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Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, 10.1″, 1080p Full HD, ages 3–7, 32 GB, Sky Blue


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  • Save up to $99 on a full-featured tablet (not a toy) for kids ages 3–7 that includes 1 year of Amazon Kids+, parental controls, a Kid-Proof Case, and 2-year guarantee, versus items purchased separately.
  • 2-year worry-free guarantee and Kid-Proof Case included. If it breaks, return it and we’ll replace it for free.
  • The included 1 year of Amazon Kids+ gives families access to over 20,000 books, popular apps and games, videos, songs, Audible books, and more. Your subscription will then automatically renew every month starting at just $2.99 per month plus applicable tax. You may cancel at any time by visiting the Amazon Parent Dashboard or contacting Customer Service.
  • Easy-to-use parental controls allow you to filter content and set educational goals and time limits.
  • Parents can give kids access to more apps like Netflix, Disney+, and Zoom via the Amazon Parent Dashboard.
  • Features an octa-core processor, 3 GB RAM, 10.1″ 1080p Full HD display, dual cameras, USB-C (2.0) port, and up to 1 TB of expandable storage. Screen made with strengthened aluminosilicate glass.
  • Amazon Kids+ includes thousands of Spanish language books, videos, apps, games, and Audible books.
  • Features a USB-C (2.0) port and includes a USB-C cable and 9W power adapter in the box.

Photos: Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, 10.1″, 1080p Full HD, ages 3–7, 32 GB, Sky Blue

7 reviews for Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, 10.1″, 1080p Full HD, ages 3–7, 32 GB, Sky Blue

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  1. cara

    If you have a regular fire tablet for your child and want to upgrade, don’t buy this tablet.

    Pro: seems to be quick, good size tablet, nice case.

    Toddler can download any app/game without a pin. I set up a pin and I was able to download multiple apps without it.

    I had to create a “profile” for my toddler but couldn’t figure out how to get out of it. Couldn’t check settings. I was “stuck” in that profile. (From the tablet itself. I want easy accessibility).

    From upgrading his Fire HD 10 Tablet to this kids tablet, 70% of his apps weren’t available on the kids tablet that I purchased on his fire 10. Very disappointing.

    I returned his kids tablet and purchased the new fire 10 HD tablet. I could see my toddler filling up this kids tablet with way too many apps. Definitely not very friendly for little ones. I want my toddler to be able to play his tablet without me over his shoulder every second.

    Just buy a regular Fire HD 10 Tablet. Sooooooo much better!

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  2. Lisa

    This device is pretty big and that is a plus. It’s already loaded with tons of apps you can download with just one click. Even though they are age appropriate I don’t want all of these apps and there is no feature or setting to prevent all of these apps from populating your screen. I now have the gruesome task of figuring out how to delete all this unnecessary apps for two devices. Too much of everything is bad, I just need a few educational apps and games. It shouldn’t be this complicated arrrrggghhh!

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  3. SooperMum

    I upgraded my preschoolers Fire 7 to this new version because she was continually bumping up against the storage limit on the old one. She’s young so she doesn’t understand that she can’t download every single app that looks neat. In fact at this point she doesn’t even understand she’s downloading it. She just knows she’s playing it. So her storage gets full and her tablet starts acting glitchy because it’s low on storage and she gets super frustrated. I can control how much time she spends on the tablet in Parental Controls, but I can’t do anything to limit how much storage she uses. This one tablet has more storage than her old one, but I still have to go through and delete stuff eventually. I bought I giant SD card thinking that would help solve the problem only to find you can’t move content from FreeTime (AKA Amazon Kids+) to the SD card, so that’s useless. So a couple of hundred dollars later we’re right back where we were with the old tablet–anger, frustration, confusion at a tablet that isn’t working for her. More thought and research needs to go into the platform and Fire Tablets for kids. The idea is so great, but the execution is terrible. After the free year of Kids+/Free Time Unlimited is up I don’t think we are going to continue the subscription. I think it’s better to just buy a tablet and the handful of games you want to let your kid play. Or just give them an old phone with the games and shows you want them to have access on it already downloaded. I regret purchasing the Fire 10 Kids tablet. They are fine for older kids, but not a good idea for the little ones.

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  4. Steph B.

    Love this! It’s exactly like my daughters other Amazon tablet but much bigger and seems to be faster. I love that once you enter the kids profile they can only download apps that are age appropriate and she can have the freedom of having her own games.

    It’s also super easy to switch to my own profile on the tablet if I wanna use it too!

    10/10 recommend!

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  5. Matthew Kreh

    Great upgrade from a 2019 7” fire tablet. Don’t listen to the reviews about being able to download anything etc.

    Make sure you understand how to use Amazon kids/free time before you critique it. This tablet is a huge improvement and works great. Highly recommend and the performance is much better.

    Will update over time.

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  6. Matthew Kreh

    I bought two of the new age 3-7 tablets for our boys to learn on. Our 5 year old is at level 5 on ABCMouse and our 3 year old is just starting level 1 on the new tablet. To our concern, ABCMouse did not initially show up as being compatible with these new tablets.

    Keep in mind, these tablets were just put on sale on the 26th (3 days ago) so I figured there might be some issues to be worked out as with being an early adopter of any new device.

    I had a pleasant chat with one of the support people and tried the quick fixes that they suggested, but none of those worked. We finally created a support ticket to see if they could address the fact that the application was showing up as being incompatible with our devices when I viewed it on my laptop.

    This morning I woke up and saw that ABCMouse was on the home screen of our devices. We installed it and logged in to our account so that the boys will have access to their pre-K learning. We are taking the weekend to familiarize ourselves with the Parents interface before giving the tablets to the boys, but so far everything looks good!

    Thank you to the support staff and service technicians who added these new tablets to the compatible list for ABCMouse! The battery life and responsiveness of the touchscreen on these tablets is a noticeable improvement over the 7 inch fire kids tablet we had before this. The quality of the hardware and the responsiveness of the support staff make it hard for me to want to shop around for anything else.

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  7. Matthew

    Wonderful upgrade from the 2019 kids fire. Faster, more responsive, great screen quality.

    Other commenters don’t seem to know how to use the tablet – just turn WiFi off, then your kids will only see the apps you downloaded. You can also sideload any app you previously purchased outside of freetime. Creating and using a freetime profile is a must.

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    Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, 10.1″, 1080p Full HD, ages 3–7, 32 GB, Sky Blue
    Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, 10.1″, 1080p Full HD, ages 3–7, 32 GB, Sky Blue
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