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Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottle with Natural Response Nipple, Purple, 9oz, 4pk, SCY903/34

Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottle with Natural Response Nipple, Purple, 9oz, 4pk, SCY903/34


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  • Natural baby bottle with Natural Response nipple: Baby controls the pace, just like breastfeeding
  • Designed with a unique opening and tip which only releases milk when baby actively drinks; When pausing to swallow and breathe no milk flows from the bottle, just like at the breast
  • Our baby bottles make it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding with a wide breast-shaped nipple that has a soft feel that mimics the shape and feel of a breast and baby can control the flow of milk
  • No-drip nipple design helps prevent lost milk from the tip of the baby bottle, giving you peace of mind
  • Anti-colic valve is designed to reduce colic and discomfort by sending air away from your baby’s tummy

Specification: Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottle with Natural Response Nipple, Purple, 9oz, 4pk, SCY903/34

Package Dimensions

‎9.5 x 8.2 x 2.9 inches

Item model number



‎80%plastic, 20%silicone

Material free

‎BPA Free

Number Of Items



‎New Version

Batteries required


Dishwasher safe


Bottle nipple type


Bottle type

‎Vented Bottle

Item Weight

‎15.2 ounces

CountryRegion of origin


Photos: Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottle with Natural Response Nipple, Purple, 9oz, 4pk, SCY903/34

13 reviews for Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottle with Natural Response Nipple, Purple, 9oz, 4pk, SCY903/34

3.2 out of 5
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  1. Beth A.

    My baby has only used Philips Avent bottles since she was born (she’s 8 months). The nipples on these are different than what she has had in the past. Apparently, they changed all the nipples to have this swirl thing and my baby hates them and refuses the bottle. I can’t find the “old” nipples anywhere. If the nipples had been like the old ones (the description doesn’t indicate that the nipples are different than they used to be), then I would have given 5 stars. Now, I have 2 bottles I cannot use because I can’t find the old style nipples.

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  2. Morgan W

    Most other bottle makers: “Hey let’s all use a standard bottle neck / nipple fitting so that our bottles fit with all breast pumps, nipples, caps, etc… That way our bottles and nipple fittings will be interchangeable and save new parents money and stress”
    Philips: “Screw that nonsense! We are going to make our bottles have custom fittings so that you can only use our bottles with our pumps and our things and make sure our nipple fittings are not interchangeable so that WE make the most money and screw over new parents who are already struggling financially!!”

    The bottles work… They store milk and our baby drinks from them.
    But they do not fit our Medela breast pump and our nipple fittings from other bottles do not fit on them, meaning we HAVE to keep the whole set clean all the time and also pour milk from the breast pump bottles into these if we want to use them.

    Yet another example of a big corporation just caring about profit and not about actual consumers. What a bag of d!cks.

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  3. Mel K

    These are our favorite bottles. It was very hard to decide on which bottles to use when I got pregnant, because there are so many options, and basically for every bottle, there’s lovers and haters. So it makes it hard to decide which to choose. Ultimately I just went with avent because it’s well known. My exclusively breastfed baby has no problem taking these bottles on days when I have to work. They are easy to clean, and I love the softer nipples.

    The only downfall, and the reason for 4 stars, is that it is hard for baby to get all the milk out when sitting up and using the bottle. These almost have to always be used when laying back, unless baby tips his head backwards, which is difficult to do in a high chair or in a car seat on a long road trip (which is where we found this out). Obviously feeding my baby in the car isn’t ideal or something I do all the time, but when we had to take a long road trip, it was definitely a necessity and a huge time saver to be able to feed him in his car seat. Only issue was when he got to the end, he mostly was sucking air because he couldn’t tip the bottle all the way up. Other than that, we love these bottles.

    Also, if you have a spectra pump, these screw right onto the flange! Love this, so I can directly fill the bottle or use a bigger bottle for mornings when I produce lots of milk.

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  4. Miguel A.

    Mi niña ahora tiene 8 meses y sin duda han sevido por un buen tiempo. Ayuda mucho que el agujero princial sea amplio porque es más rápido preparar fórmula de esa forma.

    *Observación*: sí duran y son cómodos para alimentar, pero con el uso algunas mamilas se nos fueron gastando y se rompieron los orificios. Es cuestión de buscar reemplazos que queden con la tapa para cambiar cuando se rompan. Yo compré unos pero al parecer no son universales. Fuera de eso, se ve que nos seguirán durando un rato más.

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  5. Beth A.

    Little one has a 4oz Avent natural bottle purchased in September of ’21 and he can drink from it easily.

    New nipples have 1/10th the flow despite being “the same flow”. If you don’t compress the very tip of the nipple, nothing will come out no matter how hard you work. Poor baby spent 30m to get 1/4 of an ounce of formula… Had to dump it into his old bottle for him to have any hope of eating. This is the baby who scarfs down milk from every other bottle in the house including Dr. Brown, older Avent natural, and Playtex bent bottles.

    Dangerously bad. Give these a hard pass.

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  6. amber

    Excelente precio. Sin embargo el color verde es mas obscuro de lo que se ve en la pagina. No me gusto para mi niña, por lo que pedi devolución.

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  7. MP

    Las compré para mi hija el color teal se ve muy bonito en la foto, pero el color que es realmente es mas fuerte parece verde y no como en la imagen.

    Este modelo cuenta con 3 salidas de aire en la tapa, que a diferencia del modelo de animalitos marinos no tenía y la tapa se sella y complica al abrir, no es asi en este modelo por esos detalles en ella.

    Llegarón con un olor a plastico muy fuerte, se que son de plástico pero las anteriores que habia comprado no tenian ese olor.

    Buen tamaño, forma y precio🤭, unque puede mejorar ya que por ejemplo yo no ocupo las mamilas de etapa 2 y tengo que invertir mas dinero en otras mamilas.

    El total de mi compra por estos biberones para mi hija es de 634(biberones)+410(mamila etapa 4 6m+) = 1044 lo que me parece muy elevado 🙁 y con desperdicio de mamilas nuevas e intactas que no podré usar ni vender por higiene 😥

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  8. E.C.

    I initially purchase dthe Philips Avent natural bottles around July 2021 in anticipation of my little boy being born in october. These bottles worked great for us. It has been time to size up the nipple. After much confusion on why I couldn’t find the proper size 2 nipple, I purchased this pack as it appeared to be the same product with the next size up nipple. Well, apparently in about September Philips changed the nipples on their natural bottles. The first picture I attached is the new nipple, which indents in at the top. The second picture is the old model, which is round and has a hole in it. Without knowing Philips had reimagined the nipple but not changed the name of the product, I tried to feed my baby who had an absolute fit and couldnt get any milk out of the new nipple model. I am now on a hunt to find a bunch of the old nipple styles in the larger sizes so I have them on hand. It’s either that or attempt different bottles (not philips) to find something he’ll take. It’s absolutely ridiculous to change a product and to keep the name the same without any indication on the packaging that the product is different. being a company that makes baby products you would think there is some knowledge that babies get adapted to certain nipple types. To change the product and to make the old model obsolete in just months does a disservice to your customers. I will think twice about buying anything Philips in the future because of this experience.

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  9. MP

    I have only used the Avent naturals bottles for my baby but this new design doesn’t work at all! They made the measurements on the side of the bottle harder to read in an effort to just look more stylish. The new nipple design makes these bottles impossible to use! The no leak design may sound good but it doesn’t allow me to test the milk temperature like the old design. Plus my baby just chews on the nipple, he won’t eat from it! An incredible waste of money…I’ll just be using my old bottles!

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  10. E.C.

    Perfect bottles! These are Avent bottles. Not knock offs. They come with size 2 nipples for each bottle. If your baby is used to size 1 but needs a larger amount i highly recommend these & just switch out the nipples. I like that all the bottles have the same cute designs! My baby & i love these. I even gave one away as a gift. ***they do pressurize as you feed so it might leak 1 drop, this is so your baby doesn’t suck in air. Completly normal & expected with all Avent Natural bottles

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  11. Bethany Johnson

    Use and wash daily. No signs of wear. Purple is super cute! Interchangeable tops and nipples through avent ! Can transform into a sippy cup. Excellent as baby gets older as it can grow with them. Makes a huge difference.

    **please help and designate if this was helpful!

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  12. KB

    I love these bottles BUT the nipples that come with these leak everywhere as my daughter drinks. It’s so bad i make sure she has on a very thick bib. Looks like ill be buying new nipples.

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  13. Morgan W

    Que se puede decir de esta marca es sinónimo de calidad

    El diseño está muy padre solo que las 4 mamilas tienen el mismo diseño.

    Lo más destacable es el precio en que las puedes conseguir en Amazon ya que en las tiendas departamentales están mucho más caras

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    Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottle with Natural Response Nipple, Purple, 9oz, 4pk, SCY903/34
    Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottle with Natural Response Nipple, Purple, 9oz, 4pk, SCY903/34
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