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- 67% Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Xbox One

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Xbox One


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  • Jump into the latest expansion, Operation Phantom Sight, and play as the two new operators, Nokk and Warden
  • Command an arsenal of gadgets to secure the win: Set traps, fly drones, track footsteps, see through walls, and more
  • Lead your teammates to victory in intense, fast paced PVP matches across a wide variety of destructible arenas
  • Join a massive online community of over 45 million players as you fight for supremacy
  • An ever expanding universe of Operators, gadgets, items, and events updated all year long

Specification: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Xbox One

Release date

December 1, 2015


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Product Dimensions

6.7 x 5.3 x 0.2 inches, 1.6 Ounces


Video Game



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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item Weight

1.6 ounces


UBI Soft

Date First Available

June 9, 2014

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11 reviews for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Xbox One

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  1. Nick Rinz

    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Xbox One

    Great game! Although the campaign is lacking, which is an understatement, Rainbow Six Siege makes up for it 10 times over through its addicting online gameplay. This is a must if you have a regular group of friends on Xbox that love to play FPSs. It’s always nerve-racking to be the last one alive against a whole team! Solid purchase.

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  2. mom of 4

    This is my son’s FAVORITE game. He has been addicted to it for over a year and has not played with any of the other games that I have purchased for him. Unlike Call of Duty, which has multiple lives, you only have one life per game. There are 5 players on each team. You play games either defending and attacking an objective. The games go quickly, and your team wins the match if they are the first to win 3 games.

    Pros: – Every game is “different” since the live players will do different things during each game, there are many different locations, players can choose different characters.
    – Great characters to choose from, each with different abilities.
    – This game uses STRATEGY and marksmanship to defeat the other 5 live players.
    – You can unlock other characters with points the more you play the game.

    Cons: – It is a single player game, so you need 2 Xboxes to have 2 kids play at the same time.
    – You should use headphones when you play this game, because sounds help you determine where the opponents are. It is better to be able to communicate with other players.
    – You start out as a recruit until you earn enough points to unlock other characters. You can purchase them, but it easy to earn them.

    I have bought this as a gift for other Xbox players as well. I really enjoy watching my sons play it. Very interesting and exciting to watch and play.

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  3. E Yare

    First let me quality myself so you know what kind of gamer I am and what my expectations were:

    I’m a solo campaign type of gamer. I’m an adult with very real adult responsibilities and have neither the time, nor the interest in competing with more experienced players online. I played Ghost Recon Wildlands last year and fell in LOVE with that title. To me, it was perfection. So I was hoping this game would be similar. I grew up playing the Rainbow Six games (I even read the novel that launched a thousand tiny Tom Clancy ships into the world of video games). Raven Shield was probably my favorite.

    So naturally I purchased this, hoping it would be a combination of Ghost Recon Wildlands (a large scale solo campaign time-waster but with a more SWAT and entry tactics feel the way the old R6 games were). What I got was a game that, with the exception of the tutorial, was completely multiplayer based. Oops– that was my mistake for not doing my homework.

    What infuriated me about this was that in order to even enjoy what little scraps they were willing to offer the solo campaigners required me to once again shell out more money to subscribe to Xbox Gold, sign up for the Ubisoft servers, and whatever other hoops needed to be jumped through. Sort of like that same vibe you get at the checkout aisle of any store, where the cashier asks you if you want to sign up for their credit card and provide your email address. And when you decline, they snatch your item out of your hand and tell you, “I’m sorry, you can’t own this unless you sign up for our crap.” It’s kind of like that. You can’t play the game at all, basically, unless you pay twice– once of the game, and once for a gold membership (even if you want to play offline).

    Let me tell you what I want in a video game: If the internet ceased to exist tomorrow… in fact, if all PEOPLE ceased to exist tomorrow, and I was the last man on earth sitting alone in my living room with my TV hooked up to a generator, could I pop in your video game and still have a good time? If the answer is “no, you’d need our servers” or “no, it’s a multiplayer platform” or “no, you’d need to pay a subscription fee on top of what you paid for the game itself… and regularly renew it… for a price…” then, clearly, a bad video game has been created. Period.

    That being said, however, I’ll give this 2 stars… the second star is for what could have been…

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  4. Jon

    I love and hate this game at the same time. The gameplay is really intense and I think the operators are very well thought out. The level design and destruction is superb. When this game is good it’s really good but there are fundamental net code and in game systems issues that really make it a frustrating experience. It’s very frustrating when you get headshotted and instantly killed by someone you can’t even see yet because your connection to the server might be a little bit slower than theirs. Or someone rushes the spawn and kills half your team because they can leave the objective they’re supposed to be guarding with no real penalty. Since there is no respawn you have to wait 5 minutes to play again and hope that you can help your teammates by calling out stuff. You also have to GRIND to unlock new characters unless you buy the season pass. (At least 15+ MP hours per character) I find this a shoddy tactic to get you to put more money into the game. Also, you essentially cannot play this game without a stereo headset as it gives a huge advantage to have one since hearing your opponent running around is so important. Playing by yourself? Don’t, you will have a bad time because almost no one communicates.

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  5. monica

    I know nothing about these new video games 🙈! If I was to still play video games I’d prefer the “old school”, Nintendo…The Wii would be the most technologically up to date system that I could still play 🤣! I purchased this for my boyfriends son. The younger generation plays these games effortlessly! He loves Rainbow Six Siege! Can’t go wrong when you’re told exactly what to buy 👍🏻!

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  6. Arturo Herse

    El mejor juego de la saga.
    Cabe mencionar que requiere tener xbox live, es un 5v5 online, totalmente recomendado para los fans de los shooters.

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  7. Hernan Heredia

    Juego mucho más táctico de lo que esperaría para FPS, demanda dedicación y paciencia…creo que se asemeja a lo que podría ser una situación “real”.

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  8. Via

    Es Un gran juego si te gusta jugar de forma tactica, si lo tuyo es disparar a lo loco no es el juego para ti.
    Uno de los pocos juegos que utiliza canales de audio que ninguno otro usa

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  9. WS

    Great game especially when it was released. I’ve played it less and less as time has passed. Many of the new operators and maps introduced are both fun and unique.

    I mostly prefer how this game played originally though and feel they have tweaked it too much trying to fine tune gameplay.

    Tons of fun if you enjoy tactical FPS games with semi realistic bullet damage and limited destructibility.

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  10. Cliente de Amazon

    Un juego muy bueno con muchas horas de juego y diversión también con un poco de presion buenos personajes lo único es que tardan los tiempos de carga o y también buena personalización de armas y personajes y contenido actulizable por otro año mas me llego un día después de lo planeado

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  11. Jorge Rincon Castillo E.

    Este es un gran juego, normalmente no me gustan los juegos de disparo en primera persona (Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, etc.), pero este es muy distinto ya que es más táctico y no es muy recomendable ir corriendo y disparando ya que tienes que planear bien cada movimiento, lo recomiendo mucho, especialmente si tienes un grupo de amigos con quien jugarlo, pues la comunicación en este juego es vital

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    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Xbox One
    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Xbox One

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