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ChiliSleep – OOLER Cooling & Heating Mattress Pad (Half Cali King – 84″ L x 36″ W)


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Photos: ChiliSleep – OOLER Cooling & Heating Mattress Pad (Half Cali King – 84″ L x 36″ W)

8 reviews for ChiliSleep – OOLER Cooling & Heating Mattress Pad (Half Cali King – 84″ L x 36″ W)

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  1. MarkusKong

    Are you an individual where your body temperature tends to run a bit “hotter” than normal folks? Or maybe you are an individual that is the total opposite where your body temperature runs cooler than normal folks so you end up getting cold easily. Now when you combine what I mentioned about body temperature and sleep; it definitely plays a huge role in the quality of sleep you get. That is where the ChiliSleep Ooler comes in. The ChiliSleep Ooler was designed to help improve and optimize your sleep by regulating your body temperature with it’s hydro-powered thermal range of 55-115°F. The main question is really how well does the ChiliSleep Ooler perform and does it really improve and optimize the quality of your sleep?
    I am going to first talk about the setup of the ChiliSleep Ooler and Hydropower Mattress Pad. There’s really not much to dive into as the setup was EXTREMELY simple. The Hydropower Mattress Pad has straps that go underneath your mattress so that it helps with any shifting/movement. The Hydropower Mattress Pad itself goes on top of your mattress and beneath your sheet/cover. Next you attach the hose to the Chilisleep Ooler and fill it up with water (I used distilled) and hit power. That is literally it! Be sure to download the app after though!
    I love the fact that everything on the ChiliSleep Ooler can be controlled through the app. For me personally, I didn’t run into any issues at all with setting up the app and syncing the unit. On the app itself you have the ability to turn the unit on/off and set the unit on silent, regular or boost (personally I’ve never had to change it from silent unless I wanted to quickly cool the Hydropower Mattress Pad). In addition you also have the ability to change the temperature, set a sleep schedule so that the unit turns on/off automatically, deep clean through internal UV light (this is where the unit will heat the water up to 75°F for one hour – for additional cleaning since the unit itself automatically and periodically cleans itself through the UV light when it’s on). There’s also additional features within the app such as Warm Awake when you set a schedule so that it heats the bed to assist you with transitioning out of sleep; personally that is pretty neat. Of course you’ll also find device information along with support if you need any assistance.
    So when it comes down to the performance of the ChiliSleep Ooler and does it actually in fact improve and optimize the quality of your sleep? Simple answer; YES. Personally I’ve set my temperature to 63°F because again I generally run warmer. In addition to running warmer, my home doesn’t have air conditioning. I also set a sleep schedule for myself and opted not to enable the Warm Awake feature since my body generally runs warmer than the average male. I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. I am a fitness enthusiast so sleep is crucial and essential for my well being. Before the ChiliSleep Ooler I most often than not suffered from not being able to fall asleep in addition to always waking up throughout the night. Because the ChiliSleep Ooler is consistently regulating my body temperature; I was able to finally get some quality uninterrupted sleep. Even if you are not a fitness enthusiast and you’re an individual that has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep; I highly recommend you check out the ChiliSleep Ooler. Sleep is crucial and most of us aren’t able to get the quality sleep that we deserve.
    Overall I have to say I am thoroughly satisfied with the ChiliSleep Ooler as it has exceeded my expectations. If you are someone that has trouble getting the quality sleep you deserve or have trouble falling asleep due to your body running warmer/colder than the average individual; the ChiliSleep Ooler is for you.
    *****Quick Features & Specs*****
    The OOLER is our most luxurious sleep system with a hydro-powered thermal range that operates from 55-115°F. It includes a hydronic pad, control unit(s) & OOLER app for sleep schedules. Enjoy upgraded features to improve sleep & optimize it for 1 or 2 sleepers.
    *****What’s in the box*****
    ChiliSleep – Ooler
    Hydropower Mattress Pad Half Queen (hose attached)
    Bag for Hydropower Mattress Pad
    Power Cable
    Various Manuals

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  2. Woo151

    The ChiliSleep OOLER checks off a lot of boxes for my personal sleep preferences. Living in TX, where even at night it is still 80+ gives me a lot of sleepless nights. I am one of those that not only love, but have to sleep with the AC and Fans on. I love being cold, as in mid 60s to super low 70s is my perfect comfort zone.
    The OOLER promises better sleep and can be either cold or if you need the opposite, warm. There is even a warm-wake option which is pretty neat, but I don’t use it as I prefer being an ice cube.
    In the box you get the mattress pad (depending on your bed size), cooling unit, hose is attached to the pad to connect to the unit, power cord, quick start guides and a nice carrying bag for the pad.
    Setup is really easy. I have a pillowtop queen and the pad fits perfectly on it. 2 straps on the pad holds it firmly in place and so far has not shuffled around at all. I put the cooling unit under my bed near the side I sleep on and the hose connects with a click to make sure it is secured. Please use distilled water! I can’t emphasize that enough. Also note, the pad is 2 sided! One is labeled cooler side, and the other is the comfy side. I choose cooler for obvious reasons and is comfortable for me.
    Once you download the app and complete the setup, you can easily control everything from there. Power on and off, temp control, even self cleaning (uses UV light to kill bacteria) for 45 minutes at 75 degrees. The unit connects to whatever you downloaded the app on via bluetooth so as long as you’re in range, everything works perfectly. I do kind of wish there was a wifi option as I could start up the unit while driving home from work to make it nice and cold for me.
    Performance is where I am on the fence. First and foremost, does it work? Short answer is YES. Since it is a half queen, the side without the pad is room temp and feeling the side with the pad is noticeably colder. As stated above, I want it cold so I set the temp to 55 or low. As you can see in the pics, the coldest it ever got was 68 degrees and when I set it to LOW & Turned on BOOST, the temp rose! I am no engineer or anything, but I think your own body temp plays a role in the temp display. There is a big difference in ~70 degrees and 55 so I don’t think it can even get that low. Every time when laying on the bed or waking up, the temps just hover ~68-71 mark.
    In the end, it is going to boil down to personal preferences but even though I was saddened that I couldn’t get it as cold as I wanted, I was still pleased at the performance of the system. It does what it says it can do and is super user friendly. Setup is a breeze so as long you can lift your own mattress.

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  3. WSohn

    My wife is always cold and I prefer it cooler. The Chilisleep pad will do both but doesn’t have split zones to do different temps on each side. So this pad stays on my wife’s side, and it keeps her toasty warm. The whole package was thoughtfully laid out and I had it set up without issue. The straps do their job nicely keeping the pad in place nicely. The thicker pillow topper mattress we have make it a little cumbersome switching from cozy side and cool side, but since my wife cares less about the cooling it will stay on the cozy side. The drain key should have a more convenient storage spot on the pump unit. I just keep it wedged between the hoses. The hoses and the pump in unit could stand to be a little less bulky but I’m no engineer. The controls on the pump unit are no frills on/off and temp up/down buttons. The Android App provides the granular controls and can set up various schedules. Bluetooth works well enough but you have the limitations of the range in order to stay connected. Wi-Fi would be a nice to have but that would inevitably raise cost.
    My wife has the Chilisleep set to turn on to preheat the bed so it’s toasty when she comes to bed and shuts off before we lay down for sleep. The schedule is set to turn on in the middle of the night to warm her side again then shuts off. The warm to wake function is pleasant… so my wife tells me. The problem for us is that we cannot slide the pump unit under our bed so it drones even on the “silent” setting (the schedule for the preheat has the pump set to max so it’s quicker and we wont hear it since we are usually not in bet at that set time). Which is why we have it on a intermittent schedule. It does wake me up from time to time when it starts in the middle of the night. I am usually up and out before the warm to wake kicks on so it doesn’t wake ME up in the morning. I have tried the cool setting and it does make the bed cooler. This is particularly nice on a gross evening. I left it on cooling one night and forgot about it before the missus got in and she immediately turned into an ice cube and expletives spilled out of her mouth. The pad is more comfortable than some of the electric pads she has used in the past but the electric pad is silent.
    The Chilisleep does very well in keeping you toasty or cooling you off, but at the cost of droning noise. I don’t really know if being able to slide it under the bed would significantly mitigate the noise. Also the fact that the unit needs maintenance by flushing out the system from time to time (even though it has a UV disinfectant lamp) is just another thing you have to remember to do. That said my wife says she likes it and her sleep has improved to the point she doesn’t want to get out of the toasty bed. In the end, that will make the Chilisleep a keeper for us. *maybe I should sneak in a cooling schedule in the AM to motivate her to get up and going.

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  4. Kat777

    I wanted to love this. I love to be cold at night. But that’s not really an option while dieing next to my husband who prefers to be warm and room sharing with an infant who needs a moderate room temp. I thought this would be the perfect way to chill my side of the bed while not disrupting others. Our house is around 72 at night. I set the ooler to 62. I used the schedule to have it start and stop at the needed times in in bed. I have tried it on normal and boost and this just didn’t seem to get or stay as cold as I set it. Even if I put it down to 60, it usually hovers between 65-67. For the price I was hoping for a little more performance however maybe my body just runs too warm at night for this product. My husband may have better luck with the heat setting in winter. Also if you aren’t a fan of white noise, this may run too loud for you at night.

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  5. JDThird

    Got this. Thought it would be a good thing to compare against the bedjet that I also have. Bedjet does good at heating, not good at cooling, so this was to be the other end of the spectrum.
    Easy to unpack, easy to set up. The cooler pad slid over the mattress without any problems, although it’s a different model apparently than the instructions assume since this one came with the tubes permanently attached to it, whereas the instructions tell you to plug the hoses into it for one of the steps.
    So there are literally three things you have to do. Plug the hoses into the base unit. Fill the base unit. Plug the base unit into power.
    And after that? Absolutely nothing. It makes a little noise. I was able to download and install the app, connect to it. It sees the unit just fine and will send commands. I can change from heat to cooling, quiet mode, normal, turbo. And some fans in there speed up or down depending on that setting.
    But I’m assuming the pump is a bad pump. Nothing ever gets sent to the pad no matter what I do. Multiple unplugging, replugging of the hoses, resetting to factory default (which is about the only real troubleshooting step they offer).
    Called, of course there is no support available. Emailed, and days later no response yet. So I have a very expensive paperweight.
    Their website is useless, since again, all they offer for troubleshooting is uplugging the hoses or doing a factory reset.
    Stick with a BedJet, it actually WORKS.

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  6. TechNerd

    Picked up the Chilisleep Ooler cooling and heating pad; I tend to get hot and sweat during sleep so I thought the Chilisleep would be a good way of keeping me cool at night. It was easy to setup and use as well as it kepted me cool throughout the whole night.
    Setting up the Chilisleep was simple, simple put the main unit at the base of your bed and lay the cooling and heating pad on your mattress then plug in the pad hose to your main unit and fill the reservoir with water and you’re ready to go.
    Using the chilisleep was also simple, you can control everything from the main unit itself or download the Ooler app and connect it remotely via Bluetooth and control everything from bed. I found the app easy to use.
    I would recommend anyone looking to get a cooler night’s sleep the Ooler Chilisleep system but make sure you get the full pad for your bed size. Noise level wasn’t much of an issue for me, considering I’m somewhat of a light sleeper. You can set the temp for both cooling and heating but I assume most people get it for the cooling feature.

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  7. Stormylc

    Numerous folks buy new mattresses when they feel that their existing mattress leaves them waking up tired and sweaty. Frequently, they purchase a mattress advertised to have breathable layers, or improved air flow to eliminate hot spots. Many mattresses receive ratings extolling air flow between body and mattress, and these mattresses may well deliver on these important features. However, I believe a “better” and far “less costly” product is the CHILISLEEP – OOLER Cooling & Heating Mattress Pad. After 3 nights of using the Chilisleep, I have experienced a new level of sleep comfort on my 7 year old mattress. This amazing product is simply a thin mattress pad that contains small tubes that allow a constant flow of precise temperature controlled water flow. One end of the mattress pad, that is easily installed /positioned in 2 to 3 minutes, has a small 7 foot twin tube (to allow continuous flow) that connects/locks to a control unit in seconds. That control unit is 15″ X 10″ X 6″ high, and easily fit under my bed. Though the control unit has buttons to power on and control the temperature to within 1 degree F, the ease of use and control is really with the software app. I installed the app on my iPhone and on my iPad (it also works with Android devices). The control unit is filled with 30 ounces of water (distilled is recommended), connected to a power outlet, and you are up and running in 5 minutes. This product allows the user to pick any temperature desired from 55F to 115F by one degree increments, and it truly works. Use your conventional blanket/comforter, whatever to stay warm, but wherever your body would normally contact the mattress, that temperature is yours to choose and vary. This product has other features such as scheduling. You can use the app to set a temperature for your anticipated sleep time. If you like to get into bed to a toasty 75F, but sleep at 68F, the scheduler does that. The scheduler also permits a Gradual Temp setting for waking up. If I know I have to get up at 7am, I can set the Chilisleep to increase the temperature from my 68F sleep temp to a gradual 80F wake up temp. I love the feature as I discovered it was better than an alarm clock. It slowly woke me up (My alarm clock is now a backup device). What about germs, bacteria in the tubing? The unit has a built in UV light system to address that concern, and simply requires a setting on the app to turn on or off. Though this incredible product is named Chilisleep, it is also beneficial in cold climes in the winter. Instead of raising room temperature, or adding extra blankets, the Chilisleep can be set to keep you toasty and pre-warm your bed. The product is made sizes to fit any bed, or half of any size bed. A full size unit comes w 2 control units so that each sleeper may choose settings and schedules to suit them. Finally, because this company permits a 30 day home trial, you can’t possibly go wrong by testing it before you purchase a new mattress that promises sweat free sleep. My rating: TOP NOTCH!

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  8. Josh76

    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to really appreciate and value my sleep so I when I saw this product I was intrigued. I’ll try almost anything to help me sleep better and I was excited to give this a try.
    The setup was super easy. I have the base on the other side of my nightstand and run the hose to the cooling pad from under the bed and strapped on the mesh cooling pad. I filled the base with water and then downloaded the Oooler app. Setup on the app, via bluetooth, was very simple and within seconds, I had it working. I setup 3 different sleep schedules on the app and could not wait to get into bed that night.
    I got into bed and noticed that it was someone cooler than normal when set to 65 degrees, then i lowered it to 63 and felt a negligible difference. One of the things Ooler boats about this is that it will help you fall asleep faster but this has not been the case for me. They also claim that you will have better luck sleeping through the night which again, not the case for me. I woke up twice in the middle of the night as usual, so I was a little disappointed.
    My favorite feature is the “Warm awake” feature. I set it in my schedule to turn on the heat when it’s time to wake up which feels amazing, especially as the nights are getting cooler here.
    I am going to continue using it because the cooler and warmer bed feels nice, but it’s not helping me sleep better, maybe it will in time?
    I wish this had smart assistant support, maybe that’s something they can add later, but it might need wifi to do that.
    I am not getting the full value for this product, but I will continue using it for comfort purposes.

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    ChiliSleep – OOLER Cooling & Heating Mattress Pad (Half Cali King – 84″ L x 36″ W)
    ChiliSleep – OOLER Cooling & Heating Mattress Pad (Half Cali King – 84″ L x 36″ W)
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