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FIFA 22 Standard Edition – PlayStation 5


(8 customer reviews)
Last updated on August 28, 2023 5:50 am Details
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8 reviews for FIFA 22 Standard Edition – PlayStation 5

4.1 out of 5
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  1. Gamer07

    In my personal opinion, this is one of the best Fifa I have played. I have been playing Fifa since 2016 and the graphics are worth it. Also, the Volta and other games modes make this game more interesting. Just one downside is that you will not be able to play online with friends on PS4.

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  2. iBJanky

    I have been playing the FIFA series for over a decade now, and FIFA 22 is probably the best iteration yet.
    The graphics on the PS5 is absolutely wonderful, and the gameplay will provide you with hours of entertainment.
    Go grab yourself a copy now!

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  3. Mike

    I have been buying Fifa every year. It’s the only game I play. We all know Fifa has gone downhill for the past few years, but I can tell you this. This is the best Fifa ever made after many years of being crap. Bought it for PS5. Everything has been improved. Graphics, gameplay, etc. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed this time.

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  4. Philipp123

    They really screwed up the dynamics of this game making gameplay more cumbersome and rigid. The fluidity of the game is gone and they made PSG too powerful. Literally the same match-up everytime you play, your team VS the cheat code team. Definitely takes away from the online fun. Their matchmaking algorithm is also way off. When I was in Division 6 I was Vsing Division 1 opponents. I restrict matchmaking to similar star teams, I use 3.5 stars. Without fail, Im matched every single time with a 5* PSG team. They really need to fix this issue. Makes the game utterly unplayable for the purists.

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  5. JoseR

    Great game. Just a lil more realistic then previous years.
    Not a humongous change from last years. But still fun

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  6. vick

    Easily better than fifa 21, as its no more a scoring frenzy the goalie can actually save shots and the defense is better organized. Most of the improvements is in gameplay nothing really new added

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  7. FIFAps5game

    Excellent game and the delivery was fast. Also they sent you updates to your email about the delivery or sales.

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  8. MrBoombastic789

    The gameplay is simply not good. I play online seasons only. I can’t imagine how many updates it will take to fix the garbage that makes me rage quit every time I play.
    There are times when facing Messi or Neymar that they can just wiggle wiggle wiggle through your defense and you can’t even switch to the correct defender in time to do anything. The R stick switching is consistently inaccurate.
    When I ping a ball across the pitch to switch the play, no matter the player, they will chest it down and take ages to settle the ball. By the time the ball is under control and ready to dribble, the defenders have recovered and I’ve lost my numbers advantage. Makes it so easy to overload ball side and trap the opponent.
    R1+O passed are always too low, might as well be double tap passes. Can’t even clear the head of a midget. They’ll just intercept it and automatically direct it towards their goal with perfect weight and the counter is on.
    When defending a corner kick, there’s always one player that’s standing around the halfway line to start a counter. That player is consistently the wrong option. When using Chelsea, why would I want Jorginho there? He’s slow! When using Bayern, why put Gnabry there when I have Coman and Sane on the pitch? And I can’t control this.
    If I play a formation like 4-2-3-1 and instruct my striker to always stay forward, I don’t want to see him coming back to the box to defend. I need him forward as an outlet, but he just doesn’t listen, even Lewandowski and Ronaldo.
    If I set a formation with a winger and am attacking through the middle, that winger will just not get involved. They stay wide on their touchline and just watch me get swarmed by defenders without providing any useful outlet or attacking runs. If I’m driving the ball up the middle with my CAM, I don’t need the striker to drop back as a false nine. That’s useless. He should be making himself a target, but instead drops behind the ball and doesn’t go in the box at all
    PSG are playing awfully in real life, but their live form doesn’t indicate that. And everybody just uses PSG because of it. No gameplay variety.
    This will be the last fifa I buy for a few years at least

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    FIFA 22 Standard Edition – PlayStation 5
    FIFA 22 Standard Edition – PlayStation 5

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