been so far so good with GPU performance.

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  2. Bonnie

    Ok, so when I first opened it everything was beautifully packaged. The blue color is pretty and it is a nice, compact laptop. Color display is gorgeous and the sound is great with the THX. Cam has a good quality picture as well. It would be nice of the cam had the sliding security tab to close over the cam. The fan is super quiet and doesn’t seem to get overly hot while using it on my lap or desk. Fingerprint log in is great and was easy to set up. The battery life in an unplugged state is crazy amazing. It’s been unplugged for 24 hours and I still have 74% power. It’s a great battery. The Ryzen processor seems super quick with down and uploads smooth and fast. The keyboard is clunky and the buttons seem overly large. For some odd reason, my fingers don’t seem to want to line up with how the keys are layed out. I type for a living and have had my share of computers. My son also said the same. The touchpad mouse is loud but is also touch sensitive so there’s really no need to press it. Overall, it’s a great little unit that seems quite powerful and I would recommend it. There’s 2 USB ports, HDMI, and C type plugs. The size is great and the charging cord is one piece with foldable prongs.

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  3. Hayleyc925

    I had the opportunity to operate and explore the Gateway 14.1 FHD Ultra Slim Notebook.   In regard to appearance, this notebook is super sleek in design– featuring a total slimline appearance and colorful green matte exterior (also available in other colors).  With a 14.1 inch LCD screen, slimline keyboard, and front-facing camera, the Gateway FHD Slim Notebook is visually appealing and super lightweight. The sides of this notebook house a USB port, USB-C data port, Micro SD card slot, power cord plug-in, etc..  Upon initial setup, I did experience difficulty with Wifi connectivity, as the Gateway located my Wifi network but would not connect via network password, despite numerous attempts.  Upon troubleshooting, I attempted to connect to my home network by utilizing the Wifi pairing mode on my router, which did end up working.  Aside from this issue, I had no difficulty walking through the initial set-up with Cortana– this devices assistant.  In less than 10 minutes,  my Gateway 14.1 FHD Ultra Slim Notebook was up and running!  The graphics on this notebook are impressive,  as the 1080p picture is sharp and clear with beautifully bold colors.  Audio quality is also terrific.  As a mom, and an educator, having a notebook that is easily portable and that can handle multiple programs open simultaneously is super critical for my day-to-day needs.  Additionally, I prefer a device that enables me to easily transfer documents and photos from my phone, USB, etc.. This is my first experience with an AMD Ryzen processor, and I am finding my notebook to function very quickly and efficiently during both single task and during multi-tasking.  I love that I can transfer my documents and photos from my smartphone easily with the USB-C port, as it omits multiple steps that I previously had to complete with older technology. This particular model comes with 4G Ram and 128 GB SSD, which is perfect for somebody like me who utilizes a notebook moderately.  I find the keyboard position comfortable, although it did take a few days for me to grow accustom to the slimline key style. I like that this notebook comes equipped with the latest version of Windows 10 Home, and how simple updates are in regard to installed programs.  Use of the Gateway 14.1 FHD Ultra Slim Notebook has been really intuitive and simple, and I am happy with the large amount of technology packed into such a compact notebook.  If you are looking for an all-around well made and well-performing notebook that is compact, and full of the latest technology, the Gateway 14.1 FHD Ultra Slim Notebook will not disappoint!

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  4. Mrcc

    I love this product!!! It is a beautiful piece. It was easy to set up and it is twice as fast as my old laptop. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wanted a good notebook. I love windows 10. When I get through with this review I am going to get on it again. One more thing, I love this beautiful green color!

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  5. Ashlee36

    This is a nice laptop. It’s thin, sleek, picture and sound quality are good. It’s pretty easy to use and understand. The camera is okay. Not the best quality picture but Its not the worst either. It has your basic stuff internet, paint etc. cortana is interesting it’s similar to Alexa. It has fingerprint access which is pretty cool. You can customize easily desktop, colors and more. I’m giving 4 stars because the pad is very loud when clicked. Also because within the first 5 min of playing solitaire the whole laptop froze to the point of force shut off by holding down the power button. The good outweigh the bad. The freezing is annoying though.

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  6. Mamachop

    So excited to have Gateway back in the mix. Have owned many Gateway products and they have always been great. What an awesome value as well. You get great specs on this computer for a great price. This laptop is super light and thin, just right. It has everything USB 3 ports USB C ports camera expansion slot Wi-Fi fingerprint scanner as well to login and for privacy. This is the perfect little laptop for students everyday use you name it. It is super fast. You can’t beat the value anywhere on this.

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  7. ntdi455

    This is a decent laptop for the price. I like the 1920×1080 IPS screen for the wide viewing angles. I like the USB-C port. The Ryzen 3 chip is interesting but it is not a powerhouse by any means, and the Vega 3 GPU capability is not particularly impressive either. Both are outclassed by a several-years-old intel 7th gen laptop chip, even the GPU which surprised me. I expected a Vega 3 to be able to whup up on intel 630 graphics but I ran Furmark on both at 1024×768 and the intel 630 got 10-12 fps whilt the Vega 3 got 6-8 FPS.
    The 4GB of RAM is DDR4 2400, soldered to the board. There is 1 SO-DIMM slot so you can add another single piece. I added a 16 GB stick of G.skill F4-2400C16S-16GRS and the system runs fine, RAM still at 2400MHz. The asymmetrical 20GB of RAM goes against my principle of RAM always being a factor of 2, but it runs fine.
    The included M.2 SSD in the one I got was a Netac brand model S529N128GB running over SATA. There is another M.2 slot for expansion, accessible from a small door on the bottom so you don’t have to open the entire clamshell. I thought it was NVMe, and the pinout looks NVMe, and there is an option in the BIOS for NVMe configuration, but when I added an HP EX900 NVMe M.2 drive it is not recognized by the BIOS and not visible at all in Windows. I moved the included Netac SATA M.2 to this other slot and it was recognized, and Windows booted without issue with the boot drive in the other location. I don’t have any other M.2 drives to test it against, but it thus appears that both M.2 slots are SATA only despite appearances of them being M-keyed NVMe slots.
    Battery life seems ok but not an all-day laptop. The battery is labeled as 4500mAh and 51.3Wh. I haven’t used it extensively to get a good feel for it but Windows’ initial estimates is about 6 hours, and certainly less if you throw a 2nd M.2 drive and 2nd RAM stick in there.
    I wish it had a backlit keyboard and I wish it had sturdier construction but those are the sorts of compromises one gets for a laptop in this market segment.
    Oh and I almost forgot the most important part: Yes, it does come in a cow-patterned box.

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  8. Sizzle

    This is a pretty decent notebook for a

    beginner who doesn’t need anything extra

    other than the basics. The set-up was easy and

    the overall look is good. To me, it’s a bigger

    version of what my kid uses for online school online

    but much better especially the sound qualities.

    the screen is big enough to see and do more.

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  9. Dimples

    I received this notebook almost two weeks ago. I really like it. I own a HP desktop and a HP laptop that is over five years old. What a pleasant surprise I got the first time I used the Gateway. It has a very capable processor for my daily use , such as surfing the web, writing letters, and watching movies. It has a very fast startup time. I love the fingerprint feature, so tired of passwords. It is sleek and lightweight. It can do all the things my old laptop could do and much, much more. The only drawback that I can see is the sound. The sound isn’t very good for playing music. Doesn’t sound too bad when you play movies. All in all I think this is a very good notebook and I would recommend to anyone who wants a good affordable computer.

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  10. Sunshine

    Gateway 14.1 FHD Ultra Slim Notebook, AMD Ryzen 3 3200U, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Tuned by THX Audio, Fingerprint Scanner, Webcam, HDMI, Windows 10 S is a slim lightweight notebook. The Fingerprint Scanner is a wonderful feature eliminating password. Decent speed and good picture and video quality. The design is pretty basic. Set up is simple. Navigation between tablet mode and normal is easy. Sound is decent. The only issue with this laptop is the battery life. It is definitely not 8 hours as advertised. And it doesn’t charge properly. I let it charge overnight and to my surprise it died in 20 minutes next use. I believe it isn’t charging in sleep mode. Overall it is a good laptop however the battery may be a deal breaker for me.

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    Gateway 14.1″ 1080p PC Laptop, AMD Ryzen 3, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 10, Black, GWTN141-2BK
    Gateway 14.1″ 1080p PC Laptop, AMD Ryzen 3, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 10, Black, GWTN141-2BK
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