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QualGear PRB-717-Wht Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory


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  • Heavy gauge cold-rolled steel material; Durable construction
  • Universal design fits most projector brands; Weight capacity: 30 lbs.; Supported range of mounting holes on projector: 6.6″ – 16″
  • Low profile flush mount; Holds projector at 6″ from the ceiling
  • Multiple adjustments. Tilt: 0 to 60 degrees. Swivel: 360 degrees. Roll: +/-20 degrees. Pitch: +/-30 degrees. Shift: 1″
  • Snap-on / snap-off design for quick installation / release

Specification: QualGear PRB-717-Wht Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory





Item Weight

‎2 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎6.5 x 5 x 5.5 inches

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



‎White Mount

Material Type




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10 reviews for QualGear PRB-717-Wht Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory

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  1. marinemike0931

    The mount did it’s job and for the price I’d still recommend it. Mounting the projector to it was a pain trying to figure out the spacers and getting the mount level, but that’s a 1 time deal. My biggest issue with it was that the screws that you tighten to “lock” the mount in position don’t have anything to bite into. If the surface you tightened the screw to make contact with had teeth or a rough surface, it would work better. My projector was large and front heavy, so the picture would drift down slightly over time. I’d have to climb up, re-adjust, and re-tighten. The theater sub-woofer may have contributed to this movement though. It wasn’t a big deal and didn’t require frequent adjustment. Maybe every few months.

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  2. B. Hepler

    This projector mount is really good. It’s very sturdy, very adjustable and the instructions are clear. It’s a bit tall, so if you don’t have particularly high ceilings it may cause an aesthetic issue. But you get a lot of adjustability in there.

    What I don’t like about this mount is that it’s designed for rooms where the joists run parallel to the line between the projector and screen. In my house, the joists run across the room and the bracket that touches the ceiling doesn’t have holes on the appropriate sides of the bracket. The upshot of this is that the tilt is controlled by the two hanging hooks that keep your projector attached to the hanging assembly. I have two means of adjusting the roll of my projector, but tilt angle is controlled by tightening down on the bolts that are designed to support the weight of the projector bracket. And they are not good at it.

    I ended up 3d printing a vertical brace that I shove between the projector and the ceiling. This keeps the projector angled at the proper tilt. It works. And since it’s up by the ceiling, I doubt anyone is going to notice.

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  3. Eryst

    Great bracket, clear instructions and just about everything you need to install is included (apart from tools)

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  4. Jonathan Komorek

    I purchased this mount to be used with the Optoma GT1080Darbee projector (alos bought here on Amazon). My projector is now installed, though just last night.

    My experience as a first time installation was pretty good. There are a large number of small parts for this mount that can be used in a variety of ways. I was very happy with the packaging of these parts and how well they were organized into individual packages, making it easy to find what was needed. Also, with the sheer number of adjustable pieces I quickly figured out more tham one way to attach the face plate to my projector, though it would have been great if I could have seen how others has installed attached the same projector.

    The only feature I really was missing when it came time to adjust my projector was vertical alignment. Many mounts have metal pipes which you can at least replace easily at your local hardware store to change the height of the mount. This mount does not give you much flexibility there.

    In the end I have my projector installed and I am happy with the mount, though I had to compromise by changing the height of my peojector screen since I could not mount my projector lower due to this mount not supporting that.

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  5. Duane Jordan

    Very sturdy.
    There are lots of bits that need to be put together but do come all in the box.
    Its doing its job atm but does seem to move slightly every now and then even when fully tightened

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  6. zKi Comp

    I recently purchased an Epson HC 3100 to replace an older 725HD. This projector is about twice the size and weight of the old one and my old mount wasn’t doing the job. This one seemed to be built to handle a larger projector.

    While this is somewhat true, it suffers from the same flaw as my previous one. Every adjustment point is sturdy except for the swivel point in the very center where it’s held on by only a small bolt. It feels sturdy enough when setting it up, but it bounces like a spring at the slightest touch, no matter how much you tighten it. It’s hardly noticeable up close, but you sure notice that on the screen and all it takes is sitting down heavily on the couch.

    This is probably a really nice mount for a projector under ten pounds. If you have anything larger, save your money and get the Epson universal mount (around $100), which swivels on a large threaded tube. All these sub $100 models on Amazon appear to use the same flawed design.

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  7. Mr D Bag.

    Really good and I like it but the universalness means the set up is a bit of a fuss, but that’s not the fault of the product really…

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  8. Ryan G.

    I installed this yesterday on my new BenQ HT3550 projector. It looks great and is well made, however I have one main complaint…the spacers that are included do not snap together, which is what makes assembly so difficult. If the spacers just snapped together like Legos, it would have cut my install time down by at least 30 minutes. As it is, the leveling spacers themselves “nest” together, but do not stay together nicely, and the leveling spacers neither nest, nor snap to the arm spacer (that takes up the difference in height due to the rolled steel arm), which makes all of the spacers slide around while trying to get the screw threaded through all of them into the projector.

    + Looks nice
    + Adjusts relatively easily (thumb screws would be better)
    + Easy to attach and remove projector for maintenance with hooks (again thumb screws would be better)
    + Instructions are well written
    + Includes a variety of spacers that allow you to adapt to virtually any projector
    + All items individually bubble-packed and itemized so you aren’t missing anything and know what each piece is for (VERY NICE!)

    – Spacers do not snap together, making assembly more difficult than it needs to be
    – Would be nice if they included some longer M4 screws for use with taller spacings such as the BenQ HT3550. I would say that the M4x25 screws are just adequate and would like to have 30mm long screws to ensure good thread purchase. Also would prefer M4 washers to use with the M4 screws. The larger washers are sloppy.
    – No thumb screws for tool-less adjustment and removal

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  9. ScoobyDoo

    Was a little hesitant purchasing this to hold my £800 projector when the recommend manufactures mount is over £100 but I shouldn’t have been.
    The build quality is excellent, lots of adjustments available to perfectly get your projector in the right position. Lots of extras included to enable you to mount onto virtually any projector. Mine only has 3 mount holes and an awkward lip bit I managed to fit the legs no problem, had to use an extension to clear the lip and a couple of extra washers but all good.
    You can mount on a wall or celling and it comes with a drill template. I managed to locate a beam in the celling and installed using the two large bolt headed screws. Feels really solid on the ceiling, no movement at all.
    There is no length extension but it holds the protector approx 6 inches from the ceiling which was fine for my needs.
    A real bargain.

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  10. Dark Lady

    I bought this for a BenQ W2000 and then later a Benq W1700.

    As a buyer of previously expensive brackets like Vogels I was hesitant to buy this as it was really low cost, but thought I would try it anyway.

    I have to say it was a breeze to fit to the ceiling. I used two long screws and screwed it into a ceiling joist.
    Then I fitted the bottom part to the projector, using the parts in the kit, which took around 10 minutes.

    Then the bottom part hooks over two bars in the top part, and you tighten with the tools included (A spanner and Allen key).(Instructions I thought were fine)

    I found it easy to adjust to whatever position I wanted, and for a projector like the BenQ W1700 and BenQ W2000 it was fine.

    I later tried to fit a heavier projector to the bracket and found 2 problems.

    1) The bottom part was extremely hard to get off the top part if you need to, I mean I really had trouble, I had trouble changing the Benq W2000 to the W1700 and almost panicked trying to get the projector down, it was not easy.

    2) The third projector was much heavier and eventually I gave up as the mount wasn’t strong enough, and so kinda flopped.So took it down completely and bought a table instead.

    So my final advice is this, If your after a low cost bracket for a projector like the Benq W1700 or W2000 and its pretty much going up to stay for an extended period of time, then this is great. Its easy to fit, easy to adjust, and seems robust.
    If you foresee a need to change the projector any time soon, or thought it was going to be easy to take the projector down for servicing, then I would think really hard here.

    Its probably not one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen, but as its behind where I sit, I didn’t notice it 🙂

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    QualGear PRB-717-Wht Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory
    QualGear PRB-717-Wht Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory

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