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Bella Pro Series – 18-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker – Black Stainless Steel


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Photos: Bella Pro Series – 18-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker – Black Stainless Steel

8 reviews for Bella Pro Series – 18-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker – Black Stainless Steel

4.8 out of 5
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  1. DavidJr

    This pot is perfect for a small office of coffee drinkers. At the typical 12 cups we would be out in 30 minutes for the morning rush. Now with this 18 cup pot we are essentially making a pot and a half each time. The other often asked question is, “how old is this pot.” Well, with the built in digital timer it is easy to tell just how long. By default it is set to 2 hours, but can extend up to 4 hours in which it will automatically turn off the burner. But, from the moment it is done brewing it starts counting up to show you just how long it has been there. The water reservoir is clear and easy to see just how much water has been added, as we usually use gallon jugs to fill the reservoir anyways.
    The only downside I have about this maker so far is that it is a bit messy. Every time you remove the pot a few drips of liquid drip onto the burner. The inside of the brewer also remains covered in moisture, even days after last brewed. Plus the basket is still about the standard size of a 12 cup coffee pot, but if you follow the directions of one scoop per cup you would max out the strainer. The one picture attached is only 14 scoops with the included scoop. Mentioning the scoop, I like that it is attached to the maker, but the back of it is a strange place to put it. I was searching all through the box for it till I realized it was back there. Also makes it awkward to put it back as this is a big machine to reach around.
    Overall, this is a decent coffee maker for making a large amount of coffee in about 14 minutes. Easy to use, easy to read display makes it simple enough for anyone to brew as much coffee as you fill in the reservoir. It just requires a little keeping up with it and drying it off after use.

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  2. Jaybake

    Best coffee maker ive owned. Makes a full 18cups in under 15min, programmable, and one of my favorite options is being able to mute the beep when the pot is done.
    Might buy another one just for a spare. Under $100

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  3. PhillipB

    Huge capacity.
    Clean stainless steel look.
    Reusable filter.
    Easy to program.
    Easy to clean.
    Strong brew option.
    Only con is if you do not put enough water in it won’t brew. So you have to brew a min 4 cups.
    Other than that this is a nice coffer maker.
    FYI. I am not a coffee snot. So the taste for me, it was a good cup a joe.

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  4. Luiz

    Really good , I would recommend it for a friend .

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  5. Dezy

    If you aren’t checking the deal of the day, everyday. You are missing out!! I purchased this amazing deal a few days ago. This is a professional grade coffee maker. Bella Pro series. Large, sturdy handle. Easy to hold and pour. Premium, black stainless steel finish. An aesthetically impressive design. Brew the perfect cup with three options. Regular, gourmet or bold. 1500 watts of power to swiftly and accurately brew 18 cups of the best tasting coffee you can homebrew. I adore the safety feature to shutoff automatically when not in use. Adjustable between 30 minutes and 4 hours. Pause the brewing cycle and pour a cup midstream without making a mess. Included carafe keeps coffee hot and allows simple serving of guests. Easy to use and maintain. Included sustainable, reusable filter basket saves money from buying cheaply made paper coffee filters. Best feature has to be the clean function to keep coffee at optimal flavor and extend the life of the coffee maker. Simple usage with up to a 24 hour programmable timer and large LCD, backlit display. External water gauge for easy, precise filling. Measuring scoop included and stored in a cutout design opening built into the rear of the coffee pot. As if all these amazing features werent enough, a two year warranty for repair or replacement
    is included. One minor note Bella says its 1500 watt, Best buy says 1200 watt. This is not an issue. This is a powerful, capable device.

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  6. Hmirza

    Bigger is better depending on the need and that seems to the case with the Bella Pro Series 18 Cup Coffee Maker. This is a perfect coffee maker for your home or office if you need to make the perfect brew of coffee for large group of people or even if you are going to be pulling an all-nighter and don’t want to keep making cup after cup. The Bella Pro series 18 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker can make 18 cups of coffee within minutes with its 1200-watts brewing system while also allowing you to make the perfect cup of coffee by allowing you adjust the strength of the coffee to your liking. You can choose between Regular, Gourmet and Bold. The coffee maker also has programmable shutoff timer between 30 minutes to 4 hours. All these options are nothing unless you can see what you are doing and the large LCD display does just that. It allows you to easily see and set your programmable options to your liking. The coffee maker also features a permanent gold tone filter so there no need for those paper filters and also features a nice stainless-steel finish to match your modern kitchen of office. Once all that is done, put the coffeemaker on the clean cycle to extend the life and maintain the optimum flavor. All in all, a beautiful and reliable coffeemaker for your everyday needs.
    Brew Strength
    Large Capacity (18 cups)
    Large LCD Display
    Brew Pause
    Clean Cycle Option
    Stainless Steel Finish
    Permanent plastic mesh filter (no more paper filters)
    Have not been able to find any so far

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  7. Samrio

    With shifts to work from home, you’re probably finding that the single-serve solution is leading to increased wait times, while your spouse or roommate uses the machine. Like many others, I’ve found my single serve coffee maker getting more and more use, for more cups, and leading to more cleaning. The same need exists for those in smaller office spaces, who don’t want to shell out money for leased commercial coffee makers, and only need to serve a few people.
    Introducing the Bella Pro Series ‘18’ Cup Coffee Maker which comes packaged with an 18-cup carafe, a reusable permanent coffee filter, a removable filter holder, a reusable coffee scoop attached on the back, and an owner’s manual. The packaging is quite easy to remove, with only an information sticker to peel from the front side of the coffee maker. The filter and the filter holder are already pre-installed in the machine, making this one of the easiest unboxing events I’ve had in some time.
    After unpacking, the carafe and the filter will require a hand washing with soap and water, and a couple of water only brew cycles are completed to ensure there is no chemical odor, or taste from your first brew. This takes a few minutes to complete, so give yourself about half an hour to complete this process. Once the initial brew cycles are completed, simply allow the machine to cool down a bit before starting your first official coffee brew. It’s also important to note, that the coffee filter is removed during the prep process, and not reinstalled until an actual coffee brew is completed.
    The water reservoir is designed to hold up to 18 cups of water for use during the brew cycle. The water “tank” isn’t removable, so a light wipe down of the interior of the tank is recommended to clean out any debris left over from packaging. On the front of the coffee maker, you’ll find the digital display for the clock, brew timers, and the brew strength settings indicator. You’ll also see buttons for hour, minute, program, the strength of the brew, a clean button, and a brew on/off button. The manual even includes some basic cleaning and storing instructions for easy reference, with a cleaning recommended every two weeks.
    Filling the tank is easy, using the included carafe and the 18-cup water marker to fill the reservoir for brewing. The coffee scoop is used to fill the coffee filter, providing approximately 2 tablespoons of coffee per level scoop of ground or drip coffee. It should be noted that the carafe has a marker for cups of coffee, as with all makers there is some water absorbed by the coffee in the filter. In my brews, this would fill up all the way to the 18-coffee cup marker, with 18 water cups of water, and the reservoir filled to the 18-cup marker (max). Once you fill the coffee filter, and the water to the desired level, a brew can be started by simply pushing the brew on/off button. The strength button allows for setting the different brewing strengths up to 3, with a 4-cup setting for smaller brews. The indicator on the LCD display will show the different levels when the button is pressed.
    The greatest part of this maker is the ability to pour single cups mid-brew cycle, while you wait on the entire 18 cups to finish. The manual recommends you wait until 2 cups have filled the carafe ensuring no excess water/coffee is released from the drip when pulling out the carafe for a single pour. If you waited for the entire 18 cups to brew, you’d likely be waiting for 10 minutes. The mid-brew pour can happen within a few minutes of the brew starting. When doing so, the unit just stops releasing coffee into the drip when the carafe is pulled out during the brew cycle. There is no fancy spout, or any button that needs to be pressed, just pull the carafe out slowly and pour a cup. Placing the carafe back allows the brew to continue. Assuming you followed the prep instructions, and begin a full brew, you shouldn’t notice any odd chemical or plastic like taste; at least I didn’t notice one after doing so.
    If you’d like to program a brew, just hold the program button down, then enter the preferred start time using the hour/minute buttons. You can also turn on/off the beeping (on by default) using the program and minute buttons. Once your brew is complete, a time since brew timer is displayed indicating the elapsed hour/minutes for the keep warm time. The default keep warm setting is 4 hours but can be adjusted using the brew on/off and the hour/minute buttons. Once it hit the keep warm time, the display simply shows the clock again.
    Overall, given the price point, ease of use, and the number of cups this can brew it’s an easy recommendation for multiple coffee drinking homes or for a small offices. Cleaning takes less time than a smaller carafe unit, and the 4 hour keep warm time should be enough for most drinkers.

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  8. KevinM

    18 cups! What more can I say? Just buy it! If your a coffee lover, this one works great & is easy to program! Love it!

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    Bella Pro Series – 18-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker – Black Stainless Steel
    Bella Pro Series – 18-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker – Black Stainless Steel
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