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Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Stainless Steel, Reusable, Vacuum Insulated with Standard Mouth Flex Lid


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  • New Hydro Flask water bottle design does not feature a registered trademark symbol next to the logo
  • Hydro Flask insulated water bottle is dishwasher safe; Slip-free powder coating won’t sweat
  • Hydro Flask metal water bottles keep the coldest drinks icy cold and hot drinks piping hot for hours
  • Reusable water bottle is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and made of stainless steel; fits car cup holders

Specification: Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Stainless Steel, Reusable, Vacuum Insulated with Standard Mouth Flex Lid

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎10.87 x 2.87 x 2.8 inches

Package Weight

‎0.38 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎2.85 x 2.85 x 12.4 inches

Item Weight

‎0.06 Pounds

Brand Name

‎Hydro Flask

Country of Origin


Warranty Description


Model Name






Suggested Users


Number of Items



‎Hydro Flask

Part Number


Model Year



‎24 Oz

Included Components

‎Bottle, lid

Outer Material


Fill Material Type



‎24 oz

Sport Type

‎Track & Field

Photos: Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Stainless Steel, Reusable, Vacuum Insulated with Standard Mouth Flex Lid

13 reviews for Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Stainless Steel, Reusable, Vacuum Insulated with Standard Mouth Flex Lid

3.2 out of 5
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  1. Matthias W.

    Zum trinken von Heißgetränken empfiehlt es sich eine Tasse zu nehmen, da die Temperatur zu gut gehalten wird und man sich auch 4 std plus noch verbrennen würde. 10/10 würde mir jederzeit wieder den Mund verbrennen.

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  2. Steven

    Quite disappointed. I thought the bottle would have better insulation considering all of the great reviews and the high price tag but the ice was melting after just a couple of hours. On the bright side, there’s no condensation.

    Update: After using this bottle for a little over a week, the handle on the cap broke off… I can put it back on but it is no longer secure and I almost dropped it when it snapped. Considering I paid $35 plus tax for a high quality insulated bottle, I am extremely disappointed.

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  3. Say Yes And Smile

    I really like the Hydro flasks and I have a few of them, for any occasion.
    There’s however a few pro’s and con’s with these bottles.

    Double Insulated – Keeps your water cold up to 24 hours
    Wide mouth / different types of lids are available
    Leak proof
    Handle strap – Easy to carry by hand anywhere
    Stainless steel – Haven’t noticed any rust inside or outside, so far!
    Sleek and beautiful design + Slip free grip / Powder Coating
    No condensation on the outside due to great Insulation
    Lifetime Warranty

    If not careful, it can get scratches and dents
    Have to be hand washed / No dishwasher
    Handle strap will most likely wear out overtime

    The cons are nothing compared to the pros, however I personally like my bottles to last a lifetime, so I always find myself a sleeve to make sure it doesn’t get any dents, or gets damaged over time.
    After all it’s a quite expensive bottle..

    I found that the Wild Wolf Outfitters 25oz Bottle holder, fits perfectly – Here’s a link to check it out;

    Update 2020/04/14: The bottle is still holding out and so is the holder, amazing!

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  4. Giovanni Conte

    Love the dark green colour. It’s a decent size to hold cold drinks whilst I work. Feels light when empty, but does feel sturdy. Had a guy i work with put coffee in his first thing in the morning to have hot coffee until lunch. I’m a sucker for a loop or hook, as I love to hang things whilst I’m working out, or camping.

    The lid can be a little squeaky, if that’s a valid criticism?

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  5. slimby13

    It is relatively light weight and I bought the sippy lid to go with it. Very comfortable and easy to carry, it keeps my water cold all day or all night. Wish the top was slightly wider for ease of putting ice cubes in. I did not want the wide neck one as it did not come with a sippy lid. Would prefer a desigh of sippy lid that is sealed. If someone coughs or sneezes nearby, it will settle on the lid that you put straight in your mouth. So in a way not perfect, but I love it more than any water bottle I have every bought and I have bought a fair few!

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  6. Jobobl

    I did two different orders of Hydro Flask water bottles, both from Tall Ridge. One came packaged like HydroFlask bottles do – with a paper sleeve around the bottle, in a nice cloth bag. The second one was NOTHING like what I ordered: it was a “kleen kanteen”, not a HydroFlask, but there was HydroFlask paper sleeve around the bottle, covering up the “kleen kanteen” name. And the second one was not color I ordered either – I ordered blue and it was green. And it was scratched in several places.

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  7. Roblen

    I ordered a hydroflask from amazon a few weeks ago, and I loved it. Decided to order one for my mom as a gift. Today I received it, and it hard old coffee stuck inside and outside! So gross! I can’t believe amazon let this happen. Make sure you check the product before you give it to someone as a gift!

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  8. D. Kirkpatrick

    In my quest for water bottle perfection, I’ve gone through quite a few and always eventually disappointed in them all; not so with the hydroflask! It’s amazing, I didn’t think it’d be possible to be this much of a fan of a water bottle. I now fully understand the hydroflask hype…yes it’s ‘expensive’ for a water bottle but with all things, the price is relative and you get what you pay for. Perhaps it’s expensive because it’s a high-quality item?

    I’d consider it definitely worth it if you’re looking for a decent water bottle that won’t leak and that will last.

    I don’t know it how it fares in terms of keeping things hots as I only use mine for water, but I imagine well! It defintely keeps things chilled! I run my tap for a few seconds until it’s cold and then the hydroflask relaibly keeps it chilled for hours! It’s excellent.

    Build quality is delightful, it has a nice brushed metal finish that feels very premium and sturdy. The loop/handle is much sturdier than I expected and it’s great to lift throughout the day. It’s super easy to clean and fill, with no fuss, no valves or straws etc to leak or get mouldy. I dropped mine from about chest hight accidently on to hard kitchen tiles but it only has a tiny dent in one small area although it was horribly loud but it’s tough for sure! I know it’ll last for years if I look after it and clean it.

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  9. Dylan Crews

    The only possible thing that could put this down is the price. That is what you pay for such high quality goods. The day I bought it I filled it with water and left it in the fridge to cool overnight. The next day my water was still lukewarm. That is how good the insulation is. In the future I left the cap off when chilling it and it stays cold all day long

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  10. Elisabet Norris

    This is not at all what I thought I ordered. I’m almost positive it is NOT a Hydroflask brand at all.

    The Hydroflask trademark was on a strip of paper taped around the bottle, but nowhere on the bottle itself does it say it is a Hydroflask, not even under the flask.

    We have other Hydroflasks and they are quite different.

    It came with the cap shown in picture, just the standard wide mouth cap and it barely fits. The description says it will keep my drink warm for up to 12 hours, but my coffee was already cold after 45 minutes. I also purchased the straw cap attachment, but it doesn’t screw on tight and falls off.

    I feel like I got ripped off in every sense of the word.

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  11. carmen pineda

    This is my second hydro flask that has become dented in the first week of us using it. The bottles are not made of good quality and I was just advised by the vendors that dents,scratches are not covered by the lifetime warranty…so what is covered?? Bought a bottle for my other child about 6 months ago from local retailer for less than half the price of this one and is much sturdier, it has not dents and it has been dropped several more times.

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  12. Irving N Howe

    This is either a knock off or defective. I would be concerned about purchasing. Own two. Know to hand wash only, etc. First one was bought at REI. Holds ice all day. One from Amazon can’t keep ice for two hours inside the house. Didn’t want to believe but after testing is the case. Defective. But was a gift and given too late for return. Very disappointed. Had to be defective.

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  13. smuckj

    Two weeks in and I’m loving it. Already traveled on a plane with it, took it to the beach, take it to and from work on my bike every day, and dropped it on the floor. I’ve never had an insulated bottle before so it’s been regularly surprising how cold it keeps my water. I haven’t achieved the 6/8+ hours of ice that some people claim, but I also don’t use a lot of ice and often don’t close the lid out of laziness. Part of the reason I got this one is because it has a flip-top straw sport lid, but I haven’t bought it yet. I was surprised by how tall it was, but it needs to be to hold 24 ounces AND fit in cupholders (which it does easily) AND have a vacuum sealed insulated liner inside. I was especially surprised when I leaned forward to sit down after setting it on my desk and dropped my forehead right on top of the bottle. It’s gotten a couple tiny knicks and slight scratches on the lid from general use, but that’s to be expected. I love the coating on the outside. Easy to hold, never gets condensation due to the insulation, and seems to repel water even when it runs down the sides. Best part though: when you bump it on things it sounds like a low, subtle gong. I do it on accident (and purpose) all the time.

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    Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Stainless Steel, Reusable, Vacuum Insulated with Standard Mouth Flex Lid
    Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Stainless Steel, Reusable, Vacuum Insulated with Standard Mouth Flex Lid
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