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Wholesome Organic Cane Sugar 16 oz

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Specification: Wholesome Organic Cane Sugar 16 oz

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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6.5 x 3.05 x 1.25 inches, 1 Pounds

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Wholesome Sweeteners

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7 reviews for Wholesome Organic Cane Sugar 16 oz

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  1. cD

    Other reviewers have wrote about this for years! Something is definitely going on with this product. The color is completely lighter than the bags I purchased over the past few months. I will not buy this brand again. What’s the reason the company has not addressed our concerned?Never mind, back to the high priced, truly organic, unadulterated brand!

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  2. CMcA

    The carton arrived undamaged, but the product bag inside was punctured and leaking. Since the item is not eligible for return, I am pretty much stuck.

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  3. Domestic Yeti

    In the last 9 months my husband and I have been removing refined sugars and flours from our diets. Since doing so he has noticed a significant change in my overall health. I am no longer sick all the time as I was for years before. I was plagued with stomach aches, nausea and migraines. We started using honey to cook with but not every recipe can use honey. After lots of research I chose Sucanat as a brown sugar replacement. I really do love this stuff. I have found it best to let the Sucanat sit in the liquid you are mixing it with first so it can dissolve (It takes a few minutes with occasional whisking) and you may have to add a tad bit more liquid to compensate; not much though. It makes some phenomenal pancakes when cooked in coconut oil. It has an “Island” taste to it. I have not had a bad batch of this sugar yet and I’m sure if I did, Wholesome Sweeteners would rectify it. I now order Organic Cane Sugar from Wholesome Sweeteners to replace refined white in my cooking as well. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to go a more natural route in cooking. It has a pleasant smell and natural molasses taste that I really had never experienced before with store bought brown sugar. The price on Amazon is unbeatable to what you pay for this stuff at the grocery store also.

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  4. Mom23

    I’ve gotten this sugar several times and been very pleased. I never loved the price, but I was paying for the quality control. This sugar was sparkling clean where other organic sugars frequently weren’t. Several other brands tended to have what I assumed to be artifacts from the organic production processes. I even found a small twig once. But the flavor and consistency of this one used to be better. This last batch has…sediment??? What is in my sugar that is gritty and doesn’t dissolve in water?? I can filter the sediment out with a tea bag, but really. Three stars for what it used to be, but I’m done.

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  5. mimi of 7

    I have purchased wholesome organic cane sugar for years and have never had anything like this sugar. it’s almost like beach sand. the crystals are large and damp looking. it even clumps like brown sugar. I have a proven shortbread cookie recipe that i use every year and using this sugar this year they weren’t eatable. I don’t know what you can do to ruin sugar but they finally found a way. will be looking elsewhere for sugar, will never buy this brand again and will advise everyone to avoid this one.

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  6. sts

    If you have order this product previously, brace yourself for a major change. As of 5/28/2014 the grains of sugar are brown and small, prior to this the grains of sugar were a beautiful deep amber color and large (over 2x the size of the current batch). I have posted a photo of the old and new batches of sugar side by side – please see this for clarification. The other thing that I noticed is that the odor of the new batch of sugar smells heavily of molasses (more than even dark brown sugar), the previous batch does not have this strong of a molasses odor. I purchased the previous batch about 3 months ago.

    I have been using this sugar for the past 5 years and love it. I _really_ hope this is a temporary issue with the product.

    After using the sugar to make iced tea several times I noticed that the viscosity (thickness) of the tea had drastically changed compared to the sugar received prior. More than that, I always brew my tea in 1 container and make a simple syrup in another mason jar with boiling water and this raw sugar — when the boiling water hits this (the new batch) sugar it seems that the brown coloring (molasses) washes right off of the sugar and white sugar crystals are left at the bottom of the jar. This did not happen with the prior batches of this sugar – the deep amber coloring of that sugar seemed to be the entire crystal, but on this batch the brown coloring seems to be just on the outside of the crystals.

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  7. KF

    This shipment is different from all my prior shipments and I’ve been ordering this product since 2011. All previous bags received (12 24-oz bags per shipment) had large, dark brown crystals, nutty and deliciously tinged with molasses. I compared the actual plastic package to the package I was just finishing from my last shipment and they are identical. The description on the backs both say, in part, “…the turbine that spins the LARGE crystals. Each golden raw sugar crystal captures a bit of NATURAL MOLASSES making it delightfully sweet and flavorful.” (caps added) Absolutely the only sugar I ever use in my coffee! This new shipment has very small, light-colored sugar crystals completely lacking any molasses color or flavor at all. I am so disappointed! This stuff is now almost identical to the organic evaporated cane juice sugar I get at Costco that I use in baking. I am confused that other reviewers have had the opposite experience, stating that the sugar has changed but from light to dark, while still others have had my same experience. If only we could all arrange a switch! At any rate, I will no longer be buying this product. What a shame. My coffee will never taste the same again.

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    Wholesome Organic Cane Sugar 16 oz
    Wholesome Organic Cane Sugar 16 oz

    Original price was: $8.68.Current price is: $8.19.
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