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Tineco – Pure One S12 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum – Black


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Specification: Tineco – Pure One S12 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum – Black



Crevice Tool


Vacuum Type

Stick vacuums

Bin Capacity

0.16 gallons

Product Weight

6.35 pounds



Compatible Floor Type

All floors



Filter Type


Multi Surface


Battery Charge Time

240 minutes

Maximum Runtime

50 minutes

Cleaning Path Width

10.4 inches



Product Name

Pure One S12 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum

Additional Accessories Included

Crevice Tool

Model Number

Pure One S12



Color Category


Product Height

44.02 inches

Product Length

8.78 inches

Product Width

10.23 inches


21.6 volts

Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

2 years

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor

2 years



Photos: Tineco – Pure One S12 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum – Black

8 reviews for Tineco – Pure One S12 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum – Black

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  1. Rhostam

    A flexible and smart cordless vacuum that offers a wealth of cool features and power.
    * Svelte. This unit looks great. Stark white, black accents, and chrome trim. It looks great for a vacuum.
    * Easy to read display. The touch controls and status displays are great. The display shows how hard the vacuum is working (i.e. how dirty the surface is), the remaining battery life, and other status depending on what is going on.
    * Smart + easy controls. The unit is smart. By default, auto mode will provide as much power as the unit thinks it needs. When it detects more debris it increases power. There is even a handy toggle that you can use to keep the unit on rather than keep the trigger depressed. Finally, you can operate this unit on manual mode and use the touch-sensitive slider to control just how much power you need. Of course, total run time correlates directly with how much power the unit is using. For that reason, listed run times won’t be that helpful.
    * Attachments. This unit comes with a boatload of attachments to perform specific functions. This is super handy because my other handhelds don’t have that many and so it’s difficult to do certain spot cleanings, for instance.
    * Ergonomic. The unit attachments including the main direct drive power brush attachment have angled necks where appropriate. This means that it is easy to swivel the unit to get under tough to reach spots and for cleaning staircases. I have another handheld vacuum that works really well at floors, but not so much on stairs or in spot cleaning situations. That is where this unit shines.
    * Wall mount! I cannot overstate how pleased I am that this unit comes with a wall-mount for the main unit, the spare battery, and a few of the larger attachments. I get to keep this thing off of the floor and don’t have to hassle with disconnecting and connecting cords (thereby decreasing cable life – the main concern with my existing Shark). No awkward leaning against the wall, no misplaced attachments. It’s convenient and looks nice.
    * Easy to clean. The unit can be broken down quite easily for maintenance and cleaning. Speaking of which, emptying the bin is also a breeze.
    * Spare battery! Yep, a spare battery.
    * Pre-filter cleaning attachment. This device has an attachment that you insert the pre-filter in when it is dirty, and it reverses cleans the pre-filter. This helps extend its consumable life and is a nifty inclusion.
    * Dust Bin. The dust bin size isn’t as large as I’d like. But, considering how much power the unit has, I think that something larger might lead to poorer performance pretty quickly in a cleaning session. Frequent emptying of the bin will likely ensure better performance and longevity.
    * Wifi capability (mobile app). I’m not sure what features are exposed using the mobile app experience because I couldn’t get the app to connect to the vacuum using the (surprisingly) detailed instructions. The caveat they list is 2Ghz only, so I really didn’t feel it was worth my effort in making this work since it would involve me making router changes, bouncing the network, etc, just to get a vacuum to work. I don’t know how to make this easier, but this is a problem for most appliances like this (I faced the same issue on a robot vacuum and a mop vacuum I own – even if they eventually connected). I really wanted to deduct 1 * because of this annoyance, but since I don’t know what I’m missing, I’ll leave it.
    So far the device has been super helpful. We have a corgi and our carpet is a dark shade of grey, almost charcoal. His hair isn’t too noticeable, surprisingly, but it is still there. Cleaning it with the Shark in handheld mode is a pain in the butt because the main brush head is awkward and limp by design. The main brush on the Tineco, however, has a strong neck and is angled such that you can easily vacuum staircases standing up or with the extender removed. No back pain!
    We vacuum our main (2nd) floor daily (hardwood) and we vacuum the 1st and 3rd floors weekly (carpet/tile) along with all of the staircases and landings. The picture of the dust bin shows approximately 8-10 minutes of use on the staircase leading from the 2nd floor to the 3rd and to the 3rd-floor catwalks.
    I have a four-story home and we need to clean every floor with something. We have tested this unit on our carpet and hardwoods and it definitely does better than our Deebot, cordless Shark, and our cordless Bissell wet/dry mop. It probably falls behind our *corded* Dyson Ball for obvious reasons but excels in its accessibility, mobility, and included attachments.
    Only time will tell, but this vacuum seems to be a promising keeper! I definitely recommend it.

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  2. jago

    The Tineco PureOne S12 cordless stick vacuum is just one of the many options you have for cordless vacuums these days. I believe this one is one of the best ones out there that I have used. It has more options than most other vacuums and it cleans extremely well. I feel that it has more power and cleans better than my plug-in regular vacuum and much better than my other (premium) brand cordless stick vacuum. This is a high-tech vacuum that the manufacture claims you can control with an app on your phone, however, I was unable to get it to connect. I believe it was because this only works on a 2.4 GHz frequency and my mesh system does 2.4 and 5 GHz. I gave up on it and it was not worth trying to get it to work when the touch screen works great.
    Now let’s talk about attachments, this thing has just about everything you could ever want or need included in the box. You have a Crevice tool, a flexible long crevice tool, soft dusting brush, mini power brush, 2-in-1 dusting brush, and a big power bush with LED lights. You also are given two batteries, a hair cleaning tool and two pre filters along with a special tool that cleans them. There is also a charging cradle that holds the S12, extra battery (charging), and three tools.
    Using this to clean my carpet has been super easy and even though the unit is a little on the heavy side, it does not feel heavy when you are using it. A huge plus is the switch by the trigger to keep it running so you do not have to hold down the button the whole time. The touch screen on the unit is pretty neat as well, you can have a quick view of exactly how much battery is left and you can adjust the power using the touch slider. The auto mode is what I have been using the most, there is a dust sensor onboard and it will automatically kick up the power when it detects more dust to increase cleaning. The lighted ring around the screen will light up and alert you to what the sensor is detecting…it defaults to blue and will light up a reddish color as it detects dirt. It works well too, as I am vacuuming over heavily trafficked areas, I see the color change and other areas that are not as bad, it is all blue. Emptying out the dust bin is very easy; however, I have had a few clumps of dust and hair stuck inside so I had to manually extract it with my fingers.
    This cordless vacuum is on par with a more expensive brand and I believe it preforms just as good as that other brand at a lower cost with many more attachments. Battery life is just as good as well when you factor in both batteries. A single battery will last about 25 minutes on low/auto power and 10 minutes on high power, so double that since you are given two batteries.
    Overall, I am incredibly happy with the Tineco PureOne S12 and its many attachments. It is easy to use, cleans well, and it stores nicely in its cradle. You cannot go wrong with this unit.
    Touch screen
    Auto mode
    extra battery
    Trigger lock
    Small dust bin
    Occasional clogging
    Wi-Fi app

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  3. Nataraj

    1. Smart Vaccum – This Vaccum is really smart as it detects the amount of dirt on the surface and it adjusts the suction power accordingly.
    2. It is easy to use on both Carpet as well as Hard floors.
    3. Attachments – Comes with a wide variety of attachments/brush tools.
    4. Design – Very well designed. The Vaccum is made out of high quality materials and has light weight making it easy to vaccum around the house.
    5. Power – 450 watt motor with the suction power of 150 watts. Great power for Handheld vaccum.
    6. Quick release lock makes it easy to attach/remove the attachments.
    7. 2 Li-ion batteries – Helps the vaccum to run around 100 minutes with full charge which is sufficient enough for medium sized homes.
    8. With the wall bracket 2 batteries can be charged simultaneously and the vaccum and has the space to store 3 attachments. Also the wall bracket helps save space.
    9. Digital display –
    a. Battery indicator – Displayed in both % as well as Green to Red indicator light which helps us to know the amount of juice left on the battery
    b. Suction indicator – In Auto mode the Suction indicator fluctuates up and down to indicate the amount of suction.
    c. Red/Blue indicator – The loop changes from Red to Blue depending on the amount of dust.
    d. Other indicators – Indicators for Wifi strength, Tangled Brush Roller, Suction air movement blocked and Dust sensor not working.
    10. Its easy to reach under the couches or bed frames or in between chair legs.
    11. LED lights provides more visibility especially in low lit places or below the furnitures or chairs.
    12. Smart phone app might help to know the Status of the filter if it needs to be cleaned or replaced and also records the cleaning cycle – the number of times we have used the vaccum to give real time statistics of the past data.
    1. Dustbin is relatively smaller which requires frequent cleaning but it has been designed smaller to reduce the overall weight of the vaccum.
    2. App might come handy to know the status of the filter or cleaning cycle but adjusting the suction may not come handy as it can be adjusted on the vaccum as the vaccum itself is not automatic.

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    I really enjoyed using this smart vacuum for numerous reasons.
    I used it on my high and shaggy carpet and it exceeded my expectations.
    Overall it’s a great product and I’m surprised that I did not know about the brand but the Tineco PureOne S12 EX Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum is a great way to learn the brand.
    -Packaged nicely and had good instructions and easy assembly.
    -The weight of it is not bad at all.
    -Connection to the WiFi was a breeze and took only a few minutes.
    -The smart screen is easy to understand and use
    – Dust collector is easy to empty with a touch of a button without even having to take it apart and dirty my hands.
    -Wall mount/charging station is easy to install and is a great space saver option for small houses to get the vac off the floor and out of the way.
    -The Tineco comes with two batteries that hold a good amount of charge. I used it for about a half hour while switching settings/suction power and vacuumed my whole basement with it and it still had 62% charge left.
    -The mobility of it is amazing. It can lay completely flat on the ground so I can easily get under my couches now!
    -It had an option to turn the on/off switch for constant use or you can use the trigger whenever you need the suction, which is a nice option to have especially when you’re using the attachments to vacuum your couch and you need to move cushions around.
    -Numerous attachments that will help you reach any corner of your house.
    -Great suction power for a Vac that runs off battery (even on eco mode)- it seems like the higher the power, the lower to the ground it goes for better suction.
    -The noise is not bad, it didn’t even wake a sleeping baby.
    -Great for all type of floors and a necessity if you have pets so you can suck up the pet hairs.
    – Needs a free stand so I don’t have to try to balance it up against a wall or anything when I stop using it for a second.
    – Since the higher the power the lower to the ground it goes, (like it grips the carpet), it makes it a little hard to push it around in high carpets since the wheels are quite small.
    -Small dust collector. It can be a little bigger to limit the amount of times I have to empty it, but then again this is personal preference.
    I decided to see how much more suction power the tineco had over my deep cleaning vacuum so I cleaned up with the deep cleaning vacuum first than used the tineco and wow, I was blown away from all the extra dust it picked up. Included are some pictures of what the Tineco vacuum picked up after the 1st run using another vacuum.
    I’m shocked on the quality and suction power that the Tineco pure one S12 vacuum has. I’m not too familiar with the brand but it’s performance so far is outstanding

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  5. GamerDad

    Unboxing the Tineco S12 was a little more challenging than I expected. So much cardboard! On the upside, all of the many included parts were very well protected in various padded bags and individual boxes. Everything arrived in pristine condition. There are a lot of included parts. I can’t think of an accessory I might want that is not included.
    So far, my favorite attachment would be the mini power brush. Attached directly to the vacuum main body, it’s very lightweight and easy to maneuver. It makes short work of the stairs.
    Back to the main vacuum head. It does a wonderful job on carpet and hard floors. I love the LEDs that light the way, and it really picked up anything I threw at it. Our dog’s long hair became an issue as it wound around the beater brush. It didn’t affect performance, but the brush is visible through the clear vacuum head, so it was obvious that something was wrapped up on it. Hair wound around the beater brush has been an issue with every vacuum we’ve ever had, but this one is the easiest to clean, by far. The beater brush is easily removable from the vacuum head! No more getting down on the floor in an awkward position trying to wrest hair and debris from the brush. I removed the brush, slid the included hair cleaning tool under the wound-up hair, and voila! The tangle is gone. When your cleanup is completed, replacing the brush in the head is easy.
    The display on this vacuum conveys more information than a vintage car dashboard! Highlights are battery life, dust monitoring sensor, and power indicator (I called it motor speed until I read the manual). The motor speed can be left on automatic or set manually using a touch slider. Automatic seems to do a great job. It extends battery life/vacuum run time by operating the motor only as fast as it needs to. Speed varies as dust is detected, and you can follow the action by observing the color of the dust monitoring loop; as dust is detected, the blue loop transitions toward red, then back to blue as the dust clears.
    The Tineco S12 is the quietest vacuum I’ve ever used. While running it, I was surprised that I could clearly hear the television. I can talk to someone in the room and not even raise my voice. I could probably use it in the room while someone’s on the phone and not be a nuisance. It’s that quiet.
    If I had a complaint regarding its cleaning ability, it would be that it doesn’t do as good a job along baseboards as I would like, even with the power set to maximum. But then there are the extendable brush attachments to get into the hard-to-reach corners.
    I wish that there was a standalone way to charge/recharge the batteries that did not require a wall mount. I would really appreciate an option for a plug-in charger that would just accept the two batteries, and I could keep the vacuum and accessories out of the way in a closet.
    The unit comes with two batteries. The wall-mounted dock receives the vacuum for charging, and it also has a separate receptacle for the second battery. I think I’ll need to remember to swap batteries every now and then so that one does not get used more often and perhaps shorten its life. It’s nice to always have two batteries at the ready, but I don’t know how much use the second battery will get. After the first charge, I ran the vacuum continuously for about 35 minutes before the battery got below 20%. It probably would have run longer, but I was looking for tough jobs (dust bunnies under the bed) to really get a feel for its cleaning power and observe the operation of the dust monitor on the display. I love the freedom of vacuuming without a power cord getting stuck on furniture or tethering me to a room.
    Overfilling the dustbin made it a chore to empty. That is not a mistake I’ll repeat. Just empty after each use, and it’s a breeze. Push the button, and the dustbin cover drops open allowing its contents to easily fall into the trash.
    I think “lightweight and easy to maneuver” is probably the most apt phrase to describe this excellent vacuum. It makes short work of cleaning tasks and then stores away neatly in its wall-mounted dock. I would recommend it without hesitation.

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  6. k1zit

    I’ve used several stick vacuums by now but I’ve never been able to geek out like I did with this Tineco stick vac. It’s hands down the most high-tech vaccum I’ve ever used. I don’t know any premium stick vac on the market right now that has an accompanying android/ios app. And it isn’t just the app that sets it aside for me. Tineco outfitted this vac with several sensors that actually served a functional purpose during my time using it.
    In terms of performance, this is also one of the best stick vacs Ive ever used; easily rivaling the top competition on the market. It does so at a lower cost and with even more accessories. It’s not without its drawbacks though. However, these “drawbacks” are for the most part minor. Below, I have put together a list of pros and cons that I found during my time using this vaccum.
    – Great build quality and gorgeous modern design. It’s refreshing to see Tineco deviating from the traditional silver and grey colorway and going with a white and black theme.
    -Has an “auto lock” lever that when set, prevents you from having to constantly hold down the trigger button.
    -Very powerful suction on max. Easily rivals my other two premium stick vacs.
    -Innovative filter cleaning system. Huge fan of this. Tineco includes a pre-filter cleaning tool that looks like a mini brush. It comes with a clean spare filter. Once your filter is dirty you basically swap it out for the clean one, put the dirty one in the cleaning tool, and power on the vac and let it run it’s cycle. Ingenious!!
    -Very good battery on lower settings (Using the “Auto” feature I got 24 mins use and still had 64% left).
    -Comes with a spare battery.
    -True HEPA filtration.
    -***”Auto mode only*** – The “Iloop” sensor actually works well and detects dust and dirt in real time. It adjusts the vacs suction power accordingly. This is the most battery efficient technology I’ve seen in a vacuum. I tested this by sprinkling metamucil powder on my carpet and the Iloop ring actually changed color when going over the powder and increased suction.
    -Dust bin sensor alerts you via the Tineco app when the bin is at max capacity.
    -Fantastic touch based slider on the front of the vac that allows you to manually adjust suction power to your liking (can also be done from the app).
    -Comes with an LED strip on the front of the main brush head for illuminating darker areas (many premium vacs lack this for some reason and I’ve actually found it to be useful).
    – Very smooth roller action when vacuuming back and forth. Very little resistance.
    -The attachments are plentiful. Most I’ve ever seen come with a stick vac. They are listed below:
    -Mini power brush
    -2in1 dusting brush
    -Crevice tool
    -Soft dusting brush
    -Flexible long crevice tool
    -Automatic pre-filter cleaning tool + extra pre-filter
    -Most organized box packaging I’ve ever seen for a stick vac
    -Clumps of dust occassionally get trapped in the upper narrow area of the dust bin (see picture). This means two things. You either have to get your hands dirty by digging in there to pull the clumps, or you can manually detach the filter to allow the clumps to fall freely.
    -Poor battery life on max (to be expected).
    -Not a fan of the charging system. I must note that this is more of a personal issue because I don’t like to mount anything to my walls. If you’re not going to use the mounting system for the vacuum with the attachable battery dock, you will need to seperately charge the battery in the oddly shaped dock that doesn’t sit flat (see picture).
    -Chrome plated plastic accents. Maybe I’m in the minority but I feel plastic should never be chrome plated. It just gives off a cheap vibe.
    -Tineco app is a bit of a pain to setup. Had to use manual mode to pair the vacuum. Also, it wasn’t mentioned anywhere but you HAVE to be on your 2.4 GHZ wireless SSID (not your 5Ghz Wi-Fi network) in order for it to work. This device will not pair on the 5 GHz band.
    -Very slight audible rattle that seems to come from the main brush head when passing vaccum back and forth. To be fair, this can only be heard on the lower settings. I could not hear it on medium+ settings.
    Overall, I am very impressed with this stick vac. It offers much more in terms of tech and accessories than a lot of it’s competition in the higher end tier. More importantly, it does so without compromising on performance. Didn’t think I’d say this, but I actually look forward to vacuuming because of all the bells and whistles it has. I highly recommend this vacuum if youre very much into tech and looking for a premium stick vac.

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  7. Mike

    This vacuum is the perfect blend of portability, weight, and power! It is easy to maneuver throughout your entire home, with ample attachments for cleaning your flooring and furniture, and the battery life is very good, even at full power! I was able to clean my entire 1,000 sq. ft. apartment on full power and auto-power once per mode on a single charge and spot clean some tougher areas of my home, too! In the end, the batter was still over 25% and probably could have gone for another round of auto mode! The main brush head is wide enough to cover a lot of floor in each pass, but small enough to be ultra-maneuverable and fit comfortably under most other furniture to get at the most stubborn dust bunnies! Using the power brush or dust heads, the system is light enough to comfortable tackle spider webs and dust that may accumulate on ceiling vents. The vacuum is so quiet, you’ll easily be able to hear music, TV, or others in your home while using it. My favorite accessory is the filter cleaner, which comes with a second filter, to clean the filter and ensure proper suction. This makes a usually mundane and difficult task of routine filter cleaning into an easy, one-minute process that the vacuum does itself! Cleaning of the rest of the unit is very easy as well, just follow the easy instruction either in the manual or the companion app on your phone. The app is something that I have yet to fully find to be a fully necessary part of the experience, but it is nice that it tracks how long it’s been since you’ve performed different tasks, and gives you a other interesting metrics on performance.
    All told, I would definitely recommend this vacuum for anyone who needs a powerful vacuum that is both compact and lightweight enough to keep your home clean while remaining out of sight, but looks nice to the point where you’ll find yourself showing it off to guests!

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  8. JDThird

    There is a lot of cardboard here to get rid of after you unpack this. Things are packaged well and nothing really has a chance to get damaged during shipping short of a truck crushing it utterly.
    There are several stickers that have to be removed – and most leave behind a nasty residue, and that’s always one of my pet peeves with new products. There are so many better ways to attach stickers and notices to a device that do NOT leave behind any residue that you need goo-gone or something to clean up.
    Once unpacked, I got it charging. The vacuum itself shows the charge level, the battery charger on the side has no way to know when it’s charged or not. But this is also another way they could have improved the product – many devices have screens that can flip. Since this stores and charges upside down, it would have been nice if either the entire display flipped, or at least just the percentage, so it was simple and easy to read when it’s on the charger.
    I have been using Dysons for decades. I started with their very first one available here in the states, and have stuck with them. Every time I tried another brand, I was disappointed. I have the V8 cordless and two different corded full sized vacuums.
    So I wanted to see how this would compare, had to head, against the V8 that I have. It’s not their newest, but it still works great as it’s only about three months old.
    I got the app set up, which was simple enough to do. Turn it on for 2 seconds, then remove the bin, hit the wireless button underneath, and then set it up for your WIFI network. Took a minute or two, and I had no hangups anywhere. I had to create an online account, another thing that went smooth, and strangely enough this is the only thing I think I’ve set up in years where it didn’t confirm the email address used to register. So I guess you could probably just make up any email address and be good to go as long as you didn’t need to reset something. I did later get a registration successful message from them, but at no point did I have to prove the email address I used was mine.
    Then came the time for the testing. I had the standard carpet brush on my Dyson, not the soft wood floor brush, and I divided my dining room in half. I vacuumed one side with the Dyson, going over it TWICE, something I never do when I’m vacuuming. I normally just go over things a single time. Then I did the same on the other side with the Tineco, vacuuming the entire area twice, just like the Dyson side, alternating directions so that I knew I had good coverage.
    First thing I noted – the noise level. It’s ridiculously quiet compared to the Dyson. Even on manual settings when I crank up the power, it’s not as loud or high pitched as the Dyson’s motor.
    It moved easily, smoothly rolling across the carpet as I vacuumed. The LED light on the front is a cute little gimmick, but hardly useful since it’s right at carpet level so all it really did was create more shadows along the surface of teh carpet since it’s RIGHT down there on top of it. Had they actually mounted it up some on the roller attachment, or simply put little flood lights on the vacuum body itself up top, it may have been useful. But where they are positioned it does little to no good most of the time. I could see if I was vacuuming under something like a bed that it may be handy at that point. But the rest of the time, seems pointless and I wish there was a way to disable them to leave the battery for just the vacuuming portion of things.
    Once both sides were done, I grabbed the Tineco to go over where I vacuumed twice with the Dyson. And I saw things getting picked up that were not caught by the Dyson. I thought this was a good sign, until I had the exact same results on the Tineco side with the Dyson, picking up things that the other didn’t. I tried again in the great room, then the hallways, and it’s always the same result – each picks up some stuff that the other didn’t. This may simply be due to the brush materials, that each grabs fibers from the carpeting that the other can’t grab.
    The display is definitely beyond Dyson’s products. My V8 has no display at all, and even their newest flagship doesn’t have this much information.
    The power adjustment with the sliding controller worked well, and it’s nice to have more than just a HIGH / LOW option like I do on the Dyson.
    I am trying to see if I can see anything specific changing as I vacuum and it senses more or less dust and such, but it seems to be stuck in the same position consistently. Which simply tells me there’s not much dirt in my carpets. Makes sense since I vacuum, and there’s only my son and I here, not much traffic.
    I was disappointed that the website shows the list of accessories that come with it, but the product doesn’t actually come with what is listed for the base model even. For the base S12, the manufacturer’s page shows 7 attachments, and this came with only 6. There is no flexible long crevice tool included that they show for the S12 or the S12 plus. I didn’t expect all the extras the S12 Plus came with, but I would have hoped it was at least comparable with the base model. But the website doesn’t even show the EX model so it may just be this is a lesser model than the standard S12. Not enough information available at this time. But it did come with the rest, which in some instances seem a waste. There is a 2 in 1 dusting brush, so what is the need for a soft dusting brush? Especially as the bristles on the 2 in 1 seem a bit softer and more flexible than the soft dusting brush anyway.
    I do like that it also comes with a tool to clean the filter. That’s a nice touch, something else the Dyson doesn’t have.
    The generic brush head seems to work about as well as the Dyson one does on the hard flooring surfaces like the tile in the kitchen and bathroom.
    I am not a fan though of the bin compared to the Dyson. It just isn’t as smooth and easy to open, close, empty, or remove. It works, it just isn’t as nicely engineered apparently.
    Attachments are easy enough to swap out, and I have no issues with anything coming off or feeling loose.
    And overall this feels nicely constructed. The plastic isn’t cheap feeling, and the entire unit exudes solidity, reliability.
    One big win over Dyson – removeable batteries, so you can charge while vacuuming. Having two that you can swap out just means this suddenly becomes a potential vacuum for an entire house, something that the Dyson models with their single built in battery can’t really claim. That is why I still have two Dyson corded vacuums, since if I want to do a whole house cleaning, the cordless one would not last long enough. This one, though, could. And if two batteries aren’t enough for your mansion, you could always buy additional.
    So my testing leaves me unable to say that this cleans better than the Dyson. But unlike most other vacuums I’ve tried over the years, at least it semes to clean as WELL as the Dyson. It has features the Dyson doesn’t come with, and more attachments that are standard, even if it is missing one that is advertised. The control of the unit with the variable power slider, and its own ability to sense and adjust itself automatically are even more features that Dyson lacks. As is the removable battery.
    This really does a good job of being able to compete head to head with the Goliath of the vacuum world, and to beat it in some ways. And right now it is on sale, making it even MORE of a viable option for someone looking for a good vacuum.

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    Tineco – Pure One S12 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum – Black
    Tineco – Pure One S12 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum – Black

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