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Bird A-Frame eBike w/ 50mi Max Operating Range & 20 mph Max Speed – Stealth Black

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Photos: Bird A-Frame eBike w/ 50mi Max Operating Range & 20 mph Max Speed – Stealth Black

7 reviews for Bird A-Frame eBike w/ 50mi Max Operating Range & 20 mph Max Speed – Stealth Black

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  1. css0105

    Bird 500W A-Frame Electric Bike. This is the first ebike I have ever owned or ridden, so this review is from the perspective of an inexperienced rider. I tried to write a complete review, in no particular order.
    “Bird’s electric bike is designed to capture the thrill of the ride and premium performance with best in class safety features including a manual throttle for an instant e-boost, a fully integrated backlit handlebar dash display and a powerful 500w motor for a smooth, yet powerful ride. The electric Bird Bike is perfect for your everyday commute, leisurely riding and everything in-between.”
    Here is my experience:
    Lights: The headlights are cool. You press and hold the + button for 2 seconds and they turn on/off. They go off automatically when you turn off the battery. I have two pictures that show the headlight. One when I left around 7:30 pm and the other when I came back home later that night. As you can see, the light is plenty bright. There have been times when I was riding and would look over my shoulder to see if a car was approaching because the light was so bright. I love that the tail light comes on as soon as your power on the battery. The taillight does show that the brakes have been pressed whether you use the front or back brakes.
    Handle Grips: Not so bad that you need to change them immediately, but not the most comfortable in the world. I did find myself stretching my fingers at an intersection or two. Honestly, with or without gloves you’d be fine.
    Saddle: I have no qualms with the saddle. My butt did not hurt after my first 6 mile ride.
    Climbing Performance: Let me just say, where has pedal assist been all my life!? It made going up an incline so much easier. I went the same route that I take on my regular bicycle. There is one hill that I have to do so much positive self talk so that I can make it up the hill. With this bike and pedal assist, I went up that hill problem free.
    Speed: This has a max speed of 19.8 mph I believe. I am 260 and I don’t know it the bike will go that fast with me on it. Because the bike accelerates gradually, it does take some time to get that high. I was able to get up to 17.2. It didn’t max there, I just had to slow down because I was approaching an intersection. I really can’t wait to ride some more because I’d like to see how fast it can take me.
    Braking:Braking is a bit slow, but you also don’t want to jam on the brakes and flip off. When I press the brake, it does sound pretty loud, at least louder than pressing the brakes on a regular bicycle.
    Assembly: Inside the box was a manual and all the tools you’d need to finish assembling the bike. It was mostly done, but you had to attach the handlebar, the front fender and wheel, the pedals, and the LCD display. My brother was able to put it together for me without using the manual. The manual does have great visual illustrations so that you can see what to do at each step. It does not, however, tell you where to put the reflectors. You don’t see reflectors installed on the bikes on their website photos or even the videos with the people riding the bikes. I just looked at where the reflectors are on my other bike. I was short one wheel reflector or we lost one in the box. Not sure. I imagine with a little common sense you’ll be able to figure out where to place the reflectors and how to put them on.
    Specs: I don’t know enough about bikes to know what is good and what is subpar. Their website states “High-performance Carbon Drive Train: Smooth, strong and designed for high performance, Gates Carbon Drive Belts are designed to meet the demands of rough road and eliminate the need for chain maintenance. 500w, Powerful Motor: Engineered for maximum power and a smooth ride, our 500w Rear Hub Bafang motor runs efficiently even at top speed.” You can find more information at shop dot bird dot co.
    Battery: The BirdBike comes with a 36v / 12.8Ah Removable Battery. Their website states “Easy to remove for charging or charge while on the e-bike, our safety-tested battery is built to last and is certified to meet top standards for electric bicycles.” I do agree that the battery is easy to remove. In order to remove the battery, you have to use one of the two provided keys. You do not need to keep the key on you unless you will be taking the battery off to charge. The battery does not need to be removed from the bike to charge because the charging port is on the side of the battery. I like that the battery can’t come out without the key so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your battery while you’re inside a store. The charger that comes with it is simple to use. Red LED while charging and green LED once charging complete. I charged it overnight so I’m not 100% sure how long it takes to charge, but I believe it’s about 4 hours. I do not know how much power the battery had when I received it because I put it straight on the charger. My first ride with a 100% battery was for just over an hour and the battery was at 86% when I got back. I used the highest pedal assist level and sometimes used the throttle. First ride was 6 miles. I think that’s pretty good for the battery.
    Problems? Well right out the box, there was a piece broken off. I cannot figure out where it came from. I guess the bike is okay without it because it seems to function just fine. Also, my back tire came with a faulty inner tube. I was able to air up my front tire but could not air the back. I contacted the company by email but decided to just take it to a bike shop and pay for them to remove/install a new tube. When they took it off, I saw that the valve was not connected to the tube. The bike shop said sometimes the tubes are bad, even when new. The bike shop took an extremely long amount of time to complete the job. I’m talking in the shop for like 45 minutes. What gave them so much difficulty was putting the wheel back on due to some bolt being extremely particular with alignment. They were the pros and I know I would not have been able to do it on my own. So just be aware that it could be tricky to put the back tire on, but not impossible.
    Final thoughts: I live in an apartment and have to haul this bike up and down the 3rd floor. It is not too bulky to maneuver nor too heavy for me to carry. I’m 260 and overweight and I fare just fine. I ride this bike to/from work, which is just under 6 miles round trip. I have sooooooo much fun riding and I really can’t wait to take it on a trail and ride until the battery is almost dead. 🙂
    Price: Either you’re going to pay it or you’re not, as with anything else. I believe that this is a good bike at the listed price. Again, I’ve never had another so I don’t have a comparison for you.
    Bottom line: Would I recommend someone else purchase this bike? Yes, yes I would.

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  2. Daniel

    I have had the A-Frame Bird Bike for a few weeks. And I will say the bike is absolutely fantastic. I love the love and style of the bike. I have the black color bike. It is a beautiful matte black that make it feel like I’m riding Batman’s Bike. The assembly process was a little tedious but was manageable. You can do it yourself but it is a lot easier with two people due to the weight of the bike. That being said Pro tip: Take out the battery during the assembly process. I didn’t take the battery out at the start of assembly and then realized how dumb I was for leaving the 20+lb weight in the bike the whole time. The hardest part of assembly I had to deal with is putting on the front wheel. It took me a minute to realize the nut to attach the front wheel itself is inside the plastic protective cover for the wheel and the disc brake. Putting on the front wheel you have to make sure you are lined up correctly between both of the brake calipers. My bike was a little off so I had some adjustments that I had to make in order for it not to rub while riding. Also the brake line had popped out of the channel where the brake handle is. These were pretty minor things I had to deal with during the whole setup process. The build of the bike it very solid the frame is very sturdy and has great shapes. The only issue I have with the build quality is the brake handles are plastic and have that plastic feel. It gives me something to think about while braking as not to really yank them to slow down when you are going fast and you will be going fast. (More later) The foot pedals are plastic as well. I will be upgrading to metal pedals for increased durability. I tend to pedal pretty hard on my bikes. With that being said I won’t be pedaling as hard as this has pedal assist. The ergonomics are very comfortable I am 6’ 2” and have pretty proportional build so I do have overly long or short legs. I feel this bike fits me perfectly. I have the seat maybe only an inch from the lowest setting and it’s perfect. The top tube is just low enough at about 2-3 inches to comfortably stand the bike under me at a stop. The bike is definitely meant for taller individuals. If you are shorter I would definitely recommend the V-Frame. The included seat is very comfortable. The performance of this bike is really great. With that belt driven 500W motor that puppy will go. This bike offers 5 different levels of pedal assist. When you have it at max the bike will take of as since as you start pedaling. It literally sounds like and feels like a certain fast electric car is taking off. It’s so good by the time you pedal around the second or third time you already are almost at max speed. It is truly effortless while riding this bike you can go long distance without breaking sweat. It truly is a commuter bike. You can of course turn down the assist settings to your liking if you want to. It is really hard to go down to a lower assist setting after having it at max. You can change the assist setting to zero as well if you want to. The bike is a-bit heavy to pedal at zero but the bike is at a good gear ratio which makes it not feel too heavy where it feels like it’s a semi. This bike can truly tackle anything and I love it for that reason. The tires are all terrain rugged tires allowing for some dirt riding in case the road gets a little tuff. The fenders help keep you dry as well when the road is wet. The headlight is in nice and bright and the rear light is as well. It adds a great touch that I need in winter months when it gets darker sooner than I originally thought when I go somewhere. It’s definitely a necessity. The controls are very easy to use and in a good position. You do have an option for throttle only if you just feel like not pedaling at all. As said earlier the assist is very aggressive at the max so barely are anyway. I love the screen it has all the info you need and nothing you don’t need. This bike has it all. It’s got great looks, comfort, and performance. It’s a slam dunk I am loving every minute of it.
    PHOTO EXPLANATION: I added these photos to show how great Bird’s customer service is and also a slight cautionary tale. I had received a bike that was shipped to me and as you know sometimes there not super gentle with packages that are shipped though a normal shipping company. I had received the box opened it and half way put the bike together when I found the taillight had taken a hit. I contacted Bird and they quickly sprung into action in getting me a replacement bike. They are people who love their craft and take pride in what they do. I sent bake the old bike and received a new one. When I got the new one they had updated the packaging tremendously. There was more foam and protection to insure the contents get to where they need to go. Bird learned from what unfortunately happened and immediately made corrective measures to insure it won’t happen again. I have without a doubt true confidence in the company standing behind the bike. I think it’s great because the bike is to.

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  3. DITGUY17

    The Bird A-Frame eBike is great! I have not been able to stop taking it out for a ride at least 3 times a week.
    First Impressions:
    The bike came well packaged. It was pretty heavy to move alone, but I got inside my garage to put together. It comes with all of the necessary tools to put it together as well. You do not need any other tools.
    Putting the bike together:
    This was the fun part. I have never put a bike together in my life. I read the instructions, but ended up looking at YouTube for some pointers. I only had issues with the disk brakes not being aligned properly. I still may take it to a bike shop and have them check it out for my peace of mind. It took about an hour to get it all together and adjusted.
    The Ride:
    I took it out for the first ride for about 20 miles. It performed great. I love the 500watt motor, as it provides plenty of power. I kept it on 3 assist to try and get the most battery usage. The LCD screen is easy to read and adjust settings if needed. The built in lights are nice as well. My only concern is a bike rack. Since it is heavier than most, you probably will have to take out the battery when you travel with it on a bike rack.
    I love the Bird A -Frame Bike, and would recommend it to anyone starting out with eBikes, and to turn heads when you’re out and about.

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  4. SamL

    I wanted so badly to like this bike but I gave up. It is advertised for 50 miles but each time I went out, it was dying around 15-17 miles. I’m 185 pounds mind you. Several people warned me to get the wing freedomX instead and I should have listened. The lights on the bird are gimmicky, the pedaling with the belt drive is either too hard or too fast. it also doesn’t have the built in alarm system the wing x has.

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  5. clow18

    The Bird E-Bike comes in a well packaged box that weights in at around 80lbs. Included is the bike (naturally) and a box with accessories. Inside the accessories box you will find a 2.5mm Allen key, 2xPedals, a Y-wrench with 3mm / 4mm / 5mm tips on it (very handy), an L-key Phillips screwdriver, a 13mm / 15mm two-sided wrench, cap nut and washer, 2x wheel reflectors and fasteners, rear and front reflectors, a set of keys for the battery, a power supply and cable and the manual.
    Overall, the packaging is put together very nicely. I would suggest having another person, if possible, assist with removing the bike from its box, although it is not necessary. Once removed, you will need to cut through a few zip ties (be careful what you use to cute as some are close to the tires and frame) and remove some foam around the frame, which is easy enough. For the accessory box, I would highly recommend removing all its contents and spreading them out on a table or the floor. This will make it that much easier to find what you are needing based on the step of the instructions you are on.
    Putting together the E-Bike:
    The instructions are clear, but make sure you read through them a few times to ensure you understand what is needing to be done. Installing the handlebar was easy. My display did not remove as a couple wires were holding it in its housing, but I was able to move it aside to screw in the bolt and washer needed to secure the handle to the frame. There is a small carboard tube over the pole that the handlebar attaches to (for protection during shipping) that you will need to remove. Just remove the bolt and washer from the pole, slide off the cardboard tube, and you are ready to install the handlebar. Once installed, you will use the bolt and washer you unscrewed from the pole on the frame to attach the handlebar to the frame. There is only one way the washer will fit into the display housing where you attach the handlebar to the frame, so be cognizant of this. Do make sure the handlebar is lined up correctly before you tighten down fully. Once this is completed, recheck to ensure the handlebar, frame, and front wheel are aligned, and when this is done, you will tighten the two steering stem screws with the 5mm end of the Y-wrench. Once done, there should be no wobble or give when you move the handlebar. If you did not tighten enough, you will know it. Take your time and give it a couple once overs to verify everything looks good before continuing.
    The front fender is straightforward. If you look at the pictures in the manual, you can deduce the orientation of the fender and install accordingly. I would triple check to make sure it is aligned correctly before tightening all three screws.
    For the front wheel, my only suggestion would be to make sure the side with the brake rotor aligns with the front disc brake. There is only one way to do it, but it can be confusing at first for someone that is not an avid biker (like myself). After you place the wheel on correctly (on the forks), you will need to screw in the bolt (don’t forget the washer) with the included wrench.
    The pedals are very easy, as they are labeled with an L and R to distinguish between left and right. Just tighten and move on!
    I would highly suggest watching the YouTube video Bird put together on this bike’s assembly. There is a QR Code on the box when you open it, or you can search for it within YouTube itself. It is easy, and straightforward.
    E-Bike Itself:
    The bike has a max assisted speed of 20 MPH and has assisted pedaling (which is cool!). I real world use, without pedaling, I was about to reach 17 MPH quickly, and 20 MPH a few seconds later. Keep in mind, this is on flat ground. Your results will vary up/downhill. Mine came about half charged, but was more than enough to go for 2-3 quick 15 minute rides. You can charge the battery on or off the bike, which is handy (I am sometimes too lazy to remove it). The seat is comfortable, and I have had zero issues with it.
    One thing that I really love about this bike (other than the obvious of it being a E-Bike) is the look. This is one sexy looking machine. To me, if give off a subtle futuristic look, but not too out there where it looks out of place. Props to the design team at Bird.
    I would also like to touch on the customer service experience I received from Bird. Hands down one of the best experiences I have had from ANY company. They were courteous, up front, communicated well, and I felt they genuinely cared about my experience with their product. This day in age, I feel customer service is an afterthought, and its refreshing to work with a company that stands behind their product, while also going the extra mile to ensure their customers are happy. Thank you, Bird!
    Overall, my experience with this E-bike has been excellent. I now look forward to getting out and going for a ride, where in the past it was never even a thought in my mind. The build quality is excellent, and assembly is quick and straightforward. It works as advertised and I could not be happier. Hats off to Bird. I look forward to your future products.

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  6. Birdbikeisgreat

    We liked the a frame so much when it came in we bought a matching v frame. Assembly is easy. Use caution handling the wires when unpacking.

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  7. Dave

    Amazing! Feels good quality build! Does as advertised and very very veyr comfortable

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    Bird A-Frame eBike w/ 50mi Max Operating Range & 20 mph Max Speed – Stealth Black
    Bird A-Frame eBike w/ 50mi Max Operating Range & 20 mph Max Speed – Stealth Black

    Original price was: $2,299.99.Current price is: $1,954.99.
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