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Govee 65.6ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights, Color Changing LED Strips, App Control via Bluetooth, Smart Segmented Control, Multiple Scenes, Enhanced Music…


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Last updated on May 27, 2023 8:33 am Details
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  • Breathtaking RGBIC Effects: With built-in IC chips, the smart LED strip lights can display multiple colors simultaneously. Reinvent your indoor decor with vibrant colors and effects from RGBIC lighting.(Do not support Alexa and Google assistant)
  • More Length, More Impact: 65.6ft RGBIC led strip lights provides multiple design options over a larger area. Equipped with 5050 LEDs, giving you brighter color than traditional LED lights. (Note: the strip lights are uncuttable)
  • True Segmented Color Control: Each color changing led lights is divided into 15 segments which can be controlled individually. Create your own lighting design and creative DIY in the Govee Home app.(Only Bluetooth control, do not support WiFi connect)
  • 64 Scene Modes: With so many scenes, you can always create a stunning backdrop for intimate get-togethers or lively parties. The Effects Lab and Color Gallery in the Govee Light Studio provide an array of design options and inspirational ideas.
  • Upgraded Music Mode: The built-in high-sensitivity mic syncs to the music producing spectacular light shows and dynamic decor. Mutiple music modes, Energic, Rhythm, Spectrum, Rolling and Christmas, Dynamic, Calm.
  • Note: Please wipe the surface well to make it clean and dry before intalling the LED strip lights. Hair, dust and other stuff may affect the stickiness of the tape. Also, please install claps near bends and turns to fix the LED lights.

Specification: Govee 65.6ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights, Color Changing LED Strips, App Control via Bluetooth, Smart Segmented Control, Multiple Scenes, Enhanced Music…



Number of Lights


Type of Bulb


Batteries Required


Power Source

‎Corded Electric

Light Direction


Shade Material


Special Features


Specific Uses

‎Indoor use only


‎24 Volts

Included Components

‎Light kit inlcuded











Assembled Width

‎6.5 centimeters

Assembled Length

‎22.1 centimeters

Assembled Height

‎17 centimeters

Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎8.7 x 2.56 x 6.69 inches

Item Weight

‎1.84 pounds

Part Number



‎72 watts

Photos: Govee 65.6ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights, Color Changing LED Strips, App Control via Bluetooth, Smart Segmented Control, Multiple Scenes, Enhanced Music…

11 reviews for Govee 65.6ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights, Color Changing LED Strips, App Control via Bluetooth, Smart Segmented Control, Multiple Scenes, Enhanced Music…

4.2 out of 5
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  1. miguel osorno

    Quedo perfecto y llego solo en 4 días lo recomiendo bastante y mas este modelo no se van arrepentir el pegamento que trae es 3M y va hacer difícil quitarlo jaja

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  2. Mr. Jangles

    Bought 3 of these smart light strips from Govee. Always wanted to do under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen but continuously put it off. Finally decided to tackle the project and after a lot of research, decided to give light strips a shot. After narrowing down to “smart” light strips to integrate with our Google Home, Govee seemed like the best option on Amazon.

    After a couple of weeks after install, we are very pleased and couldn’t be happier with the turnout! Totally changes the kitchen ambience and having the smart functionality is a game changer! Two of these light strips covered the entire the entire kitchen!

    Additionally, we used the 3rd strip to place behind the entertainment center in the living room. I wasn’t sure if we would end up liking it but maybe 10 seconds after install and turning on, we fell in love! Very nice touch to the living room and especially cool as backlighting when watching tv and dim other lights.
    – Install was a breeze, the 3M adhesion strip on Govee products is excellent and holds very well.
    – Music sync works incredibly well!
    – works excellent with Google home and super easy to integrate with smart controls and commands.

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  3. dylan

    First things first, I would’ve liked to know before that you cannot connect the two strips together, and instead they are two separate strips so the power supply box is in the middle of them. Other than that, the lights are great! Great scenes, very bright, and very convenient. A few of the LEDS are broken on one of the strips but it’s not a big deal, plus they work on some colors (just not all). I like how the power box where you can turn the lights off and on stick to the wall and don’t dangle.

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  4. Ashwin V

    The amount of effects included in this thing is crazy! And also you can create even more new effects according to your taste. It has good brightness too. The strip doesn’t have any silicon protection coat, so you need to be careful when twisting it too much. That is the only thing i thought the product could have improved in. Rest is Gold!

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  5. Kay Williams

    Beware when you look for the govee led kit that is google home and alexa compatible there is a line that says see newer version 2020…… it links to a version that ia bluetooth only…. you would think that new version 2020 would have all the same features (voice control) and added features but it doesnt i feel duped. I dont find this version that bright its kind of dim. Its easy to install but you have to re stick the strips constantly. It would be easier if i got the version i wanted with the voice control. Be careful of links in the product you want claiming to be a newer version.

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  6. Troy McKittens

    This thing has changed DMT trips forever. Play Perturbator’s album New Model to the music setting. It will obliterate your senses and leave you quivering.

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  7. Carla

    The plug is not suitable for Australian power sources

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  8. Omega Supreme

    I’ve found that Govee brand lights are one of the best of the inexpensive LED strip lights on the market. There are more expensive brands (such as Phillips or Lifx), but their prices are outrageously high, and are generally much shorter in length. The expensive brands do not have enough extra features to make either of those shortcomings worth it. Many other similar, less expensive, brands to Govee have less options or more limitations in the lighting effects.

    Pros with the strip:
    These are bright! They seem brighter than other 5050 lights I have used of the same length (32ft). From what I can tell, this strip does not seem to lose brightness near the ends of the strip, likely due to the larger power supply it connects to. Has a pretty long power cord so it should be easy to get the lights up into high places. The microphone control is on the control box and not within the device that uses the app. While you will probably not use it, the control box can be used to turn on or off the unit. There is a timer option to turn on or off the lights at different times or days. The only limitation to the timer is that it can only turn on or off; you cannot have a timer set to blink one day, solid color the next, and chasing effect another.

    Pros with the app:
    Lots of customizations in the app to choose from. This strip can set a large number of group addressable color sections all through the strip, as well as a rainbow/chasing mode. The app is pretty easy to navigate, and you will likely find many different color combos that you will love. You can have a setting where the strip changes to volume or music music. I found the app quite nice in ease of use and functionality.

    The Neutral:
    This is not waterproofed, so this strip is a bit delicate. Like other non waterproof strips, it is easy to twist or rip if not careful. The adhesive tape is simple double sided tape, not like a thicker mounting tape. It does hold up ok since it weighs less than the waterproofed kind, but your surface needs to be perfectly clean and flat or the strip may not adhere very well. Due to the nature of all dreamcolor style LEDs like these, you cannot cut this strip or physically connect multiple sets of strips together. This is not a WiFi based strip and instead connects via Bluetooth which means you do not need to have any kind of wifi signal/router near for it to work, but your Bluetooth device usually has a much shorter working range than wifi. This is not a single 32 foot strip, but two separate 16 foot strips that connect to a single control box in the center of them. Not a huge issue, but a single longer strip could make installation options easier. Since I have not found any other Dreamcolor LED’s on the market that come in a single length 32 foot strip, I put this in the neutral section instead of the con. This has multicolors as well as a temperature adjustable white. You can control multiple strips at once, called a scene, but doing it that way has limitations; see below for details. There is no actual physical remote, so you will rely almost completely on the app.

    Cons with the strip:
    There is no sensitivity adjustment to the microphone so results may vary. The control box and power supply are rather large, and larger than other strip brands that I have seen. While the larger power supply and control box likely keeps the LED’s brighter than other brands, it will be a pretty big eyesore if you can’t hide them, especially if using this as indirect lighting in crown moulding.

    Cons with the app:
    Having two 16 foot strips separate from each other causes a bit of an issue within the app. Some of the rainbow effects start at the center of the 2 strips and emanate outward to each tip. Currently, there isn’t a setting to have a chasing effect to start at one end and travel to the other strips end. The brightness setting is all inclusive for the most part, meaning any change to brightness effects the entire strip evenly, no matter if a solid color or a rainbow effect. This also means you cannot have ‘blank’ section in your patterns or addressable sections. Would love an option where you could have a moving bright color section that diffuses to a dimmer setting and then completely ‘off’. Some transitions do include a stripwide fade to off setting, but does not work for individual sections at a time. Unfortunately the app does not save the exact color ‘numbers’ for future use, so some options in the pattern customization are hard to reproduce. Would love an option to know the exact ratio of color levels and be able to input the numbers in manually. There is a way to control multiple strips together in a scene, but you lose ALL of the chasing and addressable effects when controlling them in that manner. This means no glowing or rainbow style effects. If you want segmented or ‘chasing’ control when using multiple sets of strips, you need to adjust each strip separately. Getting 2 sets to time right together on chasing effects may be difficult.

    Other: I do not have Alexa, a hub, or any other kind of device or software that connects to LED strips so I am unsure if this can work with those systems. You should read the item descriptions a bit carefully; a different but similar looking strip by Govee had a few less group addressable options. I found that it needs to say ‘segmented color control’ or something like that to get the extra addressable options. This particular strip has these options.

    All strips on the market have some sort of limitation, and while this brand is no different, the pros very much outweigh the cons. While there is room for improvement, I am extremely happy with my purchase.

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  9. RedHotDankMoist

    These lights are the future, if your reading this review you should know ive watched every video review, done first hand comparisons, and installed many led light strip, and these… this one right. This is the one, don’t weigh a ton, Don’t need a gun to get respect up on the street… okay? They go up easy, took me twenty mins to put up 32ft and have them turned on, the app is easy to use, and has customer support on constant standby, and that doesn’t even bring up the fact that the colors are extremely colorful, and mostly accurate, the yellow looks a little green, but that can be changed manually if you just move the dial closer to 🍊, and the brightness is exceptionally bright, especially in white. And dim mode is so very dim, the sound mode is cool, very fun if your house has some sort of base bumping 😉, there bluetooth, but I have the wifi ones in my bathroom, and there are fewer color settings available for that one. One day shipping with prime, can’t beat that, and then the cherry on top, these lights are more feature rich than the most expensive strips, only down side is these can’t be extended past 32ft per box, so if you have 36ft of space to fill you’ll need a whole nother wall plug for that extra 4ft, but for all the ups that one down, is not bringing me down. Make your house a rave (or at least very well lit) get these lights, and do yourself a second favor and look into the echo studio.

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  10. Luis Jair

    Son muy buenas, tienes los 3 modos de música y puedes seleccionar diversos colores en la misma tira.
    Pero no vienen impermeables, así que cuidado con el polvo, estática y Electricidad, ya que no vienen protegidas.

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  11. AJPVDV

    The media could not be loaded.

     Amazing RGBIC lights! I bought it after reading positive reviews and positive YouTube videos. Installation was a breeze and the adhesive is very strong.
    I used it as a backlight for my bar setup and it gives the room a whole new look. Music sync is by far the best I’ve seen, it’s better to use it with the mic from the product than your phone. Definitely worth the purchase!!!
    Can’t wait to show it off to friends haha 😂 thank you!

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    Govee 65.6ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights, Color Changing LED Strips, App Control via Bluetooth, Smart Segmented Control, Multiple Scenes, Enhanced Music…
    Govee 65.6ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights, Color Changing LED Strips, App Control via Bluetooth, Smart Segmented Control, Multiple Scenes, Enhanced Music…
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