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Jabra – Elite Active 75t True Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones – Titanium Black


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Specification: Jabra – Elite Active 75t True Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones – Titanium Black

Noise Cancelling Active


Ear Cushions


Connection Type


Wireless Connectivity


True Wireless


Maximum Wireless Range

33 feet

Water Resistant


Built-In Microphone


Headphone Fit


Battery Life

5.5 hours

Battery Charge Time

2.2 hours

Product Name

Elite Active 75t True Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones



Additional Accessories Included

Charging case, eargels

Sound Mode



Titanium Black

Model Number


Color Category


Sound Isolating


Minimum Frequency Response

20 hertz

Maximum Frequency Response

20 kilohertz

Driver Size

6 millimeters

Bluetooth Version



Call, Track selection, Volume

Maximum Talk Time

5.5 hours



Charging Interfaces


Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

2 years

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor

2 years



Photos: Jabra – Elite Active 75t True Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones – Titanium Black

8 reviews for Jabra – Elite Active 75t True Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones – Titanium Black

4.5 out of 5
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  1. thomasgillett

    I buy my jabra elite active75t from best buy and it is so great i love it so much because it comes with Two years warranty plus best buy have protection plans for your jabra airbud and you can exchange or return it if you are not happy with your perches best buy is the best for buying anything of your need and best buy take very good care of there customers plus they all ways give you very good price for the best product that is why i will all ways go to best buy for everything i need because they all ways take care of me with lots of love so am so happy with my porches from best buy

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  2. Watchman

    Loved the earbuds! The figment and battery life is on point! The case contains at least three additional charges for the buds. Used them to work In the rain with no problems at all. But! There were issues that I couldn’t get along with. When first connects there was an issue with the update! Fell asleep with them trying to update while flashing purple. Drained the case as a result. There was an issue with my pair, the left side would shut off all of a sudden and couldn’t be reactivated. It would have to sit in the case for more than an hour in order to reactivate. The right side was somewhat flawless. But, would have to be tinkered with in order to get it to turn off.

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    Don’t hesitate, if the Jabra Elite Active 75t bluetooth ear buds are in your budget, get them! The sound quality and bass is outstanding, they’re small enough to casually hide in your ear, the 7.5 hours of battery life will have you set for almost a full day, they charge quickly, fit snug yet comfortable, have an adjustable 5 band EQ, and are ip57 waterproof rated, so there’s no worries about sweating it up and accidentally killing them. There’s so much I love about these headphones, it’s hard to figure out where to start.
    Aesthetically, the Jabra Active 75t earbuds are attractive yet small enough to stealthily fit in your ear without being distracting. It’s great when you don’t want to draw attention to them and therefore won’t throw off your look or outfit either. What’s especially nice is that the case for them is very compact and easily fits in any pants pocket so it’s not a hassle to keep them with you. This is key for not only protecting the headphones, but because the case holds another 20 hours of battery life to charge the headphones, so you can refuel them while they’re in the case in your pocket if needed. If you’re in a rush, you’ll get 60 minutes of life within the first 15 minutes of charging… not too shabby.
    Sound quality wise, OMG. The bass extension is better than any headphone or earbud I’ve sampled. From tight to boomy, with the 5 band EQ, it’s up to you. The frequency range is well balanced too, as you can hear the individual notes, among many other nuances in songs you might not have heard before. It’s a joy to listen to these and thank Jabra for making the user EQ settings savable. Switching up EQ profiles is just a button press away in the Jabra app and couldn’t be more simple.
    Speaking of the Jabra+ app, it’s required to use these headphones and is not obtrusive at all. It’s pretty simple, with 3 different user programmable “Moment” settings so you can quickly switch settings for when you’re working out vs riding in a car vs just casually listening to music. What’s also a great feature is Jabra’s “HearThrough” which essentially uses the built-in microphone to let in sound from your local environment, so you can hear what’s going on around you. You can adjust how much sound it lets in with a simple slider in the app, and it’s even easier to turn it off and on, with just a simple button press on the left earbud. This is especially great when you want to eavesdrop without letting people know you’re listening.
    Would I recommend this to a friend? Heck yeah. The Jabra Active 75t is well built and very well thought out. They’re light, sound incredible, won’t look silly in your ears, sweatproof, and can go for over 7 hours on a single charge. If you’re on the fence, just get them. They’re wonderful.

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  4. megablast

    Best ear bud ever I stepped up from the 65t active they where fantastic but I never expected what The 75t they blow me away the sound is unbelievable size perfect control easy app and personalized sound adjustment Jabra always updating the firmware to better the buds. With future updates to bring in more personalized features Jabra was announced best buds ever if your thinking of going from the 65t to 75t well worth it I have both giving the 65 to my daughter.

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  5. elitegangsta

    The greyish finish looks super fresh and matches the current trend for hardware (think Apple’s Space Grey). The look like modern tech and give the impression of the overall shape of an ear (which is good considering that is where they are going!). The overall quality appears to be high and the charging case feels premium.
    These are a little awkward to get used to placing in your ears. They fit in with the round part of the body towards the front of your ear and you need to rotate them as the rounded part of the body faces the rear of your ears. The rubber inserts (which come in different sizes included in the package) help secure a tight fit and keeps audio loud and outside noise out. They also offer a comfortable feel and you shortly forget they are in your ears.
    When placing the unpaired buds in your ears the first time, there is a voice assistant that explains to you how to pair them. Once paired, there is acknowledgment that they are paired. This same voice tells you when you need to charge the buds.
    Tapping the left ear while listening to music enabled “hear through” which allows you to hear ambient noises which would normally otherwise be silent due to the noise cancellation.
    Tapping the right ear bring up either the google assistant (on Android) or Siri (on iPhone)
    Removing one of the buds pauses music or mutes phone calls
    Pairing is super simple. Click on the Bluetooth settings on your device and select the “pair new device” and click on the Jabra Elites
    When it is time to charge, or, store the buds, they fit into a nice, rubbery charging case. This also take a time or two to get used to placing them in the case, but once you’ve done it a time or two, this is pretty simple.
    There is a green charge light that indicates when the buds are fully charged.
    These also firmly stay in place when going to the gym, running, or doing anything else of high physical activity. I never once had to press them back in or worry about them falling out.
    These sound pretty fantastic. There is a clear sharp tweeter and a low frequency bass that packs a nice punch (thanks to the rubber inserts that cup your inner ear and block our sound). Vocals from music are super clear and crisp as well as audio from a phone call.
    The mic picks up vocals excellent as well. Everyone I spoke to when asked the question “how do I sound” replied back with “great, I can hear you really clear and well”.
    Battery Life:
    I was easily able to achieve a full day of talking on the phone with these on a single charge. The day was 9 hour long but actual talk time was likely around 4-6 hours depending on the day. Jabra claims 7.5 hour of battery life. I have not listened to them this long in a single setting and typically place them back in their case when not in use. Judging by my 6 hour talk time however, I think this 7.5 hour claim is fully valid.
    When needing to charge, the included cable offers a USB-C end which is a welcome addition and pairs nicely with current trend of newer hardware all taking advantage of this faster port. From a nearly dead battery it took about 2 hours to fully charge the buds back to 100%. In and out of the case make these easily last an entire day of use. Jabra claims 28 hours of charge from the case.
    Overall I can see these quickly becoming my go to earbuds for day to day use. They do not fully replace a good set of over the ear headphones, however, for a mobile person

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  6. thomasgillett

    very good airbud it’s the best airbud i ever buy and i love best buy because they all ways have very good price and the products that best buy sell is original and very good for a good price so if you want good products and original products you should go to best buy because they will never let you down for your money these jabra airbud that i buy from best buy are very good i love them

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  7. JamesF

    These are my first wireless earbuds, and I don’t have the best of hearing, so to me, I feel they could put out a bit more bass, but it’s probably just me!
    I have big ears and they fit pretty well, I just wish they had a bit more padding, but I feel they are good for the price.

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  8. Albert

    Wireless in-ear headphones have been a bit of an obsession for me. From $80 to $350 headphones, if there’s a brand that’s had a halfway decent rating, I’ve probably tried them out (and unfortunately returned most of them).
    Here’s my quick overview of Jabra’s Elite Active 75t True Wireless In-Ear Headphones (details below):
    – The fit, including comfort 5/5*
    – The case 5/5
    – Sound quality 4.5/5
    – Connectivity: 3.5/5
    – Jabra app: 2/5
    The Fit:
    For me personally, these headphones are quite possibly the most comfortable in-ear headphones I’ve tried, and they definitely have the most secure fit. They are lightweight and slim, and I can shake my head vigorously side to side while wearing these and they don’t move at all (which is exactly what I do when people inevitably ask me if they are prone to falling out). If you’re looking for in-ear headphones to use while doing active things, I would 100% recommend you give these a try. That said, my wife who has much smaller ears than me tried them on and found they didn’t fit her ear shape well and actually did fall out. So, if these do fit you (as in my case) then they are wonderful, but I would definitely test them out before your return period runs out, just in case.
    I’ve worn these for about 2 hours at my longest stretch, and found them to be much more comfortable than other in-ear headphones for the long duration. I normally start to really notice in-ear headphones irritate the inside of my ears after about an hour, but these are different and I am really impressed.
    The Case:
    It may not seem like a big deal, but for someone like me who carries earbuds in a pocket all day, the case is a make or break feature of in-ear headphones. I’ve had to return cases in the past simply for being too bulky. Jabra did an awesome job with this case. It is slim and lightweight, and charges via USB-C. (I won’t buy products that still use the outdated micro-USB cabling). The case doesn’t support Qi wireless charging, but given it’s reported 28 hours of battery life, I don’t have to plug it in often enough to really miss Qi charging.
    Sound Quality:
    I personally like a little more bass when I’m listening to music, and by default these don’t quite deliver on that promise. That said, Jabra does have an app where you can change the equalizer settings, but other headphones I’ve tried have an EQ default I prefer over what Jabra delivers. Definitely not a deal breaker, and I’m overall happy with the sound quality, but there is some room for improvement.
    I’ve run into some connectivity issues with headphones intermittently cutting in and out. I initially I thought this was just due to the blue-tooth heavy office environment I was using these in, but I’ve noticed some intermittent “popping” of the sound even when wearing these during a shopping trip. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the headphones going out of sync with one another, but the playback doesn’t actually stop when it happens — it cuts out like listening to a satellite radio station in a bad service area.
    I also ran into an issue when I was in my house where the headphone picked up a connection from another paired device (my computer) while I was watching a movie on my phone. It apparently allows you to have 2 devices paired at the same time (which I supposed could be neat), but it kept cutting in and out because the other device was pretty far away saying “2 devices connected”…”device disconnected”, all while continuing playback of the movie I was trying to watch so I kept missing dialogue.
    Despite the above connectivity issues, in general, it delivers quality playback, and even when the above happens, the headphones never actually disconnected from my phone or stopped playback. It’s not a deal breaker at this point, but it’s definitely something I’ll be keeping an eye (or ear) on.
    Jabra App (Sound+ on iOS):
    It’s nice that Jabra provides an app to further customize EQ, update firmware, use a Find My Jabra feature, and register the product. It’s also nice that once you set the EQ, there’s really no need to go back to the app unless you’re checking for an update because my experience with the app has been pretty terrible. When I first setup the headphone, I tried to register my headphones through the app (for the extended warranty), and the app just hung and didn’t acknowledge that I had entered and submitted my information. I let it sit for a couple minutes before exiting and trying again, with the same results. After completely force quitting the app, I was able to get the headphones to register. Not a huge deal in the long term, but not a great introduction to my new product.
    The firmware update… I selected to update the firmware as soon as I got the app working to ensure I had the best possible experience, something I would always recommend with a new product. It worked eventually but it wasn’t clear that anything was actually happening. I would have expected flashing lights on the headset to indicate an update was in progress, but it just seemed like nothing was going on. I eventually just let them sit in the charge case for an hour while I did something else and when I came back it looked to be done.
    Overall, the comfort and fit of these headphones, combined with nearly-great sound quality make these a product I’m ultimately happy with and would recommend to a friend. The connectivity issues are something I’m concerned about long-term, but since these can be updated through the app, I’m hoping improvements come to the connectivity in the future.

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    Jabra – Elite Active 75t True Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones – Titanium Black
    Jabra – Elite Active 75t True Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones – Titanium Black
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