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Motorola Razr 5G | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 8/256GB | 48MP Camera | 2020 | Blush Gold

Motorola Razr 5G | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 8/256GB | 48MP Camera | 2020 | Blush Gold


(9 customer reviews)
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  • 5g – universal unlocked – compatible with all major u.s. carriers, including verizon, at&t, sprint and t-mobile. Also compatible with prepaid carriers including cricket wireless, metro by t-mobile, google fi, simple mobile, total wireless, tracfone, net10, mint, and h2o.
  • In order to use this device on verizon first provision your sim through verizon wireless. Log in to your account on verizon wireless . Devices – activate or switch devices – activate.
  • In-box: motorola razr 5g 256gb (unlocked), 15w turbopower charger, usb type-c cable, 3.5mm headset jack adapter, accessory pouch, sim removal tool kit, user guide
  • Iconic, pocketable design – the re-invented flip phone returns with a modern twist, crafted with premium materials and a main display that folds in half. Revolutionary flexible material allows the gorgeous 6.2” poled display to fold in half, fitting comfortably in your palm or pocket. Precision-crafted metal and glass on the new razr add a thoroughly modern look to the unmistakable iconic design.
  • Interactive quick view display – stay connected even while the phone is closed with the 2.7″ goled display – reply to messages, skip songs, get directions, and more.
  • The 48 mp camera comes with ois and quad pixel technology so that you can capture sharper photos with 4x better low light sensitivity.It also doubles as a selfie camera with the phone flipped closed. With the 20mp rear camera, choose the 1.6µm quad pixel mode for 5mp photos.
  • 8gb ram , 256gb storage – experience instant response times and ultra-fast performance with 8gb of ram and 256gb of storage.
  • All-day battery , turbo charging – go up to 24 hours without recharging, and then fuel up fast with turbopower.
  • Qualcomm snapdragon 765 processor – get relentless performance with the qualcomm snapdragon 765 processor. Keep running smoothly with a whopping 8gb memory. enjoy 256gb of room for photos, music, movies, and games, and never give storage a second thought.
  • Note: motorola is packaging the new razr in its closed form. Once the device leaves motorola facilities it is not reopened. If you have any issues or concerns upon receiving your device. Memory slots available: No SD card; Connector type: USB Type C

Specification: Motorola Razr 5G | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 8/256GB | 48MP Camera | 2020 | Blush Gold

Package Dimensions

8.78 x 5 x 4.53 inches

Device interface - primary




Included Components


Battery Power Rating



Blush Gold

Form Factor

Foldable Smartphone

Audio Jack

HiFi analog headset support (Stereo+Microphone) over USB-C

Other camera features


Other display features


Item Weight

2.05 pounds

Special Features

Bluetooth Enabled, Video Calling, 4K Video Recording, Fingerprint Sensor, Smartphone, Mobile Hotspot Capability, Built-In GPS, Water Resistant



Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC


8 GB


Android 10.0


2 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Item model number


Date First Available

October 22, 2020

Photos: Motorola Razr 5G | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 8/256GB | 48MP Camera | 2020 | Blush Gold

9 reviews for Motorola Razr 5G | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 8/256GB | 48MP Camera | 2020 | Blush Gold

3.2 out of 5
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    I have been waiting a long time for a “flagship” moto. Really, I have missed Moto so much that I just wanted a OLED moto w/ a headphone jack. But the Edge seemed to check a lot off my list. Unfortunately I have been dismayed with what I received… NO OPTION FOR WIFI CALLING. 🙁

    … a few perplexing things on Moto’s part.

    -Buggy out of box –
    OS must have froze/shutdown several times trying to do normal setup

    -Case provided falls off phone-
    Case way to large to fit on phone. Basically useless. Falls off if you go to grab phone by case. More dangerous than not having one at all

    -Finger zoom-
    For some reason I cannot zoom on normal pictures, text, ect. Very odd. I have an LG, several Motos and a XIOAMI phones next to me where I am able to zoom in apps, web pages where the Edge I cannot. I don’t understand this at all

    -NO OPTION ANYWHERE FOR WIFI CALLING- This may be the dealbreaker. I have LOTS of android phones including about five Motos (going back to G4) and they all at least have the option for Wifi calling (depends on carrier if it actually works) but the Edge does NOT even have it as an option. WHY MOTO, WHY???

    -I love gestures and they seem to work fine but what it the One Button Nav for? It’s still taking screen space but doesn’t do anything? Very odd.

    If anyone is having these issues and it’s human error – PLEASE LET ME KNOW – I really, truly hope my issues are human error, specifically the WIFI CALLING. Please, anyone, let me know if you have any info regarding. Thanks!

    UPDATE- After I sent this review, went on XDA and Motorola forums; I was told to root among other things. I did notice the battery life from the time I took out of the box was not near as advertised. After a few hours from a full charge I was on 20%. I thought perhaps it was bc I was setting up, downloading apps, ect. Day 2, I intentionally only started the phone, took SIM out and put in another for my driver that day (No wifi calling with ATT so cannot use at work). Phone just say on my desk all day and with a full charge, by 3pm it was down to 40% – NOT BEING USED.

    Then yesterday I noticed the screen developing a purple “bruise” on the side. It kept flickering and eventually grew so much it went into my main screen.

    So, this phone has been a complete mess since taken out of this box.

    Thankfully Amazon made it simple for me to get a replacement which I did. I truly hope I received a lemon.

    If my replacement has the same type issues, then….

    I will update.

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  2. Adolfo A. Sandoval Berro

    I was really exited on receiving my brand new Mortorola Razr 5G 2020 but guess what?? when unboxing it what was my very disappointing surprise?? The phone was not brand new!!!! someone have already manipulated it!!! There was not protector film on the inner screen, the protector film on the outer screen was off set really bad and the device came folded inside its packaging!!! (it comes unfolded from manufacturing) and last but not least, when inspecting the lid of the box I could notice that someone did some hand cutting inside in order to make the lid fit with the phone folded… This is extremely disappointing, not sure who to blame either Motorola or Amazon!!! I received no headset as well

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  3. Anonymous Reviewer

    All I can say is, if you’re sick of the boring rectangular bricks that pass for phones these days, you won’t regret getting one of these. The outer screen is incredible, allowing me to do perform most of my on the move tasks (glance at emails, play music) and even on a whim, reply to messages if I feel like struggling with the micrometer buttons on the on screen keyboard. Flipped open, it still announces its presence with the sleek curves that cup the top and bottom. Whilst the side bezels may be annoying to some, I find them perfectly acceptable. My one complaint is that trying to flip it or close it one handed really puts your fine motor movements to the test, as you fumble over USD1000 worth of phone. That said, it survived a few unfortunate drops from the table so far with no noticeable damage of any kind. So I am really happy overall with what it has delivered. Definite recommend.

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  4. Brian

    So just like the reviewer before me, when I opened the box the clamshell was closed and the sticker was lazly hanging on to the outer screen. ‘Rushed’ would be the word I would use to describe how it looked if speaking to a blind man. But no scratches, dents or fingerprints. According to the Motorola unboxing the Razr is upright and presented nicely, not hastily thrown in a box and shipped.

    As for the phone itself: Awesome. I am so far happy with my purchase. I preferred this color over the the blush and mercury (att only) because those colors look 2 tone. Meaning, top half (second screen) is different color than the body. This graphite color blends in nicely with it’s black top half.

    Call quality has been great so far. At the other end they told me they could hear a definite difference (galaxy s9). I also got to do a video conference, smooth baby smooth. Thankfully I did not misplace the usb to 3.5 jack…..yet

    The phone feels a little stiffer (opening clamshell) than what I was picturing in my head. I thought back to the days of the V3 and this 5g version flirts with feeling. Genie, I wish for this to have a ui option that looks like the old V3 layout when making a call..Genie,Christina?? Update: I found it.

    I like having a satisfying [snap] when I end a call. I don’t get that from [push the red button].

    It is like those new Chevy BelAirs that you can only get from certain mechanic shops. New chassis, modern technology, old great lines body style. This phone is made to kick up the nostalgia and it will ‘roadhouse’ kick you and everyone around it. That is…if you had a Razr 15 years ago. But so far, I have been given complements and younger people want to know more information on the second screen; when they see me typing and watching YT on it.

    Battery: I’ve only had phone for a few hours. Would it be nice, yes but I rate it ‘eh, don’t bother me’. If your a heavy user, check the professional reviewers.

    Setup was easy however I did not finish it yet. I’m like mostly through it. Android 10 is easy to work with. Cradling the phone in my hand(s) feels nice while I type (or swipe) on the keyboard. FP scanner integrated into Motorola symbol is a nice and refreshing touch.

    Pictures: The first is the speed test. 6pm on a Monday in Vegas. 5gE. The others are some taken around town. No filters, just normal and pro mode. I did try ‘enhance’ on one and crop photo on two. I am not a picture guy so again try a professional review if that’s your thing. Oh an animated smiley face on the second screen is a nice little touch.

    Scrolling: You can feel a little divot/bump/indent when your finger hits the middle of be the screen but it’s barely noticeable unless you want to find it.

    Thanks for reading, AMA if your on the fence.

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  5. Carlos Montoya

    En menos de 30 días presento las manchas moradas en la pantalla, a pesar de ser tan bueno el equipo, la única opción era devolverlo.

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  6. dan

    Pour téléphoner

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  7. Ken Butcher

    Great phone

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  8. Restricted

    Unbelievable. Received the phone in the same conditions as described in other reviews. Folded, with no film on inside screen and crooked film on outside screen. The screen shows very distinct marks from foldings. But besides packaging issues, the primary reason that convinced me to return the device, that I haven’t so far read in other reviews, is that the screen squeaks when opening and closing. It seems that the cheaper US price may be justified by a batch with subpar level of quality. I cannot believe the Motorola guys are setting themselves up for failure again after the poor device they launched last year. Very disappointed given all the anticipation and purchase on day of launch. One star is being generous for such an expensive device.

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  9. John De Marchi

    The phone is great. It is android based. It takes great pictures. It has a great reception.

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    Motorola Razr 5G | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 8/256GB | 48MP Camera | 2020 | Blush Gold
    Motorola Razr 5G | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 8/256GB | 48MP Camera | 2020 | Blush Gold
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