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Google Wifi – Whole Home Wi-Fi System – 3-Pack


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Google Wifi is the easy Wi-Fi upgrade that’s a great value. It blankets your whole home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi.1 And it works behind the scenes to keep your Wi-Fi fast and buffering at bay. Google Wifi is easy to set up in the Google Home app.2 Then connect and manage devices in your network. Or pause Wi-Fi to limit screen time for the kids. Automatic updates help your network stay safe and sound. Walk from room to room on a video call with an uninterrupted signal. This is Wi-Fi that just works.

Specification: Google Wifi – Whole Home Wi-Fi System – 3-Pack


Diameter: 106.12 mm



Manufacturer Part Number


Assembled Product Weight

11.99 oz

Assembled Product Dimensions L x W x H

4.20 x 4.20 x 68.80 Inches



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10 reviews for Google Wifi – Whole Home Wi-Fi System – 3-Pack

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  1. James

    Once setup the system works great. I installed three units, one at the router, one in sight of the first, and the third in sight of the second. My house (4000 sq ft, two story) now has full coverage end to end. I’ve tried range extenders and they have been worthless. They consume at least half the bandwidth. With the Google system I have almost full bandwidth everyone. The only frustrating part was the setup. The setup process guided by the App just did not work. The units, although being recognized, could not complete the setup process. I used the online chat and tech support had me change the default settings for the cloud privacy settings. Then everything worked ok. A little painful, and very surprising for Google, but in the end worth it. By the way, when the instructions say you need to hook the first unit to a “modem” it works find connected to a “modem-router”.

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  2. Vermonter

    Works very well. Set up was easy after initial confusion resulting in virtually NO instructions included.

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  3. GusIII

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Google Wifi, the perfect in MESH Wifi. I am in absolute love with these routers! They’re small, and they can sure broadcast a signal!
    I have 4 of these little guys, (3) of the 2016 version, and (1) of the 2020 version. This is the 2020 version with the barrel plug power supply, which I have to admit, I do like the USB power supply a little better but this one is a nice and small connector.
    The Google WIFI has 2 ports of the bottom of the unit, and they are both color coded with symbols on each. The setup is a breeze and once you install the APP on your phone, it walks you thru everything you need to do to get these guys working in no time flat. Once port is the one that goes from your cable modem (Internet In) and the other port would go to a wired device. I assume it was meant to go to your computer workstation wired direct however I sent mine to a mini 8 port RJ45 switch so I can distribute my internet not only wirelessly (with this Google WIFI) but also via the CAT cords running in my home.
    The APP on your phone controls everything, there are NO Buttons on this thing. Not even a power button (which would be somewhat nice, but I guess pulling the pull does just as good.)
    These things are capable of so much, from a main wifi network to a guest wifi network. It broadcasts in both 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz. Supports all the modern wifi adaptors from A to E and everything in between.
    I have one in my Office, One in my Kitchen, One In My Garage, and One downstairs. All 4 mesh together and connect. They don’t need wires to mesh together, just to be within range of each other. I have my house and backyard / pool area blanketed with coverage and never loose signal going from the basement to the garage and back again!
    I can no say enough great things on these routers, except give them a try. Once you have them, you’ll wonder why you never purchased such a great device before.

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    1 of 3 them wouldnt connect after multiple setup attempts, returned item. Also, had hard time with return because the product serial number sent from walmart distribution center didnt match the serial number on the box.

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  5. David

    Privacy concern, unless you turn on a certain privacy setting not all features and network data in App will work. Google is watching us too much. And sometimes selling our data. Product works well but Google has gone to far.

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  6. Tracy

    Very satisfied with Google Whole Home WIFI!! I now have blazing fast WiFi in my basement!!! I replaced my Spectrum router (which worked well, just didnt have coverage for my entire house) I have 2 floors, 2,500 total sq ft. Im just thrilled the kids can play online games on ps5 in basement and I can stream TV and music at same time upstairs and everything is lightening fast! Prior to Google WiFi, I had to run a 100 ft Ethernet cable to basement. I couldnt be happier!! Plus I was paying extra every month for cable WiFi which I no longer have to do.

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  7. ness1980

    I have xfinity internet and I had to keep resetting it. They told me I had to many things using the internet so I needed to not use so many. I have a lot of smart home things and didn’t want to stop using them. Where I am though, doesn’t have a lot of options for internet so switching wouldn’t help. I got this Google system and the problems went away. I had to put my xfinity modem into bridge mode but after looking it up on line it was easy Definitely worth it for us!

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  8. Howard

    I had a little net gear range extender probably was about $40. I brought this took about 20 mins to set up.
    Long story short WOW! I pay for 400mbps, and I’m getting that anywhere and every where around my home, I’m literally getting that speed at the Mailbox, and where I stay it is the Abyss, if you thought you had a deadzone. The best $200 I spent on my home.

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  9. unhappybuyer

    We tried to connect these devices to get a mesh in our larger size house. We first tried connecting them wireless and the connection speed was terrible at 15-25 mbps. Then we tried hard wiring them up with ethernet cat5e wire, and we got 18-28 mbps. Almost enough to run a tv. The set up was a pain using google home, and had very few options to try. Overall the connection was easy, but in the end it was useless with the speed it provided. Since we have Spectrum bringing in 230-250mbps, this was a total disappointment, and a waste of 3 days of trying different things with no luck. We will be returning the item tomorrow!!

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  10. Babyloves03

    Easy to set up and use. I cant believe I didnt get one sooner! So much better than other wireless routers and eliminates the clutter. The range on the routers allows for all the TVs, phones, tablets and laptops to stay connected and if youre internet cuts out due to too many people causing it to lag you can designate one or more electronic to receive priority status for the WiFi. You can also set bedtime and quiet time by disconnecting the WiFi as well. The amount of control you have at your fingertips is absolutely wonderful.

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    Google Wifi – Whole Home Wi-Fi System – 3-Pack
    Google Wifi – Whole Home Wi-Fi System – 3-Pack
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