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Quip – Plastic Smart Electric Toothbrush Starter Kit – 2-Minute Timer, Bluetooth, Free App + Travel Case – All-White


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Photos: Quip – Plastic Smart Electric Toothbrush Starter Kit – 2-Minute Timer, Bluetooth, Free App + Travel Case – All-White

8 reviews for Quip – Plastic Smart Electric Toothbrush Starter Kit – 2-Minute Timer, Bluetooth, Free App + Travel Case – All-White

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  1. CMCMom29

    I currently have a Philips Sonicare Rechargeable toothbrush. However, over the past year or so, I’ve heard many commercials about Quip, especially on Satellite Radio and podcasts. I was curious about the product and appreciated getting a chance to try one.
    The Quip comes in a simple, environmentally friendly box. The version I tried is the black metal finish Quip. Inside the box is a smoke-colored translucent plastic tube with one rounded end and the other end a screw-on cap. You unscrew the cap to remove the brush and cover. Now, the instructions will tell you to dispose of this container, but I kept mine because it completely enclosed the brush. If nothing else, it would make a great case for travel.
    The brush is sitting inside its cap like a stand. You can pull this up over the brush to store it.
    The feature I found odd was a tacky strip on the side of the brush handle. This is supposed to allow you to stick the brush on a mirror or other surface when not in use. However, I found this off-putting. For one, it feels sticky in your hand as you hold it, and for two, it seemed like something that also would attract dirt or debris and would be hard to clean. I replaced the decal over the sticky strip and don’t plan on using it.
    The brush can be used in conjuncture with an app that is connected via Bluetooth. The app was simple to set up and connect with the brush. It allows you to track your brushing time and win virtual awards inside the app marking your progress.
    The unit also comes with a coupon for one shipment of extra supplies. Quip offers a service to replenish supplies for the brush, such as a new brush head, new batteries (the unit itself is not rechargeable), floss, and toothpaste. You can choose one or all the supplies to set up on subscription. The couple covers up to $15 of your first shipment of supplies. So, in approximately 3 months, I will receive a new brush head, new batteries, and floss.
    The unit is sleek and compact, as compared to my Sonicare. On the back of the brush head is a tongue scraper. The power button is the letter “Q” and is the only control on the brush.
    As I am used to the power in the Sonicare, comparatively the Quip vibrates in a more subdued manner. The unit and the app are there to encourage you to brush each quadrant of your mouth for the proper amount of time. The brush will give you a little pulse to signal you to move on to another quadrant.
    I, myself, am not a model brusher of teeth. I don’t have a lot of patience to brush each section for the recommended amount of time. I prefer the power of the Sonicare to the subtle vibrations of Quip.
    The brush is comfortable to use. It has weight to it so that it feels balanced but not heavy. The metal handle is sleek and smooth to the touch. It is smaller in overall size, though, than my Sonicare.
    I feel that the Quip is a very nice brush to travel with, or to carry with you in a briefcase or a gym bag so you can have a power toothbrush on the go. However, for home use, I will stick with my Sonicare.

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    Quip – Smart Electric Toothbrush: We’ve used various electric toothbrushes over the years. In fact, my wife and I each have our own favorite plugged in our bathrooms. Large, effective, but cumbersome to take on trips and they take up lots of space on the counter.
    The Quip makes me feel good about brushing effectively, although there is less “action” and vibration going on than I’ve experienced with those other brands. It has a high speed vibration that is reminiscent of ultrasonic cleaners I’ve used in labs. Because of the gentler activity, I felt a need to add more of my own motion to the cleaning routine. On the other hand, I did feel I was able to spend more time at the tooth/gum line because there was much less aggression happening. [I also preferred the lowest speed when using the other brands.]
    The Quip is a simple, sleek design. It takes up no significant space on a counter. With its built in battery and replaceable brushes, it much easier to bring along when traveling. It has a great carry case.
    High enough vibration to feel like an effective cleaner.
    Mouth “commotion” is far lower than other brushes.
    Quiet operation.
    Easy to keep clean.
    No bigger than a standard toothbrush.
    Carry case is no bigger than for a standard manual brush.
    Battery is AAA: cheap and easy to find.
    Brushes are inexpensive to replace; subscription service is available.

    The non-aggressive cleaning invites the user to add motion.
    There is only one speed vibration, and it’s not high.
    There is currently only one brush style.
    SUMMARY: I’m happy to add the Quip to my dental hygiene routine. It will definitely be the travel toothbrush. I’m happy to add it to my bathroom counter, also. It provides a slightly different approach that my gums and teeth can applaud.

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  3. Txstatesal

    Having been a Quip customer I’ve got a special bond with my toothbrush.
    I got this one to mix things up. I’ve never seen a black toothbrush. It’s just as cool as the photos.
    The bristles are a little stronger than a medium brush which I love. When I brush I want to feel like the brush!
    If you haven’t had a Quip it’s a great way to not have to get one of those pricy toothbrushes. It’s got a button that initiates the pulse in the brush which helps you keep brushing and to remind you to keep going.
    The application is easy to use. If I’m honest I went and got Charcoal Toothpaste to match my brush and pop on my counter.
    Overall a good addition to my hygiene.

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  4. Nataraj

    1. Design – All black toothbrush is really good looking, built with high quality metal.
    2. Brush head – Comes with Replaceable head which is really great and costs just $5 for every 3 months with Free shipping.
    3. Smart motor – This toothbrush is really smart. It is easy to install the app, login and connect the brush to the app using Bluetooth.
    5. Cleaning – This brush cleans the teeth really well.
    6. Travel – The case it comes in with will be really helpful when traveling.
    7. Quip App – There are plethora of features in the app – measures the frequency of brushing, brushing time, avg lenght of brushing, tracks the strokes per minute, acceleration, coverage of top and bottom teeth. Measuring the movements are almost accurate.
    8. Rewards – The rewards motivation is really good especially for kids. We get 1 point in the morning, 1 point in the evening and an additional point when brushing twice a day. These points can be used to redeemed later.
    1. App is not syncing or taking longer time to sync with the toothbrush. Hope this gets fixed in the future.
    2. Sticking the toothbrush to the mirror may not be something i will be interested it. But this is not at all a big complaint. We can still store the brush inside the case that it comes with.
    3. Rewards are little less worth. It is about $1.25 per month provided we meet our goals every single day.

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  5. Jack

    The Quip bluetooth enabled smart electric toothbrush is the newest offering from the company. The innovative styling has garnered a lot of attention and the metal construction feels nice and cool. Here’s a rundown of what I did and did not like:
    Very light
    Simple but slick design
    Very travel friendly as it comes with a case and runs on standard AA battery, so no hassle of charging or carry a charger
    Travel case is not bulky unlike other brands
    If you like to know you are brushing everyday (with data, plots, etc.)app is there for you
    Soft bristle
    Logo on the opposite side can be used as tongue cleaner
    I didn’t like the fact that the bottom of the brush is rounded. So it can’t stand without the case.
    It has a sticky pad for attaching it to the mirror, but I am not a fan of that solution
    There are a few additional rubber bristles around the regular bristles, those may hurt a bit if your gums are sensitive
    Overall thought
    I’ll definitely consider taking Quip on my travels. But I think I’d stick to my usual electric toothbrush which has a more conventional design for everyday use.

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  6. Mer4343

    I have used a smart toothbrush for the past two years. It’s bulky and requires a charger. The Quip is delightfully like a “normal” toothbrush. It feels right in my hand, and that weight, size, and shape encourages more interaction from me. My larger heavier electric model I seldom move because the leverage is off and the vibration is so much harsher. Quip instructs you to spend 4 seconds per tooth, and the form makes it easy to do that. The vibration is gentle, like a companion to your manual brushing.
    I love the holder that attaches to the mirror and keeps it off the counter. One thing about the brush itself I wish was different is the head. My mouth is on the small side, and the brush is is quite large and impossible to keep covered. This toothbrush would be perfect if there were a couple different sizes of brush head.
    The refill plan is simple to enroll in and the app is intuitive. It makes you want to get a “perfect score” for your brushing. $5 every three months gets you a new head and battery. So essentially a new toothbrush every 90 days for $5. I plan to purchase more of the Quips for my family.

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  7. Kris1973

    First of all, the black metal model Quip toothbrush really looks like Batman’s toothbrush: It’s black on black with black bristles. It’s the toothbrush equivalent of a stealth fighter. It looks sharp!
    Once you get over the looks and start pairing your toothbrush to your phone via bluetooth (?!), you’ll find a well-designed app with some fun features. It’s a little gimmicky at first, but ultimately really does the job of making you actually enjoy keeping up with your brushing.
    The head/battery replacement service offers a new head and a replacement AAA battery for a very reasonable charge every three months. I’ve never signed up for a “smart device” maintenance subscription before, but I just signed on to have Quip keep me in brush heads and batteries automatically. I think I’ll eventually get a rechargeable battery for it, but there will always be a need for AAA batteries around the house for other things.
    The ultimate proof is in the quality of the clean however and I have honestly never had a toothbrush that worked this well! I’m not exaggerating. I’m not sure if it’s the configuration of the different types of bristles or the strength or frequency of the vibrations, but I’ve felt like I just left the dentist every time I’ve used this toothbrush.
    There’s only one odd design choice: the brush holder. It’s otherwise well-designed both as a head cover for traveling and a mount to stick to your mirror to hold your toothbrush. But my question is: Once you’ve stuck the (admittedly re-stickable) mount to your mirror at home, how do you take it traveling without getting the adhesive strip covered in dust from your suitcase or stuck to the inside of a resealable bag? It would be nice to have a two-part mount that sticks to your mirror but allows the main tube to clip on and off so you can take it with you and not have to deal with the sticky strip. It’s a VERY minor quibble and I’ll probably just leave the tube on my mirror and toss the toothbrush in a bag when I travel.
    The bottom line is that this compact, well designed and affordable (and smart) toothbrush makes brushing my teeth fun again. It took exactly a day of using it for everyone else in my house to want one enough to go out and order one for themselves. I think that says it all.

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  8. MnstrMike

    I hate writing 1-Star reviews, especially when I really want to champion the product. The Quip toothbrush, according to the company’s About Us page, is designed for me! I have been on toothbrush journey for some time because I brush too hard. My dentist alerted me to this and recommended the Oral-B many years ago, but that didn’t last long because it felt like I was using a lawn mower on my gums at 50,000 rpm! I switched to the Sonicare, and while I really do like it, the replacement heads are just too expensive, the cheaper knock-off versions just didn’t feel like I got a good clean, and current electric toothbrushes are cumbersome in use.. Also, because it vibrates so quickly, slinging toothpaste all over the mirror and wall was a daily occurrence. So, I have some good history with electric toothbrushes; I’ve been to standard stoneage one for over a year though and still struggling to not brush too hard.
    And I do think I have found a solution with Quip, just maybe not the smart version at this current time of writing.
    Brush Head: being all silicone and thick bristles at that, I’m struggling to know if I am getting the best clean or better clean than a traditional Nylon Bristle brush? Have I been brainwashed for so long that 100’s of Nylon bristles are better because that is all that has been sold (at least in my lifetime) and silicone is only used intermittently in a brush head? Anytime you throw some Minty fresh toothpaste in your month your will feel some invigoration and smoothness across your ivory chompers and gums, but I find after about 30 minutes when that wears off, my teeth just don’t feel so clean. Maybe I am just noticing it more because I am actively thinking about it?
    Motor: It it is definitely different compared to other electric brushes where the vibration is focused on the bristled head via posts or gears. With the Quip, the vibration is focused in the handle and thus provides a vibrating effect to the bristle head. For sure, you are still manually brushing your teeth, but with the added assistance of vibration. I do prefer the Quip implementation, but it does take a minute to get used to. Maybe because it is smaller in the hand than the current electric brushes it vibrates on less hand surface area? So my initial reaction was a bit of sting feeling. But as I continue to use, I don’t notice it. And it could be as battery depletes so the feeling goes away. The Oral-B was this way on a fresh charge.
    Design: I don’t know the design language, but its the same minimalist philosophy that you find with Target and IKEA products; not a knock against it, but not necessarily original. But a first I have seen being applied to a toothbrush. In comparison again to the other more established electric toothbrush brands, I like it! I don’t feel like I’m yielding a lightsaber to brush my teeth! The added holder/travel cover is a great feature and is nice to be able to stick it on a tile or glass surface. Easily remove it and then stick it somewhere else.
    Smart: This is where the 1 Star review comes into play. As it stands, in its current form, I cannot recommend the extra expense to add the smart feature. The app on Apple continues to force close. On Android, while it at least stays open, so far the only way I have been able to get it to sync my brush sessions, outside of the initial pair process, is to uninstall the app and reinstall it. I have only done this once to-date. After doing this process, I immediately brushed my teeth. No data synced and no new brush was recorded in the app, even though a pop-window said “No New Data Found” everything is up to date…of course that is wrong.
    The “Last Brush” feature is in Beta mode at the time of writing, registers some crazy stats from a brush session on Feb 7, 2106. At first I thought I solved the issue with 2020, finding proof of time travel to mess with the space time continuum, but it is probably just a placeholder to let you see how the data is arranged when the feature comes out of beta mode.
    So far the majority of my sessions recorded are the multiple attempts to try and sync the brush with the app. The support page is of no use, as the steps detailed there focus on your mobile device over their product; translation: it’s not Quip malfunctioning, it’s your device. I find that mildly irritating.
    To launch the device into manual sync mode you turn it on and then off after 5 seconds. But that is it for the tutorial…buried in their help page. What I don’t know is if the device stays in this sync mode after the 2 minute session? It does give a series of pulses to let you know you have finished. The concept is you sync to earn points to earn free stuff. And have healthy teeth and gums in the process; I can’t fault them on the concept, but so far the execution is a little off.
    The positive is if you are a 1st Gen product customer you can upgrade your device to the Smart Feature for $25. That speaks volumes about the company not trying to upsell you and throw what isn’t broken! So again, writing a 1-Star review feels very harsh, but as stated through-out…at the time of writing, it just doesn’t deliver.
    But what does deliver is their subscription to toothbrush heads! The direct to consumer model is a great approach, I’ve been doing with shaving products for a long time, I can definitely see this being an area that can greatly benefit by producing good products at lower costs. It may just take time though for that to matriculate to the masses. I have my preferred organic vegan-free planet saving hypnosis-inducing toothpaste that I like, so trying their other products may be a hard sell because we are creatures of habit.
    You don’t have to buy into their other products to use this toothbrush, but you do have to buy their brush heads online and at least that has been made quite simple…subscription models work!

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    Quip – Plastic Smart Electric Toothbrush Starter Kit – 2-Minute Timer, Bluetooth, Free App + Travel Case – All-White
    Quip – Plastic Smart Electric Toothbrush Starter Kit – 2-Minute Timer, Bluetooth, Free App + Travel Case – All-White

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