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Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball Interactive Dog Toy, Makes Barnyard & Jungle Sounds When Touched


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  • Interactive Dog Toy: Animal Sounds Babble Balls are fun, self amuesment dog toys that appeal to your playful pup’s animal instincts with anima sounds that range from wild creatures to everyday pets; Medium size for dogs 12 to 25 pounds pounds
  • Keep Them Busy: As your pet breathes on it or walks past it, the animal sounds ensue, demanding play time by enticing your dog; Like a virtual zoo that interacts with your pet, each ball makes more than 20 different animal sounds
  • Healthy Chew Outlet: The Babble Ball helps dogs satisfy their natural instinct to chew and helps reduce anxiety and prevents boredom by encouraging them to actively play; when your dog is done playing, it will turn itself off
  • Strong And Durable: Made with high impact ABS construction, the Babble Ball can stand up to aggressive chewers, from your tiny teacup to your goliath Great Dane; A long lasting toy to keep your dog active
  • Just For Pets: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, birds, and other furry friends; Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit, and more

Specification: Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball Interactive Dog Toy, Makes Barnyard & Jungle Sounds When Touched

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2.75 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches, 3.2 Ounces

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3 LR44 batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

January 2, 2005


Pet Qwerks

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11 reviews for Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball Interactive Dog Toy, Makes Barnyard & Jungle Sounds When Touched

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  1. DLM

    My 7-1/2 month old Blue Heeler loves this ball! I put it in a sock because I’m sure she would destroy it otherwise. We got the ball this morning and she has tossed, chewed, slobbered on and carried this thing all over the place. I finally had to put it up for a while. Here is a picture that shows what the sock looked like before and after six hours playing with the ball inside this poor sock. The way she is playing with it, the battery may give out long before she’s tired of it – and I do plan to replace the battery. It is hard to find things that will hold her interest for more than 5 minutes. The sounds can be kind of annoying to some – my daughter hates the way it sounds but I don’t mind it. I find it highly entertaining to watch my pup play with this thing!

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  2. Helene S.

    My dachshund loves toys, especially those that make noise. This Babble Ball appealed to me because it looked like it could live up to his roughness (he tends to destroy toys within minutes), and it was something different than a squeaker toy.

    I bought the size recommended on the site for my dog’s weight. When the toy came, he loved it. Even though it was hard, he was able to get it into his mouth and bring it to me to play fetch. After a few rounds of fetch, he knocked it around the room. Again, he loved it. The sounds were annoying to me, but he loved it so it was fine.

    However, about 10 minutes into his playing with it by himself, I noticed that the room was suddenly quiet. I looked up, and my dog had the toy in his mouth — stuck there. There was no danger of it going down his throat — the ball was too big — but he got it into his mouth so tightly surrounded by his teeth that he couldn’t get the ball out. He was stuck there looking at me with his mouth wide open and the ball shoved into it.

    I immediately ran to him to get it out (which took a few seconds — it was really stuck), and proceeded to immediately throw the ball in the trash. I shudder to think how long he may have been like that, mouth wide open with a ball stuck into it, if I hadn’t been right there.

    So, be very careful with a ball this hard that has no “give” to it. If it gets firmly into your dog’s mouth, they cannot squish down on it to make it smaller to get it out. I feel like a catastrophe was averted here.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    It’s like one of those toys you buy for a toddler that you quickly wish you hadn’t…then one day it mysteriously vanishes (into the attic) and you discover years later. Short version? It’s so annoying! Our Cocker Spaniel quickly worked out if he kept nudging it and throwing it around it wouldn’t shut up, this led to him having it for short periods of time but when he did have it..boy oh boy he loved it. He would bark at it, chase it, run around with it…fantastic play for him. It lasted exactly 2 days from delivery to breaking though. It no longer ‘babbles’, but he still uses it as a ball and still enjoys playing with it. Probably a result of him dropping it and throwing it. Whilst I feel it was a complete waste of money (a tennis ball would have been just as appropriate as we’re left with a plastic ball now), at least the noise has finally stopped!

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  4. jenna

    My dog had the large babble ball before which talks (the blue one), but he lost it. So I thought I would buy him a new one and saw this animal sounds one. This one is quite loud and animal sounds of a monkey, lion, frog, cat, dog and Bird are heard. My dog loves interactive and noisy toys so this suited him perfectly. I bought the Large one and this is just a bit bigger than a normal sized tennis ball. It has a plastic coating so is more for rolling it will not bounce it’s too heavy to do that. It takes AG13 size batteries which are included in the toy. Your dog will have lots of fun with this toy but it is noisy.

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  5. 4a_wonderful_world

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     This is perfect for my blind from birth Cockapoo puppy. The Medium size is slightly too big for him to pick up in his mouth which is fine as he then has to nose and chase it. It’s hard plastic which is great as it makes a noise when rolled on slabs and even grass so he can hear it before it goes off.
    He’s not really a barker but this makes him go bananas!
    I wish I had kept the plastic tag from the battery section as you can’t switch it off so if you carry it in a bag it constantly goes off.
    Perfect toy for visually impaired dogs.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    This ball is a super creative idea and my dog loved it. But it seems to have a serious flaw. There is an open slit on the back side of the ball where it is attached to the cardboard holder and a piece of the cardboard passes through the slit to keep the batteries inactive. After you get the ball, you are supposed to pull out the cardboard tab. My dog loved it so much he sometimes walked around the house carrying the ball in his mouth while it was playing. About a week after we got the ball, it stopped working so we opened it up to replace the batteries. We found that the batteries were corroded and one had leaked a little. We are guessing that dog slobber went through the slit in the ball and ruined the batteries, and we are so glad that the dog didn’t get battery acid in his mouth. We are going to try one more time and this time we are using a little silicon caulk to plug up the slit. Hopefully that will take care of the problem. UPDATE: We bought brand-name new batteries, covered the hole with tape and it now works but it is very intermittent. It will work for a little bit and then go silent for quite awhile. My dog still absolutely loves it and carries it around in his mouth for an hour or more waiting for it to go off. Unfortunately, most of the time it is silent.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     My 7-month pup absolutely loves this ball. It’s one of his favorite toys and it keeps him entertained! He loves to play with it in his bed or chase it throughout the house. (The animal sounds can get annoying but we just take it away and give it back to him after a while.)
    It came with batteries which lasted about 2 weeks. Our pup tends to bump the ball against the door and walls when playing with it so we thought that was the end of it and that it had finally quacked its last quack and howled its last howl. Luckily it only needed new batteries, which lasted about 3 weeks. We keep it away from hard floors and put it in a sock from time to time to soften the blows, which does help. Great ball!

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  8. Ally

    This is a fantastic thing in many ways and it certainly kept our labrador’s attention, to the exclusion of everything and anything else. The only real downside is that it’s made of such hard plastic and our kitchen quickly became like a giant bagatelle table, with the ball flying everywhere with a loud crash. We tried putting it inside a couple of old socks to cushion it, but this quickly proved a bad idea, as the dog could now fling it about in the air and it was a question of what would be smashed first, the microwave, the glass oven door or the windows.
    With the non-stop manic sounds from the device, the crashing of it against expensive fixtures and fittings and the dog charging around like a crazy thing, it all degenerates into a nightmare game of capture the Babble, where all we want to do is grab it and hide it away before the dog becomes even more wild chasing it (it moves very fast on a tiled floor). It certainly wears the dog out, but unfortunately, it wears us out too. All this thing needs to make it more civilised is a thick rubber coating, so that it doesn’t wreck the house – that would be a 5 star improvement.

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  9. R Burke

    My dog loves this and it is pretty much indestructible. She HATED it at first and just barked at it for about a week straight, but she came to love it and now just runs around with it in her mouth all the time and howls when the ball howls. Pretty hilarious. It has been totally chewed off to the point that it’s some feat trying to pry off the top to change the batteries, but it’s been chewed to death, left out in the rain, rolled in the dirt, probably peed on – and it still works. The noises are super annoying, but after seeing how much enjoyment your pet gets out of it,you get over it. I’ve had one of these for about 3 years and only had to change the batteries and just ordered a new one. Best and most long lasting toy I’ve ever had.Might not look pretty after a few weeks, but it’ll still be kicking.

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  10. Em. K

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     My 7 month old puppy LOVES this ball and it keeps him busy for hours. He carries it around in his mouth making little happy noises. A couple of the animal noises the ball makes are dog noises (barks and a howl) so I was worried he would bark loudly at it, but he does not. The only response (besides love) is that every couple of times the “howl” plays, he’ll throw his little head back and let out a little howl. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever (as long as you don’t mind a howling puppy). See video for the howl! Hopefully it lasts a long time because he is a pretty big fan.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     My little Maltese/ShihTsu girl is crazy about this toy, although her Bichon Frise brother could not care less about it. Be aware that it is LOUD, and there is no volume control or on/off switch. On a wood floor, it makes a rattling sound just rolling, and the animal sounds might irritate you if you have sensitive ears. If there is a loud sound in the house, such as a dog barking, or even loud thunder outside, the sounds may activate even if the ball isn’t being used. We bought the large ball and put it into an old hollow fabric dog toy. This keeps it from rolling under the furniture while she is playing with it, and it stops the noise it makes as it rolls on a hard floor. If you can view the attached video, you can see what we put it into, but I would imagine an old sock tied at the ends would serve the same purpose. Wait until the end of the video to see the cutest little howl she does when she plays with this toy.

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    Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball Interactive Dog Toy, Makes Barnyard & Jungle Sounds When Touched
    Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball Interactive Dog Toy, Makes Barnyard & Jungle Sounds When Touched
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