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Greenworks 24V Brushless Axial Blower (110 MPH / 450 CFM), 4Ah USB Battery and Charger Included BL24L410


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  • 24V Brushless motor for more power, greater efficiency and lower noise level
  • Variable speed trigger delivers wind speed up to 450 CFM / 110 MPH, perfect for cleaning debris and leaves off hard surface areas and patios
  • Turbo button delivers 450 CFM boost in air volume.
  • Cruise control for precise speed control and user convenience
  • Soft, over-molded grip with anti-vibration function for more user comfort and less fatigue
  • USB port in battery charges all portable electronic devices, including phones and tablets. USB Battery Portable Power Station (24000 mAh Power Bank)
  • 3 Year Tool Warranty / Battery Protects Your Investment

Specification: Greenworks 24V Brushless Axial Blower (110 MPH / 450 CFM), 4Ah USB Battery and Charger Included BL24L410

Product Dimensions

17.88 x 7.33 x 10.55 inches

Item Weight

8.63 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Photos: Greenworks 24V Brushless Axial Blower (110 MPH / 450 CFM), 4Ah USB Battery and Charger Included BL24L410

10 reviews for Greenworks 24V Brushless Axial Blower (110 MPH / 450 CFM), 4Ah USB Battery and Charger Included BL24L410

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  1. Tuxedo Cat

    Ok, when I first opened the box I got a little intimidated but after I looked at everything and looked through the instruction book I thought, I can do this! I managed to get everything together properly, except I couldn’t get the plastic handle to fit completely on. I wasn’t strong enough, so I finally took my foot and pushed on it real hard and it snapped on properly. I managed to shorten the device to where it is comfortable for a 5’1″ woman to use. The battery is easy to charge and also easy to put on and off the charger. The charger is easy to put on and off the weed whacker. The whole device is very lightweight compared to the old black and decker one I used to use. It does a good job and I am very satisfied with it. I purchased an extra battery also and some extra spools of line. I may consider rewinding my used spools later on. I like the safety button better than my last weed whacker because once you start the device you can let go of the safety button. Which works much better for me. This is a great choice for elderly people.

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  2. dj

    love it, fun tools. Battery could be a bit big cause you share it between the units or a second one. The charge suck. I use my other one for my 4mah battery cause it twice fast

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  3. christine t.

    I’ve had a gas blower for many years and for those many years most of the time I cannot start it. Oh sure, I have asked a guy or two to start it and they can but say oh you need to do this or that. The last guy said you replace gas line inside the tank, I actually did that too but can’t ever get the thing to stay on. I absolutely did not want an electric blower and hassle with a cord. I bought one of these for my sister on her birthday. So I decided to test it out and sure enough I loved it. I quickly ordered her another one (thank you Amazon for delivering on Sundays!) and she loves it too. If I were to do it over again I would get the next model up for a longer battery time and more air power. I have a big tree in my front yard with lots of leaves. This model if perfect for light blowing. And I use it too in my kitchen too – I blow the dog hair off the tile floor – straight out the sliding glass door.

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  4. TJ

    Great tools but the blower sucks the life out of the battery rather quick when used on full throttle. Good quality, also recommend getting the quick charger. The one with these tools charges at a snails pace.

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  5. Sharon

    The battery life is only 35 mins on one usage. If that can be extended to 60 mins. It will be perfect. The machine is very light and handy and very easy to use.

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  6. AJ

    I have has these products since June 18th (approx 1 1/2 months). What can i say? Came quickly. Everything was in the box. They we very simple to put together. Both the blower and the string trimmer are reasonably light. The leaf blower definitely blows rather well. That’s the positive list. Unfortunately, the battery only lasts for maybe 10-15 minutes MAX in the blower. The battery was said to take 90 minutes to charge. Actually takes 3 hours. The string trimmer head & line are just crap! They make you unwind the line reel. All it does is break every couple minutes. Then it will not advance correctly & you must open it up, unwind, rewind and do it all over & over again. I wasn’t ever able to actually use it for more than a couple minutes at a time. If you look the reviews for the line refill, they are crap also. The manufacturer actually glues the line down and no one can find the grey line replacement like what comes with the trimmer. What a headache! No one needs to shell out money to deal with this frustration! A string trimmer is supposed to be a problem solution, not a problem itself. I never had any issues with my previous Black & Decker which is no longer made. I will get the EGO string trimmer with that head that automatically loads itself soon. I have the EGO mower self-propelled electric mower & it is an absolute wonder!!! Poor poor poor design Greenworks! I would return it, but of course it is past the date they allow. Save your money. Not a good deal if you can’t use it. Seriously disappointed. Didn’t even live up to the promise in regards to the battery, much less the useless string trimmer.

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  7. ShoppingGeek

    I got this for my wife because my gas-powered backpack blower is too heavy for her and my hand-held corded blower requires too much extension cord for our 200+ foot long driveway. Also, while I have a corded edger with a metal blade, its extension cord is also a lot of trouble.

    Blower —
    Pros —
    It weighs about 6 pounds with a battery. It is much more convenient to use for light jobs such as blowing off our deck, garage, and light accumulation on the driveway.
    Cons —
    A 24v 2AH battery comes with this set, but it takes two batteries which last about 10 minutes each to blow our driveway despite the fact that leaves are not very heavy this time of year.
    At just 300 cubic feet per minute, the blower can handle a few leaves and light, straight sticks up to a foot or so, but in the fall, my backpack blower can barely handle the piles of leaves that accumulate on our lawn and driveway. I doubt that it can handle the job even if we do it every day. Hopefully I will have recovered from shoulder surgery enough by then to be able to use the backpack blower.
    I would have preferred the 80v 500CFM model, but an additional 80v battery alone costs more than this whole system and that blower weighs twice what this one does.

    Trimmer —
    Pros — The trimmer runs about 15-20 minutes on a charge. I was easily able to edge along the driveway and sidewalks by the house before losing power. The biggest surprise was that this string trimmer cuts through the grass which had not been edged this year much faster and more easily than the corded edger. The self-advancing string works well and that makes things go faster. Changing between trimming and edging is quick and easy as is changing the angle of the trimmer. The adjustable length pole-handle makes it easier for both my 6’4″ self and my shorter wife to use. The movable handle on the pole makes it easy to hold and control the trimmer. There is plentry of power for doing any normal trimming and edging. It is also lightweight – around 5 pounds, if that
    Even if you don’t want the blower, I would get one of these trimmers.
    Cons — None.

    Battery —
    The 24v 2AH battery that comes with it does not maintain a charge very long – about 10 minutes for the blower on max up to about 15 minutes on 3-quarters. Some reviewers are saying that they are getting longer times, but I have 3 of these 2AH batteries and they all last about the same time. It was bad enough that I eventually bought the 

    24V 4.0AH battery

     which lasts about 25 minutes using the blower on max. You should definitely plan on getting a 2nd battery. Even if you can clear your driveway in 10 minutes or less, then you have to wait 3.5 hours for the battery to recharge if you want to use the trimmer.

    Charger —
    My 3 batteries each take 3.5 hours to recharge on the included charger when fully depleted. For about $17, you can get a 

    much better charger

     which will charge the 4AH battery in about 90 minutes and the 2AH batteries in about an hour.

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  8. sebastien

    J’étais septique quand je l’ai acheté je l’utilise pour nettoyer les remoques de camion avec un chargement de batterie je fait 5 remorques 53 pieds

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  9. Jay T.

    Great value if its on sale for $99. Same hardware as Kobalt 24v (not max)

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  10. Byron Maddox

    Great blower. A lot more power than I thought. A good value. Short battery life, but in 10-14 minutes, can get the driveway cleared with plenty of charge left.Forget ad’s talking of MPH. What you are looking for is CFM. This one is about 320 CFM. A number of them have more MPH but less CPM. Go for CPM, forget MPH.

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    Greenworks 24V Brushless Axial Blower (110 MPH / 450 CFM), 4Ah USB Battery and Charger Included BL24L410
    Greenworks 24V Brushless Axial Blower (110 MPH / 450 CFM), 4Ah USB Battery and Charger Included BL24L410
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