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Woods L1921 6′ Orange 26-Watt Fluorescent Hand Held Work Light with Grounded Outlet


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The Designers Edge 26W Fluorescent Hand Held Work Light is ideal when working in small, cramped spaces and designed for the rough handlings of a professional job site. This hand held light comes with a 6-foot, 16-gauge cord that is striped orange and black for improved visibility. This hand light emits 1,650 lumens and comes with two 13-watt fluorescent bulbs that produce the equivalence of 120 watts of incandescent lighting. This work light includes a non-slip Rubbereze grip, fold down hanging hook, self-standing base, 120-volt grounded outlet and on/off switches. The two on/off switches control each bulb separately. Since 1987, Designers Edge has been building its reputation as an innovator of commercial and industrial lighting. Designers Edge is recognized as a leader in its industry and holds multiple patents and awards for its world class designs.

Specification: Woods L1921 6′ Orange 26-Watt Fluorescent Hand Held Work Light with Grounded Outlet

Shoe Size


Units Per Consumer Unit



26 Watts

Number of Lights


Beam Angle

0 º

Light Bulb Base Code


Beam Spread

0 ft

Light Bulb Type



0 lm




Coleman Cable





Wire Gauge

0 Inches

Response Time

0 s


Workshop Lights


6 ft. Cable Length

Assembled Product Weight

1.5 oz

Assembled Product Dimensions L x W x H

12.00 x 4.00 x 4.00 Inches

Maximum Range

0 Square Inches



Decibel Rating

0 dB

Multipack Quantity


Estimated Energy Cost Per Year



0 A

Color Temperature

0 K


0 Minutes

Clothing Size


Price Per Unit UOM


Electrical Ballast Factor

0 Lux Seconds




3 mm



Maximum Energy Surge Rating

0 Horsepower


0 V


0 Horsepower

PPU Quantity of Units

1 Each

Fabric Content

100% Multi

Count Per Pack


Product Name

Woods L1921 6' Orange 26-Watt Fluorescent Hand Held Work Light with Grounded Outlet



10 reviews for Woods L1921 6′ Orange 26-Watt Fluorescent Hand Held Work Light with Grounded Outlet

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  1. TinHalo

    Now this a handy item to have around. 2 light switches, a grounded outlet an super ergonomic handling. Hanger to put in many places. Lights might be pricey to replace, but it does have a rigid construction and protective case encasing the lights.

    Absolutely recommend

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  2. Sabourah

    I love the rustic look of this Fluorescent light, its a decent size with thin tube-like flurescent light bulbs, made of strong, sturdy plastic, 26 watt lights, light weight not heavy at all. Can be used for additional lighting for your garage, attic or man cave area, etc. We use it in my son’s man cave and it hangs down from the ceiling adding a nice rustic feel to the room. I think more than one would make for an even better ambiance.

    However, don’t expect it to be as bright as your LED light bulbs would, so for this reason I think two or more would create a better lighting experience. If you have a multi-area man cave or play room for your family it would be ideal for hanging over, let’s say the game area, TV area, etc.  Nice lighting in your family room on game nights with the entire family. Cheers and Enjoy!

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  3. taxfree4

    The Woods Hand Held Work Light is equipped with 2 13 watt fluorescent bulbs, on independent switches depending on the light needed, giving you a large illuminated work space. With a 6 ft. cord, no place is out of reach and

    a grounded outlet at the base for even more convenience. The rubberized hand grip assures a solid hold of the tool when positioning and the metal grate protection on the large 5 1/2 inch lens cover adds additional protection in case of drops. A built in metal swing brace helps in getting the beam pointed exactly where you need it and folds away conveniently into the cover. A rubberized/magnetized base would make this even better than it is but even without it the tool has no problem standing on its’ own and providing plenty of light. UL listed and CSA Certified this tool is a perfect addition for the DIYer and the Professional for years of reliable service.

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  4. Niccie

    AMAZING! This is such a great tool and extremely handy. My husband really likes it and he uses it often.  We lite our fire pit every weekend and the light is very bright and covers a large area. The additional plug and that it can stand upright is an added plus. Great product and addition to our tool supply!

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  5. Junkpunk

    I was excited to get a work lite that wouldn’t burn me with the bulb but this monster isn’t a very good design. 1) cord is very short 2) the handle and case are bulky 3) the hook doesn’t hang on anything well 4) the light is very dull 5) it doesn’t stand on it’s own vertically or horizontally

    Overall this work light isn’t very useful.

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  6. ChrisP

    This is a must-buy! So handy to have around the house for projects and just to see better with more lightening in everyday use!

    This is 26 watts of Fluorescent light. it has two lights that have a dual switch so you can use either both at once or one at a time! So versatile!

    The cord is 6 feet long, it has a fold-down hanging hook on the top and also a comfortable hang grip to hold on to. I like the fact that I can hang this up while using it for projects. I used it while painting a dark hallway yesterday and it really helped to see so much better!

    It also has a grounded 120v outlet.

    Feels heavy and well made but not so that I can’t carry it around. very good quality . I am loving this Task light so far!

    ‘Highly recommend purchasing for your home. This would be great to work on cars, use to see under the house, use outside at your barn while checking on animals. I really have endless uses for this light!

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  7. DadLovesSavingMoney

    This Fluorescent Task Light by Woods is a handy little light. It has some cool features. First of all, whoever designed this task light probably was a handy person with experience under their belt. Since it’s designed with not one light bulb but two light bulbs will ensure you won’t be left in the dark. Nothing is worse than having to repair something that’s not well lit only to have your one and only light bulb burn out. Another outstanding feature is an outlet is built into the handle of this task light! Some people only like cordless lights. But, nothing goes smoothly when repairing things in the dark so having a corded light is paramount because you don’t have to worry about the cordless battery running out leaving you in the dark. Also, the cordless light won’t have an outlet incorporated into the handle! This outlet is a luxury that every handy person will appreciate. No need to string another extension cord – just plug right into this task light which has a 16 gauge cord that is grounded. This light also comes with a nice hanging hook. A really good grip with finger notches ensures you won’t drop this light. Another thing that is nice is the integrated stand. So this item will stand up on its own on any hard surface, for example, tables and workbenches.

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  8. Conduit

    I really like this light for working under vehicles and the house. The housing assembly is a sturdy plastic that has a nice wide handhold that has a slip resistance material on it, that a has a nice shape with finger areas on it for a comfortable grip area. The light housing has a hard clear plastic cover over it that has a metal protection grid covering it. The lights are controlled separately from two switches one for each light and can be used together when more light is needed. There is a wire hanger that can be used for a stand for having the light on the ground to illuminate a area overhead when both hands are needed. The built in outlet is handy for corded tools, or charging the phone when needed. I have used both light together for long periods of time and never noticed any hot surfaces on the work light and I have dropped the light with no bulb breakage. My only complaint would be to have a LED retrofit option.

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  9. Cletso

    I reach for this light often when I am doing projects around the house! When I need more light ( which is often) I use this light. It can sit or hang which is very handy. It is also light weight and easy to move around.

    I like that the handle folds down, is compact and doesn’t take up much space to store. I also like the metal cage around the light that helps protect it. I have knocked it over several times without damage. It is built well. This is a great work light to have in the house or shop.

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  10. LongIslandNY

    The Woods 26-Watt Fluorescent Hand Held Work Light with grounded outlet is a great tool to have in my workshop. First off, it’s built well, of hard plastic, nice bright orange for when you’re outside at night. I expected this light to be heavy but it isn’t. That’s another plus for me.

    This is the perfect tool for a shop or basement, even outside, if you’re in a tight spot especially where you need light. In my shop, I have a few tight spots that my overhead lights just can’t reach.

    I can hand hold this light to target the area I need to see, or hang it by its’ built in metal hanger.

    Each bulb is 13 watts and they each have their own switch, so if you don’t need a lot of light, you can just turn either bulb on. (of course, for maximum light, turn both switches on for the max 26 watts of illumination). They’re located on the back and easy to get to.

    Whether using one bulb or both, you’ll have plenty of light. Good illumination.

    The cord generous at just over 6 feet long. Big plus for me. There is also a grounded outlet on the base, so if you need to power up something when working that tight area, and you’re not near an outlet, you have one right there with you and don’t need to use an extension cord to power up another tool that might be out of reach but needed in the area.

    For those wondering, this light is UL listed and CSA Certified.

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    Woods L1921 6′ Orange 26-Watt Fluorescent Hand Held Work Light with Grounded Outlet
    Woods L1921 6′ Orange 26-Watt Fluorescent Hand Held Work Light with Grounded Outlet
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