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Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammocks – Portable Hammock Single or Double Hammock for Outdoor, Indoor w/ Tree Straps – Backpacking, Travel, and…


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  • Nylon
  • Comfortable: Whether you’re relaxing by the fire or sleeping under the stars, our camping hammock has everything you need to stay comfy and covered throughout the night for your next fall camping trip, or even just lounging in your backyard.
  • Compact: Lightweight and convenient, our travel hammock weighs only 24oz and folds to the size of an eggplant. Single Hammock measures at 9 feet long by 4.5 feet wide for one person, and the Double Hammock measures 10 feet long by 6.5 feet wide for either two people or anyone who wants some extra space. Throw it in your backpack and go!
  • Easy Setup: Equipped with 9ft long tree straps and carabiners, our tree hammock makes setting up a breeze. It also features 5 separate loops, so you can adjust it to the perfect height. Single hammock holds up to 400 lbs, while the Double Hammock holds up to 500 lbs.
  • Premium Quality: Built to last a lifetime, our heavy-duty hammocks for camping are crafted with soft yet strong parachute nylon and triple interlocking stitching, along with strong carabiners and tree friendly hammock straps
  • Holiday Gifts: If you’re looking for a thoughtful holiday gift for the outdoorsy person in your life, look no further! Our camping hammock makes for a great hiking and camping gifts for men and women.

Specification: Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammocks – Portable Hammock Single or Double Hammock for Outdoor, Indoor w/ Tree Straps – Backpacking, Travel, and…

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November 23, 2016


Wise Owl Outfitters

Photos: Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammocks – Portable Hammock Single or Double Hammock for Outdoor, Indoor w/ Tree Straps – Backpacking, Travel, and…

9 reviews for Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammocks – Portable Hammock Single or Double Hammock for Outdoor, Indoor w/ Tree Straps – Backpacking, Travel, and…

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  1. thomas forshey

    From all reviews i thought i was buying a American made product,, not so,,, it’s like every thing else,, made in china,, but all thing’s considered it seems to be very well made, will write better review aftr i hv used it for awhile.. Update: after useing it day and night back in de swamp i have NO complaints, i changed out heavy steel caribiners 4 alloy wire gate one’s, at first i was a little iffy about the tree straps, but they R workn good too,, put me down as 💯 % satisfied. . Update 5/28/19 got a pa kage in mail from lauren in customer service, she had read my review were i had swapped out steel caribiners for wire gate alloy one’s and she sent me 2 wire gate alloy one’s, NOW that’s a CUSTOMER SERVICE !! Thanks Lauren and Wise Owl…PS: 💕the color of em !! Thanks Again. .

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  2. Simone Junker

    I finally went hammock camping and can’t believe I’ve missed out of the practicality and comfort of it! I bought the single owl almost 2 years ago and only had tried it once for a few hours last year. I purchased the rain tarp and bug net as well which I would consider a necessity for any camping trip. I was advised to bring an airpad which I couldn’t get in time for my trip, so I substituted using a yoga mat. I definitely recommend using something for a bottom layer. It will flatten out the hammock and even though the night temps did not fall below 74F with 90% humidity, it can still get a bit chilly in the hammock.
    The ease of setting up was my favorite part. I got to the campground at 1am with limited lighting and all in all my hammock, bug net and rain tarp were up in less than 15mins. And that without ever having tried the whole set up before. The rain tarp did an awesome job keeping everything dry during a day time shower. I have not yet had a rainy night to try it out. The bug net is an absolute life saver. And I believe that because of the layers, mosquitoes can’t bite through the bottom or side of the set up. When first looking at a hammock I wanted to make sure I get everything from one company. Wise Owl really impressed me with their variety of products, their continuous drive to improve and the great quality of what they offer.
    Next I want to see if the lightweight hammock matches durability and comfort as I am all for carrying less weight on these weekend trips. Happy camping y’all!

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  3. Nick The Destroyer

    Wow, what a great hammock!

    The quality of nylon and the stitching on this is amazing. Even the straps seem like they’ll hold up to some serious abuse.

    My one concern is how darn heavy the carabiners are. I would estimate that the sheer weight of all that steel accounts for a very large portion of the pack weight.

    4/5 stars. Consider offering aluminum carabiners as an upgrade; I think they would sell well!

    Took this beast out to Algonquin park for a 32km hike in the back country, not at all disappointed. I compared it to a MEC model that a friend brought for about $90, and the WiseOwl held its own.

    The MEC version had far more anchor points on the straps, and the bottom of the hammock had a water resistant coating on it, which made me a little jealous until it rained.

    The WiseOwl hammock dried in about an hour of wind exposure, but my friend’s MEC held the water because of the water resistant coating.

    Quite satisfied.

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  4. mfvisuals

    I’ve tried out a few hammocks before, but for some reason this one is one of the more comfier ones. Ususally the edges are very tight and hurt if your legs are over the edge, but this 2P hammock feels really nice. Very spacious and it does not fold in on itself when you’re inside like other may.

    The strap with this are great and easy to put on. Love it!
    I need a bug net and a tarp with this


    The hammock straps/carabiners are NOT good when it rains. Water will run down the tree and onto the strap. The water will then flow down the strap and eventually onto the hammock. I was laying in the hammock under a tarp (not provided by them) and after a while my back was feeling cold. I realized the entire thing was soaked.

    My friend’s hammock was dry, not a Wise Owl Hammock. What I did was take a piece of string and tie a knot on the carabiners with loose ends of the knot hanging down. That way, when the water ran down the strap and onto the carabiners, the water would then go onto the string/rope and drip off, rather than continuing down and soaking the hammock.

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  5. valerie murphy

    Love it! I bought this for my boat and it’s perfect.

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  6. HC1265

    Great hammock and works amazing. The straps are good quality however in my case need to get longer staps. On a hot day in the shade you will be cool, so a underquilt will be needed if you plan to use in fall or winter.

    For the seller the delivery was quick, I purchased in 2020 and wanted to use it good for an accurate review. Seems to hold up well under regular use this far. Product is as described by seller.

    I can not comment on customer service but would order again from this seller.

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  7. Annie Girl

    This kid did a lot of reading before purchasing this hammock. Up until now I’ve been dependent on my ENO. I’ve spent long days in the Amazon rainforest with my own hammock an knew that I didn’t want anything less than perfect for my husband’s hammock from WOO. Everything about his new Wise Owl Outfitters hammock is great! We recently took both hammocks to the park and compared them side by side. Mine is the blue/gray ENO double and his is the burgundy/gray WOO double owl. There a few differences in the way the ropes knot at the end points, and a few minute differences in the way the two are stitched, but overall both hammocks are equal in length, flexibility, softness of material and performance. The WOO comes stock with chunky carribearers and a basic short rope for suspension if you want to use it right out of the bag; however, I purchased a strap set that came with lighter weight carribeaners that I have now used to replace the stock ones.
    I will update this post with weights for each hammock and possibly more photos if requested. Overall I would absolutely buy this brand again. The price is unbeatable, and it’s on par in quality with the best in the market. Stop thinking and just get one! 🙂 I was not paid to write this review. I’m just an English major who believes in the product.

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  8. Stephen mowbray


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  9. Matthew Kubecka

    I typically never leave reviews, but this hammock deserves to be recognized. Let me start by saying that if you don’t want to read the whole review and you’re looking at this hammock and you’re on the fence about whether or not to buy it, buy it right now — you will not be disappointed, if you’re over 6’2″ and/or over 180lbs, I would strongly suggest getting the double and not the single. For the price I don’t think you’ll ever be able to find a hammock that can rival it in quality or comfort.

    Full review:

    Before moving forward there are two things that should be kept in mind 1.) this is my first single hammock 2.) I’ve only had the hammock for a few weeks so my time with it is limited. I do however have a Grand Trunk double ($70) that I’ve had for nearly a year now that i’ll be comparing to the Wise Owl ($26). My friends also have ENO’s, so i’m familiar with them as well.

    BUILD QUALITY: 5/5 : The stitching is superb, no fraying, no popped stitches, no corners were cut when constructing this hammock. The colors are also top notch, true to the pictures that are posted here on amazon. If anything the hammock colors may actually look better in person. When compared to my Grand Trunk (GT) it’s hard to say which is built better, due to the relative newness of the Wise Owl (WO). That said, when my GT first arrived their was some fraying at each end of the parachute where the material ends and meets the exposed cords. It should be noted that the fraying has not hindered the strength of the GT. I’ve taken it backpacking in Colorado and Michigan and allowed my younger cousins an nephew play around in it and the GT still doesn’t even have so much as a snag or run in the material, but at a $70 price tag I would expect better craftsmanship out of the box. The cheaper WO is cosmetically perfect and therefore wins as far as aesthetics, and my hanging experience with it so far indicates that the WO is just as strong and durable as the GT. (for strength perspective, i’ve had a total of 340lbs in the GT with no issue, and i’ve had appox. 250lbs in the WO with 20mph winds and 30mph gust and the hammock remained solid despite the sway).

    COMFORT: 3/5 : OK my size DEFINITELY comes into play here. I’m a 6’4″ 210lbs male and width wise it was noticeably cramp. The material of the hammock is exactly what you’d expect from other mid-ranged ($50-$80) hammocks, but this WO hammock only costs a mere $26 so you’re getting quality material at literally a 1/2 or 1/3 of the cost. The material is soft, comfy, and breathable. And I can hear it now “yeah, but is it as soft and comfy as my ENO”? To you I say, yes, the material was just as comfy as an ENO. In fact, 3 sorority girls who were stacked 3 ENO’s high right next to me all agreed that they were mad that they bought their ENO’s after I asked each of them to try mine so I could have their opinion. They weren’t mad because their ENO was uncomfortable, but because you can get the same level of comfort for half the price. Now for the reason I took off a star and rated the comfort a 3 — for someone my size the 4″6″ width just doesn’t cut it, my shoulders were being forced inwards towards my chest in nearly every position i laid in, which really ruins the experience for me. My GT double obviously had none of these space issue but it’s not really fair to compare the two. The WO double has the same dimensions as the GT double so I can assume it would be just as luxurious.

    PRICE: 5/5 : Are there other hammocks that are cheaper? Yeah. Are the other cheaper brands quality just as good? It’s hard to say, I haven’t seen or used their products. What I will say is that I have found no other company that offers such a high quality product with such a wide variety of color options at the price point that Wise Owl is at. For this reason I don’t see any reason to buy any other brand.

    OVERALL : for me 4/5 : for the average person 5/5 : If you’re in the market for a double, don’t hesitate and buy a Wise Owl double. I know I will when I’m in the market for a new double. If you’re a girl, or a guy who is under 6’2″ and/or under 180lbs then the single will probably work fine for you. If you’re around my size and need a single then, and I hate to do this Wise Owl, but I’m going to recommend the Grand Trunk single. Yes, the GT single is more expensive, but you get 6 extra inches of width which for me is worth it. Wise Owl, if you’re reading this, PLEASE make a single XL that gives an extra 6 inches or foot of width, make it 30 or 35 dollars and i would buy it in a heartbeat.

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    Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammocks – Portable Hammock Single or Double Hammock for Outdoor, Indoor w/ Tree Straps – Backpacking, Travel, and…
    Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammocks – Portable Hammock Single or Double Hammock for Outdoor, Indoor w/ Tree Straps – Backpacking, Travel, and…
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