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Tone-y-Bands Adjustable 1 LB Wrist Weights Set of 2 Wrist Weights Removable Weighted Pegs Wearable Weights Perfect for Zumba, Dance, Pilates,…


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  • MAXIMIZE ANY EXERCISE: Toney Bands weighted wristbands for women, men and kids help achieve results faster – burn more calories and strengthen and tone muscle during any home workout or gym session; used as walking weights for women, running weights, swimming wrist weights or additional weights for your favorite exercise
  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE WRIST BANDS: Includes 10 removable stainless steel weighted pegs (1.5 oz each) that slide in and out with a unique locking mechanism to hold workout weights securely; every workout bracelet has an adjustable strap that can go from 5 to 9 inches long and will hug your wrist with a secure fit buckle clasp
  • PATENTED WRIST DESIGN: Fashionable sleek design to preserve natural wrist and hand movements; made with highest quality silicone soft and comfortable hygenic and hypoallergenic material that is waterproof, sweat proof and odor proof making it easy to clean
  • ALL DAY WEARABLE WEIGHTS: Slim and comfortable design makes it easy to burn calories while shopping, lounging or cooking; these wrist weights can be used by anyone in the family allowing everyone to enjoy handsfree, uninterrupted movements with complete range of motion while wearing Toney Bands weighted wristbands
  • PERFECT FOR PHYSICAL THERAPY: Stylish and discrete way to increase mobility and add resistance to stretching exercises; add weight to the arm for shakey hands or use as wrist weights for tremors, which makes these small hand weights helpful for parkinsons aids or stress and anxiety relief

Specification: Tone-y-Bands Adjustable 1 LB Wrist Weights Set of 2 Wrist Weights Removable Weighted Pegs Wearable Weights Perfect for Zumba, Dance, Pilates,…

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October 30, 2020



Photos: Tone-y-Bands Adjustable 1 LB Wrist Weights Set of 2 Wrist Weights Removable Weighted Pegs Wearable Weights Perfect for Zumba, Dance, Pilates,…

4 reviews for Tone-y-Bands Adjustable 1 LB Wrist Weights Set of 2 Wrist Weights Removable Weighted Pegs Wearable Weights Perfect for Zumba, Dance, Pilates,…

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  1. Karen P.

    I have tiny wrists (bracelets never fit unless I get them specially sized or shop children’s jewelry). I was so excited that these bands fit my wrists on the last & 2nd-to-last buckle-hole. Note that a 1 pound set is 0.5 pounds for each arm. I was not clear about that and thought I was getting 1 pound per arm when I selected the “1 lb” option. Regardless, I am so thrilled with these weights. All I can say is …. Freedom!!!! I love to do ballerina arm exercises and wanted something to up my game without compromising technique by gripping handheld weights. OMG! These wrists weights did EXACTLY what I imagined it would do! Perfect for my toning goals because it functions the way that I want it to.

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  2. Kevin & DD

    My grandfathers rheumatoid doctor recommended we get him some adjustable wrist weights to help with his tremors in his hands. After countless hours of searching, and mainly finding big, bulky ones that would irritate and damage his skin, I came across these Toneybands. They look like a watch, are made of medical grade silicone and stainless steel weights that you can adjust easily by pulling out, or putting in however many you need, up to 1 pound each. My Gran and Papa both say they are comfortable, and that they like the easy watch type band. He’s been using them whenever he eats or drinks and they’ve made a huge difference, diminishing the shaking he usually has. He no longer has to fight to get utensils to his mouth, and he doesn’t spill his drinks anymore!! I know these are advertised as workout gear but if you have someone in your family that suffers from hand tremors I HIGHLY recommend getting them a set of these! The owner replies to any questions promptly and makes sure their customers are satisfied with their product, and they come with a cute carry case for them as well. Definitely a 5+ star product!!

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  3. Kaitlin Izbicki

    I was hesitant about these at first, the weight and the discretion mostly, maybe they weren’t worth the $45 and I was wasting my money. I went for it anyway and I’m very glad I did. I’ve been wearing these all day every day for 5 weeks and I really have noticed a difference.

    Firstly, the weight. I bought the small size because I didn’t want to look like a total weirdo, but I was worried because can a 1/2 lb really do anything for you?. I thought maybe everyone else was twig-armed soccer moms with desk jobs and that’s why it worked for them. I’m a stronger woman, I work in a warehouse, I use a 14lb bowling ball regularly, so I thought maybe these wouldn’t be for me. I will say they do work. I wear them everywhere and don’t even notice them anymore, but I can feel it in my arms and I can see them toning up. It just adds to the simple things you already do that you don’t even think about, like carrying your coffee mug or doing your makeup or driving your car..

    Secondly, the discretion. Obviously this is a MUCH better option than my mom’s old jazzercise wrist weights, but what else could they be? They can’t look like NORMAL jewelry surely.. You’d be surprised, I’ve had a lot of people ask questions about them, but it’s always intrigued and curious, never “god what are those you weirdo?!”. I get “That’s an interesting watch, where does it say the time?” or “What’s inside your bracelets?” or “Those are cool, what do they do?”, I even had one gentleman I work with mistake them for “spy bracelets” from a J-Lo movie and seemed to think they were full of mace and piano wire, despite that that’s probably not something I would wear to work. The point is, they’re not going to make people stare at you, at worst you look like you might attend the occasional rock concert, and if you do so much the better, they’ll fit right in.

    All in all they were absolutely worth it. Since I’ve grown accustomed to them I probably could move up to the large size, and I’d definitely consider it, I would absolutely buy a second set, they are worth the money. Very well constructed, you can tell just by touching them and I’m not exactly gentle on them. I love that they’re waterproof, some people probably think “Who cares? I’m never going to play pool volleyball in them anyway (which they are absolutely great for btw)” but you would be amazed what a job it makes shampooing your hair. Highly recommended.

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  4. Happy Feet

    I bought these to replace old “sand” filled wrist weights with thumb loops. Those were comfortable and stayed put during cardio and free weight exercises, but they absorbed sweat, got rusty and were impossible to clean.

    I thought these silicone and stainless steel weights would solve the sweat absorption issue and last a long time, so I paid the eyebrow-raising price. While they will definitely stay clean and last, there are some downsides to consider.

    First, I ordered the 2 lb set, expecting that each would weigh 2 lbs, like my old weights. Buyer beware! The weight listed when you purchase them is the TOTAL weight of BOTH weights. I overlooked this in the product description. They should have been labeled according to their individual weight like dumbbells are. So the maximum weight on one arm is just 1 lb. Disappointing.

    Next, the “2 lb” set is very bulky (see pic). Would not recommend going in public with them. This set is nothing like wearing a “watch” as they advertise. That being said, the lighter weights look better.

    More importantly, the design has some functionality issues. The first thing I noticed is that while the silicone flexes, it does not cushion at all. This product is designed to wrap around your wrist, yet it doesn’t accommodate wrist bones. Ouch. With movement, the 1 lb weight rubs against wrist bones mercilessly.

    To avoid this and to keep them from bouncing, I had to push them further up my arm until they were tight enough to leave marks (see pic). With a little sweat and the pressure, they stayed put during weightlifting. During dance cardio, they jostled up and down, hurt my wrists, and were so annoying I took them off and put my old “sand” wrist weights back on. I have an average-sized woman’s wrist, and I was using the tightest setting.

    I think the best use for this product is probably to wear the lighter sets like bracelets throughout the day. I would guess they don’t hurt since reviewers seem happy to wear them all day.

    For my workout purposes, they are half the weight I expected and don’t stay in place for dance cardio. I do love the materials as far as cleanliness and durability, but I miss the comfort of the “sand” filled weights. I never noticed my wrist bones with those and they didn’t press into my skin.

    The removability of the the steel does nothing for me, and I think that really influenced the design. Hope they get redesigned in the future. Good concept.

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    Tone-y-Bands Adjustable 1 LB Wrist Weights Set of 2 Wrist Weights Removable Weighted Pegs Wearable Weights Perfect for Zumba, Dance, Pilates,…
    Tone-y-Bands Adjustable 1 LB Wrist Weights Set of 2 Wrist Weights Removable Weighted Pegs Wearable Weights Perfect for Zumba, Dance, Pilates,…
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