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Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk – Eclipse Space Saver, Controller & Headphone Storage, Speaker Shelves, Carbon Fiber Desktop


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  • MADE FOR GAMERS – Atlantic’s Space Saver Gaming Desk is specifically designed for all your gaming gear, so you can focus on that epic battle. Made with durable, powder-coated, black, cylindrical, steel leg construction and sleek charcoal colored carbon fiber laminated top, the curved desk front provides close-up comfort and ample room for your monitor, PC, laptop, games, speakers and more.
  • FEATURE RICH – this gaming computer desk includes speaker stands, under-desk basket for games, game controller stands, built-in wire-management slots, rear power strip holder, 32 ounce cup holder and headphone/VR headset hook.
  • MULTI-USE – Whether gaming, studying or surfing the net, this contemporary curved style that adds a touch of sleek sophistication to any home office, dorm room or bedroom.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – our Customer Service team, based right here in the U.S.A. works hard to provide support for a wide assortment of items. For more than 30 years, California based Atlantic, Inc., receive calls with various questions about our products and we apply our best possible efforts to deliver the best possible solution for your purchase.

Specification: Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk – Eclipse Space Saver, Controller & Headphone Storage, Speaker Shelves, Carbon Fiber Desktop

Item Weight

‎37 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎23.5 x 47.56 x 27.35 inches

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Photos: Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk – Eclipse Space Saver, Controller & Headphone Storage, Speaker Shelves, Carbon Fiber Desktop

9 reviews for Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk – Eclipse Space Saver, Controller & Headphone Storage, Speaker Shelves, Carbon Fiber Desktop

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  1. Harpreet Singh

    A bit small size for me, can’t really get my chair full into the table but overall its good. It small in size though.

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  2. madeline audrey

    My husband (and cat) loves this desk! It is just the right size for his laptop. It was very easy to put together – especially if you have a drill. We put it together in less than a half hour. He loves all the extras; the cup holder, the headphones holder, and the two trays underneath. Sturdy, attractive, and you can’t beat the price!

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  3. Kenz

    This is absolutely awful to assemble. I have assembled many desks, shelves, etc and have never had an experience this horrible. The instructions are clear and written/diagramed well, but they tell you to use a screwdriver. Honestly, if you don’t have a drill handy, don’t think about buying this. The holes they have drilled are not ready for manual screwing, and you have to use a lot of force to prevent the screws for stripping. And as others have mentioned, they can’t even drill their holes in the right spot to actually fit the braces. For the first time ever, I got to experience a metal sliver thanks to stripping screws, and I had to pull out the first aid kit to remove it and stop the bleeding. Honestly, this assembly would be fine with a drill, but with a manual that tells you to use a screwdriver for each step, I’m upset.
    I also wish they made the headset holder and cup holder interchangeable since they put the cup holder on the left when the majority of people are right-handed. I guess if you have a drill, you can just drill new holes for that too. 😛
    But seriously, don’t risk getting injured trying to manually screw your own holes that they should have made for you in the first place.

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  4. Tenbeat

    I have two major issues with this desk. For one, some of the holes may be drilled in slightly wrong spots, leading to angled screws. That’s a manufacturing error.

    The second problem is a design flaw. Are you right handed? Then your mouse is going to be on the right, which means your keyboard will be on the left, and your monitor will need to be angled left (even if you want it centered, the controller holder is on the right so good luck accessing your controllers with your monitor centered). So set that stage. Left angled keyboard, mouse on the right, monitor on the left, and controllers to the right of your monitor. Now comes design flaw one; your left speaker (if you have one) is now covered by the monitor. And there’s no way to move the speaker holder without 1) disrupting the curved design of the desk and 2) without drilling your own holes. OK so monitor is on the left, computer must then go on the floor to the left. Guess what else is on the left side of the desk? Drink holder. Yep. Now you have potentially 32 oz of liquid hovering above your rig. And since the drink holder is on the left, that means the headset/headphones holder is on the right. So switch them, right? Nope. The screw placement is different. You can’t switch them without, again, drilling your own holes. That means your headphones now need to cross the whole desk, under or around or whatever, in order to hang on the headphones hook.

    So in reality, this desk is great if you’re not gonna use speakers, because one of them will be covered. But then if you aren’t gonna use speakers, you need to use headphones, which as discussed gets sticky with cords crossing everywhere. And since you can’t switch the drink holder and headphone holder, they’re stuck that way (without modification) and you now have a drink perilously situated above your $1000 or more PC.

    Prepare for a little frustration with this one.

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  5. Mary Evans

    I homeschool my kid; he doesn’t do distance learning from any school, I teach him. What better way for him to stay engaged and sitting upright, is this desk! I put it together; I m proud of myself(Miss Independence, please); no way, but I ve never been married, so I have to do what I gotta do. It’s perfect, you see how sturdy, and awesome it is. It holds Chromebooks, food(🤣), gaming consoles, head phones, remote controls, a green screen and circuit breakers. I m sure, it could hold much more!

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  6. Cory O’Daniel

    While i liked the look of most of the simple, gamer-focused desks on offer, most of them seemed a bit overpriced for the slabs of wood (or whatever they advertised themselves of being compiled of) they were. Stumbled across this piece on another site and was curious of the price offered here. Turned out to be the same with a better delivery window so I jumped at it. Very sturdy and comfortable to rest my wrists on when typing. The cup holder, while a bit uneasy to look at or contemplate using, actually holds drinks well even when using smaller containers in it (do recommend using a can-coozy for sodas and the like). Headset hook is perfect and though my speakers don’t allow to be spaced out far enough to use the stands, they can be used to hold decorative items. Only thing I’ve yet to utilize is the underside racks as I didn’t have a surge protector long enough to reach the back rack and didn’t even install front rack due to a lack of use for it. Overall though I’m quite happy with the product and find it to be very comfortable.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    My boyfriend loves it !! Exactly as described and fast delivery !!
    Some holes for the screws weren’t easy to put the screws in with the Allan key that was supplied, had to use screwdriver

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  8. taosaur

    So, it’s not winning any beauty awards, but this desk was less odd-looking than I anticipated, and comfortably supports both a 24″ monitor and a 50″ TV on monitor arms (not side-by-side. I did have to re-drill one or two holes for the accessories, where they did not line up right, but otherwise assembly was pretty easy and the result was solid and stable. There are pre-drilled holes for the floaty bits, but you could just as easily drill new holes and put them anywhere around the circumference, or not use the ones you don’t need. My cable management may not look like much, but the basket and other wireframe bits were very handy to keep my billion peripherals untangled and wires up off the floor so the robovac can do its thing.

    I’m definitely happy for the money, and would call the assembly and finished quality above-average in my experience with flat-pack desks.

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  9. Khoshans88

    Not very durable i can easily shake the desk when i rest my arms on it and its cheal material but it looks good 🤷‍♂️

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    Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk – Eclipse Space Saver, Controller & Headphone Storage, Speaker Shelves, Carbon Fiber Desktop
    Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk – Eclipse Space Saver, Controller & Headphone Storage, Speaker Shelves, Carbon Fiber Desktop
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