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SAMSUNG 65″ Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) HDR Smart QLED TV QN65Q90R (2019 Model)


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The pinnacle of our 4K TV lineup. And once it draws your eye you’ll want to watch more. Colors spring to life in breathtaking new shades with our finest HDR, and a full array of concentrated LED zones reveals hidden details in even the darkest scenes. You need to see it to believe it.

Specification: SAMSUNG 65″ Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) HDR Smart QLED TV QN65Q90R (2019 Model)

Display Technology



4K (2160P)





Screen Size


Is Smart




Assembled Product Weight

76.90 lbs

Manufacturer Part Number


Assembled Product Dimensions L x W x H

11.20 x 57.10 x 32.70 Inches



Photos: SAMSUNG 65″ Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) HDR Smart QLED TV QN65Q90R (2019 Model)

10 reviews for SAMSUNG 65″ Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) HDR Smart QLED TV QN65Q90R (2019 Model)

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  1. WalmartCustomer

    I purchased this TV intending to compare it to my LG OLED65B6P. I’ve been happy with my OLED, but over time it began to develop noticeable vertical banding. While initially annoying, I became used to it and rarely noticed the banding in day-to-day usage. Still, I was curious how this Samsung TV would compare. I had a Samsung KS8000 before I switched to LG, and while it wasn’t the best at displaying deep blacks, it was fantastic at displaying HDR color. And while I loved the LG OLED display quality I missed the Samsung Tizen smart interface.

    My biggest concern was how the Q90R would perform against the OLED in the areas in which OLED is the de facto winner: true black, and wide angle viewing. I’m happy to report that, while not *quite* OLED-level, the Q90R performs so unexpectedly well that I’ve decided to keep it and sell my OLED. I was extremely surprised by the Q90R’s black levels. In all but the inkiest black scenes I can’t tell it’s not my old OLED. It displays rich, deep black in all but the hardest situations. And in regards to wide-angle viewing, Samsung has worked some crazy LED magic. I can hardly see a difference between the viewing angles on this and my LG. As surprised as I am to say it, I’ll be selling my OLED and keeping this TV. It’s sleek, blends in to its surrounding, and works as well or better than the OLED in everyday usage.


    – spectacular color

    – wide viewing angle

    – deep blacks

    – very responsive UI

    – eventual iTunes/AirPlay integration

    – local dimming works very well

    – FreeSync

    – amazingly fast response time for gaming


    – It’s extremely heavy!

    – not quite as thin as OLED TVs

    – still not quite as capable at producing true black as OLED displays in the most extreme scenarios

    All in all, I’m very impressed. This TV very well might be the best TV of 2019. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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  2. jairohvela

    I like to watch movies as well as soccer and golf tournaments with the best quality. For that reason I always look for the latest technology available on my home TV. When you buy the Samsung QLED Q90R the first great experience you have when you open the box, where in a very organized and simple way you find the elements and instructions necessary to get the TV to work quickly and without hesitation The quality of the picture is really amazing and it was a golf tournament my first experience, really as you see the different planes in the picture give you to understand that it has a high quality tv The contracts between the deep black and pure white are so obvious that you are sure that you have entered to enjoy smart features of very high level, the 4k processor makes you enjoy this option with a high quality, in my case I use the 65 “and The ultraview angle allows the whole audience with great difference to have the best vision no matter that you are not exactly in front of the TV In the design I am surprised by a single central support that releases in an important way the base where the TV is supported Everyone in my house now has no better place and only place to see our favorite programs that the front of the Samsung QLED Q90R the value invested and the quality received really compensates very well the decision desicion taken. After enjoying the Woman Amateur from Augusta National and watching a couple of soccer games I prepare to enjoy The Master from Augusta National and have my Samsung QLED 65 ready to see the most spectacular golf tournament of the year where the TV broadcast is of the highest quality gives me the security of having the best technology for my enjoyment [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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  3. JSarge1005

    The Samsung Q90R quite simply has the best picture I have ever seen on a TV. There are lots of other amazing features to it, but the most important with any TV is the picture, and the picture on this TV is stunning.

    My previous TV was a Samsung Q7C, and THAT had a great picture, save for a few issues. Samsung fixed the only issues that detracted from that model- a distracting edge light, so-so contrast, and terrible viewing angles.

    The Q90R has none of these issues. There is NO edge-light issue with this TV at all. The blacks are deep and dark, even in letterbox format with a bright scene showing (see picture 1). The ‘auto-brightness’ feature seems to work very well, too.

    Poor viewing angles are also no-longer an issue thanks to the new technology Samsung has developed. On past models the picture would completely “wash out” when viewing from an angle. That is not the case anymore. In picture 2 you can see from an extreme angle it is still very easy to make out detail, with no wash out at all.

    As far as I’m concerned, Samsung has solved the LED contrast issue. Watching Netflix documentary “Our Planet” in 4k the picture is incredibly detailed– better than any TV I have ever seen, period.

    Games also look amazing, and no burn-in danger! On my PS4 so far I’ve tried Assassin’t Creed Odyssey, Spider-Man and Red Dead II and they all look incredible.

    The other features are what you would expect from a high-end TV, with a couple of nice Samsung touches. The Smart TV apps cover a nice variety, and are very easy to navigate (as is the entire menu). The built in Bixby feature is okay and seems to work fine, but I haven’t had much use for it yet. I have a Samsung Galaxy Q9, and it found the TV instantly–I love being able to control it with my phone (since I ALWAYS know where that is, unlike my remotes) and the Smart Things app. My Alexa will also control it. Very cool. The “one connect” box is fantastic, as usual, and makes mounting the TV without wires showing a breeze.

    The sound is good, but a system like this requires a great sound system (it pairs well with the Samsung HW950 soundbar!). For quiet listening when I’m awake but the family is sleeping I pair it with my Bluetooth headphones.

    My one complaint is the remote is the ‘cheap’ version of the Samsung remotes, which I found confusing–the Q7C came with the sleek metal remote, this one is black plastic. It works fine but I would have expected a nicer remote for a TV of this caliber (and expense). It’s a small thing and really doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the TV at all, but why cheap out on the remote?

    If you’re looking for the best TV on the market, this is it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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  4. WalmartCustomer

    This bad boy is BIG and is the perfect fit for our TV wall. The picture is beautiful as they come. I love this TV. There are tons of options. The one option that we like is the ability to turn the TV into art. It is fun and we have fooled people. The best thing is one cable. No more trying to reach behind the TV to plug things in. Use One Connect box and the TV recognizes the device. You can set up the remote to control most everything. I can’t get it to work with Channel Master DVR, but no big deal for me. This is a wonderful TV. Please be warned…it is HEAVY. You need a sturdy wall and two people for sure. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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  5. Zess2019

    This is my first Samsung TV, always have been an Sony Enthusiast. To my surprise it excels the Sony experience by far. From unboxing of the Tv to the final setup and picture quality. The Tv screen comes very well protected, as you peel the plastics you realize the high quality of the metal frame, base and screen glass… An incredible design. The TV and Base are heavy. Will require 2 people to mount TV on base.

    My excitement increased even more when I realized what the content was in the One Connect package. Finally at least in the living room I will not have a clutter of cables behind the Tv. This Mini cable hub made it for a simple and clean cable connection. A total game changer for me.

    By far one of the easiest setups I have ever done on a TV. The SmartThings app allowed to use my phone as a remote and it was easier that way to set up all the passwords

    This 4k UHD picture is Amazing, the colors are extremely vibrant and the blacks look incredible. The Ultra Viewing Angle allows for a perfect picture from any seat in the living room. The intelligent mode adjust the picture brightness based on the lighting of the room. Works wonders.

    The Ambient Mode was one of the features that attracted me in purchasing the this TV. Being able to match the screen to the background/ wall unit is awesome. Hopefully Samsung can add more art/paintings as they have on the frame TV.

    The most incredible QLED Tv I have seen to date. I highly recommend it. Will have to upgrade the other TVs in the household now! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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  6. nykob1

    We enlarged a room in our home that has a lot of windows. Our Plasma TV just wouldn’t work since it was too dark and the reflections were terrible. The Q90R is fantastic in this setting. We do use the ambient mode a lot because since the TV is so large, a big black rectangle is too distracting when it’s off.

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  7. Suzanne

    This TV came in perfect condition, was easy to set up. We did need to have a neighbor help my husband to carry it to the TV console as the size and weight was the issue that prevented me helping. Once getting the TV connected to the internet and cable we were more than thrilled with the picture quality. The sound was great and we did not use a sound bar! I had actually done much research prior to this purchase, all the reviews from reliable sources had convinced me that this TV would perform spectacularly, and I agree, seeing this first hand in my home.

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  8. Mathew

    Great tv even better when paired with the matching sound bar

    • For audio
    • Features
    • Setup
    • Ease of use
    • For gaming
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  9. James

    This TV has a great picture.

    • Performance
    • For gaming
    • Features
    • For resolution
    • Appearance
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  10. ForeverMeek2012

    I had purchased this 65″ Q90R after experiencing the Q90R series of TVs. This is actually my 2nd Samsung Q90R TV – the first is the 82″ Q90R for use in the great room and this 65″ Q90R is for my bedroom. The main reason I purchased this Q90R is due to the following reason(s):
    1) Picture Quality (480 Dimming Zones)
    2) OneConnect Box
    3) Anti-Reflective Screen
    4) Tizen OS
    5) Price (It was on sale for $1,999.99)
    The downsides I would say are the following:
    1) Price
    2) Size (Prefer 55″ for my bedroom but the 55″ is only available outside the USA)
    3) Heavy
    4) No Dolby Atmos Support
    Overall though, if you’re looking for a great 4K TV with great versatility (OneConnect Box) and the Q90R is still available, I highly recommend you check out this TV!

    • For the bedroom
    • Appearance
    • Ease of use
    • Navigation
    • Size
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    SAMSUNG 65″ Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) HDR Smart QLED TV QN65Q90R (2019 Model)
    SAMSUNG 65″ Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) HDR Smart QLED TV QN65Q90R (2019 Model)

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