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Deep Tissue Massage Gun – Flyby F1Pro – Quiet Handheld Percussion Massager – Back Muscle Soreness & Recovery for Athletes – Men & Women -…

Deep Tissue Massage Gun – Flyby F1Pro – Quiet Handheld Percussion Massager – Back Muscle Soreness & Recovery for Athletes – Men & Women -…


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  • Lightweight & Portable – Weighing in at only 1.8 pounds, it’s light, easy to hold, and can go with you anywhere.
  • Low Noise – A quiet motor means a more enjoyable massage experience; our patent pending silent tech noise reduction combined with an industrial-grade with brushless motor gives F1pro uncompromised power at 45dB – quiet as an electric tooth brush.
  • Long Battery Life – The Flyby F1pro provides 4+ hours per charge with its long lasting 26V rechargeable battery.
  • Unmatched Power – Cordless rechargeable power with 3 speeds between 1,800 and 3,200 rpm, with 50 lbs of pressure, 10mm of stroke amplitude, with dual voltage.
  • 6 Attachments ‐ So you can customize your professional-grade muscle therapy. Loosen sensitive back muscles with the fork head, provide a deep tissue massage with the flat hammer head & more.

Specification: Deep Tissue Massage Gun – Flyby F1Pro – Quiet Handheld Percussion Massager – Back Muscle Soreness & Recovery for Athletes – Men & Women -…

Product Dimensions

7 x 2 x 7 inches, 3.04 Pounds

Item model number

Flyby F1Pro


1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 30, 2019



Photos: Deep Tissue Massage Gun – Flyby F1Pro – Quiet Handheld Percussion Massager – Back Muscle Soreness & Recovery for Athletes – Men & Women -…

12 reviews for Deep Tissue Massage Gun – Flyby F1Pro – Quiet Handheld Percussion Massager – Back Muscle Soreness & Recovery for Athletes – Men & Women -…

3.8 out of 5
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  1. flower

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I don’t know if it’s a problem or it’s normal but the time I used it, it’s very noisy inside the gun. It’s like there is something loose inside. Depending the angle it’s less noisy but most of the time I am wandering if it is broken inside. Can someone help me with this?
    The massage is excellent and does a great job.

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  2. Shane Decker

    It could have come in a nicer box for the original price of $200, but the device is quiet and powerful. Already had it used on my back and it was awesome. Waiting for a full charge to use it for longer, but the first impression is: WOW!
    Update: burned through two battery charges, love it, sold the idea of getting one to a friend, and three to co-workers – you’re welcome!!

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  3. Jer A

    Update: The gun is still effective and I use it nearly every day. But the noise level is not as advertised. It is quiet when running without being applied anywhere on the body but once there is even small pressure it starts making a loud clicking noise which makes it impossible to use in a lot of situations. I tried contacting the seller but got no response.

    This was delivered today and I had it out of the box and hammering away at a knot in my back within 2 minutes. The relief was almost as quick and I am impressed at the amount of power this thing has. It’s light and easy to get at most of the areas you will want to use it on. Might need a second person for your back depending how flexible you are.

    10/10, I wish I had bought this sooner.

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  4. Janice Y.

    I like the overall sleek design of this massager and was pleasantly surprised to see that it had many more attachments than in the photo. I really like the feeling of the spine attachment for my back also the smaller sphere to get into the pressure points! The downside is the matte feeling of the device feels good while it’s new, I’m not sure how it wears over time if it attracts dirt, fingerprints and oil like I’ve experienced with similar packaging.

    The device is bright we use this before we sleep to give each other back massages but the light is a bit bright and I rather have no light so that it reserves the battery. However, the light indicator gives sense of the battery power of the unit on the top row of lights and we haven’t had to recharge since our first use last week. But other than that seems like a solid product so far.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    I don’t normally write review but just pretty disappointed in customer service. This massage gun is amazing!! However, it stopped working after only a month or two and after several back and forth messages with both Flyby and Amazon, neither will offer to replace! In fact Flyby offered to replace but when a couple weeks went by and i hadn’t received the item i reached out again and they changed their tune and said they wouldn’t replace. Very frustrating and poor customer service.

    Amazon says the ‘window to return’ was within a months time of purchase but i sure would expect something at this price range to last longer than a month or two

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  6. Garth

    Looked at the reviews before my wife and I decided to buy this one and thought it looked ok. Day 1 after about 10 minutes of use the inner rod detached from the motor head INSIDE the unit. I really didn’t want to send this back over $69 so I disassembled the entire device and put the screw back in place. However this required a tad bit of enginuity. Remove backing plate and pull two wire connections, pull rubber stoppers and tiny screws, pull top off device and reassemble rod and screw to motor. Then everything in reverse to reassemble device as a whole. I was fairly disappointed that after 10 minutes I had to deal with this already. I honestly would have to say I don’t recommend this message gun. Maybe ours was a fluke but 10 minutes of use before a catastrophic break like that is pretty bad.

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  7. BDC

    Worth every penny! At this price point, it is an excellent product with multiple attachments and really good results. I have used it everyday since I got it a week ago and I haven’t charged the battery though you do need to switch the power off when it’s done or it would likely deplete the battery. I read some complaints about the lights… they are bright but I think they make it look cool : ) And they go out when you turn them off so that’s not really as big of a deal as some people have stated. I think the price point also affects the carrying case couch is just cardboard but honestly still a nice package and makes sense for the cost. I have tight IT bands and plantar Fasciitis and this is perfect for those injuries! I can’t say enough about what a great product this is a home massager.

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  8. Shawn

    I did a ton of research on massage guns over the past month and I went with this one due to what it had to offer but also at a good price. You get many extra attachments and the 3 speeds is all you need. We have been using this now almost every day since we got it. For the price and what you get you wont go wrong with this. You can stop your research and just get this one.

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  9. ECDoppelganger

    I have suffered with chronic back pain for approximately 8 months. I started going to physical therapy and have been through various pain relieving techniques. After a session of dry needling, my PT took out the Accugun Impact massage gun and used it where she had needled me……AMAZING! She explained to me that the impacts helped to encourage blood flow into the area which in turn helps with the pain in my frozen muscle. When I left that day…..the PT told me I could find the impact massage gun on Amazon if I were interested. I tried, but I didn’t have the brand — and there are about 100 different versions out there. Because it helped me so much — I wanted to make sure I got the exact gun!!! ACCUGUN it was…..and I had mine right after Christmas! It is a game changer. Even though my pain is in my middle back….with some awkward stretching, I can actually use it on myself.
    The gun itself is wonderful……it has a lot of different tips — but I really only use 2 of them. A drawback was that there is no real explanation of what each of the tips is best for…..that might be something the company can improve. The other thing that is really nice……it doesn’t take a long time to be effective. I rarely use it more than 5-7 minutes. Another great thing… many people as want can use it as need it. Finally — the battery lasts forever. I have only charged it twice in a month. I can’t say enough good things about this gun…..I have recommended it to many of my friends!

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  10. Nick Jeezy

    I have seen these before and after trying my father in laws I wasn’t a fan. It hurt and was uncomfortable so it wasn’t worth spending $400 or more. Then a friend of mine had this. Very easy to use and was a lifesaver after a football tournament. There are 3 strength modes with a variety of attachments that come with it. If you get one, try each level with different attachments for different areas of you body. It’s great after sports games, workouts, running and I even use it in the morning when I wake up to get the muscles warmed up before work. I have found I prefer certain attachments for my legs than my back and so on so don’t hesitate to mix them up.
    To change the attachment, just pull the other one straight out and push the new one in. There’s no release button or anything so it’s super easy. The unit does come with extra O rings for the attachments in case one breaks.
    I’ve had mine for about a month and use it 3-4 times a week. I still haven’t had to recharge it since the first time I charged it so the battery is good!!!
    As far as pain relief I rated that part 3 starts only because it’s a temporary relief (on back let’s say) but it’s not a healing machine. It will however break up the lactic acid after physical activity and I’ve found I’m less sore the next day after using this. So don’t take the 3 star for pain relief to harsh because like the title says, best $100 I’ve ever spent.

    Last thing is good for couples. I’m terrible at back massages and my wife enjoys when I use this on her back because it relieves tension and feels like a good massage so she’s sold on it as well. After a long day of walking or being on your feet at work, the flat runs attachment feels great on the bottom of your feet! Take care all and enjoy

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  11. Andrea Nichelson

    My husband and I are both professional Licensed Massage Therapists. We work with a different brand of massage gun at our job. I bought this for my husband for his birthday in hopes it would be “sufficient” for when we aren’t at work and able to use the other brand. Well, we are both SUPER pleased with this purchase! It is pretty quiet while still delivering a powerful percussive therapeutic application. We have already used it multiple times to help each other with aches and pains and it has been tremendously helpful. I have already recommended this product to others I know!

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  12. Melissa

    Just got it in and I’m surprised at the quality – beautiful matte finish. I’ve only just started using it but it has helpful relieve shoulder tension. I do wish it was slightly lighter but it’s not too bad

    Update: after having it for less than a month it no longer works. I went to charge it and it no longer charges. I’ve tried contacting them about the issue and they said to remove the back panel and reconnect the wires – but that didn’t work. Pretty upsetting because it worked pretty well but now it’s useless. This is evidently a very common issue so I should have done more research before buying.

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    Deep Tissue Massage Gun – Flyby F1Pro – Quiet Handheld Percussion Massager – Back Muscle Soreness & Recovery for Athletes – Men & Women -…
    Deep Tissue Massage Gun – Flyby F1Pro – Quiet Handheld Percussion Massager – Back Muscle Soreness & Recovery for Athletes – Men & Women -…
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