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J.L. Childress Side Sling, Universal Fit Stroller Mesh Cargo Net and Organizer, Extra Stroller Storage Space, Non-Slip and Adjustable Straps, Black


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  • Adds valuable cargo space to your stroller with the Side Sling Stroller Cargo Net
  • Attaches to stroller side bar with adjustable non-slip velcro straps
  • Thoughtfully designed and manufactured by J.L. Childress – delivering high-quality products that are practical and multi-functional for over 30 years. From our family to yours, Travel Happy! #travelhappy #jlchildress #familytravel
  • Safely holds cargo weight lower on stroller to avoid tipping. Use one one each side of your stroller for maximum storage space
  • Wide elastic opening for easy access to contents
  • Also use as car organizer by attaching to the back of car head rest

Specification: J.L. Childress Side Sling, Universal Fit Stroller Mesh Cargo Net and Organizer, Extra Stroller Storage Space, Non-Slip and Adjustable Straps, Black

Product Dimensions

‎18 x 1 x 15 inches

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Target gender


Minimum weight recommendation

‎1 Pounds

Maximum weight recommendation

‎96 Pounds

Additional product features

‎Portable, Foldable, Adjustable

Number Of Items



‎Bagged Packaging

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Item Weight

‎4.2 ounces

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Photos: J.L. Childress Side Sling, Universal Fit Stroller Mesh Cargo Net and Organizer, Extra Stroller Storage Space, Non-Slip and Adjustable Straps, Black

12 reviews for J.L. Childress Side Sling, Universal Fit Stroller Mesh Cargo Net and Organizer, Extra Stroller Storage Space, Non-Slip and Adjustable Straps, Black

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  1. Jackie

    So i purchased 2 of these for each side of the stroller for our trip to Disneyland since we were taking a smaller stroller instead of the Escalade. These worked perfectly for us. We were able to fit our water bottles, sweater/jackets/blankets and snacks. However, with continuous use for 5 days (grabbing things and putting things away), for 12+ hours strolling Disneyland/California Adventure and Disney Downtown these did not hold up well. Where the Velcro meets the net, it ripped. I only had my 40oz water bottle flask in it. So maybe anything lighter than that, it would work. I just let it hang from the side of the stroller while walking around Disneyland. I absolutely love the concept but it just not great quality for our purpose.

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  2. Caroline

    I bought this item as our double pushchair (iCandy Peach Blossom 3) is short on storage – there is a decent size basket at the bottom, but when the pushchair is used in double mode it is very hard to access, and so not great for frequently needed items like beakers and wipes.

    It fastens via fairly strong velcro to the side of the buggy (the bars of the chassis that go up from the lowest part right up to the handles), and hangs downwards. The mesh material is sturdy, and after months of use is still in perfect condition.

    The Pros: It adds that extra storage we needed for frequently used bits and pieces, and can even be used to store everything needed for nappy changes if that’s helpful (a couple of nappies, wipes, cream and nappy liners). It can stay fastened to the frame when it is folded up and stored (ours lives in our car boot most of the time, and so it’s handy keeping this always on the frame, ready for use – the two velcro loops sort of bunch together when our pushchair is folded down, but you just pull them apart again the next time you put it up. It is sturdy and my kids haven’t quite figured out how to get into it when seated in the pushchair yet!

    The Cons: It has quite a narrow, tight opening, so getting things in can take a second or two longer than you’d like, or require 2 hands (though this does make it harder for my toddler and baby to get into it, so no bad thing in some respects!). I personally find the mesh material a little scratchy, but I do have pretty sensitive skin, so that may just be me – my Husband doesn’t have a problem with it. None of these cons are significant enough to take a star off the rating.

    If I used my buggy more (I’m now back at work full-time) I would buy a second one for the other side – between the Side Sling Cargo Net and the hook I have on my handlebar (for shopping bags), all my mobile storage needs are catered for.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Great product. Fast delivery. Exactly what I was looking for! Nice to add extra storage to our pram!

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  4. Mingo

    I absolutely love this cargo net! I bought two of these to attach to my umbrella stroller for a Disney World Trip … it made things so much easier. I put toys in on one side and nursing cover, bib, on the other and water bottles on both with still room to spare. The water bottles helped weigh down the stroller (and avoided the stroller falling back when you have it top heavy and remove the baby), as well as made carrying water easy. I love how easy it made it to grab things instead of having to bend over to the bottom of the stroller (which by the way, has very little space and is completely inaccessible when the stroller is in a lay down position). I also was able to keep toys and stuff in these nets when the stroller got gate checked at the airport and nothing came out. It was one of the best $20 I’ve spent!

    The only very minor thing is that when I fold my stroller, I had to be extra careful since the net sometimes would get in the way of the stroller lock mechanism … still totally worth it though.

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  5. Stephie D

    I purchased this for my upcoming Disney trip. The item came as described. It does not have much give in case you are thinking the material will stretch. I plan to use this on my Baby Jogger City Mini GT for wet items and/or small toys. It looks like it could fit a few pairs of flip flops and a couple of diapers.

    UPDATED REVIEW 9/1/14: This product is way better than I had initially thought. On the first day of use, it was cumbersome because I couldn’t figure out where to place it on the City Mini GT being that the sides of the stroller are completely covered in fabric. By day 2 of our vacation, I was thinking clearly and simply removed two snaps on the side of the stroller to release the fabric, attached the sling under the fabric, and reattached the fabric onto the stroller. VOILA! It worked like a charm and it was a lifesaver. In total, it held a gallon size bag of toy cars, 3 Brita water bottles, a hat, and my frogtogg towel. My City Mini GT was accessorized to capacity; this and the Baby Jogger cooler were my favorite accessories. I’m updating this review from a 4 star to a 5 star.

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  6. Alps1674

    This is a great invention. We have an uppababy vista which is great but when it folds, you literally have to take every single thing out of the bottom storage (which is a pain because a lot of the things we keep in there are always needed), so having these on the side (we bought two) allows us to put those things in the side, keep them secure and not have to remove them while traveling with the stroller. We opted for the side hanging ones because with the vista, the ones that hang in the back would cause it to not be able to fold (which is what we were trying to avoid). The only small downside is that they don’t open very wide so you have to be particular about what you put in there and how. Highly recommend.

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  7. Mohammed Ahmed Yateem

    I can’t say more to add on what people mentioned, this is another reasonably price upgrade to your baby stroller. I wished they had an option with a zipper to keep things more secured inside. However, this didn’t stop us from using it all the time for water bottles and some essential things for the baby

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  8. emily yates

    this is nothing like i expected it to be. it is tiny in comparispn to the picture shown. your made to think it will be the length of the side of your buggy but in actual fact, its probably 2 hand widths, can fit two bottles of juice in and thats all. shocking.

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  9. Pafoua Yang

    Wow! It definitely succeeded my expectations — that I plan to buy another one asap! I bought this because my stroller only has a basket for storage. I hated reached down to grab anything.

    I am mainly using this saddle bag to hold my “parent organizer and clip up cup holder”. These items need to be taken off my stroller when I fold it. They will often get lost or separated.

    With this saddle bag, it keeps everything together! I’m amazed at how much this saddle bag can hold as well. I’ve been able to stuff the following above ^ with snacks, water bottle, etc.

    It doesn’t tip or weigh down my stroller in any way. I also love the velcros that hold the bag to my stroller. It’s sturdy and wide.

    Definitely recommend. Can’t wait to bring this to Disney.

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  10. C Rowe

    We have two of these and it strikes me that all strollers should have these both sides as a default spec. It is much easier to get to items like food, spoons etc, especially for strollers where the back comes down for sleeping, which normally blocks access to the under basket. With these it’s also less likely for items to be crushed when you fold the stroller.

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  11. Kyle J. Slick

    BOTTOM LINE: This bag is stronger than I expected and is about the perfect size for my BOB jogging stroller

    We have a grocery store just up the street. After a couple weeks of trying to use the well-hidden carrying compartment under my BOB stroller, I decided I wanted something a bit more accessible to shop with.

    NOT HUGE, NOT TINY, VERY STURDY: As an engineer, I love to test products in ways they weren’t intended to be used in order to see how much “safety factor” was built in to construction. In this bag, I was able to fit: a quart of milk in one of those square containers with the pointy edges, three monster energy drinks, a bag of baby carrots, and three apples. I was really bouncing the stroller around, expecting my haul to explode onto the floor of the supermarket. However, it performed excellent!

    EASE OF USE: It was easy to install and has enough velcro that you shouldn’t have to worry about the bag falling off accidentally. I also really like the elastic opening. Its easy to get stuff in and out of while providing enough security to keep stuff inside while you’re pushing the stroller.

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  12. Carrie Stoller

    I purchased this for our Summer 3D Lite stroller for a trip to Disneyland. We mostly used it for holding snacks and lunches. Because it’s see-through, it was a breeze to get through security without having to remove it. It collapsed easily with the stroller, too—even full of food! Very durable and keeps the weight lower so that a lightweight stroller doesn’t become too top-heavy.

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    J.L. Childress Side Sling, Universal Fit Stroller Mesh Cargo Net and Organizer, Extra Stroller Storage Space, Non-Slip and Adjustable Straps, Black
    J.L. Childress Side Sling, Universal Fit Stroller Mesh Cargo Net and Organizer, Extra Stroller Storage Space, Non-Slip and Adjustable Straps, Black
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