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Govee Flow Plus Smart LED Light Bars, Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, Gaming Lights, RGBICWW WiFi TV Backlights with Scene Modes and Music…


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  • Exciting Lighting Experience: Adopts innovative RGBICWW technology to display rainbow-like light effects created from 16 millions colors. Boost your gaming experience with dynamic presets or make your own light effects with DIY mode.(Recommended for monitors that are less than 45 inches.)
  • Syncs With Your Music – With an internal high-sensitivity mic, Govee gaming light bars can react and move to the beat of your music, movie, and gaming audio for an immersive sound and light experience like no other. (No extra hub needed)
  • Voice Control Your Lighting: Works with Alexa and Google Assistant via WiFi to effortlessly control these gaming light bars features hands-free, including on/off, brightness, colors, and even lighting effects.
  • Smart App Control: Customize the exact light you want with Govee Home App. Control segmented color and brightness, group with other Govee lights by rooms, automate lighting schedules, and discover more user-generated effects in the Light Studio.
  • Versatile Placement Options: Install Govee LED picture lights just the way you want. Lay flat, stand vertically, or mount behind a monitor or TV using the included brackets. Your space, your lighting styles. (Cord Length: 106 inches)

Specification: Govee Flow Plus Smart LED Light Bars, Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, Gaming Lights, RGBICWW WiFi TV Backlights with Scene Modes and Music…





Part Number


Item Weight

‎2.07 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎11.3 x 6.97 x 4.65 inches


‎Base Kit (2 RGBICWW Wifi Lights)




‎ABS, Plastic

Included Components

‎Light kit inlcuded

Specific Uses

‎General purpose

Shade Material


Light Direction


Power Source

‎Corded Electric

Batteries Required


Type of Bulb


Photos: Govee Flow Plus Smart LED Light Bars, Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, Gaming Lights, RGBICWW WiFi TV Backlights with Scene Modes and Music…

13 reviews for Govee Flow Plus Smart LED Light Bars, Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, Gaming Lights, RGBICWW WiFi TV Backlights with Scene Modes and Music…

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  1. Liz Ruhwedel

    I love these things. They add excellent backlight to my dual monitor set up that I purchased two for and have tons of light customizations and preset modes for endless options. Easy integration with Alexa, one of the simplest out of all the smart products I own from different brands. Only issue I have is the adhesive on the mounting brackets. It doesn’t stay very well at all my first set one side refused to stay on and scared me everytime it randomly popped off. Luckily the light never broke. I ended up using permanent 3m tape to adhere it again and it seems to work haven’t had any fall off in weeks. Out of both of my two sets 3 of the lights fell off due to poor adhesion so definitely purchase some better adhesive when using these. Otherwise excellent lights and I recommend them to everyone I know.

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  2. Thiru

    I ordered it after purchasing a new tv. My older tv had the strip from govee. Tv strip was great, all products I bought from govee have been top quality. When I got it only one bar was displaying color, even after firmware update. I returned it and purchase a second one. Second one was perfect. Can be very bright, I love customization options. I have it on a timer along with the other line. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
    Also when the first one didn’t work I reached out to govee before sending it back. Took about 4 days before I got reply back. There is a way to hard reset that could have fix it. So my suggestion if u past the return date here and Amazon can’t help you repairing it. Reach out to customer service on the app and you might find success.

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  3. Joseph C.

    They specifically do not show a single cable in any of their advertisement images. You have to go through the item description to see the box description but the rest of their images show power but no cables connecting the two lights together. Deceptive and bad business.

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  4. Randy

    We really liked the simple install and easy to use app. It’s half the price of Philips products.

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  5. D. Thomas

    This is an easy solution for anyone who wants to set up RGB lighting effects, but don’t want to hassle with stringing lights in awkward, hard to reach areas.

    But you can use them as lamps, which I did, and they make for an excellent contemporary decor choice for your space. I stuck mine on my headboard, and the results were fantastic. These will easily light up the room.

    The Goveee app is what actually makes these worth it. You can control the 40+ effects, add your own, and access all your other Govee products as well. Some of their products are pricey, but the effects are worth it!

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  6. Randy

    These govee flow plus lights are great. The color selection is a bit wonky in the app as the colors shown on screen are often very very different from what you get. EG white on the app makes for light purple lights unless you choose custom color. You could also just use the warm/cool lighting selection but even there you won’t find true white – just variations of orange, yellow, and blue. Regardless it’s fairly easy to get the colors you want. You can set the lights to different colors which is handy. I have them set up in my trailer for extra lighting and they were great. My only real gripe is that they could be brighter and cast more light. The price is also too high for what they are, wait until they go on sale. I would not buy them again unless they were deeply discounted, I could buy much more impressive and functional lighting for what I paid for these.

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  7. Eric

    Once they connected to my network–which took several tries–they work beautifully.

    At an advertised 400 lumens, they’re not extremely bright (that’s about 5 watts LED, or 40 watts incandescent equivalent), but they do produce nice patterns. Each of the six zones are controllable separately, by color and brightness.

    The ability to design your own animations is fairly limited, but it does come with a good number included.

    Overall, I’m glad I bought them, but I’d recommend these for behind a monitor, a small corner, or an extremely small room. They’re definitely not for a larger space, where you’ll want more light.

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  8. Christian

    Tried to give benefit of the doubt when being forced to install the app opposed to a generic bluetooth/wifi smart light house app but this one:
    -requires your info to register
    -is required in addition to every other app
    -doesnt remember the color settings when programming time (this was the deal breaker)
    -has bulky power bricks and wires, why use USB C if its only compatible with the included power brick anyways

    Premium product with a lot of features a marketing team rather than engineers clearly designed.

    Just buy some cheap LEDs at a fifth the cost for the same effect and no annoying app

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  9. RJ

    1. The cables come out from one of the flat ends.
    2. If inserted with the cable inside the vertical stand, the bottom gets compressed and the light bar sit over an inch over the bottom.
    3. If inserted in the vertical stand with the cable coming out at the top of the light bar, the light bar is still over an inch from the bottom.
    Note: I pushed really hard, but stopped before anything was going to break. It still left damage/marks on the sides of the light bar though, because the base is not as big as the light bar, or simply put, the bars don’t fit in the vertical stands. If you don’t care about the vertical stands, you can mount the bars on the horizontal pieces pretty easily, but I’m not sure of the durability. I haven’t used them yet, though so this is only a preliminary review.

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  10. Kari

    If you plan to mount both of these behind your TV, they’re great. The accessories to do that are great.

    If you plan to have them be free standing lamps, like I did, I suggest you look elsewhere. The lamps must be within a meter or so of one another, as they share the same plug. You can’t put them in different rooms or different sides of the same room. There’s no separating them.

    The accessories to have them stand upright do not account for the cables. Either you have to jam the cables into the stand and have them awkwardly flow out of the back, or you install the stands so that the cables come out of the top of the lamp and look unprofessional.

    This is the first Govee product I’m disappointed in. The lights themselves are beautiful and colorful, but the lack of thought into the cable design turns them into something I would not keep on my desk or use as accent lighting in my home. I ended up returning them.

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  11. K B

    tl;dr: If you don’t want a camera for color matching, these are great light bars. Easy to set up. The wifi is great. Get em.

    I got a Govee RGBIC strip last year and was really happy with it. They were using better connectors than another strip I had just returned and the Govee Home app was customizable and never bothered me once with notifications.

    I’m really glad I got these, because I prefer using wifi for this kind of device instead of bluetooth. Sometimes a bluetooth light will fail to pair and need rebooting, but I’ve never had a single issue with Govee wifi lights, they connect instantly and I’ve been using them in other places in my home for over a year.

    It took me 5 minutes to install these, and that’s only because I took my time. You peel and stick two mounts, slide the light bars onto them, plug the bars into the control box via an impossible to mess up USB-C cable, then plug in an AC adapter. Unless you want to move it, you probably never have to worry about it again.

    They’re really bright, so I’d recommend adjusting the brightness before you decide on how you mount them. If you find yourself needing 1% or 100% brightness, they probably should be moved a little.

    The only thing I’d have liked to see was a USB-C plug on one or both lights, so they could comfortably be a little farther apart if needed. The cable is plenty long for most uses, but a little too short to reach the room corners. I knew they were attached when I bought it, but I’d happily pay a little more for the option. Maybe next version?

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  12. cheeseholidays

    If it wasn’t easily returnable, I would honestly throw it away.

    The app is a total pain to use and it requires you to create an account. The control unit connects directly to both bars and the power outlet plus both ports are on opposite sides. Because of this, you can’t really place it neatly on a desk. To top it off, if I set it to white then adjust the color temperature, both bars flicker constantly (but only if, it does not do this if you don’t adjust the temperature).

    Just not usable for me at all and a waste of money.

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  13. D. Thomas

    Well, this is what you get out of the box. Cords all over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There are no cords, adapters or power sources shown in any of the advertising photos. The units look to be stand-alone and easily moved around.
    Most importantly, as shown in the attached photo, how does the light sit in the upright bracket? As you can see the cord either has to go on top of the light or not really fit properly with the cord at the bottom.
    Also, the vertical stand bases are all warped and do not sit flat, so the lights fall over.
    Avoid at all costs.

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    Govee Flow Plus Smart LED Light Bars, Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, Gaming Lights, RGBICWW WiFi TV Backlights with Scene Modes and Music…
    Govee Flow Plus Smart LED Light Bars, Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, Gaming Lights, RGBICWW WiFi TV Backlights with Scene Modes and Music…
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