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Dap 12142, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), White


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Specification: Dap 12142, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), White



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‎0.01 ounces

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‎5 x 5 x 8 inches

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‎32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)





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13 reviews for Dap 12142, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), White

2.5 out of 5
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  1. Michelle

    Weird consistency and never drys completely

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  2. Renee Fineberg

    The product crumbled as I tried to get it out of the container…obvious it was dried out. I still tried to use it, but it would NOT adhere to the surface of the wall. It was not a paste….it just cruimbled into pieces. Certainly not what I expected…I have purchased and use spackle before many times. It had outlived its shelf life…..and it was annoying have to buy another and different spackle….did not want the replacement.

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  3. Jeff Bozos

    From the comments here it seems some people satisfied with their DAP spackle. They may be using a different product than the version I got. Mine said it had “microsphere technology”. Perhaps it was the “microspheres” but it was completely unusable.

    The spackle was dry and crumbly and difficult to get into holes and smooth. I tried mixing it with water and without. I figured maybe microspheres are tempermental.

    After much effort to get the spackle applied and semi-smooth…. it never dried. I waited a week and it still had the consistency of soft clay. It took me several times longer to remove it as it did to patch the holes in the first place – it was like digging old chewing gum out of the drywall.

    It happens that my wife had purchased 3 small containers. I took some of the spackle out of all three. None of them dried.

    I saw someone from DAP claiming the product was past its shelf life for someone with a similar problem. If that’s the issue, I’d like to know how we can check the shelf life? There’s no expiration date (or any dates) on the package. Maybe DAP should let retailers know, or pull the bad lots of worthless product?

    Anyway, I don’t think I’ll ever buy another DAP product.

    It’s not like spackle formulation is rocket science. DAP’s defective/bogus microspheres made an unpleasant project take 10 hours longer than it would’ve with any normal spackle, so I’m not likely to forget the DAP brand.

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  4. Brenda

    I purchased this item to flock pinecones. Goes on good but you have to kind of play with it to stay where you want it to be.

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  5. Shamontiel L. Vaughn

    I cannot remember how I found out about this. All I know is I had it at some point, and it has lasted plenty of time. I use it anytime I need to fill in a nail hole where I’ve screwed up with hanging something. When a tenant got his bike handle caught around the banister and a maintenance person screwed it back in place, I used this to cover up the area surrounding the hole. It even came in handy for a small mouse hole. I use this for EVERYTHING and have been doing so for many years.

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  6. North Carolina Consumers Council

    It’s very light, as advertised. But that’s where it seems to stop being as advertised. One container was hard when we opened it.

    When we apply it, it doesn’t fill completely and leaves a lot of small ‘dimples’ as compared to traditional compound.

    It’s advertised as paintable in an hour. But it doesn’t fill smoothly, so if you paint over then you get an uneven surface.

    It doesn’t seem to like sanding. When sanded, pieces flake out from the holes.

    We found that we had to patch and sand about three times before getting a satisfactory fill.

    Two weeks after filling and painting, the compound is pushing out from the drywall leaving holes again.

    Repairing with traditional compound leaves a smooth finish and no popping, which is desired. We recommend going for traditional which is heavier and takes longer to dry but produces much nicer final results.

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  7. CLM, NYC

    Opened the container and the spackle was in dried chunks and completely unusable! I have been using Dap Fast N Final for over 25 years so I know that it should look fluffy and go on smooth and creamy. I ordered it from Amazon because it’s always sold out in my local store. It’s a fantastic product — easy to work with, dries hard, and never cracks or shrinks. I have had containers of this product in my basement for YEARS and they didn’t dry out like this. Will be returning!

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  8. susan d

    works brilliantly on plasterboard holes, i can now get a smooth finish ready for painting, it was impossible to get a smooth finish with the other stuff (normal filler) , the spackle is expensive but worth it if you want a lovely finish, if you don’t care then just use cheap filler.

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  9. Kristall

    Venía seco y vacío, no se por qué venden cosas que ya no sirven!

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  10. leah s

    I actually used this for crafting. I made a bunch of these mugs for kids in the family and it worked great. So all crafters this works amazing!

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  11. Mark Wojcik

    This is a very strange substance that can work well in a variety of cosmetic repair applications, but it may take a bit of practice. It’s not a creamy putty sort of thing. It’s almost like a cross between frosting and very finely ground polystyrene foam, or something. It’s quite dry, extremely lightweight, and a little finicky.

    It will stick well to an overhead repair, but also to the knife. A wet blade will often get you better results. In fact, adding a SMALL amount of water to this stuff will change its character considerably, which gives you a range of options. You can smooth the nearly-dry product with a damp sponge, but if you go at it too soon you’ll peel it off onto the sponge.

    Doesn’t shrink much — I’ve successfully filled an inch-deep repair in a single application, but successive gradual fills are easier to manage. Sands easily once it’s dry, if you need to touch it up. But if it’s not completely dry, you may leave gouges in it and have to re-coat once again. Takes paint well once it’s dry.

    The ease of changing this stuff’s fill characteristics by adding water (or not) are my favorite thing about it. If you don’t have luck with it, experiment with the leftovers and see if you can learn to work it. It’s more versatile than you may think. I also like that if you drop a glob of it, it doesn’t splatter. Clean-up is easy.

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  12. TruthSeeker

    I had used this product in the past and it was great. This container was really gummy and didn’t work like it had in the past. I went to my local hardware store and the container of what I think is the same product that I bought there was the old standard. I am not sure what was wrong with the container that came from Amazon (perhaps it was VERY old???), but I will NOT order this product from Amazon again…

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  13. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely Terrible stuff. Dry and completely unworkable. Tried adding a bit of water and that didnt work. Showed under the paint where I had tried it out and it would not sand or wipe off the walls to try and get rid of it. Complete waste of money, I threw out the entire container

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    Dap 12142, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), White
    Dap 12142, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), White
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