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Nautilus – T618 Treadmill – Black


(8 customer reviews)
Last updated on August 28, 2023 4:21 am Details
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Blue backlit DualTrack screens; Rebound cushioning system; 3.5 CHP drive system; adjustable incline and speed control; 350-lb. weight capacity; 3-speed fan; in-console speakers; 2.75″ crowned rollers; heart rate monitoring; media shelf; USB charging port; integrated towel and accessory bar

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8 reviews for Nautilus – T618 Treadmill – Black

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Dana

    It’s great!! Just like in the picture is the real thing.

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  2. mdavidinvancouverwa

    I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and it was a big wake up call to get in better shape. I was just walking around our neighborhood for exercise and a truck hopped the curb and almost ran me over on the sidewalk. That’s when I decided to get a treadmill. After much research I settled on the T618 because of the power, incline and near commercial grade use which I wanted because I’m a bigger guy. Since having this machine and using it 5 days a week, I’ve lost 40lbs. Another tip is, if you have a flex-plan through your employer, you can get a letter of medical necessity from your doctor “if obesity or diabetes is an issue” and can get reimbursed through flex-plan if preapproved.

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  3. Brandon

    We love this treadmill. My wife wanted a treadmill and I resisted and got a recumbent bike to go along with it. However, I’ve used this treadmill about 90% more than the bike. It is excellent quality, easy to make adjustments, and solid. A little difficult to assemble but with two people, it’s doable. 100% worth the investment.

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  4. Looking4Value

    Much better quality than ProForm. Compared side by side at another store before purchase. Easy to use. Quiet. Probably won’t use all the things it can do. Bought it to last. Feels like it will. Got a good deal even though they were hard to find.

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  5. river

    I just wanted a treadmill I could get on and start walking on. I don’t care how smart it is and I was concerned about some other treadmills that REQUIRE you to download an app or connect it to the internet. This one does NOT require internet or an app but I think there is one. I saw their video where you can pick courses and watch a cartoon version of you running in the irish countryside, etc, with other people.
    This one seems to have a lot of options for smart stuff if you’re into that, or you can just get on it, hit start, and start walking. I have an apple watch and the distance matched up perfectly with what the treadmill said. I used my apple watch for heartrate etc but the treadmill comes with a band you can put around your chest. I thought it was annoying so after trying it on once I decided not to use it. The thing itself isn’t annoying, it’s the act of getting it on. Like I said, I want to just get on the thing and start walking.
    We set it up facing the tv in the basement, which worked great, but I also like the slot on the treadmill where you can put an ipad etc. The treadmill is not very loud, either. And you can easily adjust the incline or speed by pushing obvious buttons.
    Now, I ordered this for pickup because everything large I have delivered to my house ends up busted. It took about 8 months before this treadmill was available for me to order. I checked best buy’s site at least once a week, sometimes more, watching for this one and a couple others. Finally it was available to order, so I did, then I noticed by the next day it was already sold out again. I saw in the questions section here “when will this be in stock?” so I thought I’d mention it did take me a very long time to get it, and you have to keep watching for it.
    If you don’t have a truck or large SUV (seats down), you aren’t going to be able to pick this up from the store. The box is like 7ft long and close to 250lbs. It is an absolute beast. If you are going to be moving, definitely consider that when deciding on a treadmill like this.
    Building it took like an hour but it should have been less. It was way more confusing than it should have been because the directions are mostly pictures without many words. And the packaging for the hardware was really annoying.
    There is a safety key and the power cord disconnects, so if you have kids around, I highly suggest using both of those safety features.
    I read the whole manual and one thing I wanted to mention is that you are supposed to lubricate with silicone every 3 months

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  6. LA09

    I have had this treadmill for about a month. I use it with a popular online exercise application. I have a family of 4 – which include two teenagers. It get used almost daily. Two of us run on it and two of us walk on it. I use it to run for about 45 minutes 4-5 times a week.
    We have really tested it and have had no issues. This treadmill can’t be beat for the price I paid. It feels sturdy.
    My only negative comment is the ability to use the charging port isn’t working however, since my husband set it up it could be that he missed a step. It really isn’t a deal breaker for us.

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  7. MikeE

    I bought this Nautilus T618 treadmill recently and have been quite pleased with how quiet and easy it is to use. Took two of us to assemble this in about 2 hours – everything fit perfectly and instruction was clear and easy to follow. Only part that was a bit tricky was installing the control unit to the arm. Just one thing to note is this unit is very heavy and although it has wheels at the bottom, moving this treadmill can be a bit challenging.
    This treadmill is very effective in giving you a good workout. The incline and speed controls are easy to access while in motion. Adequate running platform so you don’t feel like you’re running out of space. The handlebar is positioned nicely with the controls accessible on the top of the bar. Plenty of storage for your phone, water bottle, towel, etc.
    When not in use, you can easily fold the treadmill platform up with the help of hydraulics, alleviating you from straining yourself. To drop the platform down is also very easy and will not require you to need assistance.
    Overall, we’re very happy with this purchase and will be using it daily during this difficult period of constant lockdown. We give it 5 star overall and would not hesitate to recommend this treadmill, especially at the sale price.

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  8. Swhmetta

    Ironically, I like the treadmill. It wasn’t too hard to put together. Some instructions were a little confusing trying to decipher the pictures. The unit is solid and heavy. It was packed well. Unfortunately, it had a knocking noise coming from the engine. (not the belt). I called Nautilus, and they sent me a new motor to install myself. Due to Covid, they couldn’t send someone. The online instructions to install were somewhat tricky. The belt had to have the right tension, the distance from the speed sensor had to be perfect… too many things for me to screw up. The bolts to loosen the motor were tough to get to, if you have big hands. I decided that I spent too much money on this to do it myself. Thus, I returned it hassle free to Best Buy. Kudos to them. Would I buy again? I am still debating. Besides, I am stuck with an extra motor from Nautilus. Hard to beat the warranty of 5 years on parts and 2 on labor. I think the whole Lifetime on motor and frame is joke. Really, who keeps a treadmill that long anyways? 10-15r years is plenty. At 253 pounds, it is built like a tank. I may look at the T616 or the Sole F63. Maybe, the Horizon 7.0At. – just to save money, not due to quality. Right now, everyone has the prices jacked up. So, I will wait until they normalize.

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    Nautilus – T618 Treadmill – Black
    Nautilus – T618 Treadmill – Black

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