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Razer Orochi V2 Mobile Wireless Gaming Mouse: Ultra Lightweight – 2 Wireless Modes – Up to 950hrs Battery Life – Mechanical Mouse Switches – 5G…

Razer Orochi V2 Mobile Wireless Gaming Mouse: Ultra Lightweight – 2 Wireless Modes – Up to 950hrs Battery Life – Mechanical Mouse Switches – 5G…


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  • 2 Wireless Modes: Maximize its battery life for work via Bluetooth, and maximize your after-hours gaming with the seamless, low-latency performance of Razer HyperSpeed Wireless.
  • Up to 950hrs of Battery Life: Built for the gaming and work grind, it lasts up to 950 hours on Bluetooth and up to 425 hours on Razer HyperSpeed Wireless, and can go for ages before its batteries need replacing.
  • 2nd-Gen Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches: With new gold-plated contact points, the switches are less prone to degrading and have a longer lifespan of up to 60 million clicks, so you can enjoy crisp execution that’s just as consistent
  • Razer 5G Advanced 18K DPI Optical Sensor: Enjoy responsive, pixel-precise aim with an improved sensor that flawlessly tracks your movement with zero spinouts.

Specification: Razer Orochi V2 Mobile Wireless Gaming Mouse: Ultra Lightweight – 2 Wireless Modes – Up to 950hrs Battery Life – Mechanical Mouse Switches – 5G…




‎Orochi V2

Item model number


Hardware Platform


Item Weight

‎2.08 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎4.26 x 1.52 x 2.47 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎4.26 x 1.52 x 2.47 inches




‎1 AA batteries required. (included)


‎Razer Inc.

Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎April 27, 2021

Photos: Razer Orochi V2 Mobile Wireless Gaming Mouse: Ultra Lightweight – 2 Wireless Modes – Up to 950hrs Battery Life – Mechanical Mouse Switches – 5G…

11 reviews for Razer Orochi V2 Mobile Wireless Gaming Mouse: Ultra Lightweight – 2 Wireless Modes – Up to 950hrs Battery Life – Mechanical Mouse Switches – 5G…

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Riktar

    I was pretty skeptical when this was announced. I’ve been using the Razer Viper Ultimate as my primary mouse for the longest time and didn’t really see anything topping it. I was also worried about wobble since some had issues with uneven feet. My unit has no wobble, no creaks, no scratchiness and the shape is awesome! It nestles right in my palm perfectly. With stock lithium battery provided (AA) comes in at 72g and 65 g with AAA lithium. On the same scale the RVU weighs in at 77 and modded wireless viper mini at 67g. Razer did it again.

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  2. HibouSteph

    My main complaint about the G305 was the lack of ergonomy on the sides… and this Orochi v2 resolves that problem by having a slightly concave side so my thumb can naturally rest on it. Its size is perfect for my smaller hands so I am thankful to Razer for that, lol. Black one was out of stock, but I gotta give style points to the White edition. Clicks are louder than G305 (minor complaint). Sides buttons are solid. These are my first impressions.

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  3. Salvador Fernandez

    I’ve been through almost every gaming mouse you can think of. I prefer this over the g pro superlight hands down. Great shape for finger tip, claw and even palm. Love it

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  4. Just Some Guy

    idk why ppl keep comparing to g305. Its way better. 65g with triple a lithium mod. super small shape that suits fingertip grip perfectly. ridiculously long battery life with lithium batteries. perfect sensor ofc, top placed. AMAZING stock feet, great glide, no need for mods. awesome buttons, including the side buttons. I have the viper ultimate. IMO this is better in everyway. Only mouse that beat this for fps games is the g pro x superlight and final mouse starlight. AND THIS IS ONLY 90 CAD (70 USD). Crazy good deal, would reccomend

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  5. Edward Leung

    This is an egg. I like eggs. WE like eggs. Razer has new egg. I buy egg.

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  6. Sean

    I’ve only had this for a day coming from a Basilisk:

    -It’s definitely small. I’m still not sure if this is a good of bad thing quite yet. I have pretty meaty hands and I use a claw grip on mice and it’s taking a bit of adjustment. It’s pretty comfortable to use but I feel the tip on my middle finger at the edge of the right mouse button at times.
    -The switches in the mouse are very satisfying. The clicks feel great and responsive. The mouse wheel feels really great as well. It’s not adjustable but the resistance it’s set to is perfect.
    -The texture of the mouse is very similar to an eggshell. It may be a small mouse but I always feel like it will not slip. I don’t feel the need to buy any grip tape yet. We will see over time if the texture smooths out from use.
    – I love the white version. it goes well with my desk aesthetic and time will tell if it gets grimy or not. I typically don’t pick at finger food when I use a mouse so I think I will be alright
    -I love that I can use the batteries as the weights. I ended up just using the one AA battery since it felt similar to the weight of my older Basilisk.
    The tracking on the mouse feels very smooth. I played a few shooters to test it out and it’s very responsive. My aim sucked because I’m still getting used to the size.

    Overall I have some positive first impressions as I’ve only had it for a day. The hardware is top notch for this price and time will tell if the size of the mouse becomes a problem

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  7. Amazon Customer

    I have been searching for the right mouse and thus far have tried the G305, Glorious model D, Razer viper ultimate, and finally the Orochi. All these mice are premium and well made. Out of the mice I have tried, the G305 and Orochi v2 fit me the best. I have relatively smaller hands and I find it very comfortable to palm grip and finger grip the orochi. It’s very light weight and has low friction glides. It’s body is slightly wider than the G305 as well as being a bit shorter and a more pronounced hump near the center. Both the G305 and the Orochi v2 perform fantastically with great weight, glides, sensors, and size. While these two mice look the same at first glance, the Orochi provides a nice curve where your thumb naturally tends to rest and helps keep the side buttons accessible while the G305 is truly symmetrical in shape and I found my thumb drifting away from the side buttons often. The G305 lends itself better to fingertip or claw grip styles while the orochi may accommodate palm grip with smaller hands like mine. Overall the choice for either is a great value and for me came down to the orochi being a bit lighter and more comfortable to use but it does cost nearly double the G305. Razer has produced a mouse that feels like the next generation of refinement on Logitech’s beloved G305.

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  8. Eric Diep

    Razer out did themselves with this mouse. I have 20x10cm hands and I can fingertip this mouse comfortably. and the sensor position is great but had to play a couple of games before I got use to it.

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  9. JY

    I bought a warehouse deal, pretty accurate condition – didn’t appear heavily used but clearly it was. Doesn’t affect my thoughts overall.

    The good: I liked the quality, form felt good and the coating appears better than a g305 that I currently use. I prefer batteries in mice since I keep a bunch charged up to swap. Really like the overall physical design from colour, shape, button clicks and glide.

    The bad: (macOS related mostly) I have an unraid set up and use parsec to play from my windows vm with my main OS being macOS and the 2.4ghz tracking felt accelerated, even though i disabled it through terminal. Also, razer synapse doesn’t work on macOS, as in, doesn’t detect the mouse. The big issue, is that bluetooth just doesn’t work on macOS. I also testing on my macbook pro and it keeps toggling enabled/disabled when trying to pair (quickly 1sec on, 1 sec off) so HAD to use the dongle 2.4 and didn’t like the tracking.

    The catch: Its entirely possible that because this was a returned item, the bluetooth issue was pre-existing or a dud. Its also possible that the tracking issues could have been solved by configuring the mouse in synapse from a windows OS.

    If this was to drop in price, I’d likely give it another shot with a brand new unit and put more effort into troubleshooting with a windows OS before moving onto macOS. It would probably, be excellent for a windows user.

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  10. patrick casidy

    The mouse has very subtle curves that allow your fingers to fit in snuggly and grip the mouse better. The range isn’t super far on the mouse. Once I moved it closer, I have had 0 wireless issues. The Liftoff distance is not as low as I would like. Software only allows you to set it to 1mm or 2mm. The mice’s feet are awesome and glide well on any surface.

    The only issue with the mouse is that it creaks and you can feel the mouse shell/body move when you grip it.

    I would 100% recommend this mouse for fingertip grip users.

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  11. E. Hamalainen

    Before beginning my review, I should lay out some quick facts about where I’m coming from. I currently main a Cooler Master MM720 on an Artisan Raiden pad. I’m a fingertip gripper with a DPI of around 1600. I’m not a professional in any way, just a guy who likes a good lightweight mouse.

    I have used many of Razer’s recent mice, and I’ve found them all lacking in some way. From poor shapes or just plain dumb design decisions, every Razer mouse has seemed to have some kind of fatal flaw. After seeing the announcement for the Orochi v2, however, I thought that maybe Razer had finally done it. Maybe they had finally made a mouse without a glaring flaw.

    Unfortunately, this is not the case.

    Before getting into why this is, I’ll start with what’s actually good about the mouse. Right off the bat, the coating feels great. It has a nice texture to it and feels much better than the cheap ABS of my MM720. All the clicks have a pleasant tactile feel to them. The scroll wheel also has just the right amount of weight.

    Compared to the MM720, the Orochi’s shape feels amateurish and poorly thought out. While the thumb groove on the left side is well done, there’s practically no support for my pinky or ring fingers. It feels like these areas should have been flared out just a bit more so I could keep a more consistent grip on the mouse. The hump on the top of the mouse is also far too forward and not high enough. This makes it pretty much useless for someone like me who often likes to rest the bottom of their knuckles on the top of the mouse when I’m not moving it.

    The mouse was also scratchy on my pad, which was annoying. How is this still a thing in 2021?

    Overall, the Orochi v2 is Razer’s best mouse, but it’s still not worth buying. I really hope this company can get it together at some point and produce something really special, but it’s honestly looking less and less likely as time goes on.

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    Razer Orochi V2 Mobile Wireless Gaming Mouse: Ultra Lightweight – 2 Wireless Modes – Up to 950hrs Battery Life – Mechanical Mouse Switches – 5G…
    Razer Orochi V2 Mobile Wireless Gaming Mouse: Ultra Lightweight – 2 Wireless Modes – Up to 950hrs Battery Life – Mechanical Mouse Switches – 5G…
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