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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Steelbook Gold Edition – PlayStation 4

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Steelbook Gold Edition – PlayStation 4


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  • LIVE THE LIFE OF A TRUE GHOST STRANDED BEHIND ENEMY LINES Injured, without support & hunted down, test your survival skills and fight back.
  • FACE YOUR TOUGHEST ENEMIES With your own play style, take down the Wolves, ex-brothers-in-arms gone rogue, and their leader Cole D. Walker.
  • ENJOY A TRUE SOCIAL EXPERIENCE Team up with your friends, and experience shared progression from the main campaign to PvP. Explore rich end-game content including four-player raids.
  • ALL-NEW BONUS CONTENT Challenge yourself in the first Raid, Project Titan, and experience the thrill of the Terminator Mission, available now. Plus more content to come!
  • Want even more? Upgrade to the Ultimate Edition, which includes all Gold content, plus a bonus mission, the Survivor Pack, and more.

Specification: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Steelbook Gold Edition – PlayStation 4

Release date

October 1, 2019


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Package Dimensions

6.7 x 5.1 x 0.7 inches, 1 Pounds


Video Game



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Item Weight

1 pounds


UBI Soft

Country of Origin


Date First Available

May 9, 2019

Photos: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Steelbook Gold Edition – PlayStation 4

4 reviews for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Steelbook Gold Edition – PlayStation 4

2.5 out of 5
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  1. Amazingon Customer

    This game is obviously not finished at launch. They likely were just trying to push it out before the Call of Duty release. Maybe if you read this review a year from now, things will have changed. I wanted to like this so bad. As a die hard fan of the series, I’ve played every Ghost Recon for the last 20 years and this is the biggest disappointment to date. It’s just insulting even after only a few hours of playing.

    -Gold steelbook looks cool
    -No predatory gambling loot boxes YET
    -Potential for interesting story
    -Decent sound effects
    -Plenty of options in the menus
    -Skill based matchmaking pvp (for those of us that can’t keep up with players that don’t have jobs)
    -Doesn’t seek to make money and exploit real world situations and hardships. (It’s basically pure sci-fi)
    -the Digital Foundry and Angry Joe episodes will be very entertaining to watch on this.

    -First thing loading up, couldn’t connect to servers. Yes, this game is online only like The Division. Ironically, a huge slap in the face to service members stationed overseas that don’t have online connectivity.

    -Camera is not adjustable, therefore the close up of the character model feels like it takes up 25% of the screen.

    -The screen tearing is AWFUL. Even with a PS4 Pro with “performance mode” graphic settings. And I’m not talking just while driving. It’s almost worse in CUTSCENES! I can’t even recall seeing screen tearing this bad on any current generation of consoles. Even worse than AC: Unity.

    -Speaking of cutscenes, the lip synching is way off, the NPC character models are the worst I’ve seen since Mass Effect Andromeda at release.

    -Texture popin is awful, sometimes the textures don’t even load and it’s just a potato mode.

    -switching weapons is so slow. Even real life operators are faster, and this is a video game.

    -The running animations always seem to look like the player is limping and hobbling. Even when fully healed. Especially while crouch walking.

    -A lot of the equipment you are wearing will disappear during cutscenes. No options to change this

    -Shadows are flickery and all over the place. Basically lighting and shadows are broken at launch.

    -Going from outside looking inside a building you can see EXACTLY nothing, which is sooo frustrating.

    -If you want a complete game you would have to spend $100s and $100s.

    -Most enemies say the same line, have the same voices, same skins, over and over and over.

    -There are only a handful of faces to choose from and no ability to customize them (two steps back from The Division).

    -Automatically picking up most items as you pass them is handy (with the exception of the super slow uncancellable animation to open crates)

    -In Wildlands, you at least started off with a ton of customizable options. There are barely any to start off with here. Things that were free in Wildlands you have to purchase with real money. Even the “squared away” haircut which literally every Infantryman, Ranger, and most Marines have isn’t even an option. The generic character even has a big scar on his face. You can’t remove it, but you can add more scars or even another scar over the top of it hilariously.

    -The voice acting has weird awkward pauses and is not paced well at all.

    -Most of the Ubisoft Rewards are crap and to get them you have to accomplish missions in Wildlands. Why do I need to go back and play Wildlands to earn items for Breakpoint

    -At the hub, you have the World of Warcraft thing where 30 characters that look exactly the same are running around killing your immersion.

    -There are NO AI companions. One of my favorite things about Wildlands. Everyone loved that synch shot. It’s now gone.

    -The RPG elements are over the top. Warfighters have their favorite weapons and master them. You can’t just find a weapon you like and enjoy the rest of the game elements. Instead you have to worry about stats and leveling them up. Which usually doesn’t even matter since every character without a helmet goes down with a headshot. Every Ubisoft game is officially now a reskin of the previous ones.

    -A Level 60 enemy goes down with a headshot. Anything but a headshot is a Divisionesque/Divinity bullet sponge at all levels.

    -The menu is so confusing. As you go from menu screen to menu screen there is just a thin yellow line on the side of the tab so it’s frustrating to try and see what tab you are on or trying to get to.

    -TONS of Intrusive MICROTRANSACTIONS. All over the place. I paid $110 for the Gold edition and feel like I got a free-to-play barebones edition. Not just cosmetic, but also weapons, upgrades, skill points, “time savers”, etc. This wouldn’t be so bad. I understand paying for cosmetics that are outlandish or to make you unique, but the cosmetic stuff is often basic standard military issue stuff that should have been included. And it’s everywhere in your face. Want to change out gear? Oh that looks cool… Sorry, you must purchase Ghost Coins for this. Even if you want that military issue backpack, it’s 750 Coins. You can buy 500 for $5 or 1000 for $10. So you are spending $10 of REAL WORLD money for just ONE cosmetic backpack. The cosmetic items are some of the most expensive I have ever seen in a game. The GREED is palpable.

    -So fine, you want to nickle and dime with microtransactions and product placement. I get it, video game prices haven’t kept up with inflation so you need to compensate with that. At least have a product that stands on its own. At least have a product that is complete and not broken. This is at least 6 months from a stable product.

    Did they even product test this? All and all, I feel like a sucker. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m never pre-ordering a game from Ubisoft again.

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  2. Brolin

    This game might as well be named the division gear solid 5…because that’s what it is; metal gear solid 5 meets the division put into the ghost recon universe. and it’s worse than both combined. this isn’t a ghost recon game at all. it’s online only, no squad AI, i mean why have that when the series is supposed to be a tactical squad based shooting game. ubisoft turned this game into a mmo rpg and ruined the franchise. there’s nothing stealthy or tactical about this game. you mostly just run and gun like Schwarzenegger in the movie Commando. you fast travel to the nearest camp, spawn a helicopter, travel the 3km+ to the nearest objective, throw your drone up and mark enemies either by yourself or with random coop friends online who do their own thing anyeay then go into call of duty mode, because you can’t be stealthy or tactical as mentioned, and run and gun and repeat. sounds familiar? yea that got old with wildlands too. you want better gear or weapons? well shell out the money and buy it rpg style and the best items are from spending cash. the stamina and healing injuries is somewhat ok but that fails fast too. after the 120 seconds it takes to heal yourself in the middle of a fire fight, i’d rather just die and respawn somewhere all in 10 seconds. walking down a hill? no need, you just fall and roll down a 2 degree slope as if no person in history can ever walk down something like that, then you have to go over the healing process again to gain your health/stamina back. there’s not 1 positive about this game. biggest disappointment ad waste of money on a game I’ve ever spent.

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  3. Cody

    I had not played a Tom Clancy game all the way through in some time. I had seen Wildlands played a few times, however, never played it myself. This game is very much like Wildlands, with a larger map and different enemies.
    I noticed that the reviews are one extreme or the other. I personally did not receive this game as soon as it was released. I waited a few weeks before playing it and did not notice any issues like some saw. The game seemed to run smoothly but, it did shut down on me a few times. After a quick restart, everything was working just fine.
    Like I mentioned, the map is considerably larger than Wildlands. The graphics and game play were great when I received it. There was a short download time to update the system, just like with most games now. The additional content downloaded real quick and were available for use right away.
    The storyline is great and has plenty of side missions that keep you busy. The best comparison I can give to this game is Just Cause. It’s a large open world with plenty of side missions and enemies everywhere that will engage you.
    Overall I can say that I do not regret buying this and would buy it again. Great game that will keep you busy for a long time with all of the missions, side missions, and multiplayer options.

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  4. Kevin

    GR Wildlands was one of my favorite games so I was pumped for Breakpoint….and wow is this a letdown. I’ve been playing video games for 30 years and have never played one with this many bugs. Constantly have to reboot the game to clear up issues…getting stuck, features not working, random spawning, things not loading…just a mess. It doesn’t seem like any QC was done on this game. The concept is good, but the execution is terrible. A lot of the best things about GRW are missing from GRBP. Where’s my AI teammates??? The in-game economy is garbage and forces you to constantly manage your pack for duplicate guns. Most of the new “improvements” either don’t work or over complicate the game-play. The core of Wildlands is still here and the world is gorgeous but the bugs ruin the game experience. Really disappointed in this one, even more so that I spent the extra $ for the Gold Edition. Ubisoft really let us down on this one.

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    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Steelbook Gold Edition – PlayStation 4
    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Steelbook Gold Edition – PlayStation 4
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