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SCHLAGE F40 PLY 716 CAM Camelot Collection Plymouth Privacy Knob, Aged Bronze


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  • Use with 1-3/8 in. to 1-3/4 in. door
  • Works with right and left swing doors
  • For more than 95 years, Schlage has offered durable door hardware in a range of unique style combinations to express any personality. Lock and finish backed by limited lifetime warranty. Guaranteed to fit on existing, standard pre-drilled doors
  • Always unlocked for ease of entry

Specification: SCHLAGE F40 PLY 716 CAM Camelot Collection Plymouth Privacy Knob, Aged Bronze



Part Number

‎F40 PLY 716 CAM

Item Weight

‎1.5 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎11.1 x 6.3 x 5.7 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number

‎F40 PLY 716 CAM


‎Aged Bronze




‎Aged Bronze



Item Package Quantity


Handle Material


Warranty Description

‎Lifetime Limited Mechanical and Finish Warranty

12 reviews for SCHLAGE F40 PLY 716 CAM Camelot Collection Plymouth Privacy Knob, Aged Bronze

3.4 out of 5
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  1. Tonka_Gal

    Arrived with the hardware bag ripped open and the handle is defective!

    After 43 minutes on hold with Schlage, they are sending me a replacement in 7-10 business days. Meanwhile it’s
    -15 degrees and my door to the garage has a rag stuffed in the hole where the handle is supposed to be!

    I think Amazon sold this item to someone else and they returned it because it was defective. Amazon shouldn’t be sending out an item with the hardware packet torn open.

    Very frustrating!

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  2. sunny day 213

    Too many defective parts. I’ve ordered and installed a number of these Schlage door knobs this year. When you get one that’s not a factory defective item, they are really good. I like their look. They are sturdy, and easy to install. Unfortunately, about 20% of the ones I’ve ordered in the past 2 months have arrived defective. Some have parts missing from the box. Some have extra parts in the box. Some have parts that have nothing to do with the Schlage door knob (like, what’s up with that?). Some flat do not work due to factory defect. I’m getting ready to ship another one back to them this morning that the tappings for the screws are so bad that the screws won’t screw in. It’s good that they accept returns, and I definitely appreciate that. But it’s a hassle having to remove the hardware, package and box up the stuff, get the return labels, drive to the place to send the broken item on back. Then wait for the new one (hoping that it too isn’t defective). And oh yeah, one other thing. Sometimes they ship the wrong door knob. I got one like that. I opened the box and there was a door knob that was some different model. I didn’t even bother to go through the hassled of returning it. I had a door that I could use it on and just installed it on that one. Now when I get a box of these it’s a bit thrilling to open the box and just see what they shipped this time. LOL, will it have hardware? No? Yes? Will there be extra, unrelated to the door knob hardware? A “mystery surprise” inside instead of the door knob I ordered? A door knob that is broken? — or, a door knob that actually is what I ordered AND that works?

    I didn’t send the ones back that didn’t have the right hardware either, when I could find the parts here, and use them. Again, it wasn’t worth the hassle to go through returning the entire door knob.

    About 80% of the time you DO get a working door knob with all of the parts needed to mount it.

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  3. emilie

    I love the look of these doorknobs! Such a subtle difference made in replacing my old doorknobs with great results. Was debating on black vs aged bronze and the aged bronze look black but not a stark harsh black, so I was very happy with my decision. Amazing that something so simple can make such a big visual difference!

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  4. Walter White

    Seems like a good quality door knob. Funny how the “little things” get missed and the quality lacks when the factory doesn’t include the proper mounting plate for this lock. Something so simple yet now I have to wait 8 weeks to get one from the manufacturer. Good customer service by manufacturer but very poor lead time! Are you kidding me? The one door knob I try and purchase for a reno project and I have to pick the one that was put in the box by some incompetent! I know people make mistakes sometimes but this is just plain stupid!! I recommend buying such a product at your local hardware store in case you run into an event such as this. Avoid the hassle and shop local!

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  5. incagirl27

    Purchased these beautiful black matte door knobs for our new bedroom doors at the cottage. They are made of excellent quality. Loved them so much I ended up buying the black matte (Latitude model) door handles for our home.

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  6. Me

    I tried using this to travel to the isle of Naboombu but as it turns out you need a bedknob and a broomstick, NOT a doorknob and broomstick. Works fantastic as a doorknob, but will definitely not get you to the land of Naboombu.

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  7. Kayla

    I bought this knob to install on the exterior door of a reno project. It took 2 seconds to install this knob and it looked great. A week later (of sporadic use) this knob was so loose it started to peel the new paint I had on the door around the base of the knob. I tightened it and 2 days later it’s so loose again it’s pulling off more paint in a bigger circle around the base of the knob. Now this 20 something dollar knob has ruined an expensive paint job that can’t be repaired until the spring. Even worse is that I still can’t tighten it to the point where it will stop moving. The screws are in a stupid spot and make it almost impossible to tighten easily. I do not recommend this product and if I can’t get it to stop wobbling I’ll be returning it.

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  8. Scott Crawford

    First of all, thank goodness for the other reviewers clearly describing this product! I called my local bog box hardware inquiring to see if they had an exterior entry doorknob that did what this one does. The hardware “experts” were of no help whatsoever, despite trying to throw around big words slightly related to locks.

    At any rate, I cannot recommend this knob enough for a patio doorknob or a house-to-garage doorknob! The genius of this little gem is that if it is in the locked position inside (meaning locked on the outside) if you turn the knob to exit out the door, the inner lock automatically unlocks! Amazing! I don’t care to recount how many times I’ve locked myself out on the old doorknob that stayed locked and still turned the inner knob! But no more! Super easy to install, works like a charm, and the price is worth every penny!

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  9. S. Johnson

    Just received these Matte Black knobs in the mail and I am disappointed. The gold brass can be seen in several spots on them. We are returning .

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  10. Dan P.

    I purchased 1 of these to make sure I liked the look and quality before replacing over 30 doors in my house. I am glad I didn’t order them all at once! I installed the one I ordered on the door to my home office which I would consider low traffic. After a little more than 1 week of use, the black finish is already worn off on the striker plate. I would steer clear of this product!

    The rest of the fit and finish seemed to be good quality but time will tell. Basing off the finish quality on the striker plate, I would expect I will have problems.

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  11. KK

    Replaced all of the knobs in our house from the ugly old gold ones to these. Very easy to install, well made and durable and gives an updated and modern look. Would definitely recommend!

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  12. Nick R.

    I ordered 4 of the F40PLY622 Plymouth Privacy Knobs in Matte Black. They look great but if you lock it from the inside, open and close the door, it does NOT automatically unlock so you would potentially be locking yourself out… fortunately, it’s just a pin to unlock the door but I wish they would pop out like most interior privacy door knobs i’ve used… I read the manual but it didn’t look like there was an option that i was missing

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    SCHLAGE F40 PLY 716 CAM Camelot Collection Plymouth Privacy Knob, Aged Bronze
    SCHLAGE F40 PLY 716 CAM Camelot Collection Plymouth Privacy Knob, Aged Bronze
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