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DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser – Desk Cycle Mini Exercise Peddler – Stationary Cycle & Mini Exercise Bike for Home Workout & Desk…

DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser – Desk Cycle Mini Exercise Peddler – Stationary Cycle & Mini Exercise Bike for Home Workout & Desk…


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  • Multi-task: Our quality under desk bike keeps you focused, improves productivity and burns far more calories than a standing desk. Can fit under desks as low as 27inches
  • Effective: With more than twice the resistance range of other bike desks, our under desk bike has 8 calibrated resistance settings, so you’re the one in control.
  • Smooth & Quiet: DeskCycle pedal exerciser uses premium magnetic resistance for a super smooth pedal motion. This is great for your joints and whisper quiet.
  • User Friendly: This mini exercise bike has simple settings. The 6 function removable LCD display tells you everything you need to know – including your speed, time & distance.
  • Thoughtful Gift: Looking for a great gift for someone who wants to get more active? This mini exercise bike is perfect for anyone that wants to improve their general well-being.

Specification: DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser – Desk Cycle Mini Exercise Peddler – Stationary Cycle & Mini Exercise Bike for Home Workout & Desk…

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

24 x 20 x 10 inches, 23 Pounds

Item model number



2 AA batteries required.

Date First Available

January 16, 2013


3D Innovations

Photos: DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser – Desk Cycle Mini Exercise Peddler – Stationary Cycle & Mini Exercise Bike for Home Workout & Desk…

8 reviews for DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser – Desk Cycle Mini Exercise Peddler – Stationary Cycle & Mini Exercise Bike for Home Workout & Desk…

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Ted Smegus

    I took the opportunity to try a couple of other cheaper models in stores but found them jerky when peddling. I gambled on the DeskCycle and purchased from Amazon. it has a beautifully fluid motion, is very sturdy and extremely easy to set up and use. I have it tucked under my home office desk and jump on when I am listening in on meetings. Ordinarily I find myself sitting in the same position for hours on end while working and having the desk cycle available at my feet means I can keep my circulation going. It is not an exercise bike in the normal sense, that isn’t the point of it, but it is possible to work up a sweat on the max setting. You can also place it on a table or get down on your knees and cycle using your arms, but that is a tough exercise as it is not a natural movement. I am not a gambler but I do not regret for one moment purchasing this item.

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  2. Tammy McLeod

    I have been using it at work every day at work. I keep it at a low tension and pedal as I read documents and deal with email. It is quiet and comfortable. My feet are swollen when I sit all day, but no swelling when I pedal. I also don’t feel all crippled up when I get up from my seat when I use it (as I do when just sitting). It was delivered ahead of time also. I would recommend this product.

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  3. sanddollars

    I was not sponsored for this review, I bought these for my own good because I now have no excuses for not moving.
    I purchased this and the 

    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike, Gray

    . When I did a search for “desk cycle” the DeskCycle and this were the first two that came up. I did some extensive research to see if this was worth getting instead of a walking treadmill desk. The price difference between a walking treadmill desk and an under desk bike is HUGE and each setup has its own pros and cons… but if you don’t have that big of a budget to afford a treadmill desk to work out while on the computer… the under desk cycle is great!

    I use the DeskCycle for home ( I spend lots of time on the computer after work, I’m also a PC gamer!), and the Sunny Exercise Bike at work (I work full time).

    Things to consider:
    If this is your first time setting up a bike under your desk, it is NORMAL to have to make desk/chair adjustments because you need to make sure you have a comfortable and ergonomic setup or your back can get strained over long periods of time. The instructions included with the DeskCycle provide good recommendations and tips for this, and they have a support website too that contains awesome info!

    My dimensions:
    I’m 5 feet 1″. I compared using this against my 6′ husband and he didn’t seem to like it. He’s picky about his desk setup and with his stagnant and stationary setup he likes the way his desk is currently setup. With the deskcycle he would have to make major adjustments and raise the desk because his knees kept on hitting the desk. I could imagine taller people than me would have this issue but it is NORMAL to make desk adjustments if possible to accommodate for this desk bike device.

    – Very quiet
    – Easy and quick to assemble (it took me less than 30 minutes)
    – Well packaged out of the box
    – Sturdy pedal straps, Straps are permanently attached to the pedal and are adjusted via velcro
    – LCD monitor is removable and can be extended to be placed on top of a desk for display
    – When setup properly my knees don’t hit the desk
    – You can and will break a sweat while using this, at least I did (resistance set to 2 and I’m at “20”+mph? if I’m reading this correctly)
    – No weird pungent factory smell (see below) out of the box

    – When first using the bike I found it difficult to concentrate on whatever I was doing on the computer, but after a day or two of constant use you get used to it
    – No handle for easy transportation if needed
    – Not really sure what the LCD units of measurement are, it’s not super clear

    Sunny Mini Exercise Bike (cheaper than the DeskCycle)
    – has a handle for easy transportation
    – Pretty much what I mentioned about the DeskCycle with some minor differences
    – Easy setup, less than 30 mins out of the box
    – Very quiet, my coworkers sitting next to me don’t even notice nor hear a thing when I start pedaling

    – It smells like hardcore factory smell out of the box. Similar to walking into Harbor Freight.
    – LCD screen is not removable
    – The pedal straps don’t look as sturdy as the DeskCycle straps. They can detach from the pedal and over time it can rip from overuse. It’s a rubbery material. Straps adjust similar to putting a watch tab in different holes.

    – Sunny Exercise Bike pedals are slightly higher off the ground than the DeskCycle
    – Sunny’s LCD screen is not removable, you only display it from the front. (DeskCycle default is from the back)
    – DeskCycle includes a long velcro strap to tether your rolling chair to the bike, Sunny does not
    – Sunny has a handle for transportation, DeskCycle does not
    – My observation between the two…. the DeskCycle has a more rigid construction than the Sunny Bike. DeskCycle has more comprehensive instructions than the Sunny Bike does.

    – With either one you still need to set up your desk/chair as ergonomically as possible
    – Both of these force you to sit up straight
    – You should take a break after a long period of cycling nonstop every once in a while unless you want some slight lower back pain and sweat at work
    – The measurements between the two appear to be very close to each other when looking at the LCD screen using the same resistance and energy force on your legs
    – With a good diet and using this, you will lose weight. So far I have in 1 week, maybe about a 1lb or two. Results will vary.

    Extra bonus stuff for fun:
    – I strapped a Fitbit watch 

    Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Plum, Silver, Small (US Version)

     to my left foot and it still measures steps while using these two desk bikes…. I left it on and it registers as either walk or elliptical when looking at my Fitbit dashboard!

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  4. Dana Carter

    This thing is amazing. I read the reviews and figured it would be decent… but it’s better than I expected. It was very easy to put together and fits nicely under my desk. It took some practice to be able to use it without my chair rolling away, but I got the hang of it (it does come with a strap to help with that too, but that was not a convenient option for me). This thing is worth every penny.

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  5. CSharp

    I was a bit skeptical at first but my wife kept insisting I get this one for her because it is small, can fit under any desk, and can be carried to anywhere she wants. It’s also expensive. When it arrived, the package was on it’s original packaging and it’s quite nicely packed. The main fly housing, legs, pedals, and the display panel were nice packed and disassembled inside the box and it takes no time to assemble the DeskCycle. It comes with good instructions on assembly and I do recommend it to be read first even though the assembly looks pretty straight forward. Once assembled, the DeskCycle does look exactly as pictured and it is pretty low profile and does feel very solid. Now comes the surprise. When you start to spin the crank, the fly has absolutely no noise or is very minimal. Second thing you notice is that it is very smooth from the easiest settings to the hardest settings. My wife absolutely loves this thing and she does it while watching TV and she does it while working on the computer. I tried it for half an hour and I set the setting between 5 and 6 and I was sweating quite a bit after 15 minutes. I train on a fluid trainer and it is tough, but this magnetic trainer actually gives enough resistance that you actually feel it on the higher settings. I definitely recommend this to anyone. The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of the price and shipping I had to pay for it. if it was sold by Amazon solely, I’m sure it would have been cheaper and with free shipping. Everything about this exercise machine is quality and robust. In summary, the DeskCycle main features are: small, smooth, quiet, nicely built (quality).

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  6. Jennifer G.

    Lifesaver! A Type 2 Diabetics new best friend!

    I’ve had horrible A1C for the past several years at around 10. Then last year I went low carb, hi fat diet and lost 83 pounds so far and dropped my insulin injects from 200 units per day down to 24. Recently with this DeskCycle, I could get off insulin altogether. Just one 20 minute session of interval cardio (on tension setting 2 only) drops my blood sugar by 30 mg/dl! I often start around 105 mg/dL and end up at 79 mg/dL! I only do 15 second all out burts to where I get to breathing hard, then cycle slowly for 45 seconds to recuperate. Rinse and repeat.

    What’s nice about this DeskCycle is I can use the sofa. I get to lay back in it and this where there is no buttock, tailbone, hip pain. The sofa also supports my back. There is like no impact to any joints! I have bad joints from being diabetic and sometimes it’s hard to just walk. (hips, knees, back etc). But with this DeskCycle & the sofa, it’s saved me. No pain at all :).

    I feel so much better after excercising. I feel more calm (less cortisol) and I have better mental clarity.

    This DeskCycle combined with my low carb high fat diet really did me good.

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  7. grandmom

    I have being using this cycle because of an arthritis problem which left me with a weakened knee. My Orthopedist suggested that bicycle exercise would help and reinforce my knee without putting any pressure on it. I gradually regained the strenght in my knee and love the practicle side of it. Takes no place and I can also bring it with me anywhere in the house compared with the big models.
    Suite a un diagnostic d’Arthrose, l’Orthopediste, m’a suggéré de faire de la bicyclette sans effort pour renforcer mon genou affaibli par l’arthrose. Je l’utilise depuis peu et ça marche. Graduellement je retrouve de la force dans mon genou et j’aime le côté pratique de cet appareil car il prend peu de place et peut être déplacé aisément d’une pièce à l’autre comparé au modèles plus gros..

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  8. Almir Cutic

    I’m down 30 lbs in 7 months and feeling GREAT! This helped me build stamina and lose weight after a 4-year illness. I couldn’t do very hard exercises so I got two of these- one for work and one for home. I average 50 miles a day and when I’m home watching tv or working I make sure I’m using it. I have convinced multiple coworkers to buy these and now our corporate gym is selling them on campus. This is absolutely SILENT and it will literally be a deal breaker on accepting any future jobs if I can’t have this at my desk. I can’t believe the difference in how I feel. Also – I have been able to up the resistance and I notice that my quads are looking great! I’ve switched to pedaling backwards to help my hamstrings and I feel those developing so much as well. I have NEVER liked my thighs, even when I was thinner and a dancer, but this thing has helped tremendously! I’m SO HAPPY! EVERYONE NEEDS ONE! Now, no matter how awful work is, I know that I’m at least getting paid to improve my health.

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    DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser – Desk Cycle Mini Exercise Peddler – Stationary Cycle & Mini Exercise Bike for Home Workout & Desk…
    DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser – Desk Cycle Mini Exercise Peddler – Stationary Cycle & Mini Exercise Bike for Home Workout & Desk…
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