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Jabra – Elite 75t True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones – Gold Beige


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Sleek, stylish, and packed with stellar sound, Jabra Elite 75t in-ear active noise cancelling headphones are perfect to take with you wherever you want some tunes. Their truly wireless design and active noise cancelling feature let you enjoy your music without distractions. Plus you get up to 24 hours of battery life when using the charging case.

Specification: Jabra – Elite 75t True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones – Gold Beige

Noise Cancelling Active



Gold Beige

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor

2 years

Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

2 years

Charging Interfaces


Battery Life Provided by Charging Case

18.5 hours



Maximum Talk Time

5.5 hours


Call, Track selection, Volume

Bluetooth Version


Driver Size

6 millimeters

Maximum Frequency Response

20 kilohertz

Minimum Frequency Response

20 hertz

Sound Isolating


Color Category


Model Number


Sound Mode


Ear Cushions


Additional Accessories Included

Charging case, 3 pairs of EarGels



Product Name

Jabra – Elite 75t True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

Works With

Siri, Amazon Alexa

Battery Charge Time

2.2 hours

Battery Life

5.5 hours

Headphone Fit


Built-In Microphone


Water Resistant


Maximum Wireless Range

33 feet

True Wireless


Wireless Connectivity


Connection Type




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8 reviews for Jabra – Elite 75t True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones – Gold Beige

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Rv21

    I’m so impressed with the sound quality of these buds, I own the Apple AirPods, AirPods Pro and the Sony WH1000xm3 and literary these are my first choice when I want to listen to music on the go. The only advantage the AirPods Pro have over these it’s the noise canceling feature and the regular AirPods aren’t even a contest, honestly these are similar to my Sony WH1000xm3 in terms of sound quality except that these are more portable. Go for it you’ll be happy you did!

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  2. TimothyTrimble

    Unboxing and Setup
    The Jabra Elite 75t earbuds came in a nice box with clear instructions in the very front. The first step was to download the Jabra Sound+ app to my iPhone. Once loaded it stepped through the Discovery steps about how to use the earbuds. The earbuds paired easily and the Sound+ app found a firmware update automatically. Clear instructions appeared in the app. I put the earbuds in the case and LED blinked during the update, which took around 5 minutes. Rapid flashing indicated download of the update. When the blinking stopped I removed the earbuds from the case and inserted into my ears. The app showed “Configuring headset” and a progress bar. The rest of the update took another 10 minutes.
    The earbuds have a nice solid feel. There is a bright led light at the top of the push button on each earbud which can show six different status conditions. The push button on each earbud is significantly large enough to easily press. The right earbud button controls playing/pausing of music, call answer/reject, increasing volume, and activating the voice assistant. The left earbud button controls the HearThrough toggle, decreases volume, selects next/previous music track, mutes a call, and toggles the Sidetone when on a call.
    There are three different sizes of pads provided for different ear sizes. I found that the earbuds, though small, fit quite securely and did not come loose during movement or conversations. I also like that music will pause when one of the earbuds is removed. Another nice feature is the earbuds will automatically turn on when removed from the case and will turn off when placed back into the case. The manual says there is 7.5 hours of battery in the earbuds and 20.5 hours in the case for recharging. I’m assuming this means the earbuds will automatically recharge in the case when itself is not plugged into a power source, then both the case and the earbuds will also recharge when plugged back into the provided USB cable.
    Charging Case
    The case is solid and has a nice texture for easily gripping. An LED next to the charging port on the back of the case shows the status of charge and status during firmware updates. Magnetic attraction pulls the earbuds into their sockets which is great for preventing the earbuds from falling out of the case – even if held upside down. The only drawback is it’s a little tricky to get a firm grip on the earbuds when removing from the case. I found that if I pull from the middle of the case with one finger, the earbud will easily come out.
    The Jabra App
    The app is very detailed and has options for control all aspects of the earbuds. Here are some of the aspects of the earbuds which can be controlled and configured:
    • Turning on/off HearThrough.
    • Music equalizer settings.
    • Soundscape settings.
    • Firmware updates.
    • Selection of the voice assistant.
    • Registration.
    • Find My Jabra earbuds.
    • Switching of the voice guidance language.
    • User guides and manuals.
    • Viewing of active earbuds and battery levels.
    • Contacting Jabra Support.
    • Technical specs along with serial numbers.
    In the Moments section of the app there are three different “moments” (My Moment, Commute, Focus) and a set of widgets to select from for each moment. By tapping on the “Edit widgets” button I was able to select which widgets I wanted for each moment.
    Music, Calls, and Sound
    It is important to note that the Jabra earbuds are specifically designed for handling phone calls and using voice commands. The sound is excellent for calls, At first I found that the music playback was a little tinny and not enough bass range for my liking. It greatly improved after I turned off the iPhone music equalizer. It’s not of the quality I get with headphones, but the music is clear and crisp. The Sound+ App provides a nice equalizer and some default settings for music playback. I also enjoy the Soundscape generator with a wide range of effects for helping me to focus when working and studying. Rainy day is my personal favorite.
    • Multiple mics helps to keep calls clear even when in windy conditions.
    • HearThrough setting for allowing external sounds to come through the earbuds. Can be turned on and off.
    • Sidetone setting for allowing you to hear your own voice better when on a call.
    • Removing an earbud will automatically pause music.
    • One earbud can be used at a time and will switch to mono for music.
    • The earbuds can be paired to two smartphones at once.
    • Voice Assistant can be Siri or Alexa.
    • Multiple languages are available for voice guidance.
    • Solid and quality feel of the earbuds and the charging case.
    • Magnetic attraction of the earbuds to the case for snug storage and charging.
    • Three different Moments settings for personal, commuting, and focus settings with widgets for each.
    • A Soundscape generator for helping with focus during work and study.
    • The Sound+ App is amazing and offers everything needed for the earbud settings.
    • No indicators on the earbuds to show right from left, though the manual in the app shows the difference.
    I am very pleased with the Jabra Elite 75t earbuds. They are perfect for anyone who does a lot of commuting and has to handle phone calls and voice control over their smartphone. The sound quality for voice and calls is excellent. The music playback quality is clear and crisp with good bass response. My primary focus for these earbuds will be for phone calls and device control while driving.

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  3. Lyndaloopants

    I bought these because I washed my Samsung Buds (case and all) and since I am generally not a fan of Samsung I traded up. I have run them through a gambit of “tests” since I bought them 3 days ago to include the noise cancelling (on the mic) with my windows down going about 45mph.
    My friend was able to hear me through the wind (windows down) and said there was no interference or distortion from the mic. The active noise cancelling for the wearer (of the environment around them) is not as good as my Buds were, but it isn’t bad either. The Hear Through function is amazing! The sound you get is almost pure to what you hear without them and has almost no ambient white noise (whereas with the Buds the sound you hear with them is very distorted– as of you’re in a tunnel, fairly quiet and had a lot of ambient white noise) and it is much simpler to turn off and on than with the Buds. The app gas settings that can be customized for the best possible noise cancelling, the equalizer, and controls. They are water resistant (I expect it is similar to the buds where the case is not, but I am not going to test this). The sound quality for speech (audiobook) and music is good, and again, you can customize the equalizer to suit whatever you are listening to. They are as comfortable as expected for any bud and seem to stay in place pretty well and don’t protrude out from the ear very much. I have a Google Pixel 4XL and after the app was downloaded, connection was easy, but after all the set up, the app is a bit slow to respond in connecting with the buds (but it doesn’t have to be open to use them). Another great thing, when you register for the app and connect your buds it will automatically start the registration process for the product warranty (2yrs); all I had to do was confirm my email.
    Aside from the active noise cancelling issue (by comparison), the only issue I have found (for me and it is pretty minor) is that they come preset to auto-pause if you remove one bud from your ear… But again, there is a way to change that in the app.

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  4. Daved

    The Jabra Elite 75t earbuds fill in almost all the voids that I have found with other earbuds and provide an awesome package in the True Wireless earbud space. I’ll stop short of calling these perfect in the competitive space they are in, but just short as they really do almost everything well.
    As is becoming standard fair, the package and presentation of these earbuds keeps in line with the rest of the market competing in the premium space. When you open the box and pull the Elite 75t out you are greeted with the standard minimalist look, with a quick guide on the sheet highlighting the earbuds in the box. The cased is hidden behind the quick guide card, as is a box at the bottom containing the extra tips and the charging cord. The outer sleeve on around the box feels a bit unnecessary, but that’s a minor complaint. Everything is straight forward and highlighted with yellow font to help guide you on getting started with using these earbuds when you get into the packaging. Another thing that is becoming common is the use of an app to manage advanced features, and the box holding the charging cord and eartips directs you to the Jabra app to get you going.
    Removing these from the package makes you aware of a couple key differentiators of these versus the competition: they are small, lightweight, and streamlined, and the charging case is small. Quality wise they feel pretty on par with the other premium true wireless earbuds in this segment. Each earbud sports a single button identified as the Jabra logo, and 1 microphone toward the front and 1 toward the rear. Each earbud is capable of 7.5 hours of play time when fully charged and the case packs another 20.5 hours of charge time in it. The case sports a magnetic hinged cover, a USB C port, and a single status LED next to the charging port. From an overall design perspective, Jabra nailed the simple approach of providing you only what you need in a non-flashy package.
    Having tested several other pairs of true wireless earbuds, I began immediately comparing these to the others. Using them for a couple days really helped reveal what sets them apart.
    The most immediate thing that stood out was the portability they offer. With the case being as small as it is, they fit in any pocket really well and hid without bulge or pressure in jeans. There was even a time or two I had to double check I had them. The fit of the earbuds in your ear is similarly comfortable. They aren’t the lightest out there, but they are far from heavy. I found them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and I even dozed off on a couch or in a chair with them in and no discomfort or pressure from them. The ear tips seal up well when sized properly, and they block out quite a bit of ambient noise. The standard tips fit my ears, but two other pairs provide adjustment for others. An interesting note I made about the additional tips is the sealed blister pack they come in, instead of a bag or loose in the box. I really appreciate the HearThrough feature these provide, allowing me to carry out conversations or listen to my surroundings while also listening to my music. Pressing the button on the left earbud during music playback activates the HearThrough feature which uses the microphones on each earbud to allow you to hear the sounds around you without removing the earbuds. This worked great in my experience.
    Earbud controls tends to be an area many manufacturers struggle with. I find buttons to be either too soft to press, too hard to press, or not set with enough commands to make it easy for the wearer to use. Unlike my other Jaybird true wireless, these don’t require changing a control profile to have all the controls I desire on a set of true wireless buds. The buttons are borderline too soft for my taste, meaning they get activated sometimes when I try to make an adjustment, but the bonus is they aren’t so hard they push into your ear when pressed like I have experienced on others. It’s a small sacrifice for me, though, given the inclusion of call controls, volume controls, and playback (seek, pause, next, prev) controls, along with the HearThrough, voice assistant, and Sidetone control. I can access any specific control on the go because they are always available via button press or hold.
    Call quality was pretty clear and while people could tell I was using earbuds, the overall consensus was the microphone worked well enough with less background noise carried through than others I have used. With both buds in during a call you can press the left button to turn on Sidetone. This feature allows you to hear your own voice, preventing you from being that yelling person on the phone in public. If you prefer to make calls with only one earbud in, though, these support mono use for both calls and music. And rounding out the in-call features is the ability to handle multiple calls by using the right ear bud to toggle between them, which is a nice addition.
    Music playback is very good, with good range in the mids and highs, and decent bass notes. These sound amazing compared to the cheaper sets, and compared to like items I think they sound a little better than most. I did play with the equalizer in the app and I was not as impressed with it as I was Jaybird’s, but it does give a bit of control. Honestly, though, I think they sounded better to me with the default setting out of the box, or with just a minor tweak to the bass and treble for a custom setting. I tested playback time from a full charge and found they fell within a few minutes on either side of the quoted 7.5-hour time, which is spot on to me. I have not tried running down the case, but a cool feature to note is the Jabra app reports the percentage of case charge along with the earbud charge, which is helpful.
    One other feature to point out is that these support connection to multiple devices at once. I was able to connect to my computer and phone simultaneously for convenient music listening and call answering when needed, and it worked well. Only one audio channel can be active at a time, but that’s typical with multiple connections. For example, while listening to music through my computer, a phone call on my phone would switch the earbuds to that connection. After the call the earbuds would remain on the channel with my phone. If I used the voice assistant feature, it would go to my phone. If I started music playback from my computer, though, it would switch back. Interestingly, when connected to the computer the voice assistant button would trigger Cortana in Windows 10. The only issue I ran into with multiple connections was the Jabra app had trouble identifying the connection of the earbud. When listening to music from the phone while also connected to another device the app had trouble and I couldn’t access the feature options that were specific to my earbuds, like the equalizer. When I disconnected them from the other device they would show as connected in the app after waiting about 15 – 30 seconds. Other than that minor caveat, though, this bit of functionality worked great.
    I have been resistant to using true wireless buds as my daily driver and have been sporting a set of JayBird Tarah Pros since I got them because they did everything better for the cost. The new Jabra Elite 75t, however, seems to finally be the true wireless set that delivers on all the important areas to me. My JayBirds still sport a longer 14hr playtime before charge, and a better IPx7 rating when compared to the IP55 of the Jabra, but when I want to listen to music for less than 7.5 hours and I am not dunking my head under water, these things are hard to beat.
    The Jabra Elite 75t finally ticks the right boxes for me and fills in almost all the voids that other true wireless earbuds have left behind.

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  5. Woo151

    I am loving all the different wireless earbuds saturating the market causing great strides in improving the quality greatly. I have been using these Jabra’s as my daily driver and I have some things to say about it. Most of the comparisons will be against my other pair of buds, Samsung Galaxy Buds.
    Now I am mostly on Samsung/Android ecosystem BUT I do have an iPod and iPad to test on Apple as well.
    Personal preference. I like the design a little more of the Samsung’s due to it being slightly smaller as they don’t stick further out my ear and the touch sensitive buttons.
    Jabra on the other hand has push buttons so you can FEEL the action you are trying to do.
    Jabra’s app wins hands down. Super easy and polished UI AND the ability to control everything from the BASS to MID to TREBLE using 5 different sliders to adjust to YOUR specs! Love love love love it.
    Samsung’s “wearables” app just gives you different presets.
    Both are great. Jabra has a pass through feature to hear what is going on around you while you have them in. No crazy distortions and everything sounds clear. Listening to all types of music and watching movies never posed a problem.
    Battery life:
    As I have my buds in at work at my desk, these lasted me all day (9 hr work day). Granted I took them off around 11:30am to charge for an hour lunch. The case is super nice with the magnetic hold for the buds so they won’t accidentally “fall” out if you drop it.
    While on phone calls, not one person complained about sound, static or even sounding like in a tunnel yelling across the room.
    So why 4 stars instead of 5?
    With the Samsung Buds, I have been spoiled by the option of listening with both or EITHER 1 bud in at a time. Jabra only give you the option of the RIGHT ear only. It simply will not work with 1 bud in the left ear. It’s me being picky, but my work phone is on the right side of my desk and I need to listen out for it.
    As that is very situational, do NOT let that scare you away from these AMAZING buds. Super comfortable, great sound and an amazing app to go with it. You can’t go wrong.

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  6. SirGalahad

    The outer packaging isn’t anything spectacular which I think works against them because it gives you no information about the device itself Since there is so much competition out there if you’re trying to compare you will have a hard time.
    The next part is the actual specs. For quick reading it has got almost everything you would want/need with the most of up to date technology. It has 4 microphones, 7.5 hours of use with 28 hours with the case, fast charging w/ 60 min use with 15 min of charge, USB C, Bluetooth 5.0, IP55, 2 year warranty, works with any voice assistant (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant), a customizable equalizer via their app, excellent passive noise cancellation, noise reduction on outgoing voice audio, wind noise protection, 6 mm speaker size, 20 Hz – 20kHz, can pair up to 8 devices, two at the same time, auto pause music with removal of earbud from ear, auto power on/off, very compact high quality case, physical buttons on both earbuds with full control of the device without getting out your phone on either Android or Apple. I did not see anywhere that supported AptX which is the only bummer. But I didn’t notice any latency issues.
    Otherwise, the packaging is very professional and makes you feel like you are opening a premium product. Inside you get the earbuds, charging case, USB A to USB C cable, small/medium/large ear tips, instructions, and multiple warnings to update the earbuds and download the app. Which was very easy to do.
    The case itself is incredibly portable. It’s about the same size as the original AirPods case and is smaller than the AirPods Pro case. It’s made from quality plastic with mild matte feel. On the back you have the USB C charging port. To the left of the charging port is an LED light that gives you information such as how much battery (green, yellow, red) if charging and fully charged, and if downloading an update. The hinge for the lid is solid with a magnetic close. The earbuds themselves also magnetically attach to the case so if the lid is open, they aren’t going to fall out.
    The earbuds themselves also feel high quality with almost all plastic which makes them light. They seem ergonomic as they are incredibly comfortable. The most comfortable I’ve tried. I can wear them for long periods without any problems. They blend into your ears a lot better than Airpods, so you don’t have to feel as self-conscious out in public.
    They provide a great seal which makes most of the world around you disappear even in loud environments. But they do not have ANC. They also have “hearthrough” which you activate by pressing the left earbud once, which also gives you a voice prompt saying on/off, which allows you to hear what is happening around you. It does a good job. It sounds like it is coming from a microphone but is better than a lot of others but not the best. I think Apple’s Airpod Pro does it best. They get plenty loud.
    When you put the earbuds in your ears it has a voice prompt that tells you how to connect via Bluetooth, if connected, and to how many devices. Which is great. They connect very quickly. I haven’t had any issues with only one of them working at a time or music getting out of sync. I have had some interference problems where they will drop or get some static for less than a second. I mostly only noticed this when connected to two devices at the same time. Overall distance is par for the course at about 33 feet.
    If you take out one earbud while playing music, it will pause the music immediately and then turn on hearthrough with the other earbud. The moment you place it back in your ear it resumes play and turns off hearthrough. It blew me away how well this works. When on a call it also turns on hearthrough so you can hear what you are saying without yelling. The call quality itself was above average but not great. I think the Airpods do it better.
    The buttons are physical buttons which require a light press but feel great without much noise in the earbud itself. Speaking of the physical buttons you can fully control your device. NICE! This includes on the right bud play/pause (single press), voice assistant (double press), volume up (hold), and on the left earbud hearthrough (one press), forward (two press), backward (three press), and volume down (hold). I was concerned about the volume up and down not working well but it works great. While on a call the right can also accept the call (single press), reject call (double press), and volume up (hold). Left mute/unmute yourself (single press), and volume down (hold). I really wish more earbuds would adopt controls like this. Because not having to get your phone out is awesome and makes it truly wireless. With the buttons the way they are you also never worry if the press went through as you can feel it.
    You can only listen to the right earbud by itself as it is the one that connects via Bluetooth. Which is a bummer but all of Jabra’s products are this way. Compared to the Airpods which you can use either the left or the right with either one in the case.
    I’m not going to go into a lot of depth regarding the app. As this is already ridiculously long. But it’s solid. It works well. You can download firmware updates, adjust your EQ (with predefined EQ’s available), and it has a feature to help find the earbuds if you lose them.
    Last, sound quality. It’s great. I have zero complaints. This is with the stock settings as I think that is what most people will leave it on. I do think they are bass heavy to the point of the bass not sounding accurate. It doesn’t overpower the rest of the sounds which is good. But it’s not as balanced as others out there. For this size, price, and Bluetooth earbuds I was able to hear nearly all the nuances of my music. I would say they sound rather airy (which was surprising), analytical, balanced except for the bass being significant, crisp, solid depth, good detail, forward, fun, okay imaging, more open then closed, with a larger soundstage than most earbuds (sound almost sounded like it was coming from outside speakers over in my ear). I did not experience bloat, brightness, congestion, or muddiness. Now are they audiophile? No. Don’t be ridiculous. But I’d happily listen to them while working out, running, or while doing things around the house or chilling watching something on my tablet. I did not notice much delay when watching media. In other words, I had to really look for it (which I’m highly sensitive too) where most would not notice.
    For a long time, I have found the AirPods to be unmatched for what they are. They don’t have the best sound quality, but man are they portable and they just work. I don’t have to think about it. Just grab them off my desk, put them in my pocket, and when I want to listen to something put them in my ear. When I’m done but them back in the case. Which is why they were my go too. Android didn’t have something that was comparable. They had plenty of earbuds that sounded better. But none of them were as portable and easy to use. Until now. If you aren’t all about that Apple life and are looking for something that is the same (and some would say better) these are it. They are cheaper, just as portable, just work, work well, are more comfortable (for most), have more features, and have better sound. What’s not to like? Now what about in comparison to other products? If you’re an audiophile and want the best possible sound regardless of everything else get the Sennheiser Momentum Earbuds. If you are all about that Apple life get theAirpod’s Pro due to the H1 chip. If you are with android get the Jabra 75t. If you are limited by budget the Jabra 75t. The differences between sound, comfort, and ease of use between the Airpod Pros and the 75t are so similar it’s like pulling hairs. For most people I think they would enjoy the Jabra 75t more than the Airpods for sure and even the Airpod Pro’s.

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  7. RBrylawski

    I’ve been all-in on Bluetooth headphones for a few years now. I love not being tethered by wires and having the ability to walk around without having to be inches from my iPhone or iPad. I prefer over-the-ear headphones and have a very high-end pair as my daily drivers. But when I travel or go for walks outdoors, it’s good to have a high quality pair of earbuds. I’ve owned multiple pairs of earbuds over the last few years, from no name brands from China, which for the most part haven’t been very satisfying to better quality names such as Jaybird which have been better. Full disclosure: I was supposed to be sent a pair of these for review purposes. That didn’t happen as Jabra can’t seem to keep them in stock, so I went out and bought them anyway. Now I know why they can’t keep them in stock.
    A family member commandeered my Jaybirds, so I’ve spent the last several weeks researching the newest entries in totally wireless earbuds from the likes of B&O, Momentum, Apple, Beats and even Master and Dynamic. From my research including countless articles and YouTube videos, I decided the Jabra Elite 75t would be a great option for me.
    So are they? Yes, yes they are. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Some reviewers said they’re bass heavy. Some said mid-range and treble is lacking. Most said to get good sound, you needed to adjust EQ in the Jabra Sound+ App. To be honest, in my experience they sound much better than I expected (which were high to begin with) and they sound terrific without any adjustment in the app.
    Jabra was founded in 1983 and they are global brand specializing in audio and video equipment. They are well known for making high quality earphones for communications. My office, for example uses Jabra monaural headsets for hands-free calling. I use a Jabra mono Bluetooth headphone for my Apple Watch. This is certainly one area these Bluetooth headphones excel in. They use 4 microphone noise reducing technology which I tried out in a noisy environment (Starbucks) and I could hear the caller well and they could hear me well too. You can hear your caller in both earbuds, which is nice. Most other earbuds only let the caller be heard in one earbud. And you can open the microphone so you can hear yourself on a call. This makes a huge difference so you don’t sound so loud when you’re talking to someone. People around you will surely appreciate this a lot!
    These come extremely well packaged. I like a good presentation when I buy something of quality, and the packaging doesn’t disappoint. When you slide out the inner box, the charging case is at the top, the earbuds in the middle and the accessories (USB C charging cable, small and large silicone ear gels – they come pre-installed with the medium ear gels and a warranty leaflet. Jabra recommends you download the Jabra Sound+ App, put the earbuds in the charging case and make sure they are updated. The first update takes about 15 minutes, but you surely want your earbuds to have the very latest firmware, right? I then let them charge up, which took mere minutes as the charging case and earbuds were just about fully charged out of the box.
    Pairing them the first time is a breeze. Once you open the lid on the charging case, the app walks you through pairing them, choosing which voice assistant you want, from Siri to Android to Google Assistant to Alexa and language. You also register them for warranty with Jabra, directly in the app. You can pair these up to 8 devices. Something Jabra offers which few others offer is the ability to have them paired to two devices at the same time. This means you can for example listen to music on your iPad, but immediately answer a call from your iPhone, without having to change from one device to the other. This is a great feature for sure.
    The charging case is one of the stars of this show. It’s super small and will easily fit in your pocket without making you look goofy. Once fully charged, the Jabra’s offer up to 7,5 hours of play time. It wasn’t long ago, you’d be lucky to get 3 hours from wireless earbuds. Even Apple’s newest Airpod Pro’s only offer up to 4.5 of continuous play before needed to be recharged. The Jabra case also holds up to 28 hours of charge so you can recharge the earbuds multiple times before it needs to be recharged. The Jabra’s attach magnetically in the charging case as does the case lid. It’s clear Jabra put a lot of thought and engineering in the case. It’s smaller than the previous 65t case, charges via USB C, holds an amazing amount of battery power and just looks and feels super high quality.
    The earbuds themselves are marvels of engineering. They’re much smaller than any earbuds I’ve seen or worn. It’s important to note that the ear gels are key to getting the best performance and comfort out of the Jabra’s. Jabra suggests you try all three pairs of ear gels in order to get the best fit. They come out of the box with the medium size attached. I started with them. The sound was disappointing. So it was time to try the other ear gels. If you choose the right size ear gel for your ear, not only will you hear how fantastic these can sound, but you simply WON’T hear anything around you. I should mention, these earbuds don’t have noise cancelling circuitry. I’m not disappointed by that as I’ve found that when noise cancelling circuits are engaged, the sound stage can be significantly altered. The Elite 75t use passive noise cancellation and it works beyond fantastically. It’s amazing how well this works. Someone was literally shouting at me trying to get my attention, and I could only see their mouth moving. And as mentioned, if you use the right ear gel for your inner ear, these puppies sound simply amazing. Bass is deep, vocals natural and highs just right without being shrill or harsh.
    From a technology perspective, the Jabra’s are Bluetooth 5.0, which is very low energy and provides the ability to wander quite a distance from your mobile device, without any dropping whatsoever. They offer SBC (low-complexity subband codec) and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), both of which have much higher quality and compression than the older MP3 format. There is no APT X, but then if you’re an iPhone user, Apple doesn’t use APT X anyway. I doubt you could hear the difference anyway. They come with an IPX 55 water resistance rating. While not completely waterproof, they can easily survive a grueling gym workout or a walk, in light rain. You can’t shower or swim with them, but would you even if you could? I certainly wouldn’t take a chance on ruining something I paid close to $200 for.
    In terms of function, Jabra didn’t really leave anything out here. Many earbuds don’t offer volume control on the buds, but the Elite 75t does. Even Apple’s Airpod Pro doesn’t offer a way to adjust the volume on the buds themselves. Jabra doesn’t use touch sensitive controls, opting for physical buttons instead. YAY! They are very light touch, which is important as harder to push buttons means you end up pushing the earbuds deeper into your ear canal. There is quite a list of single, double and triple pushes on either earbud to get the functions you need from answering a call, putting a call on hold and answering another call, ending a call, changing music tracks, pausing music and more.
    The Jabra Sound+ App is simple to use and offers a lot of functionally. Coming from a very high-end over-the-ear Bluetooth headphone, which also has an app, I think the Jabra offers a lot more in terms of adjustment to your exact listening preference. There are easy to select presets, such as Bass Boost, Treble Boost, Smooth etc. Or you can adjust Bass, Mid-Range and Treble individually to your specific listening tastes. There’s also Hear-Through control, which lets you listen to music, but bring in some of the outside world if you want and it’s adjustable to let in a little or a lot. Once adjusted in the Sound+ App, you can turn it on or off using the left earbud button. You also get some white noise options, such as sound waves. You can also read the full user guide in the app (which is not included in the box), but I downloaded it to my computer so I could read it on my laptop screen. Or you can simply remove one of the earbuds to pause the music. If left out of ear for more than 60 seconds you will need to push the right earbud button to resume play.
    Well there you have it. Sorry for the length of this, but there are so many True Wireless Earbuds out there that my hope is you find this helpful if you’re considering the Elite 75t. They’re super small, super lightweight, super comfortable, sound simply amazing with music or phone calls, has a great charging case with amazing battery life and comes with a two-year warranty, which I doubt I’ll ever need to use anyway. All in all, these are the best Bluetooth Earbuds I’ve owned and I can see myself enjoying many pleasurable hours with the Jabra Elite 75t.

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  8. AllAboutTech

    Verdict: great sound and very versatile true wireless compact earphones. These are my go-to everyday earphones, from commuting to hard-and-sweaty workouts. I highly recommend them.
    Caveats. I not an audiophile so my assessment of the sound quality is from an amateur perspective. I’ve had these for 10 days now and have used them almost every day. I have had one other pair of true-wireless earphones that I purchased for $100, and these Jabra earphones are much better.
    App. To maximize the experience of these earphones, I recommend downloading the Jabra+ app. It allows you to adjust the sound equalizer, play nature sounds for relaxation, find your earphones, register your earphones, change the voice guidance language (!), etc. All these features work well and are nice to have, but I found that I used the app very rarely. I was very interested in the “find my Jabra” feature because these are very small and easy to lose. In the end, the app will record the last location of the earphones when they were on, but not the live location of the earphones. So if you lose them while they are in the case (turned off), then you won’t find them through the app.
    Music. I’ve used these earphones to listen to a variety of music to try to appreciate the performance with different tunes. While these earphones sound great right out of the box, after adjusting the equalizer with the Jabra app, I found that the bass level can be even nicer. I think these have the best bass I’ve heard in compact earphones. Overall, the sound for these earphones is great. The passive noise reduction (from the fitted ear pieces) works well enough to isolate sound for a better listening experience. To be clear, these do not have Active Noise Cancellation, but passive noise reduction goes a long way. I’ve used Airpods before and didn’t like them because I could hear too much ambient noise form the lack of passive noise isolation, thus my excitement to try these earphones.
    Exercise. I also worked out with these to see how they held up. During a 30 min stationary bike ride, they were great! They stayed perfectly in place the whole time. I also did several free-weight workouts: the noise isolation and great sound made for awesome workouts. Lastly, I wore these on a couple of runs, including a 4-mile run, and I was surprised that they stayed mostly in place through sweat and continuous impact. I adjusted them maybe twice. I did find that it was tricky to increase the volume while running because you have to find the button and hold it for 2 seconds. The first few tries I paused and un-paused the music instead of increasing the volume. But once you get used to it, it’s no problem.
    Case. The earphone case is small and sleek, so small that it can be easily misplaced, so be careful! The two best features of the case are the auto-connect feature of the earphones with your phone as soon as you open the case, and the rechargeable capabilities. These earphones are advertised as 7.5 hours of listening on a charge, but the case extends that to 28 hours as the earphones recharge when you put them away. After using them almost every day for a week, I still haven’t have had to plug anything in for charging. It’s fantastic! If you are in a bind, charging the earphones for just 15 min will give you an hour of listening.
    Buttons. These earphones are not lacking in control functionality. Jabra makes use of both earpieces to do different things with physical buttons. Once you remember the controls, they work really well. The right earpiece controls volume up, play/pause, call answer/hang-up, and voice assistant. The left earpiece controls volume down, song skipping, and hear-through. This is a great implementation of physical controls.
    Things I love:
    – Easy Bluetooth setup and seamless connection upon every use. I LOVE that they turn on and connect to my device as soon as they are removed from the case. These use Bluetooth 5.0 (the latest).
    – Great sound with nice bass.
    – Secure fit, these feel like they will stay in under most circumstances. They worked fine even on a four-mile run.
    – Snug earpiece does a decent job at blocking a lot of outside noise.
    – The “hear trough” mode is easily activated with a quick button push.
    – Sleek and compact charging case.
    – Auto-pause function when you remove one earphone is very neat.
    – Fantastic battery life!
    – Sound quality on phone call was decent, even with ambient sounds. I have taken several phone calls with these and the callers couldn’t tell I was using earbuds. Sidetone is a nice custom feature (activated by pressing the left earbuds twice). Sidetone allows you to hear your own voice on a call, or block it out.
    – Since I use these for working out, I love that these come with a 2-year warranty against dust and water damage.
    – Decent range. While in the gym, I leave my phone by the wall and walk around to workout as far as about 20 feet. These are advertised to work at up to 33 feet, which is great for compact earphones.
    – Great physical controls to do anything you want from the earphones.
    Things I don’t love:
    – These were bigger than I expected. They don’t fit me like they look on the models on the Jabra pictures! Nevertheless, they are still decent looking and somewhat discreet.
    – While it’s easy to activate the “hear through” mode, if you have music playing a medium volume or more, you can’t really hear the outside world. I think the pass through mode should have included an automatic sound reduction. If I am listening to music and I want to activate pass through, I will usually also click the other earphone to pause the music. With this double step, it’s easier just to remove one earphone and use the automatic pause function.
    – Voice assistant works (I have mine setup with Siri) but there is a delay of about a second and a half before Siri is listening. This makes this feature impractical.
    Overall, these are really great earphones. The main reason I did not give these 5-Stars is because they do not include Active Noise Cancellation. Some newly released true wireless earphones from another brand include this feature, so a five-star pair should include Active Noise Cancellation in my opinion. I hope this review is helpful to others!

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    Jabra – Elite 75t True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones – Gold Beige
    Jabra – Elite 75t True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones – Gold Beige

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