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FUNLAB Wireless Joypad Controller Replacement for Nintendo Switch JoyCon,Macro Button/Turbo/Vibration/Motion Functions,Rechargeable Pair Joy Pad…


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  • High Compatibility & Multiplayer : Funlab joy pad controller is perfect for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite and support latest version updated. It works well for all Nintendo Switch games and supports 6 controllers together. Ideal for family fun, parties and nice gift for game lovers on games like Zelda, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart etc.
  • Dual Motors & Turbo Function : Funlab controller replacement for Nintendo switch Joy-con constructs with dual motors to reach 3 different levels vibration from weak, medium to strong; 3 Adjustable Turbo Speed from 5 shoots/s, 12 shoots/s, and 20 shoots/s. You can enjoy the best turbo speed to battle and to be the last One standing.
  • Support Motion Control : Joypad controller With the built-in 6-Axis Gyro to detect detail movements, our updated switch controller is capable of extremely precise speed, position, and accurate control, rapid start/stop motion. Helps you to improve games accuracy and speed.
  • Wake-up Function & 3 Modes In 1:Funlab wireless controller support the wake-up function,you can press“HOME”/“CAPTURE”buttons to wake up the nintendo switch console and start to play the switch games.It support 3 usage modes TV/PC/handheld.
  • Ergonomic Design : Convex operating lever, lightweight structure,feels like a controller specially designed for ergonomics,using non-slip and scratch-resistant ABS material and streamlined design,can be played for hours without fatigue,easier to hold the joy pad in the hand.

Specification: FUNLAB Wireless Joypad Controller Replacement for Nintendo Switch JoyCon,Macro Button/Turbo/Vibration/Motion Functions,Rechargeable Pair Joy Pad…

Package Dimensions

6.1 x 5 x 2.13 inches

Item Weight

8.8 ounces


1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Connectivity technologies

Wireless, Usb c

Other display features

Personal Computer





Date First Available

January 16, 2021

Photos: FUNLAB Wireless Joypad Controller Replacement for Nintendo Switch JoyCon,Macro Button/Turbo/Vibration/Motion Functions,Rechargeable Pair Joy Pad…

11 reviews for FUNLAB Wireless Joypad Controller Replacement for Nintendo Switch JoyCon,Macro Button/Turbo/Vibration/Motion Functions,Rechargeable Pair Joy Pad…

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Marshall L

    I actually did not know what to expect when buying this because i usually go for like the legit nintendo brand, but i dont want to pay almost $100. The Fun Lab joy Cons look great, They’re comfortable and they also come with a handheld controller attachment. Definitely worth the buy..don’t buy the Nintendo brand and waste the extra money

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  2. caitlin perkins

    I love these remotes ! I had a hard time deciding what colour to go with because I enjoyed them all but went with the pink and I’m glad I did ! Despite what other reviews said you 100% can attach them to the Switch lite it just requires an upgrade to Software that is easily done on a windows system . They arrived quickly , with clear instructions on how to charge and connect to system and customer service was AMAZING to deal with they responded in less then 24 hours to my question with clear instruction (user error not theirs !!)
    These have a good battery life with fairly quick recharge and I find the design more comfortable then original remotes . I really enjoy having them with my switch Lite to add to user experience with detachable remotes that are versatile in play style.
    100% would purchase again likely grabbing another colour honestly !

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  3. Eryn

    I LOVE THESE CONTROLLERS!! I can finally play overwatch comfortably sitting anywhere I want! They’re so comfy in my hands and they’re really cute! I love the dusty pastel pink color they have. The buttons aren’t clunky at all (which I was worried about) and they paired effortlessly with my switch! They actually stay in locked position unlike the joycons I had. The rumble of the controllers feels like it’s higher quality than the real joycons!

    For half the price, I absolutely love these controllers. EVERYTHING about them!

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  4. Aconyte

    These are so much more comfortable than the standard joycons from Nintendo. Especially when playing the Switch in handheld mode I can really tell the difference as there’s less strain on my wrists and fingers. Buttons feel good and clicky, and I love the pale pink colour. The joycon grip that comes with them is also much more comfortable than the standard Nintendo one. These are a solid buy, I definitely recommend picking them up for more regular use and leaving your standard joycons on the shelf.

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  5. Afroturf

    Great controllers. Easy setup, excellent ergonomics (from a guy with bigger hands), and feels solid and sturdy.

    Great product for half the price of the nintendo brand

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  6. Lin

    I am a pink girl, I need my pink. I have the Animal Crossing Switch and recently my right joycon has been disconnecting like crazy, so I needed new joycons ASAP. It’s still so upsetting that Nintendo has not released official pink joycons, it’s 2021! There should be pink joycons. I wanted to find some affordable (but cute) joycons so I came across FUNLAB when looking on Amazon. It was between these or the vivefox (white and pink buttons). My favorite color combination ever is pink and white, so it was a bit difficult. However, I have a pink case so I figured the FUNLAB one would match best!

    When I received the product I was extremely happy! It’s a pastel pink (the picture looks a bit more nude and not really pink, but in real life it is 100% pink and not nude at all! It’s a pastel pink). The installation was super easy, you just slide the joycons in as you would a normal joycon pair. There is vibration on the joycons as well, but it’s not customizable. It’s a different vibration than the official joycons, it’s more of a snappy vibration? It’s a bit difficult to say, but it’s not as smooth and vibraty(??) than the official ones. However, I am completely pleased and glad there is vibration! Many non-official joycons DONT even have vibration. Also, once you connect your joycons make sure to calibrate them!!!! That is super important! Because of that I have been using it for two days now and there is no drift and they have been working perfectly. Also, the joycons light up green (it’s not necessarily a light you can see but in the dark you can see a bit of a green light from inside the joycons. It doesn’t bother me at all, so if you get your joycons like that and worry, it’s not faulty!

    Overall, if you love pink and you have a switch GET IT!!!! I am completely pleased and recommend this to my fellow pink lovers!

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  7. Bree

    I am shocked at how well these controllers work! I broke my original Switch controllers and needed to replace them, but didn’t want to spend $80 on mismatched color controllers. After lots of research, I decided to go with FunLab because of the reviews, color, and quickness to ship. I am so happy I did! These are a lot easier to hold and my wrist doesn’t hurt after an hour of gameplay. I love the color options and how chunky the buttons are, very easy to press. I also love how quickly these charge and how long the battery life lasts. I was able to take my Switch on a 5 hr. drive and had no issues with re-charge. Best thing is they work with a C-style charger, which is easy to find and very inexpensive. I would 10/10 repurchase and recommend.

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  8. Victor

    I was very pleasantly surprised with the purchase of these joypads. The rumble works perfectly and there is no noticeable input lag when using them wirelessly. They’re lighter than official joycons but the plastic feels good quality and they’re a little easier to hold because of the small thumb bump on the back. The buttons also are clicky and tactile, no complaints about the controllers so far. The one thing I didn’t get to test was gyro function but as I generally don’t use it it isn’t a factor for me in purchasing joycons.

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  9. C-Apple

    Pros – Beautiful joycons, super comfortable to handle and the “controller” attachment is much better than the original for the switch, much more hand room and better on the wrists. Stays charged for long periods of time.
    Cons – I’ve only had them for a very short period of time with occasional use and buttons do not hold up well. Some click while others make no noise, some are overly sensitive while others are not, my left joystick also activates the LB button when pushed upwards which makes it difficult to play most games. Buttons are also very loose and feel like they could fall off if pushed frequently enough (ex: button mashing)

    I have gone from a 5 star to a 2 star due to not being able to properly play my games.

    ==OLD REVIEW==
    I looooove these!! They’re a beautiful colour and so easy to hold unlike the original Nintendo joycons which are flat. I also like that you can charge them individually. I’ve already started accessorizing as you can tell lol. The buttons may not be for everyone, but personally I love that they click when pressed. Overall super happy with this product and I hope they hold up well over time 💟

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  10. Dennie

    You get what you pay for. They’re fictional, just like the Nintendo Joy Cons, but are made of thinner, cheaper plastic. They’re very light, I prefer joy cons to be a little heavy. You can see the green charging lights through the thin plastic. They’re very cute and have a nice shape though. The vibration, because the controller is so light, can be a bit intense and less controlled- feeling.

    I’m a fan of the button layout, shape,and functionality. It helps make the console feel more unique as well. I am not a fan; however, of how light and cheap feeling the outer shell is. You get what you paid for.

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  11. A.B.

    My family is loving these so far. Ergonomics are good – I was worried they might feel too small in my ginormous hands, but they actually feel really good! Both my 8 and 5 year olds like playing with them too (and are fighting over them as I attempt to write this). The battery life seems good and we’ve had no issue pairing them.

    I love the fact that they come with their own grip since the third party controllers don’t fit in the Nintendo grip that comes with the Switch. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the grip given its shape, but it rests well in the hands and feels good to use. It’s just nice that they come with one at all – given that even the official joy-cons do not. It makes this an even better value.

    Aesthetically speaking, they are really cute. I’d love to see a Switch in this color scheme! They look nice with the black, though 🙂

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    FUNLAB Wireless Joypad Controller Replacement for Nintendo Switch JoyCon,Macro Button/Turbo/Vibration/Motion Functions,Rechargeable Pair Joy Pad…
    FUNLAB Wireless Joypad Controller Replacement for Nintendo Switch JoyCon,Macro Button/Turbo/Vibration/Motion Functions,Rechargeable Pair Joy Pad…
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