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GE A19 LED Light Bulb, 6-Watt, General Purpose, Dimmable, Soft White Finish, 4-Pack

GE A19 LED Light Bulb, 6-Watt, General Purpose, Dimmable, Soft White Finish, 4-Pack


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  • Adjust the mood of your lighting with the simple flip of a switch. The GE LED light bulbs are the easiest way to update your lamps, sconces and open light fixtures.
  • Energy efficient LED lights bulbs are rated to last 13 years on a 3 hour usage per day thereby extending the life of your LED lights and reducing your energy costs.
  • Over the bulb’s life, GE LED lights will save you $56 in energy costs, compared to a 40-Watt incandescent light bulb.
  • Replace your old bulbs and get the efficiency of low wattage light bulbs with GE LED light bulbs. The easiest way to cut costs without sacrificing brightness or functionality.
  • GE LED bulbs emit a warm, soft white light that helps brighten up dark spaces. These light bulbs are great for frequently used fixtures and are not for use in enclosed fixtures.

Specification: GE A19 LED Light Bulb, 6-Watt, General Purpose, Dimmable, Soft White Finish, 4-Pack


‎GE Lighting



Item Weight

‎5.3 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2.37 x 2.37 x 4.92 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎4 Count (Pack of 1)


‎Soft White





Part Number



‎120 Volts




‎6 watts

Item Package Quantity


Type of Bulb


Luminous Flux

‎480 Lumen

Special Features


Included Components

‎Light Bulb

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Warranty Description


Photos: GE A19 LED Light Bulb, 6-Watt, General Purpose, Dimmable, Soft White Finish, 4-Pack

13 reviews for GE A19 LED Light Bulb, 6-Watt, General Purpose, Dimmable, Soft White Finish, 4-Pack

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  1. Bejhan & Melanie

    I bought these bulbs specifically because they are dimmable. However, when I used them with a dimmer switch, they flickered horribly. They work fine with a normal light switch though.

    I went through the reviews and, though they seem to be working well with dimmer switches for most people, there are several reviewers that had the same issue as me. So, beware.

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  2. Jordan Malokofsky

    In my new house, the dimmer switch to the bathroom doesn’t work too well with LED dimmable light bulbs. At the lowest setting, most bulbs don’t turn on from the off position. Most will still provide the right low level of illumination at the lowest setting if I first raise the dimmer to get the light going, and then lower it to the lowest setting. These GE bulbs though immediately fire up at the correct illumination level, no matter where the dimmer is set! I was very happy with this and immediately swapped out all four bulbs in the bathroom, not just the one that died.

    Highly recommend this set if you like the lower illumination levels on a dimmer switch.

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  3. Samueru

    The lights work nicely on my Cooper dimmer, however on my Lutron dimmer the flicker all the time, even at max brightness, so opened both dimmers and changed some resistors and capacitors values to match those of the Cooper dimmer, and now it works nicely on the Lutron dimmer as well.

    I’m adding an schematic showing the resistor and capacitor values, hopefully it helps someone.

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  4. Duma

    I absolutely love these LED replacement bulbs. I love the way they look, mine are in a double chain pull lamp and the bulbs give off a nice soft brightness.
    Two PROS about LED lightbulbs:
    1. They last forever
    2. You can order them thru mail fairly safely. They arent as delicate as paper thin filament bulbs. I’ve ordered these several times with no issues. I love them. Almost every bulb in my house is an LED of this type.

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  5. Kelly McCants

    This bulb is definitely a “soft white”, with a warm, slightly yellow hue. I have a much higher preference for the GE Reveal LED line of bulbs, which emit a warm light light that is nowhere near as yellow. (I believe the color temperature on these bulbs are 2700K and the temp on the Reveal Soft White bulbs are 2850K.) The price point is significantly different between these two bulbs, however, with this bulb being less than half the cost of the equivalent Reveal bulb.

    Compared to other brands of LEDs that I have tried, the GE line does have a longer average lifespan, though not the 13 year lifetime that is advertised on the box. Personally, I use this bulb in my closets because the price point is lower, and I use the Reveal line throughout the lighting fixtures in the house where the hue makes a more significant impact.

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  6. Tony

    Estos focos valen el precio, pero sólo si tu interruptor es atenuable (dimmable). El brillo es mejor de lo esperado. Según mi experiencia, los productos de GE son durables.
    El color Daylight es más blanco.

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  7. Sam Archer

    Using with a “GE Zigbee Dimmer Plug-In”, the bulb flickers really noticeably below about 30-40%. Sort of defeats the purpose of “dimmable” if they flicker when you dim them. Home Depot’s store-brand dimmable bulbs work fine with this dimmer down to 10%, so it’s not like it’s just a dimmer problem. Returning these for something that works.

    (Brightness and color and good though, so if you’re just looking for non-dimmable 40watt equivalents, these are probably a good deal)

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  8. Stefan

    LED bulbs are not created alike, and if you’ve played this game before, you know that there are lots of lousy bulbs and dimmer switches out there that can cause flickering. I had this issue with lots of cheap Amazon bulbs, and was at my wit’s end trying to get a dimmable LED to work at my bedside.

    These bulbs dim fantastically at any level. They also dim smoothly when you are adjusting a dimmer – something that often causes my other bulbs to flicker.

    One word of warning: the dimming threshold on these bulbs seems to be a little higher than other bulbs. When I asked my home assistant to dim these bulbs to 15% or anywhere below that, it doesn’t light up at all.

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  9. servalan

    I bought these because they were significantly cheaper than the Philips 461228, but that was probably a mistake. They’re decent, but they do flicker from time to time. Not a lot and sometimes barely noticeable but they will. Using them on the same model dimmer as three Philips A19s and the Philips simply haven’t flickered in 15 months.

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  10. Napsterbater

    I have probably 30 +/- of these light bulbs around the house that we installed 3 years ago when we moved in.

    I have only had problems with three of them in total.

    But to be fair they were all in less than ideal locations. One was outside exposed to the weather. While I have another one that is also exposed to the weather for much longer and it still working at my parents house.

    The other two were in a sealed light fixture in a bathroom subject to heat and humidity. again I have many others in the same type of fixture just not in a bathroom. Overall I will continue to buy these units due to their brightness due to their ability to be dimmed which I currently do not use but might come and hand in the future.

    And the brightness on these are incredible and really do make it look like daylight in the kitchen,making it almost look like there’s a skylight there, but also they compliment the sunlight from the windows again just making it look like you have an incredible amount of sunlight in the house even where you might not truly have that due to the design of the house.

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  11. CC

    These GE-brand LED, basic, standard light bulbs are mostly very good. Except I had to replace ‘em in my garage door opener with another brand, ‘cause the GEs emit so much electrical/radio interference that they were blocking the garage door remote. And apparently these can’t be purchased/sold in California any more anyway, presumably because they don’t meet some crazy newer state efficiency/environmental standard requirement.

    I’ll be nice and rate these bulbs 5 stars anyway because they’ve mostly performed very well for me. But I keep getting the impression that GE lighting is failing to make the transition from incandescent to LED light bulbs, sadly gonna’ go clear outa’ business after more than a century if they don’t get their act back together soon.

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  12. Ben

    The box claims that these bulbs claims “Provides nearly the same light output as a 60-watt incandescent bulb (800 lumens vs. 840 lumens).” However, my old incandescent bulbs, which adequately lit the room, were nowhere near as bright as these LED bulbs. after I turned them on I slowly ramped up the dimmer switch and they were intense. I routinely leave the switch around half because of how intense they are.
    Pleasantly surprised that an economical set of LED bulbs is so bright! No idea about longevity, I’ve only had them for around about two weeks now, but I don’t leave the lights perpetually on, so probably won’t need to swap them as soon as other users might.

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  13. bluejayca

    Worked perfectly with the dimmer in the kitchen. No flickering and flashing.
    The lights are extremely bright at the highest levels and dim accordingly.

    Happy with the purchase.

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    GE A19 LED Light Bulb, 6-Watt, General Purpose, Dimmable, Soft White Finish, 4-Pack
    GE A19 LED Light Bulb, 6-Watt, General Purpose, Dimmable, Soft White Finish, 4-Pack
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