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Nordic Ware Bundt Cake Keeper, Plastic, 13 in L X 12 in W X 7 in H, Red

Nordic Ware Bundt Cake Keeper, Plastic, 13 in L X 12 in W X 7 in H, Red


(13 customer reviews)
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Photos: Nordic Ware Bundt Cake Keeper, Plastic, 13 in L X 12 in W X 7 in H, Red

13 reviews for Nordic Ware Bundt Cake Keeper, Plastic, 13 in L X 12 in W X 7 in H, Red

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  1. Maybelle

    I like this carrier, and love the fact that the cover locks into the base. However, the handle is just a raised lip of plastic to grab onto, and it’s not much. It would be better if there was a real handle/strap you can actually grab onto like a purse or tote. With this carrier,, you need to hold from the bottom of the carrier because the handle isn’t practical. If you’re just going to have on your table, it’s very functional. Just be careful when transporting it that you don’t drop it.

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  2. Vero List

    Es perfecto para conservar fresco el pastel y cabe muy bien en la charola de enmedio del refirgerador. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.

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  3. Vee Vee

    I like that I can put my cakes in here to transport if need be. What I don’t like is this little “lock” feature. It doesn’t take much effort for the lid to slide to the open position. If you’re carrying it by the lid and your arm is not completely steady, (and let’s be honest, no one’s arm is completely steady when walking) it will slide open and SPLAT! your cake will end up on the ground and that will surely ruin your day. So… you would either have to support it from the bottom or put it in a bag. I would not recommend carrying it by the lid.

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  4. Sasha Q.

    This Bundt cake keeper, unfortunately, is not a keeper. Something must be seriously wrong with their quality control process. This container should never have left the factory floor. The plastic on the domed lid had minor molding errors on the outside of the lid, and, even worse, in the handle area on the inside of the lid there were big flaps of plastic that shouldn’t be there just hanging off of the lid. Besides the cosmetic issue, these were thin, superflous strips of plastic that could eventually break off and fall onto a cake! And, the lid did not fit properly onto the base, nor did it close properly or “lock” into place. This whole container is a disaster and it is on its way back to Amazon. I don’t know why, but I decided to take another chance on Nordic Ware and ordered their “deluxe” Bundt cake keeper in exchange (

    Nordic Ware Deluxe Bundt Cake Keeper

    ). Hopefully, the few extra dollars in price will mean a better quality product. I will certainly let everyone know, one way or the other.

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  5. Leafy Seadragon

    This bundt cake holder works well for its intended purpose. It keeps my bundt cake from drying out and makes it much easier to transport. My only comment on it is be careful when you’re transporting your cake. The lid is very easy to unlock and lift so make sure you are not lifting it from the top. Make sure you are carrying the bundt cake holder from the base.

    Also I would suggest you put the bundt cake you bake onto one of those cardboard cake bases before putting it in the holder. This makes it much easier to clean up because no part of the cake is actually touching the holder. With the cardboard base, it is also much easier to take the bundt cake in and out of the holder. I usually do this so I can easily take it out and put it on my 10″ cake stand. The largest circular base that this holder will hold is a 10″ one.

    If you choose to keep the bundt cake in this holder when people cut it then that’s fine too. Just keep in mind if you put the cake directly on the plastic base of the holder then the knife will leave marks on your holder. If you have it on a cardboard cake base in the holder then you won’t have issues with scratches.

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  6. Tracy

    I have still given this a 5 star as even though I have a problem with mine now it does not stop this from being a great item.
    I love that it is a perfect size for any style of Bundt pan you have, but can also store other cakes including many small ones.
    Washes well & is easy to wash.
    The only bit I am disappointed with, is the top breaks easily, well mine did. It was taken off to cut a piece of cake but obviously not placed properly on the side so it fell onto out wooden floor with caused it to crack up one side. It is now held together with tape.
    Saying that it still works, still keeps the cakes fresh for at least a week so would still recommend it to people, as accidents happen.

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  7. sillyjillybelle

    This is a great bundt keeper! I find it is the perfect size for a 10-cup bundt, even if heavily decorated with icing and berries and stuff.

    I will happily continue to use it for as long as it lasts. I dropped it on tile once; it survived with no issue. I normally hand wash it, but after one particularly sticky rum cake, I ran it through the top rack of my dishwasher; it survived that with no issue too. The plastic is thicker than many keepers I have owned in the past.

    All that good stuff said: the “lock” does nothing. I wouldn’t even bother mentioning it as a feature because it’s so meaningless. The lid sits in a little groove in the base. You can twist the lid slightly to move two humps on the lid into two slots in the groove of the base. But it is not secure in any way. Locking does not allow you to lift the carrier by the lid, and it doesn’t stay– if you’re carrying the carrier (from the bottom, obvs) and you jiggle it back and forth just a little, the lid is prone to unlocking. It doesn’t provide any kind of snugness between the lid and base at all.

    If you don’t care about the lack of lock feature, this is a great keeper.

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  8. E. Champion

    I already have a cake carrier/keeper but it is too bulky. I need something compact enough to put in the fridge when I make a cake with cream cheese frosting, fresh fruits or fillings. I bought this specifically in hopes that my Maryann style cakes will fit and luckily they do! Been using my Chicago Metallic Maryann Cake Pan and I wanted something to keep my cakes in. This cake keeper fits the bill. No extra room though but that’s ok because Maryann cakes do not need to be frosted on the side plus I do not have to worry about my cake sliding around in the carrier because of the snug fit. This cake keeper will also house a 9” round cake. I’m very happy with my purchase!

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  9. María

    Sin ser el más elegante, es una gran solución para transportar y guardar mis maravillas culinarias 😉
    Galletitas, panqués, mini muffins, bundt cakes. Uff. Una maravilla.
    Además el precio que encontré en Amazon es insuperable. En William Sonoma está como 50% más caro. No, no, no.

    Pídelo en Amazon. Estoy a punto de pedir el segundo. Me encantó.

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  10. Shop till I drop

    Very tall, very wide. I use especially for double batch bundt cakes with no problem. Just two things to be aware of:
    1. This will not be a good keeper for a 3 layer or higher regular cake as the handle of the lid protrudes downward and will smoosh the top of your cake. For a bundt cake, the protrusion isn’t a problem as the center is hollow.
    2. The lid is a twist lock and is my one and only complaint. It’s a little wonky to twist on and off. I would still have purchased this item though.

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  11. Carolyn G.

    This is the biggest waste of money and a complete piece of garbage. I’d use a stronger word if I could but my review would probably be deleted.

    I just got done making a pineapple upside down bundt cake for my father who is going through chemotherapy and is having a terrible time with nausea. I made this as a treat because it is his absolute favorite cake. So after scouring pinterest for the perfect recipe, shopping for the ingredients and spending over an hour mixing and baking it, I cooled it and put it in this piece of failure that does not stay locked together. I picked it up and it slid right onto the kitchen floor.

    If I could give it negative stars, I would. Do not waste your money.

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  12. Gail Herstein


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  13. EricJM

    Perfect size cake holder for Nordic Ware Bundt Pan cakes made from pans Model, 50037, 50045, 50046 or 50047, which I own.. Not sure of other models or brands, Make sure to check dimensions first.

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    Nordic Ware Bundt Cake Keeper, Plastic, 13 in L X 12 in W X 7 in H, Red
    Nordic Ware Bundt Cake Keeper, Plastic, 13 in L X 12 in W X 7 in H, Red
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