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SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ 32 GB WiFi Android 9.0 Tablet Black – SM-T290NZKAXAR


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Sleek and powerful, the new Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ lets you browse,watch your favorite shows and movies, play games, and get things done on a tablet that’s light and comfortable in your hands. With a long-lasting battery and expandable memory, the Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ is built to keep up with you.

Specification: SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ 32 GB WiFi Android 9.0 Tablet Black – SM-T290NZKAXAR



Manufacturer Part Number


Operating System

Android 9.0 Pie

Assembled Product Weight

12.16 oz





Assembled Product Dimensions L x W x H

9.00 x 8.30 x 4.90 Inches



Photos: SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ 32 GB WiFi Android 9.0 Tablet Black – SM-T290NZKAXAR

10 reviews for SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ 32 GB WiFi Android 9.0 Tablet Black – SM-T290NZKAXAR

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  1. tjmile1

    My mom is 81 and understandably, not computer savvy. That said, she uses my old smartphone to listen to music, play solitaire and other games (we use a landline to talk), and reads her email. She really enjoys it, but the phone has a 5″ screen and it’s a little difficult for her to see. She is now in need of long term skilled nursing care and because of Covid-19 restrictions we can’t visit in person. These are trying times. The only solution for now is video calling. This Samsung Tab A 8.0 is a near perfect solution to a difficult problem. The best part is video calls with Duo. With WiFi, Duo video calls are a snap even for my mom. She can now call us anytime and see us (big family). It’s a godsend.
    The tablet is a great size, not too small and not too large. The buttons are very simple. A power button and a volume rocker. They have a nice tactile feel so that you won’t press them by accident. Setup is not difficult, but it is a little time consuming at first to deal with the system updates. It automatically updates to Android 10. I’m familiar with a Samsung phones so setup was actually a breeze. I was easily able to set it up to match the icons of the easy launcher app on her phone. The screen is quite bright and the color is perfect. It’s very easy to see even in daylight. It defaults to auto brightness, but I found it too dark under most conditions so I turned the auto brightness off. Apps load quickly and the screens scroll smoothly. There is very little lag. I added Prime Video and movies look great. The speakers are strong enough, definitely better than her phone. The camera works great in regular light, it focuses quickly and as you can see takes pretty good photos. I think this Samsung is a great value at around $100. It’s good enough to do anything you need without breaking the bank. The only thing I need to do now is find a nice case online. Since it’s a big name brand there are a lot to choose from.

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  2. FamilyOfFive

    I have been using this tablet for a couple days and have found some features that I really love.
    The packaging was easy to open and everything I needed to get started was right at my fingertips upon opening the box. The instructions were clear, and I really didn’t even need to read the pamphlet, as the on screen instructions led me through the set-up process pretty easily.
    This Samsung Galaxy tablet was extremely easy to get started with. I have never had a Samsung Galaxy product before, but if I had had one, I could have uploaded all my documents/pictures/files using the cloud that Samsung provides. This was also an option using my google drive, so that was nice. I had a couple issues getting all my files transferred over, but I overall, it was a seamless process that worked quite well. The set-up took me about 30 minutes from start to finish, and I was ready to begin installing my apps within 20 minutes. I opted out of the option to install all the apps I use on my phone, because I am going to use the tablet for reading and more pleasure-type activities than work-related.
    I attached a picture so you can get a good idea about the size. This is my number one complaint about the product. I am a female, and I have really small hands, so this size is awkward for me. I need to use two hands to hold it steady, and it is a little cumbersome feeling to me. My husband tried the tablet, and he didn’t feel this way, so it just depends on the size of your hands. I’m sure the average person would find this table to be a nice sized device. It’s not overly heavy, so sitting in bed and reading is no problem. I would say that it weighs much less than the average chapter book.
    The tablet connected seamlessly to my WIFI and the internet worked really well. I was able to download my mail app and it worked great once I got everything signed in.
    The charging time took around an hour to completely charge the device, and it came with the charging cable AND wall outlet adapter. this was really nice because most electronics these days only come with one or the other. The charger is a micro USB cable, so it’s pretty standard across the board with other charging devices.
    The only thing I wish it had come with is a screen protector and/or a case. I always feel like a tablet or phone feels so breakable without a case or screen protector. So, if you buy this tablet, make sure you find a good screen protector and case to go along with it.
    Overall, this is a great tablet with multiple different uses. This would be a great tablet for any age. It’s easy enough for younger and older individuals to figure out and versatile enough to be used for many different realms. I’m excited to be able to download some books and games!

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  3. LoLawsMommy

    I love this lightweight handy tablet! The initial setup is super simple since it shows you step by step directions. Did a couple software updates that it prompted me to do, again easy.
    The android operating system allows me to adjust the age appropriate content so my lil one can use safely as well. Overall the picture and sound are great too! Came with a micro sb charger and i ordered a case for it to keep it safe while in my lil ones hands.. look for T290 while searching for the correct case. Again, soo super happy with my new Galaxy!

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  4. GuitarKY

    The size of this tablet and the looks of it are very nice. It has a really good display. The camera works well and it connects to Wi-Fi and also my phone’s hotspot very easily. My biggest concern was the speed of the tablet. This is not going to operate at the same speed as any phone that has been made in the last couple years. Currently it is updating the software for the third time. On the second update, it updated to Android 10.
    I would put this tablet in a category of use by a beginner or for children. It just doesn’t have the speed needed for today’s apps. However again it looks really nice and it works without any errors so far so that’s a plus

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    I absolutely love this little tablet! I have had a wonderful time getting to know how it works and getting it set up specifically for me. It’s bigger than my phone, but not huge. I play Solitaire and Sudoku games on it instead of my phone because I can see better on the tablet. I also downloaded the kids messenger app so I can video chat with my grandsons. This tablet is fast and has a very clear picture (my son said it’s got good resolution). I also like to take and view pictures and with this tablet since I can see them much easier. I am 55 years old so I am at the point that I enjoy the small comforts like these. I am waiting on a case that has a loop for my hand to hold the tablet easier and to protect the tablet itself from drops. I would definitely recommend this tablet to anyone who wants something bigger than a phone but I honestly think I’d like the tablet to be a little larger maybe a 10 inch instead, but other than that I can’t complain, it’s been good!

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  6. DAVCPA1982

    The SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A SM-T290 is a tablet that definitely hits way above its weight class. As soon as I took it out of the box I fell in love with the device. Weighing in at a jaunt 345 grams, it’s lightweight and slim with fantastic ergonomics for one or two-hand operation. Build quality felt solid as is typical with Samsung devices. Initial setup was a breeze and the operating system updated to Android 10 right away. Further customization didn’t take long at all as the 2GB RAM and the 2Ghz Quad-Core processor made for quick loading and snappy switching between apps. The device comes set up with the on-screen back button on the right side. This was driving me nuts as my phone has the back button on the left side. Fortunately, the tablet includes the ability to change the order of the on-screen Navigation Buttons as well as switch to full screen gesture navigation. At 189 PPI, the 800×1280 8” TFT LCD screen was sharp, clear, and quite bright at maximum setting. The capacitive multitouch was responsive, even after adding a tempered glass screen protector. Photos taken using the main 8-megapixel rear camera looked really good! The built-in electronic image stabilization with face and smile detection made for excellent selfies and memorable photos of family and friends. For my use case, I found the 32GB (21GB available) internal memory to be adequate. However, it is comforting to know that I could easily add up to an additional 512GB via the MicroSDXC card slot. At 5100 mAh, the internal battery supplied enough power to last a full day of mixed browsing, snapping photos, and listening to music with enough juice remaining to use the tablet for turn-by-turn navigation on our way home. Sound from the dual bottom-facing speakers is clear with a decent range of highs and lows and impressive maximum volume. Audiophiles will rejoice at the included 3.5mm stereo port on top of the device. I know I was glad that I could use my favorite headphones with the device without needing a separate adapter. WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth all worked great and I did not find myself missing the lack of NFC connectivity at all. Overall, this is a wonderful device that compares favorably with the tablet offerings from a certain fruit brand at a fraction of the price.

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  7. Zorro74

    If you’re looking for a tablet that can keep up with your online activity that is not bulky but yet not too small, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is for you. With its 8.0 inch display, it’s big enough to clearly present your content on a screen that you can hold with one hand freeing up your hand for surfing the different apps or simply to hold your drink.
    This tablet is equipped with an Android operating system, a Quad Core (2.0GHz) processor and a 2GB of RAM which empowers it to handle all the tasks you would throw at it, from browsing the web, to playing music and movies not to mention playing board games, Candy Crush, etc….
    With a crisp screen and clear sound engineered with Dolby Atmos surround sound format and two speakers, you’re guaranteed a pleasurable experience and the best part is, I didn’t need to spend hours figuring out complicated adjustment settings. Out of the box, the sound and display were of amazing quality.
    The Samsung Galaxy Tab A comes with a strong Li-Ion 5,100mAh battery and an expandable internal storage. You get 32GB of storage space but you can add a MicroSD card up to 512GB. That’s a lot of songs, movies and pictures.
    Speaking of pictures, this tablet has two cameras. A 2.0 MP front camera and an 8.0 MP rear camera and a Full HD 1920 x 1080 video recording resolution. The main camera has an auto focus feature and you could add a floating shutter button so you can easily snap a picture. So far I’m pleased with the picture quality (see attached wishing well photo).
    The tablet comes with a charger and is equipped with an ear jack and a charging port. It also features an adaptive brightness feature that would adjust the screen brightness based on the existing lighting to relive stress on the eyes.
    To summarize, if you don’t like tablets with a bulky design and don’t want to compromise performance, give the Samsung Galaxy Tab A a try, you won’t regret it. Whether I’m surfing the web, taking pictures or playing a movie, this Tab delivered and without breaking the bank.

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  8. Bl1989

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a great tablet. The battery life is wonderful. The screen display is crisp and clear. I stream quite a bit and have been loving the size of the screen and the sound quality is great! Setup was quick and easy. I would recommend this tablet for any age!

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  9. Anonymous

    Hello 2 All,
    I love this tablet.
    Samsung has made everything easier with this tablet.
    I mainly got it 4 COC but I do way more on it than I thought I would.
    4 the price I highly recommend.
    Bought a silicone case 4 it also.
    Thanks 4 Your Time,

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  10. Vanessa

    This tablet is AMAZING! It has a lot of memory and the battery last a very long time, I am actually impressed with the battery being I play games and listen to music at the same time and it last almost all day! The picture is great and so is the camera! Id recommend this for the price its so worth the quality and value!

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    SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ 32 GB WiFi Android 9.0 Tablet Black – SM-T290NZKAXAR
    SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ 32 GB WiFi Android 9.0 Tablet Black – SM-T290NZKAXAR
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