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onn. Bluetooth True Wireless Headphones with Charging Case, White, 100024715


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Jam out with our onn. Wireless Earphones! We’ve taken selective hearing to a whole new level! Whether you are working intently at your day job, or settling in for a long day of travel, you’ll love the discreet, comfortable fit of our Wireless Earphones with active noise cancellation and ambient sound pass through. With six built-in microphones, your calls will be crystal clear. Tune out the entire world with Active Noise Canceling or switch on Ambient Sound mode to hear direct sounds while continuing to enjoy your audio. How’s that for a reprieve from reality? Groove on with our onn. Wireless Earphones!

We’re onn. to something here. We took the hassle out of buying electronics and built a brand that’s fresh and simple. With delightful pops of color, finding the right product has never been easier. Say goodbye to stressful decision-making and fear of the electronics aisle. Our mission is simple to deliver great products and make it easy. Choose onn. and get back to using your brainpower for the important things in life.. like pondering the question, “What should I binge watch this weekend?”

Specification: onn. Bluetooth True Wireless Headphones with Charging Case, White, 100024715







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2.52 x 1.07 x 2.27 Inches



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10 reviews for onn. Bluetooth True Wireless Headphones with Charging Case, White, 100024715

4.6 out of 5
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  1. MomFromBG

    I am reviewing the Groove onn.wireless earphones. I first charged the ear buds in the case. It took about an hour and a half to fully charge. They connected flawlessly with my iPhone Bluetooth the first time. They have a good sound. The music has great sound. In my phone setting under sounds I can set the earphones to desired level. Then I use volume up or down on the side of phone. I like the active noise canceling ambient sound. Even listening to music I still can hear a muffled sound if Someone is talking to me. They are IPX5 water resistant meaning they can withstand low water pressure in your shower for 5 to 10 minutes. I don’t know of anyone that takes a shower while they are listening to ear buds. But in case you do, they give you this information. They are really good earphones. The instructions are straightforward. There are 4 sizes of eartips. It comes with charging cable and a charging case. If you want the best fit for the ear tips hold the earlobe down to get best fit. Then let go to see which tips fit best.
    I like everything about these.
    *note: don’t try pushing the ear tips on. You need to to work them on slowly.

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    My husband has the iPods and the ONN Groove wireless headphones work just as good!
    The sound is crystal clear and they connect well with my android and laptop! Very easy instructions!
    These wireless headphones won’t break the bank! I am very happy I own a pair!

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  3. Fireman117

    These headphones have great sound quality. They also last a long time on just one charge. They come with a carrying case so they’re easy to keep up with and they charge relatively quickly. The case doubles as the charging port. Pairing them to your phone is easy. Just charge them, open the lid of the case, and open your bluetooth settings and connect to them before you remove them from the case. Once they’re paired, you don’t have to go through the process again. They also come with 5 different sets of silicone tips to fit any size ear. They’re also lightweight and comfortable. They have 3 microphones in each ear piece which maintains a high level of call quality and noise cancelling features.

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  4. GPW

    I had other Bluetooth headphones and my friends were always complaining about the sound quality, but they couldn’t tell I had switched to these during the call bc the soung quality was good.
    Small and sleek design, they fit my ears perfectly. They have an ambiencs sound which is ok and noise cancellation (not sure how’s thar supposed to work.
    Overall, great product!

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  5. Smiley

    For listening to music or videos these are great. For making phone calls not so great. When on a call the earbuds sound ok but the person you are talking to hears static with the voice and sounds like you are in a tunnel. Luckily I don’t use them much for calls. They come with memory foam on the earpiece and some extra rubber earpieces of different sizes. The memory foam works the best for me as it’s more comfortable and stays in my ears better. They have 3 speakers in each earbud so the sound is great. The bass is delightful and mid range and treble are good also. The charging case works good but the earbuds are a little difficult to get out of the case.

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  6. Meli

    These are great, nice white and pretty nice sound. I love the nice canceling option. There is also ambient and regular sound to choose from. Very easy to selects modes and songs. I love that the music will pause and play on its own when earbuds are removed/placed back in the ears. The case charges the earbuds and its all very convenient with good sound. The product is white sorry the lighting in my photo is off I just wanted to show the packaging. I used the smallest earbud piece to fit it in my ears. These are good and I’ve replaced my old earbuds with these when I workout.

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  7. ESM

    I was pleasantly surprised by these ear buds.
    The sound quality and battery life are pretty great considering the price point.
    The noise canceling feature isn’t the best I’ve experienced, but is adequate.
    The case is compact and easy to tote around, and the earbuds are sturdy.
    The charging cord is a little on the short side.
    There are multiple sizes of coverings. I obviously have the smallest ears as all of them were too big!
    I found the memory foam to be most comfortable. My only complaint is that they do hurt my ears after a while.

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  8. JayBee

    These are great headphones! They are very comfortable to wear, even after periods of long use. The bluetooth range is excellent. The active noice canceling works very well, especially with continuous noises from vacuums when cleaning. The battery charge of the headphones is phenomenal. They last an amazingly long time on one charge. The carrying case that doubles as a charging case charges quickly. They look great in the ear. Phones calls are clear and the microphone works well for the person on the other end of the phone call. This is a great set of headphones and I highly recommend them!

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  9. Nicelady

    I would like to start by stating that I have received this product in return for a review. My overall experience with it is positive but I think it leaves something to be desired, for me at least. I feel that the sound quality is about average but lacks in having a strong base. Overall the sound is not bad but just not great but it is clear and crisp. Pairing the headphones to my phone was very easy. I also like that once paired, the next time I need to use them they automatically connect as soon as I take them out of the box, without the need of turning them on or reconnecting manually. Also I can just place them back in the charging box and they automatically disconnect and turn off. I really like that I can just use only one earpiece at a time when I drive and the other will stay off while in the case.
    They come with the standard Small/medium/large silicone ear fittings. However, they also gave a memory foam ear fittings (just one size). That is what I am using and I like it.
    The buds have some nice features such as noise reduction and it actually worked really well.
    Overall it’s a solid headset but I feel the base is weak, so it’s a 4 star for me.

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  10. edwincarrero21

    Nice cancelling, good bt range, maybe the capacity of the battery of the left bud are suspected. Overall are good. For 5hrs using continuously not bad considering price and sound quality. One recomendation are, have the manual of this model pdf or online in some webpage

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    onn. Bluetooth True Wireless Headphones with Charging Case, White, 100024715
    onn. Bluetooth True Wireless Headphones with Charging Case, White, 100024715
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