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Mass Effect Legendary Edition – PlayStation 4


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  • One person is all that stands between humanity and the greatest threat it’s ever faced.
  • Relive the legend of Commander Shepard in the highly acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.
  • Includes single-player base content and over 40 DLC from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, including promo weapons, armors, and packs – remastered and optimized for 4k Ultra HD.

Specification: Mass Effect Legendary Edition – PlayStation 4

Release date

May 14, 2021


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Product Dimensions

6.69 x 5.51 x 0.79 inches, 4 Ounces


Video Game



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Item Weight

4 ounces


Electronic Arts

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Date First Available

November 7, 2020

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11 reviews for Mass Effect Legendary Edition – PlayStation 4

3.5 out of 5
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    The original Mass Effect was always a solid game and I loved it intensely. So like so many I was waiting with baited breath for this updated Mass Effect Legendary Edition to hit PlayStation 4. When Bioshock hit PS4 the graphics were slightly improved but not much else changed. This is NOT the case with Mass Effect Legendary Edition on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

    I knew this game was something special the first time I saw the updated visual of the functioning Mass Relay. Gosh darnit, the Mass Relay was beautiful, clear crisp well defined not foggy and blurred. The space around the Mass Relay was not that blue tint it was black with tiny stars a plenty. The graphics improvements are everywhere. Looking at the old Mass Effect on PS3 was like watching everything through glasses covered in a thin layer of grease. Blurred, faded and dim.

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition for PlayStation 4 is crystal clear. The controls are more responsive. Things move faster. The elevator ride load screens are shorter. There are changes in the intro and character setup that I found more fun and less tedious. It is stunning that at every turn you feel as if you are experiencing Mass Effect for the first time because you simply see everything more clearly. The flesh on the characters look better. When people talk you don’t see the hollow insides of their head.

    I could talk for hours on end about how much Mass Effect Legendary Edition for PlayStation 4 has improved but these improvements must be seen to be fully appreciated. This is one of the few games I am darn happy I preordered. I am not just happy I am over the moon happy as all get out over the quality of Mass Effect Legendary Edition on my PlayStation 4 Pro. I’m playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition on PlayStation 4 Pro displayed on a 4K Sony 88 inch screen TV and I’ve never seen a video game ever look this good. I am not joking Bioware blew my hair back with the quality of this release.

    If you love original Mass Effect and you don’t buy this Mass Effect Legendary Edition you are seriously cheating yourself of one of the best video gaming experiences life has to offer and you will be forever diminished by that choice. Yes dang gone it Mass Effect Legendary Edition is that good. I brought another copy for my PC too.

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  2. NALAB


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  3. takumi

    PlayStation Storeのダウンロード版だと日本語対応していて、ディスク版だとそもそもLanguageで日本語選択自体なく英語、スペイン語、フランス語のみってどういう事? ネット情報サイトレビューもその辺り記載なく多分ダウンロード版のみでレビューしてるのでは。後日日本語コンテンツが配信される(かも)という可能性にはかけたくないので、速効返品。ダウンロード版買い直します。

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  4. JR

    As someone who has beaten the original Mass Effect over 15 times (17 on Xbox 360 and once on PS3), I can honestly say this is by far the best way to play it. So much better textures, lighting, HDR support, frame rate improvements, everything is vastly improved. The character creator is the same for all games now, which also means FemShep is now in the original.The other two games were already great and they have also been enhanced. If you’ve never played the original trilogy start here. It does take 68 GB of space up on PS4 without any patches installed. These are truly great remasters that hopefully no one will think we’re supposed to be from the ground up remakes. The only things you won’t find in this collection is ME 1 dlc Pinnacle Station and ME 3’s multiplayer. I haven’t been this excited for a game release in a very long time.

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  5. D. W. Carter

    All 3 games in one place… Contains 2 discs. One is an installation disc for PS4, the other is the Startup disc used for playing the game.

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  6. Tadd

    Im so glad they made the Legendary edition with all 3 Mass Effects!! I loves this game whenever it came out my love & I would get pulled into the dramma & action just like a movie.

    Ive only played about 5 hour’s so far but I can say they have taken an older game that was loved by many & made it up to date. The graphics are amazing, I have a 4k T.V. and it’s just Remarkable how much better this game looks & even fells. There’s been no lagging so far which is great in the other’s it would lag often. And I like that they did change a few things up added some wrinkles to it. I really dont know what else to say at this point. It’s been great!

    I will write another review after I’ve invested some time into it. It will also give me a chance to re-learn all the different ways to fight in the game as well as choosing different paths to go when speaking to all the characters. Until then…….

    UPDATE….. so Ive been playing this game probably more than I should…lol, but it’s great they really nailed it! Of course there’s always thing we wish were added…..I’d like to see a better assortment of weapons. I know there’s decent amount & there are components that you can add to your weapons & gear as well. Just like to have seen a few newer guns. But hey if that’s the only thing I can think of to change it to make it better I’d say they did an AMAZING JOB!
    Oh I have not had any issues really with lagging! I’ve been extremely surprised, if you like the older version you will like this I promise it’s such a GREAT game. With that being said there are going to be people who say it’s lagging & in my experience it’s normally persons who’s got bad internet.


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  7. AJ

    What ever good grace this franchise once had is long gone and this new release is an insult to tue memory of two of the best games of the seventh generation. The developers decisions to cave to socio political pressure and censor their own art is pathetic and speaks to how little they cared about this as anything other than a product of the current year. Both good Mass Effect games are backwards compatible on Xbox, buy the discs used and dont give this greedy and woke company a single dime

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  8. Kirsten Joy

    Love the game series but came opened and damaged. Plastic wrapper was torn open, plastic case was cracked and broken, sleeve is torn.
    Better off just going somewhere IRL to buy it than risk getting it shipped from here.

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  9. こてろう


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  10. 黒犬




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  11. A. S.

    Already played all 3 games on ps3 but its great to have these remastered for the new hardware. I’m about 5 hours into the first game and so far every thing has been really good. Very noticeable uptick in graphics and combat. Purchased directly from Amazon. Shipping was good and ps4 game was new and undamaged. You get the first three Mass Effect games plus all the dlc on two discs.

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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition – PlayStation 4
    Mass Effect Legendary Edition – PlayStation 4
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