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Razer Barracuda X Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming and Mobile Headset: 250g Ergonomic Design – Detachable HyperClear Mic – 20hrs Battery Life -…

Razer Barracuda X Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming and Mobile Headset: 250g Ergonomic Design – Detachable HyperClear Mic – 20hrs Battery Life -…


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  • Wireless USB-C Multi-Platform Connectivity: With a high-speed 2.4GHz connection, enjoy seamless audio whether you’re gaming at home or out with your phone, easily jumping between devices thanks to a versatile USB-C dongle with USB-A extender
  • 250g Ergonomic Design: Built for gaming marathons yet portable enough for daily commutes, its lightweight build is complemented by breathable memory foam ear cushions and swiveling earcups for a snug, comfortable fit
  • Razer TriForce 40mm Drivers: Our patented 3-part driver design pushes out exceptional highs, mids and lows that doesn’t muddy, providing deeper gaming immersion and a more dynamic listening experience for music and videos
  • Detachable Razer HyperClear Cardioid Mic: While the mic is tuned to suppress background noise for enhanced voice capture during gaming, it can also be easily removed to make the headset more travel-friendly for mobile use
  • 20 Hours Battery Life with USB-C Charging: With enough juice to power you through a full day of gaming and commuting, the Razer Barracuda X is designed with an endurance that matches its versatility

Specification: Razer Barracuda X Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming and Mobile Headset: 250g Ergonomic Design – Detachable HyperClear Mic – 20hrs Battery Life -…

Product Dimensions

8.27 x 7.87 x 3.94 inches

Item Weight

1.47 pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

October 21, 2021


Razer Inc.

Country of Origin


Photos: Razer Barracuda X Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming and Mobile Headset: 250g Ergonomic Design – Detachable HyperClear Mic – 20hrs Battery Life -…

9 reviews for Razer Barracuda X Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming and Mobile Headset: 250g Ergonomic Design – Detachable HyperClear Mic – 20hrs Battery Life -…

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Jeffy

    I bought them for work, since I’m calls a lot and a wireless headset let me do a lot at home without being tethered to the PC. Was thinking I can replace my Logitech G733 with something more professional looking (the Razer look better than the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless which they are a “copy” of). But unfortunately these fall short despite having some advantages on paper.

    My biggest complaint is that these are a hair too small for my large head, and they run memory foam pads in an “on-ear” way. This means too much pressure & heat on my ears about 45-60 minutes into the call, when it’s a warm day. That’s not good enough. It’s not entirely the fault of these, but that combination of “on ear” and memory foam will always result in this happening sooner rather than later.

    The second complain I have is that the microphone needs to be properly oriented to the mouth in order for the sound to work well. If it’s not, you’re going to get L/R biases and people on the other end may not hear you well. Furthermore, the mic stalk is black and symmetric with the filter on, so you can’t tell visually, practically speaking. The mic has two sides, so the “front” has to line up with your face. I had this issue on a call where some folks can hear me fine, while others can’t, and it came down to this. To me this is a show stopper. At least make the stalk easy to visually identify the right orientation.

    In terms of sound quality, these are really good for $100. I mean even as wireless headphones, they probably are worth that much.

    Hopefully Razer will not just shoo this in and make a proper version 2 that fix these issues.

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  2. Brilhad

    I purchased these from the other purchase options section where there is reduced pricing for used products. Although these were open boxed product they work great and do everything I needed them to, with no real visual concerns that I can see aside from the box being taped. I’m impressed that I was able to quickly plug in to any of my devices and listen instantly (Macbook, Nintendo switch, Samsung S20). They feel comfortable on (although I wish the had the cooling pads found in the Nari headset, thats the only thing that could improve these). They are not noise cancelling but thats not something I was looking for and I like to be aware of things going on around me. Overall this is a great product that I will be able to use with all my devices and be comfortable. Big improvement compared to headphones I’ve had in the past (in ear and on ear headphones). I like that these are something I can also use for work and not look like I’m wearing a huge gaming headset.

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  3. GigaTigga

    I can’t really use headsets because i have spinal issues and pretty much any headphone / headset is too heavy for me. I have been banished to in ear buds and a standing external mic for gaming for years. When i saw that these only weighed 250 grams, which is almost identical to the bose qc35’s, i had to give them a try. I have to say, they are AWESOME. They’re so light, and they fit with such light tension that i can wear them for hours without much fatigue. This is unprecedented for me and headsets. The other nice thing is that when you put them down around your neck they are wide enough that they don’t cut off air circulation or make breathing difficult. So when i do have to take them down for a minute or two to rest my neck, i don’t have to take them fully off, a huge plus that i can’t usually do with other headsets. The range of the transmitter is better than bluetooth, and the mic is definitely serviceable for gaming. I’m so glad razer came out with these. If you suffer from not being able to wear most headsets because of their weight, give these a try for sure.

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  4. Jorge NL.

    Me gustaron mucho, el principal uso que les doy es para mi trabajo ya que hago home office y constantemente estoy en llamadas on conferencias de webex. Los audífonos son muy cómodos incluso aunque uses lentes, las almohadillas no son apretadas y se adaptan muy bien. La diadema se siente firme y no es apretada. En términos de practicidad pues obvio son inalámbricos, el dongle es usb C, un poco ancho y puede obstruirte otros puertos usb pero incluye un adaptador de usb A a usb C y eso ya te libera de tapar otros puertos. La calidad de audio me gustó por el precio, los bajos son muy buenos y los altos son claros, escucho sonidos en mi música que no notaba con mis antiguos audífonos. El micrófono se escucha muy bien, vivo en un lugar donde los vecinos son ruidosos y antes se filtraba mucho sonido de fondo en mis llamadas y con estos audífonos eso ya no es un problema para mí, la verdad que la cancelación de ruido del micrófono es muy buena. Los controles en el audífono izq son muy prácticos, tienes el control de volumen y el botón para silenciar el micrófono, bastante práctico si sueles tener llamadas. En general un producto que cubrió muy bien mis necesidades, definitivamente lo recomendaría para jugar, para home office y para música.

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  5. Anonymous

    I have been a Razer Loyalist since my first Deathadder mouse in 2012 and have always held Razer products in high regard except for maybe their headsets just because there were somewhat cheaper alternatives that I could afford. Then comes 2021 and I finally get my hands on a PS5. I was already using a Razer Blackshark V2 which is a fantastic wired headset and it played with my Gaming PC and the PS5 but I wanted a wireless headset that could make use of Sony’s 3D sound and also connect to my PC. This is exactly what the Barracuda X is. A perfect VFM wireless solution that connects to the PS5 and the PC and any other device that allows sound via a USB C port. The sound is punchy and good and the 7.1 virtual surround sound is amazing for gaming. I hear footsteps more clearly and my gameplay improved with this advantage in directional audio. Thanks to Linus Media Group and Hardware Canucks to echo what I have experienced in their own reviews of this product.

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  6. Alexander M.

    Absolutely love it. Its simple. Granted, yes having EQ’s to customize and whatnot is a good thing, having a headset where you can just plug and play is awesome as well. Yes its all plastic but that is to keep the weight down. These headphones have a low profile so it doesnt look too “gamer.” No RGB. Just sleek black. No bells and whistles like other more expensive headsets. These are just simple. Control for volume, mute, Type-C port for charging (Thank God!!), a 3.5 jack and a microphone jack. The mic sounds decent. Normally I’d recommend a standalone mic regardless of what headset you have. The sound is great. Bass is full, mids are clear and there is nice roll off in the treble. The TriForce drivers from Razer are present in this headset, the same one on the BlackShark V2 line. They are not open back so the soundstage is a bit smaller but I had no problem identifying audio cues in game with these. The clamp force is very very minimal and they just sit on your head. The earcups are pretty deep for a headset this small and the drivers DO NO touch my ears at all. The headset is very similar to the arctis 1, that headset the drivers touched my ears. Overall I totally recommend this headset over the arctis 1 or if you are on a budget. I have my go to Astro A40s still but will be using this headset when i sit on the couch playing single players games. Its that comfy. Ive tried many headsets such as Astro A50, beyerdynamic (most were too uncomfrotable to me), Sennheiser, Steelseries Arctis pro Line, Logitech g733, Logitech G Pro/wireless, Corsair Void, PS5 3D pulse, and many more. Again, overall I think this headset beats, for the money, all those others listed. Buy it now!!

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  7. commodity reviewer

    The time has finally come for me to transition from a wired to wireless headset. I decided to pick up the Barracuda because it was relatively cheap and new and I figured if I didn’t like it I would always be able to return it. After a full days use – I am now sure I will indeed end up doing just that. Let’s get into it:

    Sound – Huge improvement over my previous headset. Playing Overwatch is much more immersive and I found myself hearing aspects of the game I’ve never even heard before. Listening to music is also a much more enjoyable experience with super rich bass. It wouldn’t satisfy an audiophile but if this headset gets one thing right – its the sound quality.

    Comfort – This headset isn’t going to win any awards for comfort, but it certainly isn’t bad. It is definitely a little tight around my head and I don’t have a big head, but I think after some use the fit would break in a little more.

    Mic Quality – This is where the headset truly became a game breaker. It is a similar story to the comfort. The mic isn’t necessarily bad – its just definitely not good – and for me and my friends, noticeably worse than my other headset mic which at this point is going on 5+ years old. For me there is just no excuse for having mic quality that can’t even compare to tech from half a decade ago. It shows me that Razer is more than willing to sacrifice quality to push more units. I personally don’t want to be a part of that and will probably avoid their products in the future.

    Conclusion – this would be a great headset for a casual gamer but not much more. As someone who spends multiple hours on my computer / discord daily I require something a little more high quality, and I think anyone in the same position as me would also be left wanting more.

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  8. Anonymous

    So I buy everything Razer. I keep my belongings in extremely good shape, my last Razer headset lasted 6 years (Man’o’War) and the issue with it after so long was actually the frame of the headset being thin and snapped on both sides. The Barracuda X is definitely the total opposite! Build quality is actually well thought out for this headset! It’s sturdy and thin but tough and comfortable/lightweight! Aestheticly it’s not the most eye pleasing headset, no RGB, thin and just pure black. The only other colour is the tiny pindot charge light. At first it kinda feels cheap..considering the price I had low expectations, but this headset actually packs quite a punch! The bass is solid no distortion, doesn’t cut out connects super easily with no real installation or setup process besides just plugging in. All my buddies say I sound way more clear compared to my old Razer headset which I found very surprising!! Works with my Android phone and Nintendo Switch perfectly. All-in-All I say it’s probably even worth asking price, but if you can grab this lil thang on sale for 100$ like I did….definitely worth it!!

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  9. Sudhakar Vemuri

    The headset has good sound quality (I installed recommended software). There is a mute button on the headset which is very good. The USB-C dongle is a bit wide though there is an adapter provided but it will be another cable to manage. I wish that it has a separate volume knob for game sound like with the steel series so that I don’t have to reduce the volume in the game’s settings when using discord.

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    Razer Barracuda X Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming and Mobile Headset: 250g Ergonomic Design – Detachable HyperClear Mic – 20hrs Battery Life -…
    Razer Barracuda X Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming and Mobile Headset: 250g Ergonomic Design – Detachable HyperClear Mic – 20hrs Battery Life -…
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