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Neon Nights Glow in the Dark Paint – Set of 8, 20 mL Acrylic Paints for Outdoor and Indoor Use on Canvas & Walls – Gifts for Artists – Phosphorescent


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  • Bright Day & Night – Our neon paint glows brilliantly in the dark but can also easily be seen in daylight to make any arts & crafts project stand out.
  • Activation – These self-luminous, phosphorescent neon acrylic paints charge best under direct sunlight for a bright, memorable glow that will captivate your audience.
  • Versatile – Our glow paint works on most surfaces including canvas, wood, plastic, and metal (not to be used as paint supplies on fabric, textiles, face, or body).
  • Vibrant Color – Each glow in the dark acrylic paint set includes eight 20 mL (0.7 fl oz) bottles of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and white pigments.
  • Glowing Gift – Get into the spirit of any occasion by giving this reflective paint kit to the artist in your life. The set is a wonderful addition to Halloween, birthday, and even holiday craft supplies!

Specification: Neon Nights Glow in the Dark Paint – Set of 8, 20 mL Acrylic Paints for Outdoor and Indoor Use on Canvas & Walls – Gifts for Artists – Phosphorescent

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Photos: Neon Nights Glow in the Dark Paint – Set of 8, 20 mL Acrylic Paints for Outdoor and Indoor Use on Canvas & Walls – Gifts for Artists – Phosphorescent

13 reviews for Neon Nights Glow in the Dark Paint – Set of 8, 20 mL Acrylic Paints for Outdoor and Indoor Use on Canvas & Walls – Gifts for Artists – Phosphorescent

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  1. Stark Design

    Ok, First… Fluorescent works under UV light, looks nice, but doesn’t really “hold the light” after. Phosphorescent has similarities but holds the light so you can see it in picth darkness.
    I’m writing this review for people to know and not get tricked by the false advertising the name has like I did. Personally I bought these to paint on stuff and embed it in resin WITHOUT having to charge it to special light, just using sun. Hope the following explanation and pictures give a clear understanding.
    1. The products have been in direct strong sunlight for several hours with labels pealed for good charging and after that, testing).
    2. We will number them 1 to 8 from LEFT to RIGHT.
    3. Some are just a little phosphorescent and barely visible in total darkness and some not at all!
    4. In the pictures I tried to lower gradually the light, last one beeing total darkness.
    1- (yellow) Very low glow light
    2- Good glowing
    3- (green) Very low glow light
    4- (pink) NOT phosphorescent at all
    5- (purple) Medium glowing
    6- (pinkish orange) NOT phosphorescent at all
    7- (orange) NOT phosphorescent at all
    8- (white) charged the fastest and is the brightest one, just Wow. Only downside is when you paint with it you get little sand-like particles that are actually the glowing substance because it’s not really dissolved in the paste, so you need lots of layers for uniform glow…

    Hope it helps 👍

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  2. Lena Ireland

    This is not a phosphorescent paint, it is fluorescent. Description is false so beware, before you destroy your craft like I did mine believing this is self glowing paint. It glows only in the UV light. I designed entire wall in the bedroom to be multilayer painting and this product messed the entire design.
    Fluorescent paint glows in UV, charges quickly and is excited only thanks to UV.
    Phosphorescent paint glows in the darkness and is charged for a long time, glowing thanks to sunlight or light bulb, excited for a long period of time.

    They put a false label on it saying it is phosphorescent.

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  3. Celia Ann

    Nachdem ich für ein Sommerlager Leuchtfarben gesucht habe, habe ich dann diese Box gekauft um die Farben vorerst mal zu testen. Die Farben sind sehr farbenfroh und eher flüssig. Als Testlauf hab ich eine kleine Fläche einmal etwas dicker mit Farbe bestrichen und diese dann ein paar Stunden in die Sonne gelegt. Schon nach paar Stunden Sonnenlicht, haben die Farben im dunklen geleuchtet. Weiß, Gelb, Grün am intensivsten.

    Nach dem Kauf habe ich auch eine Mail vom Hersteller bekommen, mit einem Dank, Tipps für die Anwendung und auch ob ich bzgl des Produkts noch Fragen hätte. Finde es sehr zuvorkommend, weshalb ich mich schlussendlich dazu entschlossen habe eine Rezension zu verfassen.

    Wie gesagt, nach dem ersten Test kann ich die Farben empfehlen, werde das ganze jetzt auf einer Lagerwoche testen, auf der wir mit Kids Steine bemalen und danach weiß ich hoffentlich auch, wie lange und intensiv die Farben nach einem Tag in der Sonne leuchten.

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  4. Stark Design

    Just as described!! Will post photos after painting pumpkins as 2nd project with this product

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  5. Jamie Taylor

    So I make 3 way paintings. They have 3 different looks; day time, glow in the dark and black light UV. Theae paints GLOW awesomely! No lumps or chunks like with some paints. Good purchase.

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  6. Dan C.

    Ich habe die Farben natürlich sofort nach Lieferung auf Stein ausprobiert. Auf dem ersten Stein habe ich zaghaft mit dem Pinsel gearbeitet. Bei drei weiteren dann mit Dotting-Tools: Einmal auf roter und schwarzer Grundierung mit farblich passenden Punkten aus Acrylfarbe unter der Glow-Farbe, einmal nur die Glow-Farbe auf schwarzer Grundierung. Die Leuchtintensität fällt dadurch verschieden aus. Für meine Zwecke genau das Richtige. Würde ich sofort wieder kaufen.

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  7. Luna

    Lovely bold colors! There are glo-colors in here that I didn’t even know would glow! I’m mad interested in these. Can’t wait to use them up! Not much in each bottle, but that’s cool. That’s why you read item descriptions, right? :p

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  8. Dan C.

    My son is autistic and we have redecorated his room over half term. Using this paint we have created stars and planets on his walls and ceiling. The effect is amazing we have tried before with other paint but nothing comes close to the quality of these paints the glow is very bright and lasts all night using a small uv led light for a couple of hours in the evening. We are more than happy and are now getting a more relaxed young man who is sleeping better.

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  9. Ric Bednar

    Does not glow in the dark, nor under black light. Very thin, watery paint. You need lots to get a vibrant color. Bought it for outdoor Halloween-super disappointing. UPDATE The seller contacted us and offered us $20 to remove the review. I’m not going to remove the review. The paint says it’s glow in the dark, my experience with looking at the paint in the dark, outside, is this paint is not glow-in-the-dark. It’s great neon, it is very thin, but it is not glow in the dark. If they change the description to match with the product does, I am happy to alter my review. However I am being honest with my review and I feel they are trying to bribe me, and that’s not OK. So I guess them contacting me and offering me 20 bucks to remove my review is actually bad press for them. Just have your product do what it says and there’s no problem.

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  10. Benjie

    Very bright under black light. Transformed an old halloween skeleton to a vibrant joy. Before and after photos. Easy cleanup in water. Avoid getting on cloths.

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  11. Benjie

    Bright vivid colors that do work. Small bottles just right for detail and not for mass washes of color. Color needs to absorb light to be able to reflect the light. I did not do a test on time of glow. Probably depends upon type of light and time shining on paint. I am using the paint for details on a Grandma treasure box for the kids when they come to visit.

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  12. Jason Z. Smith

    I felt a real need to write a review to counter some of the negativity regarding this product, because much of it comes from a lack of comprehensive understanding about phosphorus based paints in the first place.
    First you have to understand the physics of phosphorus GLOW IN THE DARK paint, because this is a UV reflective paint, the paint itself coats and reflects UV light away from the phosphate crystals used to create the glow, so that makes it more difficult to charge than if it is in a clear or white based paint that allows more light to hit the particles.

    That being said this paint actually does glow, but you need more than a standard lamp or sunlight to charge it, you need a UV light! It also varies because of the color, darker colors like blue are much more dim and don’t last as long as brighter colors like yellow. The longest any of them will last is about 15 minuets, which is about standard for this type of product. There are some phenomenal products that will glow for hours, but they are also only come in white or cream day colors, because as I stated, the neon day light color impacts the effectiveness of the glow.

    Another thing that needs to be taken into account is keeping it mixed-up properly, if you don’t stir it, shake it and keep it mixed, the phosphorus particles tend to settle to the bottom and group together, meaning part of the paint on top may not have much or any glowing factors in it.

    This is an acrylic paint, so it’s good for most plastica and wood, stone, ect., but it is water based so it will not handle long exposure to outdoor elements and rain, and as I’ve said, it takes more than just sunlight to charge it. I have a little UV pin light that actually works pretty good, and the neon colors reflect very well, then it will glow for a short time when removed.

    I bought this paint to use on projects like highlights on some of my action figures, to make the eyes reflect back and glow at night, so far I have no dissapoint considering the nature of the product. Maybe some folks expectations are a bit too high, but honestly this product works fine for the unique nitch it’s meant to fill!

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  13. Jamie Taylor

    I was skeptical that these paints would actually glow in the dark. In my excitement to try them out I was a little disappointed at first. I hadn’t let the paint dry so a few of the colors didn’t work at first. Once they did dry I went into a dark closet and a few of them did indeed glow, but a couple didn’t. My husband was more familiar with this kind of paint and told me to “charge” it. Held it under a lightbulb for a minute and went back in the closet and all of the paints glowed, so here are some tips:
    1) Paint in a couple of layers.
    2) “Charge” whatever you’ve painted with a light bulb or sunlight for the ‘glow in the dark’ effect.
    3) The dimmest colors are orange, red, and pink. The brightest for me was the blue.
    So yeah, if you’re keeping whatever you’ve painted in a dark room at all times, it’s not going to work, but if it gets good sunlight during the day or you “charge” it with a flashlight or light bulb (being really close to a light bulb) then you’ll be happy with the glow in the dark effects.

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    Neon Nights Glow in the Dark Paint – Set of 8, 20 mL Acrylic Paints for Outdoor and Indoor Use on Canvas & Walls – Gifts for Artists – Phosphorescent
    Neon Nights Glow in the Dark Paint – Set of 8, 20 mL Acrylic Paints for Outdoor and Indoor Use on Canvas & Walls – Gifts for Artists – Phosphorescent
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