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Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor – White


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8 reviews for Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor – White

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  1. KeriF

    I have been using the Miku monitor for a couple weeks now and absolutely love it. I purchased two monitors and they came at the perfect time as my son is transitioning from his crib to a toddler bed and we also have a newborn. I love how clear the picture quality of the video is and that I can go back and watch video clips throughout the night when there is any movement or sound in the room. This has been so helpful to watch my older son in his big boy bed to make sure he is getting enough sleep and also staying put. The alarm is also a nice feature and I really love how the monitor tracks how long my kids have been asleep or awake. You can setup an alarm for sound or if there is no movement, etc. The app is so user friendly, setup was easy and installing it on the wall was a breeze. It looks nice and sleek – no wires! Its nice you can download the app onto multiple devices and always have access even when you aren’t home. I have used a couple different monitors in the past and this is by far the best.

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  2. SamD

    The MIKU PRO is the third baby monitor my wife and I have purchased in the last 2 years (the first two monitors had issues and did not last long), and it is hands down the best baby monitor on the market!
    For starters, the packaging is beautifully designed (I am a Packaging Engineer/nerd) and came with all of the necessary tools and hardware for installation. The directions were also easy to follow which made installing it a breeze. The camera itself is sleek and looks great in our nursery!
    The MIKU app is very user friendly and works great – it’s obvious that it was designed with the customer in mind! Once we had the app set up, we were amazed at how crystal clear the video is, which is a HUGE upgrade from our previous monitors which were grainy and choppy. The enhanced night vision is also a million times better than we’ve ever seen.
    The technology used for this monitor is second-to-none. I think the entire MIKU development team deserves a raise, because the breathing and sleep-monitoring feature makes us feel like we’re using a medical-grade device. We have complete peace of mind while our son is sleeping. Other added features like live temperature, two-way talk, and the ability to play lullabies are also such nice perks!
    We would 100% recommend the MIKU PRO to anyone and everyone with a child!

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  3. Kate

    After trying a couple of different monitors and not loving them, we decided to give this a try . Now that we have had it for a couple of weeks I feel like I can give an accurate review based on our experience.
    The packaging and camera is very stunning. The instructions were easy to follow and we had it set up in about 10 minutes . The picture quality is phenomenal, and has an option to change quality to a higher quality or slightly lower . We have had no problem with the wifi connectivity. Love that we can play white noise and many other musical sounds through it . The motion detection is great and it accurately reads temperature.
    If I had any complaint at all, it would be that it is not compatible with a moving bassinet like the SNOO . It will detect movement and notify constantly ! We originally thought we would try it with our SNOO but quickly realized it wasn’t the right camera for that so we moved it to the crib and have been happy !!
    Overall excellent monitor and would recommend based on our experience!!!

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  4. NewDadDoug

    As a user experience designer, I’m always impressed when you come across a product that has clearly thought through every step to make it as simple and intuitive as possible. The Miku Pro ranks at the top and was one of my favorites. I was wary of a monitor that needed wall installation and especially the wire management. Installation took only minutes, with every high-quality tool provided and specifically tuned for the Miku Pro. The fabric measuring tape made the hight fool proof. There was a level built directly into the wall mount, and the instructions and in-app guidance made it impossible to mess up. It was a breeze.
    I had a hiccup with my network configuration, so I contacted support. They responded immediately and with one press of a button, they were able to handle the whole fix remotely without me doing a thing. And the app even notified me when it was up and running afterwards. Great experience, and a huge comfort knowing how they will respond if anything ever happens in the future.
    Once installed, the app is super intuitive. Drag the handles on the video to the edges of the crib mattress and you’re done. The night vision and sensor monitoring are impressive, and the notifications really give my wife and I a lot of comfort.
    Love this product, and HIGHLY recommend it!

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  5. KristiF2021

    With my second child on the way, I really wanted to upgrade my baby monitor with something more accurate. The older unit had very poor video, especially the night mode and the alerts were inconsistent at best when it came to movement. I also felt like a hawk, always watching my son to make sure he was breathing- and a blurry screen did not help.
    Upon arrival of my Miku, I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging of the product and the additional details you’re provided to install, like a screwdriver and the integrated level. Truly a all in one setup.
    I’ve had the monitor for a week with my newborn and I’ve been very happy with this product. It’s a night and day difference compared to my economy monitor. The breathing report is my primary peace of mind, but I’ve also enjoy the report feature that lets you know just how well your LO is sleeping- like a baby Fitbit. Super nice since I’m not tracking her sleep in my other app.
    Definitely worth the investment. Should have paid up the first time around! NOTE: I purchased the stand separately so I could keep my walls damage free when I transition from the side car crib.

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  6. FTMMomma

    I truly was impressed from the moment I opened the box of the Miku through testing it out for my new growing family. This product is smartly made and with new parents in mind.

    The set up of this product was the easiest install I have ever done- the box comes with everything you need to install and the app set up is quick and painless.

    Now for the actual camera-the sleek design is visually appealing, the quality is impeccable, the picture is clear and the zoom is amazing. The night vision is insanely amazing, its almost like it isn’t night you can see so well! The breathing capabilities are going to be a game changer for this first time Mom. I know that I am extremely pleased with this function and even more thrilled that I do not have to hook anything up to my brand new baby like other well known products. Lastly, a function that to me is just a real bonus, the sounds! This is a home run! There are so many different lullaby’s and white noise sounds that the camera itself plays. This product replaces so many other products and allows everything to be in just one amazing product!

    Do not sleep on this monitor, you will have peace of mind and not be disappointed with it at all!

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  7. ErinS

    We ordered the Miku Monitor and expected it to be wonderful but I can say that it exceeded our expectations – I would highly recommend this monitor to any parent, as it has put our minds at ease whenever our baby is sleeping.
    This is our first time using a smart monitor and the difference in the overall quality is huge. The packaging itself was so simple and clean, the instructions were super clear, which made the set up process so easy. Everything needed for mounting the monitor was included in the package, my husband was easily able to mount it to the wall next to the crib, which made for a perfect view of the entire crib.
    The camera quality is very clear (and it has a pinch zoom feature) and is so much better than the monitor we were using previously. The two way audio is great and is also very clear. The app itself is super easy to navigate and has a few neat features, including music/white noise, which we have been using since our son loves and sleeps best with white noise. But, I think what sets the Miku Monitor apart from other monitors, is the sleep/breathing tracking and movement detection without having to put some type of wearable on your baby for each nap/overnight sleep.

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  8. Outstanding

    this product is absolutely phenomenal!!!
    First off I have to say that usually my husband hates building or putting things up. This was so so simple that he actually even complimented it. !
    The presentation of the product itself was outstanding . Everything is so clean and organIzed in the box and it’s amazing how it comes with absolutely every single tool and item you need to put this up! Even a mini level and a screw driver.
    The night vision view is top quality . I have black out shades yet you can still see perfect.
    The range is ideal to catch every corner of your kids crib even a small toddler bed !
    The monitor for RPM is impeccable and gives me a peace of mind every night .
    Overall this camera is a no brainer . All my family and friends who have kids have it and say the same . Absolutely worth every cent !

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    Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor – White
    Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor – White
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