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Introducing Amazon Smart Thermostat – ENERGY STAR certified, DIY install, Works with Alexa – C-wire required

Introducing Amazon Smart Thermostat – ENERGY STAR certified, DIY install, Works with Alexa – C-wire required


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Last updated on September 25, 2022 3:20 am Details
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  • Smart upgrade – Amazon Smart Thermostat is an easy way to switch from a traditional thermostat and help reduce energy usage.
  • Save money – After purchase, Amazon will send you an email with details about rebates that may be available from energy providers in your area. Explore rebates above.
  • Save energy – ENERGY STAR certified thermostats are required to save an average of $50 on yearly energy bills.
  • Automatic comfort – Alexa can do the programming for you, updating the temperature to keep you comfortable.
  • On-the-go control – Let Alexa set the temperature, or set it yourself from anywhere with the Alexa app.
  • You can do it – The Alexa app will guide you through the installation process, but customer service is always available.
  • Reliable – Made with Honeywell Home Thermostat Technology and backed by 130 years of experience.

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3 reviews for Introducing Amazon Smart Thermostat – ENERGY STAR certified, DIY install, Works with Alexa – C-wire required

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  1. M. Hamlette

    So I decided to set this up when its freezing outside huh and now my house is cold. I figured this would be the perfect time to set up the newly awaited Amazon Stat. Mind you I been using all the latest Stats with all the same terminal wiring for years now and they all have worked perfectly fine once its adjust the room calibration your pretty much ready to go. I use Ecobee currently and have no issues with them at all. But recently being bought out by Generac Corp… I dont know what the future is going to be for them. Ecobee stated on there site they just couldnt compete with Nest and now the Newly cheaper option the Amazon Smart Thermostat pretty much cutting down all previous companies pricing.

    I couldnt get this POS working correctly at all, calling Amazon was a waste for tech support… finally I was told I had to call Resideo Honeywell for Support since they manufactured the unit. After being on hold for more than 3 hours and still freezing in my home, I couldnt get through tried some more trouble shooting myself,, the Stat would not get to the appropiate Setpoint and wasnt calling for Heat at all. Maybe this one unit I received was faulty im giving it the benefit of the doubt. Put back on my old reliable Ecobee everything came up and within 1 hr my home is now warm and comfortable.

    I will update a posting once I can reach out to Resideo Tech Support, ,,to find out why the unit is not heating when the terminal W is connected. As a first impression of this first model im really not impressed.

    Update 11/7/21
    Finally today got a chance to talk to Honeywell Resideo Home,, and they got the Stat working I find that it is very stupid that the system doesnt recognize the RC so I have to plug it into the R Terminal and then flip the jumpers up to Wire 1,, blocking off the RC Terminal completely to trick the system to power on… finally worked but very very cumbersome. Once I set up my smart home completely i usually dont go back into the Alexa App for much except to change a routine or a skill…. The app is very very slow to nagivate and for me to have to go into this to change the Stat… I dont know.. as of now the Alexa commands are not working properly.

    11/7/21 Evening time.. I got up in the middle of the night and was burning up and could barely breathe.. My Stat went up to 86 degrees for whatever reason or another the house was burning 🔥 up hot.. I had to turn off the Red emergency switch and open up all my windows to remove the hot 🔥 air from the home 🏡.

    My HVAC Tech stopped by and told me when I installed the Amazon Stat for some weird reason it started to make my board on my furnace work harder than it needed to and created more heat 🔥 in the house and that was the reason for the sudden Spike in my house.
    🤷🏾‍♂️ 🤷🏾‍♂️ 🤷🏾‍♂️ I had to have my furnace board repaired and since then I installed my Ecobees back into my home 🏡 with no problems or issues at all..
    .. The lack of features and smart capabilities.. That’s are better Stats out there… Like the Ecobee and for all that Nest.. Or if you even have to go with Honeywell then the T9.. It’s superb thas compared to the much cheaper Amazon Stat

    I received a email from Amazon stating that this Stat was not really made for Multiple Zones or floors and that there was a bug with Alexa app for the scheduling,, so since I have Zones in my home this is pretty much useless for me.

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  2. Aaron M.

    I bought several of these to replace multiple thermostats in my house. Installation was easy and everything seemed great until I started trying to set up schedules for each of my thermostats. Each time I would set a schedule on one thermostat in the Alexa app, that schedule would get applied to every thermostat. I spent over an hour discussing with support and was transferred to seven different Amazon product support representatives before one confirmed that this was the intended behavior and there were no plans to introduce the ability to have a unique schedule on each thermostat. If you have an upstairs and downstairs thermostat for example, they must run on the exact same schedule for home, away, and sleep. This doesn’t really make sense in many cases, and makes these pretty much useless for me.

    UPDATE 11/18/2021
    Amazon has sent out a mass email stating that the scheduling issue I described above is a “temporary app display issue” that will be fixed in a future release of the Alexa app. Given that this directly contradicts the information a device support representative told me, and the fact that the support process was so painful, I am leaving my review at 1 star, but maybe at some point you will be able to set and see separate schedules per thermostat. I won’t know as I have already returned mine.

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  3. Dominik Stanley

    tldr; a great start for Amazon getting into the thermostat business but needs improvement all the way around.

    I’m coming from an original Nest Thermostat which I’ve been using for over 6 years — yes, it still works. So, why did I decided to switch? Well, I like new tech and I decided about 8 months that I really hate having multiple eco-systems of smart products. So, I selected Amazon a while back. I’ve been replacing my cams from Wyze and Ring to Ring. We’ve got about 10 Echo devices. You can say we are almost fully vested.

    This was a great deal. For about $50, you get a fully functioning smart thermostat. I didn’t have a proper C-wire (supplies constant power to thermostat) so I had to get the Honeywell C-Wire kit. This is the kit that costs about $20 more which is auto selected if you choose the “no c-wire” model at the product page.

    The easiest part of the installation was opening the box. Overall, it took one hour to install including the c-wire adapter. 30 minutes of that was trying to put back on the furnace covers (@#[email protected]!). Again, you don’t have to worry about the c-wire adapter and opening the furnace if you already have a c-wire ran. You can check for the c-wire by popping open your current thermostat and seeing if there’s a connection to “c-wire” or looking for an extra unused wire if you currently have a “dumb” thermostat.

    Amazon says there are stickers to label your wires but there was not! I checked, double-checked, and triple-checked. I’m so glad that my 6 year Nest came with some because I had already taken the time to label the wires. This was a bummer. It may make hooking up the wires to the new thermostat a real pain in the butt for some. Oh, and the honeywell kit also said it had labels. Guess what? Nope. 🙁

    Only if you don’t have a c-wire run….They have you install the c-wire adapter first so you can have constant power running to the thermostat. That part was pretty easy but you have to be comfortable taking apart the furnace doors and rewiring to an adapter. ALWAYS TAKE PICTURES OF WIRES BEFORE DOING ANY SORT OF OF THIS TYPE OF WORK. You always want a reference.

    Let me complain about the alexa app a bit. Amazon tried. They really tried but damn. I can see this a deal breaker for many. So, check this out, you use your Alexa app to setup the thermostat. You crack open this app FIRST before doing anything else so it can guide you through the entire process. Before you do anything you want to also make sure you have the latest app version installed as well. Go to your app store and make sure to download the latest version.

    That being said, the Alexa app itself guides the user through the process. No videos. It’s just text and picture. While it is laid out nicely, it can get confusing for some people. There needs to be more clarification on some of the steps. Perhaps a video?

    One of the most annoying parts of the app is that while you put your phone down to do some steps, you come back and the app quits the process. You are at the main screen! No joke. You have to literally go through all the steps again to get back to where you left off. I had to do this about 7 times. It was super annoying. Amazon, you must do something to correct this. It is super annoying.

    As far as the rest of the installation, it was pretty straightforward. If you wired a thermostat before, you’ll get through this. Again, super annoying with the app reverting to the begining due to timing out.

    I noticed that the wires in the closure were a super tight fit. At one point I closed the latch and the small closure bulched out. I had to re-open and re-position cables. That took a bit to re-adjust.

    The optional decorative plate (presumably to hide wall holes or imperfections), I could not get flat. It seemed thin and flimsy. When looking from an angle, you can tell a bit. 🙁

    The thermostat itself snapped real easily to the connection plate. No issues there. Pretty solid.

    The thermostat fired up once I turned the power back on to the hvac. The alexa app took about 2 minutes to talk to the thermostat to connect and configure it. This part was automatic.

    If you look at the thermostat itself it can be confusing even though it’s simple. The arrows dissapear. The arrows I think need to be there so that anyone can understand where to press the buttons to turn up or down temp.

    The thermostat function seems buried in the alexa app. I know you can set favorites, but there should be a way to have it up as soon as you open alexa app. I know the entire purpose is to use alexa via voice but still.

    How about some dedicated widgets for the thermostat? Something we can throw on the phone home screen so we can easily adjust temperature?

    Another note. My wife also has the alexa app with her own account. She is part of the household. She cannot see the thermostat to adjust in the app. 🙁 I’ll have to investigate this more.

    Great start. Would I buy it again? Sure. Why? Because it’s nice and simple. There really isn’t anything that can’t be solved with a software update on this one.
    Be sure to check with your local utility company as you can essentially get a rebate for it making it ‘free.’

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    Introducing Amazon Smart Thermostat – ENERGY STAR certified, DIY install, Works with Alexa – C-wire required
    Introducing Amazon Smart Thermostat – ENERGY STAR certified, DIY install, Works with Alexa – C-wire required
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