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JLab – GO Air POP True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Black


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The JLab GO Air POP True Wireless Earbuds are affordable earbuds with a long battery life, custom EQ sound settings, touch sensors, universal microphones in both earbuds, and IP55 water resistance. Great for the whole family, sports, workouts, business calls, and travel.

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8 reviews for JLab – GO Air POP True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Black

4.3 out of 5
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  1. AtrixNY

    These JLab GO Air Pop Bluetooth earphones sound very good for the low price.
    They recharge in the case quickly using the built in connected short USB plug and pair up easily to a TV I have tried them with.
    A good product!

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  2. PapawJeff

    Ok, they don’t have the super sharp sound of a $300 dollar pair of earbuds and they do not charge by laying the case on a wireless charging pad.
    But I was very glad to see Jlabs enter the lower price market with a quality headphone.
    The earbud is compact and comfortable as well as being water resistant.
    The charging case is compact and has a built in charging flat cable that tucks back into the bottom of the case when not in use and can charge the buds and keep you powered and listening for 32 hours before needing to recharge,
    There is no control of these from an app but I find the tap features to be easy to understand and use for the adjustments and feature use.
    Three equalizer settings are also included in the tap features.
    They work great when taking a call and are IPX4 SWEAT & WATER RESISTANT.
    You can use only one earbud if desired.
    They can connect automatically and do so initially and subsequently with ease.
    These would be a great first earbud for the kids to see how well they take care of them before investing in higher priced models
    For casual use and listening at a very economical price they are really hard to beat for anyone.

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  3. rjv86

    This compact Bluetooth set was a great step up from my existing ones by improving the little details.
    For starters, its one of the thinnest smaller cases i’ve ever had/seen from buds that weren’t airpods. its a lot sleeker in my pocket and less bulky.
    i also like the fact that the USB cable is not only integrated into the case, but designed so that there’s no wrong way to plug it in. it can go upside down.
    Set up was very simple. you pull out both earbuds and then select the pods from your BT menu. Once you do this, you can use one or the other or both at the same time. This is much more convenient than other brands where you have to pair in a certain order and then usually you need to pair both buds separately.
    battery life has been great so far, only time will tell on longevity but i’m hopeful.
    sounds quality is great. When listening to music, there’s the option to toggle some preset equalizer profiles. while the Bass Boost is pretty good, i prefer the JLab Signature setting
    the touch sensors are nice, but personally i would have preferred a mechanical switch so i can tell i’ve made the correct tap. While its not a big deal for single taps to adjust volume and call answer, when double/triple tapping, sometimes i’m not sure if some taps didn’t register and then they do something else, like accidentally pause, hang up, or launch my assistant
    that being said, i imagine it’ll get easier and i’ll adjust the longer i use them.

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  4. jpatterson34

    The JLab Go Air Pop wireless in earbuds are a good earbud for a good price. It comes with a an integrated USB charging case – so you don’t have to worry about losing or keeping track of another cable. It let’s you to listen/connect with either the left or right earbud or you can share which is different to some even really expensive earbuds. The sound is decent for the price. They are comfortable and I would definitely recommend.

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  5. Njmomof3

    The JLab Air Pops are what I call a quiet storm! The best things are the battery life, the exceptional bass, the ease of use, and portability of them.
    It comes in a magnetic case, which I feel should really be the standard for earbuds in general.
    The bass quality is BOMB. Seriously,, for $20 earbuds you can’t beat the bass quality here.
    Another excellent feature is the awesome noise cancellation — this is probably the best noise cancellation I have, even considering my more expensive earbuds ($60 to be exact). Finally, the ease of charging is smart; the USB charger is attached to the charging pack so no worrying about losing the charger or having to remember to bring it. Thankfully charging is not often necessary with these because the battery life is several hours…Over the course of a week I didn’t need to charge them at all after using them for the whole week. These are a legit steal at the price point.

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  6. Bilal

    These are decent earphones, with a nice sound quality. The life is 8 hours, given the price is really good. The plastic quality kind a gives it a feel of being cheap earphones. You should be able to see that in third picture.

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  7. Aggieof83

    I spend a lot of time with earphones, ear buds and other audio devices in or around my ears. JLab has been one of my go-to brands. I wear in-ear hearing aids for minor hearing loss, so normally am not getting in-ear audio devices. However, working from home has changed my routine in wearing my hearing aids as I am not speaking directly to people in person.
    These GO Air Pop buds work GREAT for me while zooming for work, or listening . They connected in a snap to my laptop, mobile phone and tablet! They are very comfortable for me, even though I have ‘small’ ear canals. In the past, many ear buds just would not go in my ears, so this is wonderful!!!
    The mic works very well. I have used these with several clients and have asked them to rate my audio and they all indicated that it was great. I actually feel pretty natural wearing these and note that not having on a big headset does not distort my image online.

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  8. sundevilchemist

    My main headphones are my Sony XM3. When I don’t want to lug around those monstrosities I want something small and portable. The kids have the airpods 2 and pro (those sound 10x better but 10x price).
    I chose the jlab go air pop true wirless due to their 32+ hour claim. They lasted all day but cannot confirm the 32 hours as they do recharge when I put them back in the case. Speaking of charging I have come to dislike the attached charging cable. Jlab just put a usb-c port under there please.
    Sound was just okay. No bass what so ever even though package says “bass boost” on it.
    I normally don’t like in ear headphones but these did not bug me and they fit good. Almost forgot at times I had them in.
    Music sounds flat. Youtube videos sounded okay.
    For the price they are a great backup for travel or public transportation.
    The low cost won’t get you to upset if you lose them.
    Connects fast to both my iphone and android tablet. Can use 1 or both earpieces at a time. They are also L/R marked.
    No mobile app available to custom tune the sound. They do just work though.
    Voice lets you know when bluetooth connected and battery full.
    Charging LED.
    Mic is decent. Can hear background noise and whistling noise at time. My voice sounds like I am in a small room.

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    JLab – GO Air POP True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Black
    JLab – GO Air POP True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Black
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