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Deconovo Solid Back Tab and Rod Pocket Curtains – Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtains for Kitchen Window, 52×54 Inch, Coral Pink, 2 Panels


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  • BASIC INFORMATION: 1 Package contains 2 panels. Each Drape measures width 52×54 length (Inches). There are 3 hanging styles to choose from: back loops, rod pocket or with your own clip-rings.
  • DESIGN and TEXTURE: This solid color blackout curtain features a smooth and elegant fabric with a silky touch and a beautiful drape that bring charm and modernity to your interior.
  • BLACKOUT EFFECT: As blackout curtains, These room darkening curtains can reduce and block 85%-98% sunlight and streetlight(Darker Colors block more)for an increased comfort for you and your loved ones.
  • INCREASED COMFORT: As thermal curtains, they can block out heat during summer and retain it in during winter. They keep the room warmth and help save money on air conditioning. They also reduce outside noise, giving you a decent space to enjoy no matter how noisy your neighbors are.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Designed for the everyday busy home owners with a lightweight smooth fabric for effortless hanging. For convenience, these curtains are machine washable. Wash below 86°F on gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry, low iron.

Specification: Deconovo Solid Back Tab and Rod Pocket Curtains – Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtains for Kitchen Window, 52×54 Inch, Coral Pink, 2 Panels

Product Dimensions

54 x 52 x 0.01 inches

Item Weight

2.37 pounds



Date First Available

June 12, 2020

Photos: Deconovo Solid Back Tab and Rod Pocket Curtains – Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtains for Kitchen Window, 52×54 Inch, Coral Pink, 2 Panels

12 reviews for Deconovo Solid Back Tab and Rod Pocket Curtains – Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtains for Kitchen Window, 52×54 Inch, Coral Pink, 2 Panels

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Lisa Barone

    Really surprised at how much I like these. I must’ve read the reviews and researched the 3 main options for room darkening curtains from Amazon twenty times! I decided against the ones from China even though they had very good reviews since they’d take 3-4 weeks to arrive. Those would have been a bit cheaper but these are just what I wanted and I have them in time!
    ROOM DARKENING: I read so many back to back reviews that said, “They Do!” “ They Don’t!” My head was spinning. After reading about how the fabric has black threads woven through it to give it room darkening ability, I went back and looked at my room and realized a gray-white would be fine with my blue/white/rattan colors. Now I’m so happy I didn’t get a white white that would have been too stark. This is a nice color contrast. As for the darkening ability, take a look at the pics for yourself. I included one with a flash to counter the exterior sunlight in the background & to better show the color & impact. You can see for yourself how much light they are blocking between the tied back parts & the top. When fully closed, it’s dark!
    FABRIC: it’s soft and hangs nicely. None of the reviews had addressed how it drapes and I was worried it would hang stiffly or just flat. The reason I’m using the tie backs is to “train” the folds into the fabric. To do it properly I should put straight pins in the bottom /hemline folds too but I haven’t gotten to that. All it took to get them to hang so nicely was a 5 minute toss in the dryer before hanging each pair. That took out most of the packaging wrinkles and gave me a clean slate to work with. Then I just followed the pleats created by the back tabs, pinched them all the way through to the hem, held them with one hand and loosely draped the tie back around them to hold them in place. Surprisingly I even like how they look like this, but after a few days or a week like that those pleats will be set—- if I had a steamer I could set them in place right away with a quick pass or two.
    All in all I’m happy!

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  2. Rebecca MacEwen

    Inaccurate colour description and photo. As you can see form my photo and the white paper in comparison to the fabric, the ‘star white’ is more of a very pale grey. Not at all what I wanted and the product photo shows a pure white.

    You can also see the stitching is white whereas the fabric is not. I have it a 3 star rating because of the colour discrepancy and that it seems quite thin, holding it up to the light it didn’t have the blackout effect it should in my opinion. A shame really 🙁

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  3. Courtney Klassen

    The platinum white is not black out (see picture- there’s even blinds half drawn underneath and totally not blackout) so they should not be sold as black out BUT excellent price, love the color and will buy again as I don’t specifically neeeed black out. Excellent value and a very nice feeling product.

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  4. Alexandra Lindo

    Love them

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  5. Brandi Moore

    Beautiful drapes! Amazing quality and exactly what I was wanting. We purchased these exact drapes for our office (pictured here), entryway & master bedroom. I am used to purchasing high end drapery (Pottery Barn being my favorite) however these may be my new fav!


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  6. The Westleys

    Got these on sale and at the time they were the cheapest set of 2 blackout curtains available (often they are sold in sets of one panel, but these have two) and I’m pretty happy with them. They won’t keep out every bit of light and make the room pitch black unless they are used with a blind (I am currently using them with a paper blind), but they still make the room pretty dark on their own.

    Honestly, they are not the best type of fabric for looks and can look a little cheap from close up, but at a distance they look great and surprisingly the fabric is very thick and well-sewn. They are a good size and very long (I later trimmed them to not cause a hazard for my baseboard heaters) when you trim them the edge doesn’t fray, so that’s a bonus too.

    The colour is true to the picture and I went for that colour because of the price (different colours are sometimes on sale so click around to get the best deal), the blue really helps block out the sun even more. Please ignore the mess in my pictures, I was putting away laundry! Would buy again.

    Note: The tie-backs are velcro, but I don’t bother with them.

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  7. Vivian

    Purshased 42″ x 54″, light beige. I generally like these curtains after I resolved the initial problem of a terrible chemical odor. The curtains are made of a thick and durable 100% polyester. I noticed a chemical smell in them so I washed them in washer with regular Tide. It took most of the odor out but some remained so I washed them a second time using cold water and 2 cups baking soda, no soap, and then a double rinse. I put them on air dry because I was afraid heat might activate any odor. They dried nicely and when I rehung them the odor was gone. They wash nicely and dry quickly and are easy to hang. The light beige is not completely room darkening but I did not expect them to be since they are not lined. However, they do a very good job for an unlined light colored curtain. I think a dark color would provide more room darkening. I don’t think any unlined , light colored curtain would do any better than these and I am pretty satisfied with how dark they do make the room. I have horizontal blinds hung behind them which helps. Also, it would help when ordering light colors to order double the width which will result in more curtain within the window space. I think these are are a good buy for the cost. I would have rated them a 4 had it not been for the chemical odor I had to resolve before using them.

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  8. Gr8buffini

    These curtains are stunning! I paid 100$ per panel for other curtains that don’t look near as rich as these. They block strong sunlight beautifully . I absolutely love them!!! You can see the bright light coming from the side and see how wonderfully it blocks the sunlight

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  9. Amy

    These are advertised as having thermal insulation, but the fabric was single layer. Other thermal insulated curtains I have purchased have several layers to them. The quality of the fabric felt nice and it seemed like they would darken a room properly, but I bought them primarily to keep heat in a bedroom with single-pane windows. Ended up returning.

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  10. shakamar

    I absolutely love these! They are heavy and hang really well. What I did was double up on the panels. I like mixing two colors together with a dark on the outside and a lighter color in the inside. (Same rod.) They are exactly what I was looking for! And for the price, I didn’t think it was that costly to buy two sets for the price of these. I have paid for one panel in the past for what the pair of these costs. I used a standard rod and sheered on. That allowed me to pull them around the corner of the window and block out any light that might leak through the sides. Also I might note that these also came with tie backs. If you want complete blackout, I would suggest buying double what you need. I put Chocolate on the outside and Khaki on the inside. I also bought the valances in Chocolate to top them off. I Bought 2 1/2 times the width of the window for the valance. I tried hanging these straight out of the package because I figured I had enough thickness for them to pleat well. But I might suggest to wet these on a gentle rinse cycle and hang while damp. (These are washable.). Then take your time and hang with the gathering hanging neatly. I have always hung my washable window coverings this way and they dry and hang perfectly every time. I would not hesitate to buy these again. Highly recommend.

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  11. R

    We ordered these when we switched our toddler son to his new bedroom, which has south-facing windows that get tons of direct sunlight. As you can see in the photos, these are not what I would consider “blackout” by any stretch of the imagination; you can see the outline of the blinds straight through the curtains. With all the positive reviews and the fact that we ordered in a dark color, we definitely expected better. I researched extensively to try to find curtains that would really keep out the sun and these just don’t do the job. That being said, the curtains are a nice material, hang well and look very nice.

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  12. lyncos

    I gave a 3 star rating only because I cannot speak to the quality or usefulness of the curtains.
    I ordered “star white” curtains believing that they would be WHITE! Pure WHITE.
    I opened the box and much to my disappointment and disbelief the curtains were a light bluish grey color.
    I thought I had mistakenly ordered the wrong color. I checked. I ordered star white and got bluish grey.
    I returned them.

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    Deconovo Solid Back Tab and Rod Pocket Curtains – Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtains for Kitchen Window, 52×54 Inch, Coral Pink, 2 Panels
    Deconovo Solid Back Tab and Rod Pocket Curtains – Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtains for Kitchen Window, 52×54 Inch, Coral Pink, 2 Panels
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